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How To Use Sally Hansen Gel Nail Kit

Does It Have A Good Color Offering

DIY Salon Gel Nails at Home | Sally Hansen Gel Nail Kit

Finally, Aaron recommends looking for a kit that comes with colors youll actually want to wear. Some kits will only come with one or two shades, while pricier ones may contain an entire set. Theres no need to invest in a larger kit if you wont wear most of the shades, so look for one that contains a variety of colors you love.

Meet the Expert

Syreeta Aaron is a nail artist and LeChat Nails educator based in Montgomery, Alabama.

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Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish and Top Coat Kit: Much like Miracle Gel, Essie’s at-home gel kit doesnt require a UV lamp and can be removed just like regular nail polish. Its a bit more expensive, but customers claim its worth the pricereviewers rave about the long-lasting formula and the ease of application. If youre an Essie lover, it may be worth a try.

Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish Pro Kit: To upgrade your at-home gel mani game for the long haul, consider investing in a complete kit. Red Carpet Manicures starter kit is a top-rated buy that comes with a UV lamp, base coat, top coat, polish, cuticle oil, prep adhesion sanitizer, a pre- and post-application cleanser, and a nail polish remover.

Butter London DIY Gel Nail Kit: You currently have to buy Butter London’s gel manicure componentsa drying lamp , a base and top coat , and a shade of polish individually, but sometimes it’s available in a mini set. The brand’s gel-like system boasts impressive reviews across the internet, and even with its peel-off capabilities, it wont damage your nails over time, which is good news for anyone who prefers at-home manicures or still wants to wait a while for heading back into the salon.

Give Your Nails Their Beauty Sleep

An overnight renewal mask, Sally Hansen Gel Rehab is intense care for UV gel-damaged nails. Our formula, infused with Multi-Vitamins and Overnight Renewal Complex, helps repair damaged nails in between traditional gel manicures.When you’ve got visibly damaged nails after gel removal, Gel Rehab helps reinforce and restore.With Sally Hansen Gel Rehab, nails look repaired, reinforced and more resilient after 3 nights.

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Sally Hansen Gel Manicure Starter Kit Review & Tutorial

This Sally Hansen Gel Manicure Starter Kit Review and Tutorial is collaborative.

I love having my nails done but as a working mum of two babies, finding the time to go for a manicure can be a bit of a challenge. It generally means persuading Mr M to take me to a nail salon in a shopping centre. He can entertain the kids for an hour while I go and have them done. Which works pretty well most of the time!

But the manicures never seem to last long and theyre expensive. It also means taking time away from the kids to get my nails done. Then the Sally Hansen Gel Manicure Starter Kit arrived on my doorstep!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish 101 Top Coat 05 Fl Oz

Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish Gel Nail Color Starter Kit ...


  • You may receive this item in older packaging
  • THE SALON LOOK: Get the salon look at home with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish Lacquer, the only truly 2-step gel hybrid manicure with no UV/LED light needed
  • A LOOK THAT LASTS: A gorgeous manicure that lasts longer
  • SAY GOODBYE TO CHIPPING: Formulated to be the ultimate chip-resistant nail polish
  • EASY ON, EASY OFF: Removes just like regular nail polish

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Can You Use Sally Hansen Miracle Gel With Led Light

The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is a polish that you can put on your nails. Unlike other polishes, it is very durable and wont rub off as easily. It can last you much longer than your regular nail polish. Moreover, you dont have to worry about the Magic Gel damaging your nails. As long as youre using a proper removing agent, it will come right off without any issue.

A lot of customers have been wondering about whether or not they can use the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel with LED light. Let us discuss further on this topic in this article.

Sexy Mix Gel Nail Polish Kit With U V Light Soak Off Gel Nail Polish 4 Colors 7ml With 6w Portable Mini Nail Lamp Base And Top Coat Diy Manicure Gel Nail Kit For Starter

  • â¤folding a mini 6w led nail lamp connects to usb. press the button to start a 45s curing time. press the button for about 2s for a 60s curing time.usb port charger could be connected to your computer, iphone charger, or android charger. make your nails wherever you want!
  • â¤basic manicure tools provide you a complete nail art process from preparation, apply gel polish, gel remover to nail nutrition. stop wasting money on a salon, you can enjoy it well by yourself with this kit.
  • â¤sexy mix gel polish starter kit, includes mini nail dryer lamp, manicure tools, 4 colors gel polish, base, and top coat. perfect portable kit for diy at home or travel.
  • â¤popular 4 colors gel polish + base coat top coat: durable and last about half a month if in the proper way and easy to apply even for the starter. and ingredients safe and healthy, have a low smell, and are a harmless resin.
  • â¤customer support: any problem, please contact the seller directly, we offer refund or replacement.

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How To Remove Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

You can remove the Miracle Gel very easily.

No need to soak it off for a lengthy period of time, wrap your nails in foil, or file the polish off with a nail drill.

Use an ordinary acetone-based remover and just wipe the Miracle Gel off, just like you do with any regular polish.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is a great alternative to a salon gel manicure.

Its an amazing no-light gel polish that is super-easy to use at home.

Mollee Plays Miracle Gel

Sally Hansen Gel Nail Kit Review Application Tutorial

Mollee is not good with her nails. Her nails are thin and extraordinarily peely. She doesnt file them or buff them, she opens pop cans with them, and shes a waitress so uses her hands a lot and sticks them into bad glass-washer chemical things too.

Mollee was mightily impressed with the wear she got from Miracle Gel. I was impressed with her results too. In our industry, with our jobs, if we go one single day without a chip, its A MIRACLE. Mollee went four days. FOUR. In real person days, thats like 10 or 11 days! On the fifth day, she cleaned the glass washer and it was over. Astounding, right? You know what that says to me? It says holy crap that stuff IS GOOD. She also had very minor tip wear and a couple minor chips but even when I examined her manicure myself, I was amazed at the lack of wear.

sally hansen miracle gel swatches love pinks collection

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Here Are Some Of My Pros Cons And Tips:


  • Manicure lasts up to 2 weeks so once theyre done, you dont have to keep redoing them every few days.
  • No chips.
  • Complete kit you should have enough for up to 10 at-home manicures.
  • The kit cost is much cheaper than 10 visits to the nail salon!
  • The Wine Not colour is a lovely deep sparkly raspberry red. Its perfect for all year round but especially the festive season!


  • You might get bored of having the same colour nails for 2 weeks. However, you can paint over them with normal nail polish. Ive done this before and then removed the normal nail polish with acetone-free remover so the gel nails are still left underneath.
  • Removing the nails is much more time-consuming than removing normal nail polish. Do NOT be tempted to peel them off. Youll only have yourself to blame when your nails are weak and brittle afterwards.
  • Whilst the kit promises up to 10 manicures, I will definitely have to purchase more cleansing pads. They dried up after only a few seconds when I removed them from the sachets. I had to use 2 for just 1 manicure.


Miracle Gel Top Over Regular Polish Tests

Because I know Id want this kind of information, I also tested just the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel top coat in conjunction with other polishes. I dont have words to describe how I feel about this top coat. Its magic. Mollee put it over a LOreal shade she forgot the name of and got a chip on the fifth day. I put it over some OPI Green on the Runway and got four days.

I put it over Ceramic Glaze Exotic Dragonfruit neon and got four days. Four days? Over a notoriously chippy neon? How, Sally Hansen? How? Then I wore it over some Essie Haute in the Heat and got another four days. Amazeballz. What you gotta do is remember that four days for me is like 7+ days for a regular person and thats a big deal.

sally hansen miracle gel swatches fired up collection

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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel: A Sampling Of Swatches

The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel lineup consists of 47 shades divided into seven colour families: Flawlessly Nude Love Pinks Street Pastels Runway Shock Daily Delights Mad Mod and Fired Up Metallics . While Janine is editing/uploading the entire-collection images she snapped at the Montreal launch event yesterday, have a look at the sampling Karen has swatched for you already.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Crème de la Crème The brush on this one was a little wonky . Needed 3 coats to good coverage but still a little uneven. Its an almost-pearly, pretty pale pink.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel brush See? Uneven.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Twiggy I see black in there so shake it good for an even distribution, okay? OCW in a single generous coat with no streaking. Nice level to a beautiful light latte shade. This brush is much, much better. Keep it parallel to the nail and be gentle dont smush the brush on the nail or youll get streaks all over the place.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Tan-Tacious Its a crème nude. Thats 2 coats. Again, you dont want to brush-smush but instead, lay the polish down gently against the nail.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Street Flair Two coats. Levels great to a superb dusty lilac

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Pink Cadillacquer Beautiful light bubblegum pink that levels spectacularly well. Nice thin crème formula that glides on really, really evenly.

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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Review

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel 6-Piece Set

Sally Hansen is a famous brand of nail products that was founded in 1946.

The company manufactures a large range of nail care, including the best-selling cuticle remover and one of the oldest lines of nail polishes on the market called Hard As Nails.

Sally Hansens top-selling and the most talked-about product is its gel-like 2-step non-UV nail polish named Sally Hansen Miracle Gel.

Salon Gel Polish Gel Nail Color Starter Kit

Professional salon results at home have never been so easy. Saving you time and money. Up to 10 salon gel manicures at home. Up to 2 week wear. Salon tested Safe No dry time Nails feel protected Easy removal. The LED lamp will cure your manicure to a solid, high-gloss finish with zero dry time Starter Kit contains all you need:1 LED Lamp, 1 Gel Base Coat, 1 Gel Nail Color, 1 Gel Top Coat, 10 Nail Cleanser Pads, Acetone Remover, Cuticle Stick, File & Buffer, Instruction sheet

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The Miracle Gel Conclusion

For Mollee n Amanda n me, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is exceptional . We simply dont get wear like that from regular polish that removes with a swipe of acetone. I dont know how else to tell you that I think this stuff is magic in a bottle. From my experience, as long as this stuff goes well with your nail chemistry, youre going to get unparalleled wear. Who doesnt want unparalleled wear? I know I do!

Oh – Officially, from Sally Hansen: “The advanced Color Coat and Top Coat formulas contain an oligomer, and the Top Coat also contains a photoinitiator. The photoinitiator in the Top Coat formula reticulates with the oligomer contained in the Color Coat, thus curing the formula without the need of an LED/UV light. As the manicure cures over time, it becomes more durable due to the increased hardness of the film. So LED/UV lamp curing is not necessary, only natural light.” I dunno what that means but I do know it works real good.

If you’ve got questions or comments, you know we wanna hear em, so fire away! And don’t forget we’ve got full-sized images of all the bajillion swatches here in our picture heavy Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Swatch Post and there are more here in the Spring/Summer 2016 Swatch & Review Post.

In Canada, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel will be available nationwide at mass retailers n drug stores August 2014. In the US, it’s rolling out now. G over at Nouveau Cheap has had a Walgreens sighting! It’s also readily available at .

How You Use The Miracle Gel

Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish Starter Kit Tutorial

You choose your Sally Hansen Miracle Gel color coat, you paint it on nice and tidy, you do a second coat of the same all nice and tidy, and then you use the Miracle Gel top coat over top. Then youre done. Be smart with your nails while theyre still wet and then go about your business. Then, when its time to take the stuff off, whip out your trusty nail polish remover n wipe it all away. Easy, right? Just like regular polish, right?

I would highly advise you use this on clean, bare nails and, because this Top Coat is stuffed with UV sensitive ingredients, Id also advise you not use it in direct sunlight or under super-powered LED lights.

I would however, advise using it during the day. If you can do so, when youre finished your top coat maybe stick your hand out into the direct sunshine for 5 minutes to help speed dry it. Swhat I did and I made it out the door ½ an hour after I did 2 colour coats + 1 top coat. Thats fast.

sally hansen miracle gel swatches mad mod collection

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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Shiny Top Coat

The special top coat is a crucial part of its application process.

It makes the nails shine, protects your manicure, and makes the no light gel last longer.

Never use the Miracle Gel nail polish without it.

The application of the top coat is the last step in the Sally Hansen polish application process. So dont skip the top coat.

You wont need to cure this top coat under the lamp because it air dries too, just like the Miracle Gel color polish.

Also, its a completely no-wipe top coat. It doesnt leave any sticky residue on your nails after it dries, unlike many traditional gel nail polish top coats

Sally Hansen Gel Manicure Starter Kit Tutorial

  • A LED lamp.
  • Sally Hansen gel base coat
  • Sally hansen gel top coat
  • Sally hansen coloured gel- the kit I got had Wine not as the colour,but there are several choices.
  • Orange stick- to push your cuticles
  • Buffer
  • acetone
  • lint free wipes with a cleanser in them to clean off the sticky residue from the gels.
  • Step 1- Step 2- Step 3- Step 4- Step 5- Step 6-Step 7- Step 8- Step 9- Step 10- Step 11-

    In sun
    In shade

    *This kit was provided to me for review. for more information please check out my disclosure policy.

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    The Value: Well Worth The Affordable Price

    While Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel nail polish may not be perfect, you cant beat the price. At just $6 to $10 per bottle depending on the retailer, its significantly cheaper than a single in-salon manicure and most at-home gel systems . At this price point, you can easily pick up a few colors from their impressive shade range and not think twice.

    Does It Contain A Gel Lamp

    Makeup, Beauty and More: Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish ...

    When it comes to choosing the right at-home gel kit, Aaron first says to check whether or not the contents of the kit require a gel lampand if they do, check whether the kit contains one or if you’ll need to purchase one separately. If you’re just starting out, it’s best to opt for a kit that contains all the tools you’ll need, gel lamp included.

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