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How To Dry Nails Fast

Expert Tips To Cut Your Nail Polish Drying Time

How to dry your nails FAST!!! (1 minute)

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Hi! You found our guide to nail polish drying time.

From dipping in ice water to using hairspray and baby oil-there are so many DIY techniques to speed up the nail polish drying process. Even though some of these techniques are a bit out there, there is some truth to them. For example, if you live in a cooler place, youre in luck, because in general, cold air can help nail polish dry faster. But these techniques dont make your manicure enjoyable or mindful. Your at-home mani is supposed to be a relaxing process and a moment of self-care. Because we want you to enjoy your at-home mani, we thought we would share some of our tips to make your nail polish dry faster .

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So, lets get to it!

Finding The Method For You

Wet nails can be a problem if you’re in a hurry to get on with the rest of your day. However, the above methods are straightforward to implement and only take a few minutes to generate results. Experiment with different options to find the one that suits you best, and then look forward to achieving beautiful, dry nails fast.

Nail Polish Top Coat: Harden Your Fingernail Polis Fast With A Top Coat

Top coats work according to the same principle as dry sprays and are available in the drugstore. They promise to make the polish harden faster. Depending on the manufacturer, this works better or worse. Try different brands and find out which one works best in combination with your color polish.

  • Apply the desired nail polish and wait briefly.
  • Then apply the top coat over it like regular nail polish.
  • Wait a short while, and your nail polish will be dry in no time.

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How Do I Make Nail Polish Dry Faster With Air

Do you want to know how do I make nail polish dry faster with air? If your nails are painted and have not yet had their coats stripped, then it will take much longer to dry and be ready to be painted again. Sometimes the first coat or two of paint are not dry enough, especially if it is a darker color.

If yours are painted, then its even more important to wait until they have dried thoroughly before applying a second coat.

One way to help yourself get the coat to be ready much faster is to use a smudge tool. A smudge tool is like a paintbrush, only instead of paint, you apply air. Using air makes the smudges stick to the nail bed much easier. You can also try air drying your nails instead of smudging them.

Another trick to remember when learning how do I make nail polish dry faster with air is to start by drying the base coats on one or two coats. It is better to work from the top down since the top coats will be much heavier and will need more time to soak in and be ready for the next coat.

Start at the bottom and work your way to the top so you are finishing at the same place where you started. This helps make your nails stay strong and look beautiful longer. A simple air drying technique helps keep your paint looking fresh even after two coats of paint.

Before You Apply Your Nail Polish

How to Dry Nail Polish Quickly: 7 Steps (with Pictures ...

It is always advisable for you to wash your hands using warm water and soap before you start applying nail polish. After this, allow the nails to air dry or you can use a hair drier or cotton cloth to dry them. Note that nail polish will not stick properly on wet nails. Remove any old nail polish you may have with a nail polish remover.

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How To Dry Nails Fast In 3 Quick Steps

Weve all been there: You paint. You blow. You wait. You reach for your phone and;gahhhhh;you went in too soon. Suddenly youre left with a mangled index nail that you now have to re-paint and re-dry and re-waste your life. Why doesnt nail polish dry faster? We even reached out to a manicurist, who told us it actually takes up to two days to set. Two. Whole. Days. So that explains why your thread count always ends up imprinted on your new mani. Well, we have a pretty easy trick for how to dry nails fast;to cut your drying time in half. The best part? All you need is bowl of cool water. Heres the breakdown.;

How To Make Nail Polish Dry Faster The Best Way In 9 Steps Explained

How to make nail polish dry faster So what makes nail polish dry faster? Well tell you the nine tricks that make it more quickly. After all, theres nothing more annoying than ruining your fresh manicure right away.;

You sit there for hours and try hard to paint your nails perfectly. Then you do not pay attention only once, and already there are unsightly scratches in the varnish. It is enough to slip into the shoe or jacket, and the whole effort was in vain.;

You always thought that blowing helps? Quite the opposite! The moisture in the breath ensures that the drying process is getting slowed down. But dont panic; some methods will make your nail polish dry faster!

  • Is nail polish harmful to the nail?
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    Dip Your Mani In Cool Water

    While wed advise against washing your hands after a fresh paint job, using cool water can help set your nails faster. Fill a bowl with ice water and after your nails have air-dried for a minute or two, place your hands into the water for a few seconds. When you pull your hands out, just remember not to dry offrubbing a towel against your nails will definitely still mess up your manicure!

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  • How to Dry Nails Fast
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    Dip Your Nails In Cold Water

    5 Ways To Dry Your Nails Fast!

    It sounds strange, but it is true! After youve completed your mani or pedi let it sit from a few minutes so that the nail polish can settle after application, then put your nails into a bowl or container of ice water and leave them in the water for around 4-5 minutes. This will surprisingly cut down your dry time down, although may leave you a bit chilly.

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    Use A Quick Drying Top Coat

    Different brands make a top coat that is quick drying, and it is designed to help your nails dry quickly and seal your polish. It usually has a glossy finish, and it will protect your nail polish as well.

    Even if you want to use one of the other methods, you should also use a topcoat to protect your nail polish. Its great for any necessary touch ups as well.

    Correct Fingernail Application: Dry Faster Nail Polish Through The Right Treatment

    Your nail polish will already dry much faster if you paint your fingernails correctly.

    • Instead of a single thick layer of polish, it is better to apply two to three thin layers.
    • Always wait between the individual layers until they have dried before applying the next layer.
    • You further speed up the drying process by using a special fast-drying nail polish, which you can also get in every color imaginable.;

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    How To Dry Nail Polish Fast At Home Without Uv Light

    No one has the time or patience to sit with their hands still, doing nothing, waiting for the nail polish to dry. As if that were not enough, something always ends up appearing that can ruin the manicure job that took us so much dedication in seconds: a call to attend, serve the food that is already ready, a sudden urge to go to the bathroom. And there, when the enamel is ruined, you have to do it all over again!

    In short, there is never time to lose, so these tips to make nail polish dry quickly will be our salvation, especially when we have to produce against the clock for a strong outing or party.

    Does Old Nail Polish Chip Faster

    How to Dry Nail Polish Quickly: 8 Steps (with Pictures ...

    If your polish is really old, the formula will start to break down. Make sure youre using a polish that hasnt expired or hasnt been aerated. Lacquer formulas with to much air in them lead to bubbly manicures as well, and in general, using old nail polish means youre going to end up with a sub-par manicure.

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    How To Dry Nail Polish Quickly

    This article was co-authored by Kristin Pulaski. Kristin Pulaski is a Professional Nail Artist and the Founder of Paintbucket, a self-owned and operated nail salon based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She has over three years of experience running Paintbucket and is licensed as a nail technician. Paintbucket offers nail art manicures, pedicures, and soft gel extensions along with customized packages for wedding and bridal parties. She holds a BA in Managerial Science from Manhattan College.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. This article has 17 testimonials from our readers, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 3,889,445 times.

    It can take 20-60 minutes for nail polish to dry completely. If you want to speed up the process, you can paint quick-drying polish in thin layers and try using drying spray. In addition, you can try using a blowdryer, cooking spray, or ice water. With one of these options, you can easily go about your day without smudging your perfect paint job!

    Allow Each Layer To Dry For Two Minutes

    Two minutes is the goal, but don’t feel obligated to time yourself to the very second: According to Lim, two minutes is typically the time it takes to paint your nails, pinkie to thumb. “You can go ahead and start the second coat after you’re done with the last finger,” she says. If you’re an especially speedy polish painter, you may want to give it a few seconds before starting the second coat.;

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    Pain In Light Thin Layers

    ;Olive & June

    “Painting;your;nails;using thinner layers will help them;dry;fastereven if you have to do another coat to get the;opaqueness;you want,” Gibson Tuttle explains. To paint your thinnest layer, be conscious of how much polish is on your brush. Your best bet is to swirl it around the opening of the bottle to remove any excess lacquer before applying the brush to your nails.

    Apply A Nail Drying Agent


    Specialized nail drying agents contain solvents that evaporate fast. As these solvents evaporate, they take the liquid from your nail polish with it.

    Paint your nails as normal and then apply a product like OPI’s Drip Dry lacquer-drying drops or Essie Quick-E Drying Drops . Alternately, you could apply a nail-drying spray, like Up & Up Nail Polish Drying Spray over your polish. Allow 60 seconds before resuming your day.

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    Is Nail Polish Harmful To The Nail

    The varnish is not harmful to the nails themselves because they consist of dead cells. There are no pores or permeable membranes in the nail through which the color could penetrate the skin. On the other hand, it quickly gets onto the skin once a brushstroke has gone astray.

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    How To Dry Nails Fast When You’re In A Crunch

    You’ve successfully applied two coats of Essie’s;Wicked without spilling or turning your cuticles bordeaux. Well done! Now all you’ve got to do is sit still long enough for your nail polish to dry. Ugh.

    But when there are emails to write, texts to be sent, and Instagram photos to post, you can’t afford to be digitally sidelined for long.

    That’s why we tapped New York City-based manicurist Liang and Rachel Apfel Glass, founder of celebrity-loved, New York City-based nail salon GlossLab for their tricks to make nail polish dry faster.

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    Give A Layer Of Top Coat

    If, after applying the nail polish, you give the last layer of this product, you will invest a few seconds, but you will save time in drying. It is a drying product with which you will also obtain other benefits: protect the nail from bumps and flaking, make the color last longer, and make the nails shine. You can also find drying accelerator sprays in perfume shops, sprayed a few centimeters from the hand after applying the enamel.

    How To Achieve An At

    Expert Advice: How To Dry Your Nails In Just 3 Minutes

    Another common myth is using baby oil to help speed up drying. If you use a simple baby oil, youre not going to see much of an effect aside from moisturised cuticles, says Draper. It may help in preventing clothes and such sticking to the nails while drying.

    As well as thin layers and your hairdryer, Draper recommends looking into;quick-dry products, polishes, oils, sprays or top coats. These quick-dry agents contain solvents that evaporate quickly, pulling the liquid in the polish along with them. My all-time favourite quick dry products are Seche Vite Nail Treatment Topcoat, £8.95, and Morgan Taylor Accel Erate Quick Dry Nail Drops, £8.96.

    Looks like we no longer have an excuse for smudged nails

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    Drying With A Hair Dryer

    While this may not be a new way of drying nails, it is actually one of the most effective ways of drying your nails. It is an easily available method and can be used by anyone with a hair dryer. Make sure that the dryer settings are at the coolest before you start the process. Avoid warm or hot air as it softens the polish and prevents it from drying fast.

    Increase Your Wait Time Between Coats

    ;Olive & June

    “Waiting five to 10 minutes in between coats makes a world of difference,” says Gibson Tuttle. “It will decrease the chance of bubbles and it dries faster, I swear!” Of course, in the long run, that can take more time to actually finish painting. But you tell us: Are a few extra minutes between coats worth avoiding twice that time to fix smudges? We think so.

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    Expose Your Nails To Freezing Temperatures

    “In general, cold air can help nail polish dry faster,” says Amy Lin, the founder of sundaysa nail care brand focused on wellness. “I have seen clients go outdoors with bare hands on a freezing cold day to speed up the drying process.”

    Essentially, the frigid air can shock the top layer of polish dry, but you’ll still want to be careful with your tips, as the layers underneath might not be completely set. Dipping your nails in ice water has a similar shocking effect, but again, you might only be effectively drying the top coat of polish.;;

    The Experts Guide On How To Get Nail Polish To Dry Faster

    8 Ways to dry your nails fast!!

    One of the most frustrating parts of applying nail polish at home is waiting for it to dry. This part of the process seemingly takes forever, and most of the time, it ends up smudging.;

    So how do you get your nail polish to dry faster so you can resume your regular routine? Here are some of the best tips for you.;

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    Why Is My Nail Polish Not Going On Smoothly

    4. Another reason why nail polish gets streaky is because the brush strokes show through. Keep the brush at a 45 degree angle, not flat against the nail, to prevent brush strokes Fromm showing through. Keep the brush up at the base of your cuticle and press down gently to fan the bristles out and swipe downwards.

    Dry Nails By Taking A Dip In Cold Water

    Now that we know cold air helps polish harden, employ the same cool principle with water: Dip wet nails into a bowl of cold H2O, says Liang just be sure to wait at least a minute before doing so to allow your polish to set preliminary.

    A two-minute dunk should dry nails to the point that you can go about your business as normal.

    But while this little hack may be a solution for some, Apfel Glass actually recommends ditching water altogether during the mani process because she says that it’s a “breeding ground for germs and bacteria.”

    It can also cause your mani to chip quicker too, according to Apfel Glass because “water causes the nail plate to expand which then causes the polish to chip once the nail dries and assumes its original structure.” So if you’ve got the extra time, wait it out or try one of our other tricks. But we’d be lying if we said the cold-water trick didn’t work.

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