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How Do Static Nails Work

Are Static Nails Reusable

How to apply Static Nails

Yes! These at-home nail kits are built to withstand as many as six reapplications. Heres what Static Nails founder Alexis Irene told Forbes:

“Statics Reusable Pop-On Nails give everyone all over the world access to luxury, on-trend nail art for a fraction of the money and time spent in salons. The best part is that these nails are non-damaging to natural nails, they can be customized without damaging the original design, they only take 5 minutes to apply, and can be worn up to 18 days or reapplied up to six times.”

That sounds pretty good to me, but theres going to be a time when we have to remove our Static Nails.

How Long Do They Last

Again, this comes down to the quality of press-ons you purchase, but Frank says that a good application can last up to two weeks with proper care. If the nails themselves are durable, you can reuse them too, she says. My rule of thumb is: More glue equals longer wear. The cool part about press-ons is that you actually can wear them for very short periods of time too! Just look at Beyonce’s 2018 Coachella performance. There’s no salon backstage, Frank says. She just switched out her press-ons! So, whether you want flashy nails just for the weekend or youre hoping for a longer-lasting mani, press-ons might just be the answer to your prayers, especially those that come with adhesive tabs .

I Bought A Nail Polish From Static

I bought a nail polish from Static Nails because obviously the colors are really gorgeous and trendy at the moment. I also bought the top coat. However, the nail polish takes quite a bit to dry and even when “dry” is prone to smudging and looks awful the next day. I honestly wouldn’t not put in the money for this again.

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Olive & June Pedi System

Olive and June also has the first ever, all-in-one Pedicure System! It has everything you need for the perfect at home pedi with tools, foot care and of course, polish!

Like the manicure box, they have a pedi kit. Heres whats inside it:

  • Foot file
  • Super glossy top coat
  • 7 Shades of Nail Polish
  • The also have a new tool the Posey! Not only does the Posey hold all of your pedicure tools but its also a foot rest thats perfect for doing your pedicure!

    They even have a full tutorial on how to get the perfect Olive & June Pedi at home.

    How To Remove Your Nail Dashes

    nailsì? ìë Joyaëì? í

    The trick is to make sure theyre as loose as possible I love to use a flossing stick to lift up the side of my nail and slide it underneath the rest of the nail!

    Whether you want to go short with a neutral squoval or long and bold with multicolored glitter, Nail Dashes have something for everyone!

    If youve fallen in love with Nail Dashes and want to make money each time you share, make sure you get your own custom affiliate link!

    Its FREE to join and you can make anywhere from 10-15% commission every time someone purchases through your link AND you can earn FREE product!

    I hope you love your Nail Dashes as much as I do! Make sure you leave any questions you have in the comments below!

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    Honestly I Love How They Look When

    Honestly I love how they look when they’re applied- they do look fantastic. However, even when I bought their specific remover and followed their instructions to a t, my nails are destroyed. I really wanted to love these. The designs are great, but even with the solvent and using the tiniest amount of glue… they don’t pop off. I wish I could attach the pictures of how my nails look right now, I’ve been so careful and has to leave the solvent on far longer than it requested. After 5 minutes it still wouldn’t budge.

    I was really sorry to read all the negative views as I’ve just had the complete opposite experience. My only gripes are:1) currently stocks are so low on my favourite pop-on’s and I’m having to wait a while for them to replenish.2) there is no UK stockist3) delivery timeBut none of these ‘gripes’ are a game changer. These are the best false nails and worth the effort.

    Reply from Static Nails

    Where Can You Buy Glue

    There are many press-on nail manufacturers on the market. Some of the most common brands you will find at your local Target, Walmart, and CVS are Kiss Nails and imPRESS. Static Nails are a slightly more expensive option and are sold online.

    My personal favorites are by Kiss Nails and a newer player Ardell Professional Nail Addict nails I find that they last much longer and do not show wear and tear nearly as much as imPRESS nails do. ImPRESS nails, however, might be an easier option to start with if youre just learning and looking for something mess-free. These come with adhesive strips already on the nails, so no additional glue application is required.

    Press-on nails come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and designs making it easy to mix it up a bit. You can even get clear press-on nails and apply your favorite color and design yourself.

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    How To Apply Static Nails

    I found the application process to be quite simple, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First off, you are using nail glue and want to make sure you are applying it on a flat surface with cloth underneath to not damage any furniture. It’s also important to not squeeze the tube too hard so excess glue doesn’t come out resulting in a sticky mess. Below I’ve listed the steps on how to apply your pop-on manicure:

    • Nail buffer

    What About Shocks When I Get Out Of My Car

    But does it work? Static Nails

    Many people experience shocks when they get out of their car. Often they believe that the car is charged – but this is not normally so.

    Sitting in the car, electrostatic charges are generated on the car seat and the person’s body, due to contact and movement between the clothes and the seat. When the person leaves the seat, They take half of this charge with them. As they get out of the vehicle, their body voltages rises due to this charge – a voltage of 10,000 Volts is not unusual.

    When they reach to touch the vehicle door, the electrostatic discharge and shock occurs as their hand approaches the metal door.

    The voltage build-up can often be avoided by holding onto a metal part of the door frame as you leave the seat. This provides a return dissipation path for the charge on your body.

    If you have forgotten to hold the metal door part as you leave the seat, a shock may often still be avoided by touching the glass window before you touch the metal door. The glass may be conductive enough to dissipate charge, whilst preventing the rapid discharge which is felt as a shock.

    If you have your keys in your hand – let the spark discharge through the keys not to your fingers, and you won’t feel anything!

    To avoid shocks when getting out of the car –

    HOLD the metal door frame before you get out

    KEEP HOLDING as you get out, until you are fully out of the car.

    It’s easy with practice!

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    Olive & June Cuticle Serum

    One thing I especially love about Olive & June is their cuticle serum! It makes your cuticles look refreshed and hydrated with the simple swipe of the brush.

    Its mess free and fast drying and full of avocado and jojoba oil. And its so easy to use just take off the cap, twist the pen 2-3 clicks and apply on your cuticle!

    What Are The Best Impress Nail Colors

    There are SO many Kiss Impress Nails available its really up to you on which colors you like best! You can shop them at places like Target, or online at their site directly for even more options.

    Keep in mind that if you go for the Coutoure set, as I have here, that the faux diamonds are super chunky. I still havent gotten used to the feeling of something on my nails So if you get easily distracted by things like that, go for a flat/plain set of nails.

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    Olive And June Review Is It Worth It

    Is Olive and June worth the hype? I wondered this for months before seeing for myself! I finally tried out this Instagram-loved at home manicure nail polish to share with you!

    Im a nail polish junkie. I go through spurts when I paint my nails a new color a week and am constantly buying ALL the shades of every color! Its so fun trying out new beauty products and Ive had my eye on Olive and June for a while after spotting them on Instagram.

    They so sweetly sent over a Treat Yourself box to try out so I wanted to share a full Olive and June review for you!

    One thing that immediately caught my eye about Olive & June is their impeccable style. Theyre always showing amazing manicures (that I always thought was done by a pro until I discovered their DIY section on both their blog and Instagram.

    Check out what’s in this post!

    From Customers Like You

    Over 2,000 People Swear By This Strengthener To Grow ...

    I’ve worn over 60 sets of Static Nails. I’m super rough on my hands, but these have never failed me. I love the wear time flexibility and how classy and beautiful they look on.

    Andrea F., Customer since 2018

    I love Static Nails so much. I love that they are so easy to apply that I can do these at home or as a passenger in a car. They are so affordable and fun to mix and match.

    Nani S., Customer since 2014

    Static’s lacquer lasts me 8-14 days without a single chip through cleaning the house, gardening, doing laundry, working, and taking care of my 3 children. It drys super fast, has helped repair my nails, and always makes my hands look incredible.

    Rose K., Customer since 2014

    When on set, time is always of the essence. Static Nails is the only brand we trust to get beautiful manicures in minutes. The quality of their products is unparalleled. We love using Static in all of our photoshoots!

    Lily & Lilac, Fashion + Beauty Photographers

    Static Nails have been an absolute lifesaver. I use them on models, which has saved me so much precious time. The gorgeous colors and styles are always on trend, adding the perfect finishing touch to each look.

    Clare Mac, Creative Makeup Artist of The Year

    Absolutely love using the nails for editorial shoots. They are easy and quick to apply and remove. The only tough part is telling models they can’t keep them. My favorite is their classic oval shape. It elongates the hands and always looks elegant.

    Steven Turpin, Editorial Makeup Artist

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    How Do They Work

    You apply each fake Static nail individually using a durable nail glue , and each nail set can be removed, reapplied, and filed to your liking . Each kit comes with 24 nails resulting in 12 shapes for each hand to ensure that you can get the right fit, and the price is under $20 making them a really affordable option. Seeing as nail shapes and sizes vary, you can always send a photo of your nails to customer service for an analysis of which set will fit you best.

    • Reusable

    Ways To Make Your Press

  • Make sure your nails are totally clean before applying your press-ons so that dirt, oil, or other debris doesnt prevent the glue from fully adhering the press-on to your real nail.
  • Apply your glue with how long you want your press-on nails to last. If youre hoping to switch up your nail look just for the weekend, Frank says to only use a couple of drops of glue if you want your press-ons to last for a week or more, cover your entire nail in glue.
  • Opt for shorter nails. As fun as long coffin, stiletto, and almond-shaped nails are, the longer the length, the more likely theyll be to snag on something and accidentally pop off.
  • Consider using a different glue than the one that comes in your kit. Some of the top-reviewed nail glues include KISS PowerFlex Max Speed Glue and Mia Secret Nail Glue .
  • Skip baths or just remember not to submerge your nails underwater. Since press-ons are designed to come off with just soap and water, letting them sit under soapy suds for long periods can shorten their wear.
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    Why Dont I Get Static Shock When I Touch Something Like A Wall Or A Tree Or Door

    Shocks are usually only felt if your body is charged to over about 4000V, and you touch something conductive . If the wall or door is made of wood, concrete or some other material that has low or intermediate conductivity, any static charge on your body escapes slowly and usually does not cause a shock. If you touch metal, water, or another person when your body is highly charged, the charge is discharged quickly as the material is highly conductive. In this case you may feel a shock.

    Four: Shape And File To Your Desired Length

    How to do AT HOME MANICURE | Static Nails: Reusable Pop On Nails Review | Coconut Round

    After you’ve applied the nails and the glue has dried, you can shape and file them to your liking. I don’t wear my natural nails long and use my hands a lot for work and typing, so I wanted to trim the nails down to be much shorter and more natural-looking. They are very easy to cut and file and have a lovely buttery texture that can be shaped without ruining the nail. I was relieved that I was able to cut them and didn’t run into any issues whatsoever, as the initial length was too long to type with. Once I cut them, I was able to do all the normal things I do in a day and the nails stayed on very well. Below, you can see a photo of my nails after they were shaped to my preference.

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    Does The Weather Affect Static Electricity

    Static charge build-up is enhanced when the air is dry. So, static problems and effects are often noticed in dry air conditions. The air outside can be very dry when the weather is cold and dry. Indoors, central heating or air conditioning can give very dry conditions which promote static electricity. Heating warms the air and reduces its humidity.

    Static shocks are often noticed in cold dry weather, especially when in a centrally heated environment, and may disappear when the weather gets more humid. Static shocks may also be encouraged under air conditioning in hot weather.

    You’ll often find shocks are worst in the winter when the air outside is cold and dry. They may disappear in warmer damper weather.

    If possible, keep air humidity above 30% r.h.

    Tip – if the air in your room is very dry you could try keeping an open wide dish of water handy – this will evaporate and moisten the air nearby.

    What Are The Benefits Of Press

    • First of all, press-on nails are extremely affordable! Prices average at about $8 per set, though you can certainly dish out closer to $20 for a set of Static Nails.
    • It takes me less than 10 minutes to prep my nails and apply the falsies which makes getting ready for an even a snap Having said that, you might take longer the first couple of times, but not by much.
    • They leave my nails healthier than before
    • They are super-duper easy to remove without causing any nail damage.
    • My favorite thing about press-on nails though is the wide variety of designs and colors to choose from.

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    Wow Cannot Believe All The Negative

    Wow cannot believe all the negative reviews. I ordered 7 sets of press on nails at the same time and love each and every one of them. My natural nails are not the healthiest and yet I have not had any problems with these nails. Yes one will pop out from time to time and within a few seconds I glue it back on. Even when I was going for expensive manicures at the salon, the nails would occasionally pop out as well.As for the customer service, it was excellent. I received a reply within 24 hours in a courteous and professional manner. The only advice I would offer this company is to include sets of nails with a little more “bling” or designs on them. I know some women would pay a few dollars more to purchase these. Other than that, excellent product and service. Thank you.As a side note, the nails will last a long time if you know how to take care of them properly. I actually use a top coat after putting them on. Also if you accidently get some glue on the nail, you can remove it with nail polish remover. If will not damage the nail if you apply the nail polish remover sparingly. Another trick I use is removing the old glue behind the nail using an electric nail drill before reapplying the nail again. These extra steps keep my nails looking new for a long time. Hope this helps.

    Reply from Static Nails


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