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How Much Are Color Street Nails

Similarities Between Color Street Incoco And Coconut

How Much TIME it Takes to Build a SUCCESSFUL Color Street Business | Epoddle Nails

There are a number of similarities between Color Street, Incoco, and Coconut nails. They are all made by the same company and founder Fa Park. Incoco Headquarters is located in Clifton, New Jersey, U.S.A where they produce all Color Street, Coconut, and Incoco nail strips.

I have seen lots of chatter about Incoco and Coconut being phased out of stores since Color Street is doing so well, but theres no hard evidence that proves this. In fact, rumors have been going on about it for years. For now, they are in stores so lets get to know them better.

Which Is Better Dashing Diva Vs Color Street

It definitely seemed easier to do the Color Street than the Dashing Diva, she told KPRC 2 consumer expert Amy Davis. She said the Color Street brand seemed to stick better. They are thinner, so she could fold them over the end of her nail and use her other nail to break or cleanly tear away the excess.

We Took The Color Street Challenge

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Our Splendry contributors received samples as part of our Color Street reviews, all opinions are our own!

**After some reader feedback, we added one more review at the end to this post!**

Another day, another invitation to try a product one of your friends is selling, right? Whether youre getting inundated with Facebook party invitations or real-life party invitations, it can be pretty tough to know whats good, whats not, and when its time to start turning off your Facebook notifications!

MLMs have gotten a bad reputation over the years, and in some cases its warranted. However, we know there are some good companies and good products out there and were on a mission to find them and test them for you! The first on our list? Color Street reviews!

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What Is Color Streets Return Policy

You can return your Color Street order within 30 days of purchase as long as the items are in original condition and have their original packaging. Exchanges have a 60-day policy and the same rules apply.

To start a return or exchange, download the return form on the brands site, fill it in, and send it along with your return order to the address specified in the document.

The Truth About Color Street Nails

Pin by Somogyi Réka on Color street in 2020

A great way to look pulled together is a fresh manicure . Perhaps you don’t enjoy going to the nail salon every couple of weeks, or you’re notoriously bad at chipping your professional manicures. If you like to keep your nails manicured, chances are you’ve looked for some simple hacks to help make it easier. Of course, you know you can simply shape and paint your nails at home, but somehow it never turns out nice, and you rarely take the time to do it. That’s why you might feel intrigued if you have friends on social media selling Color Street Nails as a multi-level marketing business.

“Color Street is real nail polish that’s been dried down onto a strip for an easy, mess-free manicure with no dry time,” Hannah Parks, the brand’s marketing coordinator, told Byrdie. “It’s a salon-quality manicure base coat, color coat, and topcoat that you apply in one step without worrying about streaks or smudges.”

According to Southern Living, Color Street nail stickers are 100% polish that are easy to apply. Plus, you get the bonus of getting two weeks of wear out of your application. Simple application with long wear might sound too good to be true. Read on to find out the skinny on these fancy nail strips that have taken your newsfeed by storm.

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How Do Color Street Nails Work

Color Street Nails can be confusing at first. For years of using traditional nail polish, even we were boggled by the idea! But it really isnt all that difficult once you learn more about it.

Color Street Nails come in packs of 16 strips to ensure that each size sticker is able to fit each of your nail sizes. They stick to the nails and then you cut off the excess. From there, you will likely still have some of the sticker hanging over. To get rid of this, you can easily file it off with a nail file!

How Much Can You Make Selling Color Street

Looking at the income disclosure statement for 2018 we can see that the median earnings for most stylists is extremely low. Nearly 95% of stylists are paid less than $500 a year, and many are paid absolutely nothing at all. Often, when people talk about getting paid they are thinking about profits. Profit is the amount of money brought in minus expenses.

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How Do They Work

Each pack of Color Street nail stickers contains sixteen strips so that youre guaranteed to find the best fit for your nails. Simply select the strip size that best fits each nail, peel off the backing paper, and smooth the strip onto your nail from the cuticle to the tip. Once you reach the tip, youll likely have overhang. To address this, use the file that comes included in the kit and file off any excess. While doing so may make you worry about snagging the polish, rest assured, these strips are designed to be filed.

Nail Polish Strip Ingredients

How to STORE and SAVE extra Color Street nail

All three Incoco brands have the exact same ingredients, listed in the same order. This makes it pretty clear, at least to me, that they use the same formula for Color Street, Incoco, and Coconut. The nail polish strips themselves should be the same when it comes to application and durability. But are they? More on that in the review section below.

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Color Street Vs Dashing Diva Nail

  • Ease of application-goes to Color Street but only by a tiny margin.
  • Longevity-there is no contest-Dashing Diva. By the third day the Color Street were starting to show wear. After one week, I replaced the color street nails with the dashing diva strips. It has been two weeks since I put the original DD strips on and they still look great!
  • Cost-Hands down the Dashing Diva were a better bargain. Not only were they less expensive at the outset, they lasted twice as long if not longer.

Manicure Tips & Tricks

These are super-easy to apply, and the strips are in various sizes to fit a variety of nails. The back of each set features instructions. Here are just a few tips and tricks Ive learned work best, especially if you are trying them for the first time:

  • Have clean nails with no lotion or oils on them before applying. The nail strips include little alcohol wipes to prep your nails and help with adhesion.
  • Apply from pinky to thumb, in that order, using your thumbnail to remove the excess strip on the end. You can get two nails out of each strip! I find I only come back and file a bit at the end to clean up edges. A cuticle stick also works well to remove excess.
  • For the longest lasting results, apply right before bed. Theres no dry time, so you can pop right into bed without fear of smudging them, but then the strips have overnight to completely set.
  • The glitter styles are the most forgiving for your first application. Id choose one of those to start with!
  • If you love the solid colors best or the nail art without glitter, consider adding the Clear As Day strips as your 4th set that you get FREE with the promotion. It really adds longevity to the solid sets. I find the glitter sets dont need the Clear As Day.
  • I have been LOVING this non-acetone remover for being gentle on nails, but working great on removing polish before applying new ones. My nails have been much healthier after switching from acetone remover to this!

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What Is A Pyramid Scheme

Rather than providing investments or selling products, a pyramid scheme recruits members by promising payments or services in exchange for enrolling others.

As the number of recruits grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to recruit, and most members are unable to make money as a result, a pyramid scheme is unsustainable and frequently a scam.

A pyramid scheme is one in which an organization forces people who want to join to pay a fee. In exchange, the organization promises new members a share of the funds raised from each additional member they bring on board.

The organizations directors also get a cut of these payments. The scam is lucrative for the directorswhether or not they do any work. The membership of the organization has a strong incentive to keep recruiting and funneling money to the top of the pyramid.

Sales of valuable products or services are rare in such organizations. The only revenue of the scam are recruiting new members and soliciting more money from current members, as it does not produce any goods or services.

Pyramid schemes behave in a way that closely resembles exponential growth mathematics. Each level of the pyramid is significantly larger than the previous one. A pyramid scheme would have to grow indefinitely in order to make money for everyone who joins. This is impossible because the Earths population is finite.

Color Street Nails Review

The sparkle is phenomenal in 2020

Color Street nail strips come, not just in a rainbow of colors, but accented with a celebrations worth of glitter, graphics, and a range of finishes too. Well show you some of the brands best-selling nail strips below. They all come in packs of 16, so you can select the right size for each finger.

Diamonds are a sign of eternal love, or a girls best friend if youre a Marylin Monroe fan. One look at this polish and you may just fall head over heels. This Color Street Dripping in Diamonds is a clear strip thats been encrusted with glistening diamond-like glitter at the tips.

You can wear them on polish-less nails, or try out Color Street combos by altering on top of another color for an enhanced look. We love the thought of placing over crimson red, for a fun play on the winter seasonwhen the time approaches, that is. Youll be Dripping in Diamonds with this set for $13.

Though the color of this polish mimics the deserts of Giza, its anything but dry. With a cool, glossy shine, this neutral shade is a fan favorite thanks to its versatility. Though technically a basic color, Color Street Giza Sandsmakes nails pop.

Its that coveted shade you admire on the put-together woman who reaches out for her iced, non-fat, sugar-free, caramel macchiato in your local coffee shop, outfitted in popular, body-hugging activewear, with a cute, fluffy, white dog at her hip. If you pictured Kim K, you wouldnt be too far off.

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Im Interested In Becoming A Color Street Independent Stylist How Much Money Can I Make

Lets break down the initial investment and the earnings potential using the following assumptions:

  • You become a Color Street Independent Stylist at the lowest level, with the cheapest starter kit
  • You earn at the lowest level, which is 25% base commission on PV
  • You want to sell Color Street to earn an income an income youd otherwise be unable to attain due to daycare costs or other time constraints
  • You think that selling Color Street would be a better alternative than getting a minimum wage job. For the purposes of this analysis, well show how much youd need to sell in order to earn the equivalent of a minimum wage job.

Review Of Color Street Nails

Price $13

Shipping was also $3 making these. If I had bought 3 I couldve gotten one set for free, putting them closer to the $10 dollar range .

I thought Id try the ACTUAL Color Street if I was going to share alternatives with you guys.

After trying Lily And Fox these were an absolute DREAM to put on.

SO easy to get them off the paper and apply to my nail.

I actually think they were easier than Incoco.

They smoothed out so nicely, and they dont feel like rubber on my fingers.

I had heard they were of a higher quality than Incoco, but honestly, after I put them on they feel pretty much the same. If you buy through a color street rep you will get a much larger variety of nails to try, but the nails themselves seem pretty similar to Incoco.

Also, you do get more nails with Color Street than you do with Incoco so that is a benefit!

Keep in mind that they say you can only use them when you open them. Thats because these CAN dry out. I put mine in a ziplock and cross my fingers, but a lot of my friends use their flat iron to seal the packet for their 2nd use.

I could also use my food sealer. but that seems like a lot.

I also liked that they include a larger variety of nail sizes. They had one much bigger than my thumb and they have one that is smaller than my pinky. Which, is nice.

These seem to wear very similar to Incoco. I noticed some chipping on the ends right away. The strips I chose were darker in color, and I dont notice cracking .

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Comparison: Color Street Vs Incoco

Color Street isnt the only brand on the market to make nail polish strips, but it does things a little differently from its competitors in terms of style and materials. In this section of our Color Street nails review, well be doing a quick comparison between the brand and Incoco.

Before we get started, we must tell you that Incoco is actually the parent company of Color Street, but it does carry its own namesake collection, as well as one called Coconut Nail Art. Well be looking at the differences between the two collections to see what the major variances are in terms of quality, style, and price.

Ok, lets get started. Incoco nail polish strips are only available for purchase through Ulta Beauty and Walmart. So unlike Color Street, you wont be able to buy them from the website.

In terms of style selection, Incocos lineup looks to be slightly different, wed say perhaps more modern. Art like arrows, mini hearts, polka dots, and tie-dye marbling adorn its strips.

When looking at heart-decorated polish strips offered by each brand, Incocos hearts are rounded, while Color Streets are pointynuances that may not sound like much, but in terms of design, they do matter and contribute to a brands overall aesthetic.

Both lines use 100% real nail polish for their strips and each one has three layers: a base, overlay, and topcoat. Both can be removed using regular nail polish remover. Walmart shows a $7 price for Incocos nails, while a similar Color Street design is $12.

Things We Like About Color Street Nails

How you earn money with Color Street nails
  • One of the best things about Color Street Nails is how versatile they are with colors and patterns. A lot of the patterns that Color Street has to offer are nearly impossible to do with liquid polish or nail art. Also, they come in a wide variety of different colors, so you are bound to find a color and/or pattern that fits your wants and needs!
  • You can shape them to perfectly fit your nail size and shape. Color Street offers different sized nail polish stickers to best match each nail size. From there, you simply file off the excess for a perfect shape at the end of your nail.
  • These stickers usually last up to 10 days. This means 10 days without chipping or becoming dull!
  • Lastly, you can usually apply these pretty easily yourself. That means you dont have to go out to the nail salon every time you need your nails done. This is not only convenient for you, but it also is great for people who are on a budget!

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How Long Do Color Street Nails Really Last

In my experience, they first started showing wear in three days, but some of them did last around a week. In all fairness, I do work in healthcare and am really rough on my nails, so they would probably last much longer on someone with a different profession.

Some people might critique how I applied the nail strips, but I think this was a realistic look at how a lot of women would apply these. It might not have been perfect, but it was the same technique for both types of nail strips.

Color Street For The Win

In my opinion, Color Street nails are the winner in the Sister Company challenge. There is no comparison when it comes to the style choices Color Street has. The nail polish strips themselves seems to be better quality and last longer. In this case, you really do get what you paid for.

I also like how helpful Color Street Stylist are. You get much better costumer service with a stylist. If I had had a problem with my nail polish strips like I had with the Coconut brand, I know my stylist would have replace them for free.

Like I said before, I will try Incoco and Coconut nails again for a pedicure. Ill update the post once Ive tried them out on my toes. I do think the price is great on both so they are worth a try.

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