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How To Do Dip Powder Nails

Prep Your Soaking Station


Pour 100% pure acetone into a glass bowl or shallow coffee mug. Youll want to soak one hand at a time so that you have your other hand free to check on the progress of your removal . Before dipping your hands in, rub cuticle oil all around your cuticle and finger tip to keep your skin protected and hydrated. Youll also want to have a buffer and a towel handy too.

Step #: Apply Base & Dip Into Clear Powder

Next, grab your Base, and apply it to 3/4ths of the nail. When applying the Base, you always want to make sure that you are applying a thin, even layer so that the application is nice and smooth.

Dip the nail into Natural Dip Powder that comes with your Dip Kit! The Natural powder is important for building up the strength of the nail. Be sure to dip the nail into the powder a 45-degree angle and then brush off the excess powder with our Dip Powder Dust Brush. Using a soft, fluffy brush to remove the excess powder after every dip will help you to apply these thin and even layers to build up your flawless nail look!

How Do I Remove Acrylic Dip Powder At Home

Im so impatient when it comes to removing any kind of nail polish or falsies.

I cant wait to get it off so I can go in with a beautiful new manicure!

The good news is, you can quickly and easily remove your powder dipped nails at home, but believe me it does take patience!

I learned the patience lesson the hard way.

Experiencing chips, splits, cracks and having to do the removal process all over again have made me appreciate the necessity of a thorough and gentle removal process.

So heres what I do now to ensure that I dont completely ruin my natural nails!

Scroll down a bit and youll see 2 techniques for removal, so choose whichever one works best for you.

All you need is some pure acetone and some cotton balls .

You can do either the bowl method or the foil method:

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Why Do My Acrylic Powder Dip Nails Look Bumpy

If youve got bumps then chances are that you have applied base coat either too thickly or unevenly.

You can try applying the base coat much more thinly, ensuring that you cover the whole nail evenly before you dip.

This can take some practice so stick with it and youll soon get the knack!

You may also want to experiment with different dipping motions find whatever works for you!

When it comes to unevenness, you need to be especially careful around the cuticles, because you can flood the area with the base coat during the initial application.

If you have ever painted your nails with polish, you may have noticed your cuticle areas have been uneven or you find it difficult to remove the polish after it bleeds onto the surrounding skin around the cuticles this is most likely because you have flooded the cuticles.

Why Are My Powder Dip Nails Cracking

Nail Dipping Powder Nail Art / Decoration System /Set (No ...

Cracking can, and often does, occur with acrylic powder dip nails, but thankfully, as your technique and practice increases, this should happen less and less.

Heres how to combat cracks:

  • Vertical cracks can appear when the powder is unevenly applied between the base coat and the sealant. Practice and experiment with your technique until you can apply each coat more evenly.
  • The angle of your brush is important to ensure minimal cracking try not to lift your brush upright when applying product as it can lead to uneven application, bumpiness and ridges.
  • To minimise the chances of cracking, ensure you apply at least three layers of dip for a solid nail.

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How To Do French Tips With Dip Powder

Nail dipping powder is a straightforward process when you want one color covering the entire nail, but what about when you want something more fun, like French nail tips? You might be a little confused as to how you could make a straight line with powder, but fret not! It is possible, and its actually easier than it sounds.

Avoid Polish On The Cuticle

Remembering to avoid getting any of the polish and adhesives on your cuticle will help immensely in caring for your nails once they are done. When polish makes it onto the cuticle, it can get scraped easily, which will potentially lift the rest of the polish on your nail. This will make more of the polish eventually start to chip away, destroying the finish much sooner then it would naturally.

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How To Remove Dip Powder Nails Without Acetone

Shorten your nails with a nail clipper. The first layers of top need to be removed in order for the removal gel to do its job.

How To Remove Your Gel Polish Mani At Home Video Video Gel Polish Gel Nails Diy Remove Gel Polish

Take Caution With Dip Powder


Applying dip nails the right way, unfortunately, leads to lots of tossed product. Some nail techs cut corners in an effort to waste less dip powder.

Walk away if your nail tech tries to dip your nail directly into their main pot of powder. You put yourself at risk for infection if theyve dipped their other clients hands into the powder.

There are a few safe alternatives to apply the powder. For example, your nail tech can put the powder in a disposable cup, dip your nail in that, and throw away the excess.

Alternatively, they can brush or dust the powder on your nail so you dont come in contact with the pot. This method is not safe, however, if the nail tech tries to save the excess powder instead of throwing it away. You can also bring your own dip powder to the salon if you want to be extra safe.

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Dip Powder Nails Vs Gel Nails

Aaron, while a lover of all things dip powder, doesnt think that its any better or worse for your nails than gel. Gel nails and dip powder nails last roughly the same amount of time . The most important thing to remember when it comes to nail care is how you go about taking the product off, she says. You never want to pick or peel your dip powder off, since you’ll rip away layers of keratin from the nail plate. “Instead, gently file the top coat of your nails with a classic nail file and then soak them in pure acetone for 15 minutes,” says nail technician and nail health expert Evelyn Lim.

Removal aside, Aaron does point out that theres a difference in application, as gel nails require a UV lamp. My selling point to upgrade clients to dip from gel polish is that unlike with gel polish there will be no bending to the nails which cause cracks to gel polish and sometimes even breakage to the nails, she shares.

Dry Your Nails Properly

Allowing your nails to dry properly will affect how well they last. Make sure when they have been finished to use cool air to dry the polish. There are a couple of good methods that can help with this process. One of the most obvious methods is using a fan. Just sit your hands in front of it with the nails extended out. Another good method is using a blow dryer. All you have to do is make sure that it is on a cool setting.

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Best & Easiest Ways To Do Dip Powder Nail Extensions

Dip Powder creates amazing manicures that are extremely durable and easy to apply. But by itself, Dip Powder cant be used to make or build out a nail extension.

So in this article, I am gonna share with you 3 easy methods you can use to make Dip Powder Nail Extensions.

The 3 Best and Easiest ways to do Dip Powder Nail Extensions are:

  • Using Glue on Nail Tips
  • Using Polygel to Build out the Nail Extensions
  • Using Paper Nail Forms
  • Your Dip Liquids Are Low Quality

    Red Range

    Dip liquids vary greatly from brand to brand. Many people dont realize that dip liquid kits are formulated specifically for the type of powder that a brand sells. While you can interchange dip liquid kits and use them from one brand to the next, you may not always get the results youre looking for. Quite frankly, some dip liquids are just higher quality than others.

    If youve tried all our fixes above and still are having issues with your powder cracking, consider switching dip liquid brands. Look for 9-FREE or 21-FREE dip liquid brands that are healthy and high quality. It’s better to use a brand that has glass bottles instead of plastic, as your dip liquids will last much longer and resist spoiling.

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    How Long Does A Dip Powder Manicure Last

    Get excited: As Aaron points out, dip powder nails can last anywhere from two weeks to a month depending on how hard you are on your nails . If you do your own nails, this is great because it means less time dedicated to a gorgeous nail look. And, if you get your dip powders done, it means less money in the long run because they dont require as much maintenance.

    How Can I Remove Dip Powder Nails

    You typically use a file to buff down the polish and soak off the color afterward using pure acetone. When removing manicures with acetone, its safest to use acetone-soaked cotton balls so only your nail comes in contact with it. Cut the cotton balls down to the size of your nails and apply petroleum jelly around your nails to minimize contact with your skin.

    After your nails have soaked for about 10 minutes, you should be able to gently wipe off the dip color. Dont pick at it or forcibly peel it off. We recommend getting dip powder nails removed professionally to avoid long-term damage, especially since dip powder is tougher to remove than other types of manicures.

    Some nail techs use e-files to remove the color instead of a regular file. Unless youre confident in using an e-file, leave this tool to the Pros. Your nails will thank you and youll lower your risk of damaging your natural nails.

    Your nails will need some TLC after the dip is removed. Pick up some cuticle oil to nourish your nails and replenish the lost moisture. Regularly moisturizing your hands with hand cream can also help. You can go a step further by booking nail strengthening services at your favorite salon or finding a safe DIY nail strengthening kit to use at home.

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    Why Do My Nails Hurt After Applying Acrylic Dip Powder

    Dont worry, a little soreness after applying acrylic dip powder is fairly common.

    It usually means that you or your nail tech have been a little too enthusiastic with the filing.

    You newly finished nails could also be causing discomfort simply because they are too long.

    If you are not used to long nails youll probably catch them and bash them a lot which can also cause soreness.

    Should I Try Dip Nails

    EASY DIP POWDER NAILS AT HOME | how to do dip nails step by step | revel nail

    Dip nails are worth a try if you want a manicure thats stronger and more durable than gel or acrylics. Many also try out these nails if theyre trying to limit their exposure to UV lights.

    The aftercare, thicker look, and sanitary concerns are the main factors that turn some people off from dip nails. If you dont mind those things and can commit some time to finding a safe nail tech, then theres no reason not to get them.

    Its especially important to do your research before you book a dip nail appointment. Dont neglect reviews for both nail techs and for the various dip powder brands out there. Taking these extra steps beforehand helps you make sure youre getting a safe manicure. You can look through our community of nail artists if youre ready to find someone near you.

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    Unlike Regular Manicures Dip Powder Treatments Can Last Up To A Month

    As a result, nail dip manicures can be both cost and time effective. “For busier clients, dip powder is a great option as they last 3 weeks or longer, depending on the level of at-home care after the manicure,” Lily, a nail technician at , tells us. This is almost twice the longevity of your standard gel manicure.

    And You’re Done Applying Your New Dip Nails At Home

    Congratulations! Youve applied your new dip nails. That wasnt so hard, was it? Dip nail powder takes a little practice, but once you get the hang of it, I guarantee you wont return to regular polish. We hope you enjoy your long lasting nail color and really hope this dip nail tutorial helped you with the process. Don’t forget to read up on how to remove your dip nails or how to apply chunky glitter dip nails. If you have any questions or would like us to cover another topic, let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading, Fairies!

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    You Are Not Waiting Long Enough Between Dip Coats

    Most of the time you will need to apply more than one dip coat to full cover the nail . However, if you apply your dip colors too quickly, the color will not dry or set properly and this will cause the powder to crack. Some dip powders are quick dry, like Fairy Glamor, but some are not. If you’re using a quick dry dip powder you should only need to wait around 5 seconds before dipping again. But if you are not using a quick dry brand you’ll need to wait a minute or two before applying another coat.

    When you apply a second coat of powder too quickly, it sits on top of the unfinished first layer that hasn’t set yet. This causes instability. Think about it like trying to build a road over mud–the mud will move under the pressure and the firm bridge will try to compensate, causing cracks.

    Are Powder Dip Nails Safe

    Get Longer Nails With Dip Powder!

    Salon owners and nail artists have searched for a safe and healthy manicure as an alternative to acrylic and gel nails, at last, they have found it.

    Powder dip nails are long-lasting and shinier that too without doing any harm. There is no possibility of damaging your nails as no UV lamps or monomer is used. Besides, powder dip nails dont hinder the natural inhalation process.

    Powder dip nails are safe because they dont involve chemicals like methacrylates in the application process. Methacrylate causes the harms to the patron of the nails.

    Since it is not used in powder dip nails, nothing to worry about it. Cyanoacrylate doesnt soften the nails as methacrylate does. So, dip powder nails will leave your nails healthy and beautiful.

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    Double Dip Start Powder Nail Kit

    The Double Dip Starter Nail kit is an excellent kit for beginners. The kit includes seven different colors and contains the polishes you need to make your nails look perfect.

    With every order, they include a starter kit that contains essential items you will need to speed up the nail process, including brushes, nail files, brush cleaner, and nail polish remover.

    How To Remove Dip Nails

    Before you go to remove your dip nail polish at home, let us advise against it! Since dip nails are long-lasting, youll want to head to the salon to have the polish removed once your nails start to grow out. Removing dip powder is a similar process to taking off gel polish. First, the dip powder will be filed down then the remaining polish will be removed with acetone.

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    Which Begs The Question: Are Dip Powder Nail Kits A Diy Or A Dont

    Full disclosure, Ive only ever done my nails with the usual lacquer and have never worn acrylics. Gel manicures have intimidated me for years due to my worry about harming my natural nails. But when I saw my sister-in-laws dip powder manicure on social media, I was inspired to try one for myself. Plus, now that I had plenty of time on my hands, I felt ready to dress them up. I bought a Peppi Gel dip powder starter kit online and figured that as long as I followed the instructions to the T, Id get it right in one try.

    Wrong. So very wrong. Dip kits take more precision than it seems or at least more than Im used to.

    How To Removedip Powder Nails

    HOW TO DO DIP POWDER NAILS AT HOME| Double Dip nail tutorial

    It is almost ashame that the dip powder nail treatments go on so easily. After all, this isone of the reasons that they are so popular. However easy and quick theapplication, their removal can be tricky. The key is to remember one veryimportant adage: Dont rush or force the process!

    If you try to take shortcuts, you might find yourself with a mess or a problem. Instead, just gather the materials needed and give yourself the amount of time suggested for the best outcome.

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    The Materials Youll Need Include:

    • Acetone
    • Aluminumfoil Cut into 10 small squares large enough to fit around your finger
    • Cottonballs
    • Nailfile and buffer

    NOTE: If youare having this process done in a salon, your technician may use a drill tofile everything off if so, avoid them! This damages the nail, is actuallypainful and is a way for them to save time rather than do the job right. Belowis the only way that experts should remove the treatment.

  • Begin by gently filing the uppermost layer of the nail and stop once the shine has been eliminated. This breaks the seal at the top surface and ensures the coating is easier to remove
  • In a bowl, soak ten cotton balls in the acetone, making sure they are saturated
  • Put a cotton ball on a nail and wrap the upper portion of the finger in a piece of the aluminum foil. Essentially, you are soaking the nail in the acetone.
  • Repeat for each finger
  • Allow the nails to soak in the acetone for at least 10-15 minutes
  • Remove the foil and cotton, pressing down on the nail as you do so as this helps to remove many layers of dip powder coating
  • Soak more cotton balls in acetone and use them to gently rub any areas of the nails that have product remaining.
  • Do NOT pick, scratch, scrape or otherwise force the coating from the nail as it harms or damages the natural nail
  • Wash the hands gently with soap and water to remove any remaining product

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