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How Much Does Fungal Nail Treatment Cost

At Home Laser For Toenail Fungus

What I’ve learned about LASER TREATMENT for TOENAIL FUNGUS.

If someone is unable to go to the physician and tackling toenail fungus is a routine matter now. Then he must get a reliable home laser device to kill toenail fungus.

These are easy to use, and effective. It is a onetime investment; however, it is always better to consider the physician advice before buying home laser killer device before making a purchase.

Below is our picked best home laser device for fungus removal from nails reviewed.

Can I Expect A Total Cure

Fungal infection is expected to improve just one treatment. Clinical reports to date have been encouraging with most patients noticing a significant improvement. As with all medical procedures, 100% guarantee is not possible. In addition since fungus is present everywhere in the environment recurrent infection may occur. Preventive strategies to reduce the chance of reinfection is discussed at the time of the patient visit.

What Is Toenail Fungus

Just as the name implies, toenail fungus is a fungus infection that affects the toenails of an individual. This infection usually causes the toenails to thicken, turn yellowish and become unsightly. In some cases, it causes the toenails to become brittle and crumbly.

The toenail fungus infection has several stages. It generally begins with a slight discolouration of the tip of the toenails to yellow. As it progresses, the nails take on a darker colouration and begin to harden. At the last stage, the nails begin to crumble slowly from the edges until they eventually crumble completely.

The major symptoms of toenail fungus infection include:

  • Discolouration of the nails
  • Pain in the tips of the infected nails
  • Foul odour coming from the nails

Several things can lead to toenail fungus infection. This can include:

  • Abnormal skin PH level
  • Injury to the toenails or the foot
  • Exposure to fungus-infected items
  • Moisture getting beneath the nail

All of these factors make the toenails a suitable environment for fungus to thrive. Therefore, when the fungus finds its way to the toenails, it finds the place comfortable and starts growing there.

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Whats Inside Keravita Pro

According to the main site, to develop the Keravita Pro formula, 144 organic antifungal active ingredients were researched just to discover 26 of them were chosen.

Though all 26 of them have yet to be revealed, heres what we have actually handled to collect concerning the components list:


Beta-glucan is a kind of soluble fiber that has been connected to enhanced cholesterol levels and a healthy heart.

According to a piece discovered in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology, this particular component can be utilized to find fungal cell walls.

Another way that beta-glucan is expected to work is by enhancing the body immune system so that the body can conquer any particular infection.


ARA-6 is yet another fiber-rich active ingredient that is described as larch arabinogalactan.

Typically speaking, ARA-6 has been used to treat a large range of infections including the cold, swine influenza, ear infections and HIV/AIDS to name the least.

As per Richard, this component can be viewed as the sworn enemy of fungi, but he has yet to disclose in what ways.

Japanese Mushroom Complex

In the discussion, information on what constitutes the Japanese Mushroom Complex stay covert, but usually, people can anticipate the likes of shiitake, maitake, and reishi mushrooms.

The trio originates from a fungus family of species and is considered reliable in improving the body immune system.


Curcumin is a bioactive substance discovered in turmeric.

Cats Claw


It’s Costing A Lot Of Money To Make Those Toenails Fungus

Kerasal Review

Angus Chen

You might be able to get fungus-free toenails, but it could cost you.hide caption

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You might be able to get fungus-free toenails, but it could cost you.

The bills can rack up fast when trying to cure toenail fungus, and it’s not always easy to know which drug to use. Costs can range from over $2,000 for treating one nail to just $10 for a pill that treats all 10 toes but could have bad side effects. Then there are the costly lab tests to confirm that the curling yellow rot chewing through a toenail is in fact mold.

Right now, the most effective treatment for toenail mold or onychomycosis is a pill called terbinafine. It costs about $10 for a full treatment, which can take up to six months. It’s so cheap that it would be more cost-effective to administer the drug to everyone that clinicians think has toenail fungus, rather than spending extra money to confirm the diagnosis in a lab, which can cost up to $148, according to a study published in JAMA Dermatology on Wednesday.

Considering that at least 10 percent of Americans have toe fungus, the health care system could be saving between $18 million and $90 million by skipping the testing, the researchers say.

But some people are reluctant to use terbinafine because there’s a risk of liver damage, a fact that was emphasized when it came on the market decades ago.

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How Do I Prepare For My Appointment

In order to ensure the most success for your treatment, please make sure that your toenails are free of polishes and lacquers. It is also important to trim your toenails beforehand and wash them as well as possible. Although this is a relatively simple procedure, it is important to perform the proper preparations to ensure lasting results and a quick appointment time.

If you or someone you know has toenail fungus, weve got you covered! At Tustin Podiatry Clinic, our professionals can help you clear your nails of fungus and restore them to their former glory. We understand how frustrating toenail fungus can be, and also how troublesome it is! We are experienced in alleviating toenail fungus so you can focus on other parts of your health. To talk with an expert, contact our office today. Visit us online or give us a call to schedule an appointment at our clinic.

How Effective Is Laser Therapy For Toenail Fungus

About 10 percent of U.S. adults, or approximately 23 million people, suffer from toenail fungus infection. But unfortunately, the treatments that have been around a while oral medications and topical creams often dont really do the trick. The fungus usually comes back within 12 months. Plus, these treatments can have negative side effects and may have a bad interaction with other medications.

Luckily,;laser therapy for toenail fungus;is now an option. Since 2010, more than a handful of laser devices have been FDA approved and are used with success by podiatrists as a safe, quick, effective form of treatment.

But what is the process if you use laser therapy for toenail fungus and what can you expect, you ask?

To answer your questions, weve put together some basics on toenail fungus and laser treatment. Keep reading for a quick overview, and then, give it a try to see how it works for you. Our goal and the purpose of laser therapy is to help you clear up those nails so they can grow back healthy and strong.

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What Are The Extra Costs

Most insurance companies wont cover these procedures.; Be prepared to pay the full price out of pocket.

If you need more than one session, be prepared to pay more money up front for future visits. ;For best results, vets may want to repeat the procedure every six months.

The initial exam may cost up to $150.

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Fungus Fix: How to Treat Nail Fungus

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At-home peel formulated to create a softer, brighter skin appearance.

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How Much Does Laser Treatment Of Fungal Nails Cost

Get Help Now

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;How Much Does;Laser Treatment of Fungus Nails Cost?

;;;;;;;;;;One of the first questions patients with nail fungus want to know is: How much does laser treatment of fungus toenails and finger nails cost? Although this is a very difficult question to answer, I will try to do my best here to explain some of the factors that guide the cost.

;;;;;;;;;;Investing in your health is truly the best investment that you can make! Once; you can see the VALUE, the investment becomes much easier and makes absolute sense to the patient. In the case of the toe nail fungus the value is remarkable….you can take your shoes off and go barefoot again without feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed. You will also be able to stop worrying that this fungus will spread further or to other toe nails .

;;;;;;;;; The factors that drive the costs for the use of lasers to treat nail fungus comes down to primarily these 5 factors:

  • How many nails must be treated?
  • How badly infected are the nails? The extent of the fungus infection for that patient and for each nail infected.
  • Patient factors: immune system, family history, activities…etc.
  • The TYPE of nail fungus infecting your nails.
  • How many nails must be treated?

    How badly infected are the nails?

    ;;;;;;;;; The extent of the nail fungus infection varies from patient to patient….and even from nail to nail. Some nails are completely destroyed by the infection and others to a lesser degree. This often effects costs.

    Patient Factors:immune system, family history, activities….etc.

    Is The Cost Of Laser Therapy For Toenail Fungus Worth It

    For starters, there are several types of laser devices for administering laser therapy. All these devices show varying degrees of efficacy according to reports and reviews from users.

    Furthermore, these devices have due approval from the proper departments in the Canadian Ministry of Health. But, that does not imply they all work with the same level of efficacy.

    Laser therapy devices work by temporarily reducing the discolouration in the infected nails.

    Immediately after the therapy, patients will start to notice some temporary clarity on their toenails. After a while, itll return to the colour before the procedure. This will then start to clear off gradually.

    The long-lasting curing is more gradual and may take weeks or even months. Studies indicate that patients notice a 61% cure rate within 16 weeks of the therapy. The study also shows a 91% cure rate within 180 days after the procedure. So, after laser therapy, its only a matter of time before the fungus infection disappears.

    To answer the question is the cost of laser therapy for toenail fungus worth it? Well say yes, it is very well worth it. It shows a higher cure rate than all the other treatment options.

    It does better than the 44% cure rate of topical medication and the 40% cure rate of oral medication. And, it has a lesser risk of side effects in comparison with other available treatment options.

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    Our Laser Treatment Costs $600 Which Includes Three Treatments Or Three Single Visits Using The Laser

    Most people will see improvement after three visits. Many places charge $600 per visit, so some of our clients look at our pricing as paying for one and getting two free! We do require the $600 payment to be completed prior to our services on the first visit for laser. Cash or cards are acceptable forms of payment.

    If after three treatments the doctors think that you will benefit from additional laser treatments the cost will be $100 per laser after the initial three. Often, this is the case where most of the nail has grown out but not all of it. We are ethical doctors and if we feel that additional lasers will not benefit you, we will tell you not to spend the additional money. To date, the most laser procedures we have done is 10. This was at a cost of $600 for the initial three lasers and $700 for the next seven lasers for a total of $1,300. Considering many doctors in NYC charge $1,200 for one treatment, Id say we are the most fairly priced laser for nail fungus in NYC. BTW: after 10 lasers, he was cured!

    How Much Does Laser Treatment Cost

    What Does The Laser Toenail Fungus Removal Cost ...
    • The cost varies depending on the number of nails involved and severity of the infection. The national average for laser treatment is between $500 and $1200. However, since our practice offers the most state-of the-art laser equipment, we can provide the most effective treatment in less time and at a reduced cost. Our fees range between $295 and $565. A free consultation can be provided to determine if you are a good candidate for laser treatment. Please refer to our fee schedule for costs. The charges are based on the number of nails with obvious involvement. Follow up visits are provided during the first year at no charge. Payment plans are available through CareCredit.

    Schedule an consultation with Advanced Podiatry Services for a complete evaluation.

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    Laser Therapy Is Effective And Fast

    The toenail fungus is the most effective treatment for the toenail fungus removal. It would not take much time, and the results are quite promising.

    It is not a painful treatment, so you do not have to wait for weeks until the fungus dies.

    The average duration to kill the fungus through medications is 4 months, bearing pain for four or more months is quite difficult, so laser treatment is the only fast way to solve this problem.

    How The Laser Treatment For The Toenail Fungus Works

    Lasers are an emission of high frequency lights capable of cutting and destroying tiny atoms coming its way. The laser treatment for the toe-nail fungus also works on this basic characteristic of laser.

    To treat the toenail fungus, the toes are put directly under the laser nozzle, and the laser will then hit at the nail bed where there is the fungus. This interaction will destroy the microorganism, killing it, through the heat.

    The laser used for the toenail fungus treatment is the CO2 laser usually, but for the treatment of some complex grown lasers doctors prefer the YAG laser, also known as yttrium-aluminum-garnet laser.

    The wavelength of this laser light is quite high because this is how it is going to kill and attack each micro-organismic cell of the fungus. The regular laser for the toenail fungus treatment comes with a 900nm to 1300nm.

    This is to increase the temperature of the laser and this increased temperature will make the nail-bed hot for the fungus. It will burn the fungus at the nail bed.

    Another benefit of this much higher wavelength is the sterilizing effect of heat. This sterilized nailbed is now safe and no more fungal growth can happen for the next few years.

    You might wonder why we cannot have the fungus destroyed in a single session.

    Well, you can but it will increase the risk of tissue destruction, so, there is no point to get into a hurry. The doctors make sure that your damaged tissues, even if they get slightly damaged during the session.

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    Restrictions Of Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment

    Laser treatment for toenail fungus doesnt have lasting effects. John Strisower, the founder of PinPointe USA, says patients should expect at least a minimal relapse of the infection within five years after laser treatment.

    How the laser treatment for toenail fungus works and how it affects fungi infection isnt fully understood. There are numerous studies that have been conducted; Nomir says its laboratory research has shown that the laser kills fungus. On the other side, according to CoolTouch, laser only inhibits fungal growth, making the way to the bodys own defense mechanisms to kill the infection and clear the nail.

    Olluminate Intense Eye Repair

    How to Get Rid of Toenail Fungus.

    This hydrating formula features stabilised retinol and advanced peptides that aid in strengthening skin around delicate eye area and reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Optical diffusers help reduce circles and puffiness

    This product is available at Dundrum Clinic. Call us on or email us for more details

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    How Can I Save Money

    Consult with your family doctor before you start this procedure.; There are many prescriptions out there that may get rid of the problem.

    Many various creams out there may help you and only can cost $10+

    Consider looking for a study in your area.; There may be a clinic that will be more than happy to perform the test on you and pay you for it.; These tests can commonly be found on various websites online.

    Groupon will offer daily deals for local doctors/clinics who offer this procedure from time to time. ;This is a great way to save up to 70%.

    If you feel youre going to need more than one procedure, see if the clinic offers a package deal to help save you money.

    Some clinics may offer payment plans to spread out your payments.

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    Know Not To Be Afraid

    Surgery can be nerve-wracking and scary. Nobody likes pain, hospitals, scalpels, cuts, and anesthesia. The whole idea can be very unpleasanteven reading about it can turn the stomach!

    But, it is very important to remember that thousands of people have experienced nail removal and have lived to tell about it! While there may be some discomfort and pain following the procedure, if a qualified doctor or other medical professional has concluded this is the best treatment for your specific problem, let that give all the comfort it should. We are very blessed to live in a world where so many health problems can be easily corrected!

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