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How To Become Certified To Do Nails

Expert Nail Technician Course Become A Superstar Nail Tech

How To Become A Nail Tech!

This course can be found on Udemy and made to increase your knowledge and skills as a nail expert. It is suitable for beginners and those with experience and prepares you to work as nail technician.

What youll learn includes:

  • Essential knowledge on nail structure and preparation
  • Advanced knowledge of colour combination, composition
  • Stunning designs including ombre, textured look, line art and more
  • Proper sculpting of coffin, almond and oval nail shapes
  • Detailed knowledge on sanitary conditions and disinfection
  • Ergonomics of working with clients
  • Avoiding allergies and work-related injuries
  • Themed designs you can use anytime

Led by three qualified instructors, the course includes just over 6 hours of material to learn, covering 9 sections.

In less than 6.5 hours, students will learn how to become a trained nail technician from home using specific manicure techniques. You can even open up your own nail business from home! This course will also teach you some good marketing strategies to get customers!

Once you complete the course, you will also receive a certificate of completion!

How To Become A Nail Technician: The Definitive Guide

Have you ever looked down at your gnawed-on fingernails and wished you gotten a manicure?

If so, you probably went to a nail technician.

She probably looked at your nails and cried a little inside, but that didnt stop her.

She picked up her nail file and a bottle of polish and made you look new again.

This could be you!

All you need is some training and a genuine interest in cosmetology.

Heres how you can get your start:

Gel Extensions / Nails:

The Gel Nail System does the same sort of thing as Acrylic nails, however doesnt dry as strong or durable. But, it uses less potent chemicals, and is easier to mold into place. These use a layer of thick, transparent gel over the top of the original nail, which is then hardened using light therapy. Gel tips can also be applied.

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Study Online Course Nail Technician Become A Nail Technician Professional

Our Nail Technician Online Course will teach you all you need to know to become a professional nail technician. A nail technician is responsible for cleaning, filing, and grooming fingernails and toenails, including cuticle trimming and removal, moisturizing the hands and feet. Dead skin in both areas lights massage to enhance flow and comfort.

Nail technicians can treat natural nails on the hands and feet and add acrylic nails, gel coverings, or a silk strengthener. The nails can be polished, French manicured, or decorated with an airbrush design following these treatments. If the customer wishes, small jewellery and decals can be provided.

The duties and skillsets required can be varied and extensive this online course will inform you all you need to remember to be a nail technician. Professional nail care entails learning all about the intricacies of the nail unit, understanding and learning to recognize specific nail conditions, repairing daily wear and tear, and beautification the nails.

What you will learn with our Online Course Nail Technician

  • How to Create a Successful Nail Technician Business
  • Going Mobile
  • Manicure: Tools of the Trade
  • Paraffin Wax Treatments & Pedicures
  • How to Apply Nail Wraps
  • Silk Nails & Nail Art

Students must have basic literacy and numeracy skills.

Minimum education

Open entry. Previous schooling and academic achievements are not required for entry into this course.

Computer requirements

Students will need access to a computer and the internet.

So How Do You Find An Apprenticeship

The 9 Best Online Nail Technician Courses and Classes of 2021

Again, Google is your best friend. Start by establishing whether apprenticeships are recognized in your state, and if they are, do your research before applying for any openings.

Remember, as an apprentice, youll be relying on your salon to teach you everything you need to know to succeed. So, make sure they are professional and committed to the apprenticeship process.

As you can see, the time it takes to qualify as a nail technician is dependent on lots of factors. But however long it takes you to qualify, enjoy the process!

Studying for a new career is exciting, and even on a part-time course, it wont be long before youre a fully qualified nail tech living your dream career.

Good luck!

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How Much Does A Nail Technician Earn

In London, the average nail technician salary is £9.28 per hour. This amount will vary depending on a nail techs clientele and the level of salon at which they work. A nail technician working in a high end spa or hotel can earn triple this amount, while freelancing nail technicians set their own rates.

Remember, some nail studios operate with a chair rental policy. This means that you will earn a percentage of the money paid by each client, but you will need to pay the salon a rental fee for your space each month.

Some nail technicians do supplement their income with tips from clients, as a few pounds per treatment is customary at the lower end. At the higher end, nail technicians can expect to earn an additional 10 15% per treatment.

Continuing Education And License Maintenance

Armed with a state-certified cosmetology license, the future is open for almost unlimited movement into other industries or upward toward self-ownership of your own salon or spa.

About 50% of US states demand technicians keep up to date with current best practices, industry news, and regulations by taking periodic CE classes. This is a great opportunity to grow your professional development with more extensive training.

The necessary time commitments change from state to state, and some states only demand CE credits from instructors, like Oklahoma and Virginia. The requirements vary. In Vermont, a nail technician must take renewal CE courses every two years while Wyoming works under a different calendar.

The point is, people invested in developing their education as a nail technician or manicurist have lots of opportunities to expand their skill sets to adjacent industries. Ever thought about checking out hair or massage therapy to supplement your existing techniques? There is lots of space available to move horizontally from one specialty to another, all while maintaining your license as a licensed cosmetologist.

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Nail Technician Online Certificate Course

This is another well-rounded course teaching the fundamentals of professional nail care as a nail technician and also about running a business.

There are 10 modules in the course which covers everything from nail conditions, avoiding skin allergies, going mobile, acrylic and UV gel nails, and much more. Although you can study at your own pace, there are 150 hours of material to cover.

Upon completion of the course and assessment, students receive 3 certifications: an accredited certificate from the awarding body relating to the course, a CPD certificate displaying the number of CPD points earned from the course, and a certificate of completion.

What You Can Do With Nail Technician Training

How to Become a Nail Technician (Manicurist) in 2020!

Canadians love getting their nails done by professionals, whether as part of a full package of beauty services or as a stand-alone treat. And lots of people across the country get manicures or pedicures every month, or even every week.

That gives aspiring nail techs plenty of reason to be optimistic. After all, the training is generally very shorteven when combined with schooling in skin care or other spa therapies. And only the province of Manitoba requires any kind of apprenticeship or trade certification. Simply put, this field is easy to get into.

While certification may not be necessary, depending on where you live, it can still be a smart way to show potential employers that you’ve got what it takes to be a beauty professional. Certification exams will vary depending on the province or territory you live in, but are generally held in central areas that are easily accessed.

As you get started, you may want to work as an employee of a salon or spa for a little while just to get your feet under you. It’s a good way to learn from more experienced nail techs, especially if you work at a nails-only salon. Plus, Canada is full of potential employers.

All that said, here is a breakdown of the three most common work arrangements that nail techs enjoy:

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Nail Technician Schools In Ontario Listings

Academy of Aesthetics Sudbury

Bluewater School of Hair Design Sarnia

Canadian Aesthetic Academy Brampton

Canadian Aesthetic Academy North YorkCanadian Aesthetic Academy Toronto

First Canada Cosmetician & Hair Design Academy Scarborough

International Aesthetic Academy Toronto

Kingston Academy of Esthetics & Natural Therapies Kingston

Lam School of Advanced Esthetics Scarborough

Sudbury College of Hairstyling and Esthetics Sudbury

The Aesthetics College of Canada Barrie

Aesthetics and Hairstyling College of Canada Etobicoke

Aesthetics and Hairstyling College of Canada Kleinburg

Aesthetics and Hairstyling College of Canada Vaughan

Ginas College of Advanced Aesthetics Ottawa

Ginas College of Advanced Aesthetics Mississauga

Ginas College of Advanced Aesthetics Waterloo

Vienna Academy of Arts & Sciences Ottawa

Vienna Academy of Arts & Sciences TorontoMore interested in other types of beauty schools? Check out our pages that list Ontario schools for makeup-artists, estheticians, cosmetologists and barbers.

Do You Want More From Your Career

More challenge? More knowledge? More Respect?

The Medical Nail Technician certification can give you that MORE. You can step up to an interesting and different level in your career, one not previously available to nail technicians.

Working in a podiatry office is a change of pace, a new opportunity, and an experience that expands the nail technicians overall career possibilities in the industry he or she loves. However, many nail technicians who intend to stay in the salon setting take the MNT Program to advance their knowledge and to gain higher respect from their clients and podiatrists.

You will discover that podiatrists need Medical Nail Technicians in their offices. They appreciate this trained MNTs skills while their patients appreciate their comfort care and services. Other technicians do not want to work in a physicians office but want the knowledge this level of information provides concerning their clients and the respect it provides in marketing for referrals from podiatrists and physicians.

Who is the MNT?

The Certified Medical Nail Technician is a state licensed nail technician or cosmetologist that has completed the Advanced Nail Technician Certification and then ten more modules of additional Medical Nail Technician training, the relevant exams and an Internship to prepare to work for a Podiatrist or other physicians.

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Choose A Nail Technician Course

At NCC, we have a wide range of nail technician courses from home, including:

Sculpting Nail Diploma – This course is ideal for students who wish to learn about how they can enhance a client’s nails without glue, tips or extensions while reducing possible damage to the natural nail, a common concern for many clients.

Acrylic Nail Diploma – Master Acrylic Nail application for a quality assured, professional service. Ideal for nail artists and technicians looking to improve their knowledge in the field of Acrylic applications and techniques.

Manicure and Gel Diploma – Manicure and Gel application are the most popular nail treatments. This course will teach students how master the spa manicure as well as how to properly apply, maintain and remove gel polish.

Complete Nail Art Diploma – Maximise your nail art potential with this comprehensive diploma encompassing everything from Magnetic gels, Bubbles, Strokes and more. An exciting course for both beginners and existing nail technicians. For a fully comprehensive nail technician course the Complete Nail Technician Diploma below is ideal:

Complete Nail Art Course With Gel Painting

Steps To Becoming A Nail Technician

First up on my list is an outstanding nail technician class that is currently available for FREE on Skillshare! This class is primarily aimed at beginners, but could also be suitable for the more experienced nail technician.

As for your instructor, you will be in safe hands with Gabriela Cismas, who is a professional nail technician with over 12 years of experience. Also during this time, Gabriela has acquired 15+ Diplomas is such areas as acrylic, gel systems, painting, and more. So for an in-depth course, this is the one for you!

Some of the standout modules in this Skillshare course are nail decorations, choosing color gels, types of brushes to use, filing techniques, creating simple designs, and methods for practicing your skills.

When it comes to the length of this class, it is 3.5 hours in length and can be taken at your own pace. All modules are in video format and are extremely easy to consume on PC or mobile.

To get started with this course, you can check out the 2-month free Skillshare trial link below with no strings attached! P.S. There are also tons of other nail technician classes you can take for free!

  • Suitable for all levels

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Is Beauty Council Membership A Good Idea

Once you take and pass the exam, youll receive a certification. You may also want to become a member of BeautyCouncil, which allows you to meet other beauty professionals and take advantage of continuing education opportunities. Youll also be listed as a Certified Cosmetology Professional in the BeautyCouncil Registry of Beauty Professionals. This can be a big boost for your business, especially when youre just starting out.

Another certification offered by BeautyCouncil is the BeautySafe certification. The BeautySafe program ensures that youre up to speed on all current safety concerns within the beauty industry and helps you to boost your skills in beauty safety. Once certified, youre able to let all of your clients know that youve got their safety at the top of your list of concerns.

Taking Your Time To Train

A post shared by The Salon Professional Academy on Nov 1, 2019 at 1:44pm PDT

If you have other commitments to consider, you may struggle to go to school full-time. But dont worry! Many schools offer part-time options and even night school for trainee nail techs.

Studying part-time is ideal for students looking to make a career change as they allow you to keep your existing job whilst you train. Some even offer part of the program online. Though do bear in mind that you will need to complete practical hours in person in order to qualify.

So, how long does it take to qualify part-time?

Again, this depends heavily on the school and program you choose to enroll onto. However, most part-time courses are completed in 6-9 months.

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Academy Of Nail Design

The number one Academy on our list is actually the first Academy who has ever offered an online nail program.The Academy of Nail Design is actually based in Canada, and the reviews and the positive feedback that they receive daily from their clients is off the chart.The owner Jennifer Ponzi stated that she believes that students perform better in an at-home atmosphere than in class, in case you were skeptical about performing at your own reasonable peace,

The owner Jennifer Ponzi stated that she believes that students perform better in an at-home atmosphere than in class, in case you were skeptical about performing at your own reasonable peace, place, and space!

A full certificate bundle program is actually $645,00, while there are some other programs to choose from. You can even choose from a makeup to beauty program as well, or just some regular mini nail programs. Check them out, you will be amazed.

Very Easy To Follow With Simple Clear Instructions

How to become nail educator? Tips for nail technicians

After much searching, I stumbled across this online course which sounded perfect for what I wanted and was available at a very affordable cost. This is the first time I have taken an online course, so wasnât sure what to expect or if my money was going to be well spent.

The course is great, it was very easy to follow with simple, clear instructions and the additional use of video demonstrations that I found extremely helpful. It was handy to be able to print off all the course modules to keep for future reference and nice to receive a certificate upon completion.

Whilst I will probably never have a career as nail technician, I have gained what I wanted from this course, lots of knowledge and new confidence to do manicures/pedicures on both myself, friends & family.

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Who Is This Course Forwho Is This Course For

There is no experience or previous qualifications required for enrolment on this course. It is available to all students, of all academic backgrounds.

Reed Courses Students Testimonials on our Nail Course

Emma Thorpe – Sheffield

This course is brilliant and I would recommend to anyone!

I was a bit nervous when I first purchased the nail technician diploma online course for the one reason that it was so cheap compared to other online courses I had seen.

I have recently taken this course and i can honestly say that it is so easy to follow and you really do learn all the things you need to know to become a successful nail technician from the nail anatomy to starting your own business and all the other helpful bits in between.

I can’t believe I am well on my way to becoming a qualified nail technician:) If you are worried about purchasing this course then don’t be! This course is brilliant and I would recommend to anyone! xxx

Louisa Forsyth – Stratford upon Avon

Extremely easy to follow

This course is brilliant! Extremely easy to follow and understand. You are able to do it in your own time so there’s no pressure.

I’ve now just completed it and enjoyed the whole experience. I can’t wait to get my little business up and running. Thank you all

Tara Ireland – Surrey

Super Fun

This course was super fun and so easy to follow.

Kirsty Johnson – Welwyn Garden City

Extremely interesting as well as informative

This is just what I needed to help me launch my business!

Thank you so much!!!


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