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What Is Base Coat Nail Polish

What Is The Difference Between A Base Coat And A Top Coat


Manicurists and individuals who groom their own fingernails often use both a base coat and a top coat during the process. The base coat is a clear, slightly tacky product that is brushed onto nails before the application of nail polish. Its purpose is to provide a barrier between nail polish pigments and the fingernails and to hold the nail polish to the nail. The top coat, on the other hand, is typically brushed onto the polished nail as a way of sealing in the color and strengthening the nail. Some companies sell all-in-one products that incorporate a base coat and a top coat so that consumers do not have to purchase two different products to care for their nails.

For those who perform their own manicures and pedicures, using a base coat properly is important. As the base coat is often slightly sticky, it is inappropriate for use as a top coat, as it could create an easily marred surface for the nail. If someone is reluctant to purchase both a base coat and a topcoat, she should look for a dual-purpose product or simply use a topcoat for both steps during the manicure.

Should You Use Clear Nail Polish Instead Of Base Coat For Dip Puff

When I think about the way most acrylics look when their not polished, I cant help but think how much more appealing it would be to use clear nail polish instead of base coat. That way you could jazz up your acrylic nails and really make them stand out with a glittery top coat that you dont have to remove.

Its a lot simpler than having to remove the base coat and start over. Plus if you do get tired of the glittery look, you just wipe away with a clean cloth and youre back to a nice clear polish look.

Ive seen some people who are using nail polish remover as their base coat. To me it seems kind of silly because if youre going to put remover on top of something that already looks nice and pretty, why would you use a polish remover to start?

Remover is very drying and makes the top coat look dull quickly. Plus it takes so long to remove a coat of polish that you might as well just be wearing two coats! Plus its kind of messy having to use a separate polish remover for each coat you want to wear.

You also dont have to worry about getting too many nails done at once. If you have a large group of nails that need to be done at the same time, you can put one nail on first and have all the others added as you go.

This way you can have an even flow of colors and styles and your nails will stay nice and neat. As for if you should use clear nail polish instead of base coat for dip powder? Youll have to try it out for yourself and decide if it looks good on your nails.

Best Overall: First Base By Essie

  • Formula might be a little thin for some
  • Slight green tinge in bottle
  • Skinny applicator brush

First Base is a three free polish that is great for extending your manicure and keeping your polishes from staining. Its a thin, easy to apply formula that dries quickly so you can get on to the fun stuff.

It has a strong bonding base that holds tight to nail polish and your manicure can last over five days with this one. This is one of my go-to base coats and Ive had good success with it.

Its got a green tint in the bottle but dont worry at all about that showing up on your nails. Ive never noticed any green on my nails and I use this base coat for reverse nail stamping so it goes over the top of my polish with no problems.

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Opi Natural Base Coat Nail Polish

OPI excels in providing non-chipping base coats that actually serve to protect the nails as well as provide a clean and smooth base for the color nail polishes and gels nail polish. This one is a perfect foundation nail polish that is suitable for the OPI nail lacquer for a perfect finish and rich color.

Anyone can use it for a long lasting protection of the nails and keep the manicured nails neatly maintained for days. The base coat protects nails from staining and discoloration or yellowing effect. You can apply the thin layered base coat for preparing the nails for nail lacquer and get the perfectly fine finish for long lasting nail protection and rich texture.

Regulation And Environmental Concerns

Natural Nail Base Coat

The U.S. city of San Francisco enacted a city ordinance, publicly identifying establishments that use nail polishes free of the “toxic trio” of dibutyl phthalate, toluene, and formaldehyde.

Nail polish is considered a hazardous waste by some regulatory bodies such as the Los Angeles Department of Public Works. Many countries have strict restrictions on sending nail polish by mail. The “toxic trio” are currently being phased out, but there are still components of nail polish that could cause environmental concern. Leaking out of the bottle into the soil could cause contamination in ground water.Chromium oxide green and Prussian blue are common in nail polish and have shown evidence of going through chemical degradation, which could have a detrimental effect on health.

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Why You Should Always Use A Base Coat Before Using A Nail Paint

As the name suggests, the base coat forms the base to the final coat so naturally it is applied before the final coat of nail polish. However, in case you have an oily skin or in fact the ones with normal skin also, may apply a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover. So that the oily residue is removed from the nail bed before applying anything on the nails. And of course. before applying coloured polish, always use a base coat. A base coat does not only prepare a smooth surface for colour, but it can make nails healthier. There are numerous reasons why you should always use a base coat, and never put coloured polish on without applying it.

Good base coats include protein, aloe vera, vitamin E that can replenish nails that are stiff and dry. Some base coats contain calcium as well. Base coat helps in restoring the moisture that your nails need to stay healthy. So, we can say that base coat works toward healthier nails, and by applying it, you can prevent breakage and any other damage to your nails.

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Gellen Top Coat And Base Coat For Gel Polish

The duo pack consists of 1 top coat and 1 base coat bottle to compliment the use of gel nail polish on your nails. The base coat provides long lasting and strong base for the gel polish to stay on nails for a longer time and keep the nails protected. It also makes a sure no-chip surface for weeks that keep the gel nail polish in a good shape and condition. The topcoat offers mirror-like finish on the top of gel nail polish. These base and top coats are quick drying and have no awful odors making it user-friendly for all users. Make sure you cure the nail before applying the gel nail polish.

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What Do Base Coats Do Anyway

Prevent staining. I have a favorite deep blue lacquer that stains my nails an awful light blue color whenever I wear it without a base coat so it looks like I’m in a constant state of hypothermia. They’re a protective layer that keep lacquer pigments from discoloring your nail bed. Your nails take a long time to grow out, so if you don’t want oddly colored nails for months, a base coat keeps your nails a healthy color.

Make your manicure last longer. I’m sure you’ve noticed that your fingernails aren’t naturally sticky. That’s great for everyday life, but when you want something to adhere to your nails, having smooth nails puts us at a disadvantage.

It’s like liquid double-sided tape. They anchor to your nails and create a surface that your lacquer can really grab hold of.

This prevents chipping. Often they are also more flexible than most nail polish. They create a middle ground between bendy nails and rigid polish that keeps nail polish from flaking off when your nails flex while typing or opening a can.

Fill in nail ridges. A lot of us don’t have completely smooth nails and that can be a problem. Genetics, diet, medications, and disease can all cause your nails to grow with ridges or dents in them.

Ridge filling base coats have a thicker formula that pools in the low spots of your nail and dry to a flat, even nail surface so it’s ready for the next coat of paint.

Kiara Sky Gel Base Coat

BASE COAT NAIL POLISH REVIEW: orly bonder rubberized base coat

This is a no-chip base coat that works perfectly fine with the gel nail polishes. It soaks off easily and provides a perfect base for the gel polishes so that it would not wear-off easily and quickly. To keep the gel nail polish on your nails with a smooth finish and shine you can pair it with this base coat that allows quick and strong bonding with the gel nail polish to keep it stay on the nails for days. It offers chip-free coat for better and long lasting smooth finish on the nails. For a better finish make sure to apply a thin layer on filed nails and dry out before applying the nail gel.

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Best For Problem Nails: Maxus Base Coat

  • Contains tea tree and silk amino acids
  • Great applicator brush
    • Not a ridge filling base coat
    • Not as good for brittle nails
    • Bad for reverse stamping

    If youre looking for a good sticky base coat, I recommend this one by Maxus Nails. Maxus sent me a sample to try and I can tell you that it goes on clear and dries to a tacky, rubberized finish that grips polish tight. The applicator brush is very full which makes applying it a breeze.

    For nail health this base coat has tea tree oil which is a natural antiseptic and anti-fungal and silk amino acids which add strength and help your nail hold on to needed moisture. My nails are naturally dry and prone to peeling and after trying this out for a few weeks Ive noticed less breakage. My nails feel stronger but havent lost their flexibility.

    It has extended the life of my polish and I can easily get four or more days before I have to worry about chipping. My one issue with Maxus Base Coat is that it seems like it would be perfect for reverse stamping nail art, but every time I try it the stamp just wont stick.

    Do You Need A Base Coat Before You Apply Nail Polish

    You don’t need to go to a salon and spend tons of money to get the perfect manicure or pedicure. Experts say you can do it yourself at home, provided you follow all the right steps.

    Those steps start with a clear base coat, which helps the polish stick to your nail more easily. A base coat also creates a barrier that helps protect your nails from the damaging effects of nail polish. It prevents staining and peeling, and it will give your polished nails a more even texture.

    Base coats come in plain and ridge-filler varieties. Ridge-filling base coats are thicker than regular base coats. They fill in any lines, ridges and grooves to give the nails a smoother looking appearance.

    Many base coats are fortified with substances such as protein, vitamin E or calcium. These ingredients help keep nails healthier and prevent breaking, splitting and peeling.

    After the base coat dries , apply two coats of colored nail polish rather than one, to give the nails a richer look. If you want to skip the colored polish altogether, you can use a base coat on its own to make the nails look shiny but natural.

    Finish off the manicure or pedicure with a top coat to seal in the polish, make the nails shine and prevent chipping. Some products combine a base and top coat, but they may not work as well as the individual top and base coats.

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    Advantages Of Base Coats

    1- Does Help to Extend the Life Of Your Manicures

    Base Coats can help to make your gel and regular polishes last longer by providing a better foundation for them to adhere to.

    And by making your polishes more flexible allowing them to bend rather than break.

    2- Can Prevent Staining

    Some brands of the base coats protect your natural nails from being stained by dyes in your polishes.

    If you notice that your natural nails have a yellowish tinge, you should invest in a good base coat with stain preventing properties.

    OPI Base Coat is pretty good and would protect your nails from being stained,

    3- Promote Healthier Nails

    Base Coats promote stronger and healthier natural nails they do so by forming a protective coating over them, shielding your nails from the harsher chemicals in your polish.

    Some brands of the base coats even contain vitamins, nutrients, and even moisturizers to keep your natural nails in better condition.

    Unt Peelable Base Coat

    OPI Base &  Top Coat Duo

    UNT is ready to take off the base coat that offers easier application and make sure it is easy to peel off from the nails when needed. It can use as a manicure protection or a nail color basecoat. The base coat offers complete coat on the nails that make it easier to use the hard-to-remove nail polishes and glitter.

    With this peel-able base coat, you can easily remove any kind of glitter and nail polish without damaging or ripping off your nails. It is basically a 10 free formulation that assures there are no harmful products like formaldehyde, DBO Toluene, etc. It is a clear base coat and offers protection and a smooth surface for color application and nail art.

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    Kiara Sky Non Wipe Top Coat

    KIARA sky no wipes top coat is another quality made a top coat for gel nail polishes. The top coat is perfectly made for providing a finishing shine on the nails that last longer and keep the gel nail polishes stay on the nail for days without wear-off from nails. It covers the nail perfectly and stays intact with the gel nail polish so that you dont have to fix the flaws on your nail on a frequent basis. The top coat is a non-wipe coat so you can just apply it and rock the shiny look on your nails.

    Gelish Dynamic Duo Soak Off Foundation Base And Top Sealer

    The gelish dynamic duo is perfect for finishing up your gel nail polish look. The due include one base coat bottle that makes sure you have a perfect base to apply the gel nail polish. The gel base coat provides long-lasting shiny nails for up to 21 days without going into wear and tear issues. The easy soak off gel top coat and base coat need to be cured under LED drying lamp. The topcoat offers gloss and complete coverage of the nail for a stronger coat. It seals the gel nail polish strong and makes sure to sustain the glossy shine for days after the application.

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    Base Coat Nail Polish

    A base coat works as your nailâs protective layer. âBase coats are a key step in the polish process, as they are crucial for polish adhesion, but theyâre also a protectant,â says Stern. If you skip this step, you could wind up with stained nail beds. âNot using a base coat can result in pigments from polish leaching into the nail plate and subsequent yellowing of the nails,â she says.

    Sometimes nail beds develop ridging , and base coats work to smooth it out for a better nail painting experience. âBase coats fill in any cracks on your nails for even painting and work as nail ridge filler,â says Mariwalla.

    And the right base coat can also be a nourishing treatment for your nails. Mariwalla recommends ones with ingredients like biotin, calcium, and vitamin B to strengthen the nail. âNitrocellulose will create a hard barrier, which helps with nail peeling and splitting, and kukui nut oil will help moisturize the nail plate,â she says. Celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann also points to the moisturizing benefit â if you pick a base coat with hydrating ingredients, like vitamins C and E, âit also helps dehydrated nails,â she tells Bustle.

    Maxus Nails Base Coat Nail Polish


    Maxus nails base coat nail polish offers complete nail coverage with easy strokes on the nails. It offers quick and easy spread without smudges so that you get a smoother silkier coat in one go. The special formula makes sure to offer strength and support to the nails that have become weak and brittle over time. In case if the nails are damaged, are peeling off or have become brittle due to frequent damages, this Maxus base coat assures coverage and protection for the best nails you could ever have.

    The base coat also supports nail health by providing an antiseptic effect with the help of Tea tree oil that protects the nails against fungal issues. It also helps in avoiding discoloration and staining of the nails. Since its a product made in the USA, it is totally animal cruelty-free and offers a safe and long lasting solution for keeping nails in their perfect condition.

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