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How To Dip Powder Nails

Are Powder Dip Nails Safe


Salon owners and nail artists have searched for a safe and healthy manicure as an alternative to acrylic and gel nails, at last, they have found it.

Powder dip nails are long-lasting and shinier that too without doing any harm. There is no possibility of damaging your nails as no UV lamps or monomer is used. Besides, powder dip nails dont hinder the natural inhalation process.

Powder dip nails are safe because they dont involve chemicals like methacrylates in the application process. Methacrylate causes the harms to the patron of the nails.

Since it is not used in powder dip nails, nothing to worry about it. Cyanoacrylate doesnt soften the nails as methacrylate does. So, dip powder nails will leave your nails healthy and beautiful.

How To Apply Dip Nails At Home

Whether you choose to get your nails done at a salon or prefer doing the process at home, your nails will take some time, attention, and special care.

The technique listed below will help you get started! Most salons and at home kits will follow the same procedure to create a beautiful looking dip nail manicure. You can also check the kit you purchased for more detailed instructions as some of the kits may have slightly different procedures.

You Are Using Too Many Dip Coats

Adding too many or too little dip nail coats can cause your nails to crack. You should only need to dip 2-3 times to fully cover each nail. If youre having trouble getting full coverage in 2-3 dips, consider switching dip liquid or powder brands. Theres either not enough pigment or the powder was primarily formulated for an acrylic system and not a dip system.

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What Are The Benefits

Naturally, one of the biggest benefits to the dip powder nails is the simple fact that it is a remarkably durable treatment. As Glamour has said, Dip powder nails are somewhere between a regular mani and a fake nail, with one of the key pros being that it is a way to get a manicure that lasts for two full weeks or more.

Step #: Apply Seal Protect

Powder Dip Nails

Once the clear powder has been applied it is time to apply the Seal Protect in your Dip Powder Starter Kit this bottle is labeled as #3. Seal Protect is going to activate your powders. Without Seal Protect, the nail will never dry properly. Youll know the first Seal Protect layer is dry when you tap on it. If you hear a little click sound when you tap on your nail, youll know the nail is dry and you can move onto the next step!

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How To Properly Care For Your Dip Powder Nails

Dip powder nails have a special process that has caught a lot of attention and grown in popularity in recent years. Much of this is because of its practical and less harmful process. There are some important things you should do, though, in order to maintain your dip nails beauty. Dip nails are already very durable and long-lasting as they are, but with the right methods of maintenance, your nails will continually look as good as the day you had them done. Here, we will talk about how to properly care for your dip powder nails.

What Are Dip Powder Nails

Also commonly referred to as SNS nails, the dip powder nail technique involves dipping the nail into colored powder , then using a clear sealant on top. The result is a longer lasting manicure that can remain chip-free for up to a month.

As LeChat Nails Educator Syreeta Aaron points out, dip powder nails are a hybrid between gel nail polish and acrylic extensions. Dipped powder nails gives you the flexibility of gel nails and the durability of acrylic nails, she says. I typically like to use the dip powder on natural nails however this system can also be used with extended nails .

Board-certified dermatologist and nail expert Dr. Dana Stern adds to this, noting that dip powder nails, while currently trendy, arent some new-fangled nail technique. Rather, theyve been around since the 80s and are simply comprised of a gentle-yet-effective glue paired with acrylic powder.

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Is Sns Bad For Your Nails

The main accolade for dip powder nails is that they dont require UV light to cure, unlike their gel counterparts. But that doesnt mean they wont cause any damage to your nails. Like with any manicure, youre buffing and filing your nails. But, with SNS youre coating them with a strong, bonding, glue-like resin.

There are also some slight sanitation concerns if salons are using the same jar for multiple clients.

How To Apply Dip Powder Nails Without A Uv Light


Most dip nail liquid systems use this method of application. It does not require a UV light to apply and is frequently referred to as the “dip top coat” application method. What many people don’t realize is that the base dip liquid step is the same exact liquid as a dip top coat. Our Fairy Glamor system does not have a dip top coat because you can use the dip base as a top coat if you do not want to use the UV method.

What you will need:

  • Base dip liquid or dip top coat
  • Activator
  • How to apply your dip top coat.

  • Apply dip base or top coat over your finished dip powder nails
  • Wait around 2-3 seconds and then apply activator over your dip base
  • Apply another layer of dip base or dip top
  • Apply activator to cure
  • Wipe your dip top coat with a paper towel between applications. This will prevent the activator from hardening the brush.
  • Which method is better, dip top coat or gel top coat for at home dip nails?

    Dip top coat and gel top coat both have their pros and cons. Gel top coats tend to be glossier and shinier than dip top coats and take less layers to look pretty. Dip top coats tend to take around 2-3 layers to get a glossy effect. However, dip tip coats are great if you are worried about exposing your skin to UV rays. Dip top coats also tend to stick better to dip powder, and last longer than gel top coats.

    Here is a quick overview of the tips we shared for the dip nail application process:

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    How Long Does A Dip Powder Manicure Last

    Get excited: As Aaron points out, dip powder nails can last anywhere from two weeks to a month depending on how hard you are on your nails . If you do your own nails, this is great because it means less time dedicated to a gorgeous nail look. And, if you get your dip powders done, it means less money in the long run because they dont require as much maintenance.

    Put Down Your Base Coat

    First, wipe again with alcohol and put a coat of Bondaid on your whole nail. Oil and moisture is your enemy you want the nail as dehydrated as possible before starting.

    Put a coat of Pro Base over the whole nail and let dry.

    Then, add another coat of Pro Base to each finger, and while wet, dip each nail in Revels Vivien . This gives the nail a nice base and creates a little thickness.

    Brush off excess powder from skin around nails and surface of nails with a light brush. This is one I use from one of my kids old geology sets , but you can get a similar one here.

    This guy is another one of my secrets for a great manicure. I use that pointy end to go around cuticles after each and every layer of dip to remove excess powder. This step is incredibly important!

    Using the pointy tip, kind of grab inward on your cuticle and sweep out any excess powder. There shouldnt be a huge gap between your cuticle and your dip once youre finished, but a tiny one makes sure your dip doesnt pool in your cuticles .

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    How Does Dip Powder Work

    Whether youre getting your nails done at the salon or doing them yourself at home, Aaron says that the process takes special care and attention. Each salon varies slightly in technique, but you can expect the following steps to be true of most nail salons :

  • The nails are prepped: Before starting any manicure you must make sure the nails are prepped by cleaning and freeing the nail plate of any dirt and oils, Aaron says. This is also where you should push your cuticles back and clip any hangnails, and buff the surface of the nail plate.
  • Bonder is applied: Once youve cleaned and prepped your nails, Aaron says you may apply a bonder so that the product can adhere to the nail plate and lessen the chance of lifting.
  • Base and powder are applied: Brush on the base just as if you were polishing your nails, Aaron instructs, noting to go one nail at a time. Once youve applied base coat to a single nail, dip the nail in the dipping tray of powder and repeat on each nail, making sure to brush off any excess. Based on your desired opacity and color intensity, you may want to re-dip your nails two to three times.
  • Wait a few minutes, then apply topcoat: This step is to dry and harden the product, Aaron says. You should wait two to five minutes before beginning to shape and file nails after applying activator. After you shape and file your nails to your desired look, apply a topcoat.
  • How To Apply Dip Powder Nails At Home

    Dip Powder Nails: What You Ought To Know

    Have you ever wondered how people get their dip nails looking so perfect at home? Maybe youve tried dip powder before and struggled with lumps, shine, shape and a host of other issues! I still remember my first time doing my own dip nails the nail technician had made it look so easy and perfect that I HAD to try it for myself. It ended up looking like a child had painted my nails .

    My first experience with dip nails sent me back to regular polish for a few months. I thought the dip system was just too difficult for me and didnt understand it how to use it properly. It wasnt until a watched a tutorial video and did a bit more reading that I tried dipping powder again. And it worked! I fell in love with dipping powder and never used regular polish again. You just cant beat how long it lasts and how quick and easy it is to apply .

    Ill be going step by step how to apply dip nail powder using our own Fairy Glamor dip system and discuss some of the mistakes you might be making . I really hope this tutorial helps you on your new dipping journey and you fall in love with acrylic powder as much as I did.

    If youre more of a visual person this photo dip nail application tutorial should help immensely. If you need a little more guidance, keep reading below!

    Step by Step Process on How to Apply Dip Nails:

  • Lightly buff your nail beds.
  • Apply nail dehydrator . Wipe away excess moisture.
  • Apply dip base liquid to your nail.
  • Dip your finger at a 45 degree angle into the powder.
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    The Easy Patch Methods For Cracked Dip Nails

    Let’s say you’re back from the nail salon and you don’t have the matching dip color on hand. No need to fret! You can still fix your crack without the original color.

    If you have any nail polish on hand that somewhat matches, you can go ahead and paint over your entire nail. This will mask the crack. Gel is better because it’s thicker and will hide the crack more.

    If you don’t have any colors you’d like to use, then bring out that bling! Rhinestones and nail decals are a great way to hide cracks in the nail while adding a little extra style.

    How Much Do Sns Nails Cost

    Dip powder manicures at a salon will cost a little bit more than a gel manicure, which in turn cost a little bit more than a traditional manicure. On average, you can expect to pay about $50. The payoff, of course, is the lasting length.

    Since youll likely only have to get them done once a month, that price seem much more reasonable. Or at least more reasonable than $50 bottomless mimosas you wont remember.

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    You Are Over Buffing Your Dip Powder

    After youve applied your dip coats, its a good idea to buff the top of your nails to even out the powder if it isnt smooth enough. However, if you buff too roughly, this can later cause your nails to crack. Do not over-buff the top of your powder. Only buff to smooth out any lumps or bumpy areas.

    What Color Options Are Available For Dip Powder Nails

    EASY DIP POWDER NAILS AT HOME | how to do dip nails step by step | revel nail

    Dip nail powder comes in an infinite number of colors, finishes, and textures because of how its made. Different glitter shapes, sizes, and textures can also be added. Special dipping powders like chrome, holographic, color changing, and glow in the dark are also available. Theres a large variety of fun options to choose from. You can even mix two different dip powder colors to create an entirely new color. Its popular to mix two different glitter colors to create a wild new powder.

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    Your Dip Liquids Are Low Quality

    Dip liquids vary greatly from brand to brand. Many people dont realize that dip liquid kits are formulated specifically for the type of powder that a brand sells. While you can interchange dip liquid kits and use them from one brand to the next, you may not always get the results youre looking for. Quite frankly, some dip liquids are just higher quality than others.

    If youve tried all our fixes above and still are having issues with your powder cracking, consider switching dip liquid brands. Look for 9-FREE or 21-FREE dip liquid brands that are healthy and high quality. It’s better to use a brand that has glass bottles instead of plastic, as your dip liquids will last much longer and resist spoiling.

    What Are The Benefits Of Dip Powder

    Youve probably seen some people on showing off Dip Powder Manis or youve seen some of the new powders at your salon, but you arent quite sure what they are.

    Dont you hate when you get a gel manicure and it chips right away? Or you use regular nail polish on your nails and it chips and peels off immediately? Or maybe your nails get soft after wearing gel polish too many times, or you worry about sticking your hand in a UV light. Dip Powder is here to help you solve all those problems. Its stronger than gel, lasts like acrylics, doesnt need a light, and wont ruin your nails. Its the nail REVELution youve been waiting for.

    Benefits of Dip Powder

    The two types of manicures women get most often in a salon are gel polish or acrylic manicures. Gel Polish can last a few weeks and is pretty easy to remove plus it comes in nice colors. But it needs a light to cure, and it has some harsh chemicals in it that can leave your nail beds soft. On the other hand, if you do acrylics, they will almost never crack or break, but the chemicals smell terrible when they are being applied, and removing them is very tough on your nails.

    Most women who do their own nails at home are doing nail polish, which is easy to use, doesnt damage your nails, and is easy to remove. However, it doesnt last long. Im sure youve had a night were you did your nails to go out and it didnt even make it through the whole night without chipping its happened to all of us.

    How do you get started?

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    Should I Try Nail Dipping Powder

    Do you want longer lasting, frustration-free nails? Tired of your new nails chipping? Then youd absolutely love dip nail powder! While dip nail powder is not as cheap as regular polish, in the long run youll be saving money by not having to apply new nail color every few days and save a lot of time. Once you have your liquid application set you can pick a 1 oz jar of dip nail color to try for only $13.95 and see how you like it. Application does take a bit of practice but after a few tries youll fall in love with the system and practicality of it.

    We hope this helped you understand what dip powder nails are, where they come from, and help you decide if you should try them. We always encourage first time users to go to your favorite nail tech or nail salon and have the professionals apply your nail color, that way you can see how its done up close and in person.

    What else do you know about dip powder that we didn’t cover? Share in the comments! Thanks for reading and have a glamorous day.

    • I thought this was no U-verse light necessary???

      Can I use regular top coat instead of yours as I do notWant to use a U-verse light? Thanks!

    What Is The Difference Between Gel And Dip Powder Nails

    The 5 Best Dip Powder Nail Kits That Aren

    Gel and Dip Powder nails are very different from each other. Dip Powder Nails are applied by dipping your fingernails in powder. Dip Powder nails are perfect for short nails and long nails.

    These nails need to be redone every two to three weeks and are more susceptible to water or household cleaners. This means if you are interacting with liquids consistently, dip powder nails may not last as long.

    Gel Nails are applied using a brush dipped in liquid and then dipped in powder to create a beautiful and healthy nail. Gel nails are cured using UV light. The UV light creates a strong coating to ensure your nails stay perfect for a longer period of time.

    Gel nails are generally thicker and tend to fare better on longer nails. However, gel nails are more flexible and can be left on for three to four weeks. Gel nails are the better option if you must clean or interact with liquids frequently.

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