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How To French Tip Nails

Bubble Gum Pink On Pink French Tip Nails

Easy French Tip Nail Hacks

Nothing screams cuter than pink on pink nails. The secret here is to choose two shades of pink that create a subtle but noticeable contrast.

In this case, a pale mauve is used as the base layer, an a bubble gum almost-neon pink has been placed at the tips. Make sure that this pink is placed right at the tips edges, covering only half of the nails free edges.

Classy Pink White And Glittery Manicure

This pink and white nail design has beautiful blush nail polish with soft white tips. The ring fingernail is accented with a matte glittery finish. This look is perfect for anyone who wants to give the traditional pink and white French manicure a bit of a twist. It is subtle enough to be great for work or a formal occasion.

File Your Nails Right

Sometimes one of the most difficult parts of applying your own french tips is getting the shape of your nails right. For traditional french tips, file the tips of your nails into straight lines. Then, gently file down the edges of your nails into subtle curves.

For reference, when youre done filing your nails for french tips, their shape should mimic the natural shape of your cuticles. Nails that are too squared off or curved end up looking slightly off when you apply french tips to them. Stick to straight nails with a slight curve to achieve the desired french tip look.

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Bold And Sexy French Nail Tips

This French mani inspired nail design features sexy tomato red stiletto tips that have been paired with a nude base layer.

The key to mastering these bold colored French tip nails is to choose a nude shade that mimics the color of your skin in order to make your red tips the center of attention. Stiletto shaped nails will add an extra edge to your looks.

Unique Nail Designs With Gray And Gold

faded french nails Coffin #frenchnailswedding

These French manicure nails combine a perfect coat of gray matte polish with awesome gold chrome tips. This is one of the more creative nail ideas out there, as these colors are not often paired together. This manicure is dramatic and will get you noticed. These nails would be great for a dressy occasion or with an edgy outfit.

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Adorable Floral Nail Art Design

This sweet French manicure idea begins with a classic pink and white base. The tips are painted straight across for a neat look. On each ring fingernail, there is a line of subtle pink and brown cherry blossoms. This nail art is understated enough for anyone to wear. They provide a fresh and lovely accent to any womans wardrobe.

Pink Matte And Chrome

This French manicure design starts with a coat of subtle pinkish white matte polish. At the ends, there is a neat and controlled line of shining pink chrome. This updates the classic French tip manicure to fit in with todays nail trends. This nail polish idea is great for anyone who wants a subtle but perfect touch to any outfit.

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And Our Experts Say It Actually Works

A simple at-home manicure can be a great way to dive into self-care. However, things can quickly go southand completely ruin your chillif you stumble upon what looks like a time-saving nail hack on social media only to have your DIY results disappoint.

Over the last few years, TikTok has become a hub for finding helpful tips and tricks to your everyday life. And frankly, some work… and others are an absolute disaster. The hit-or-miss aspect of the user-generated advice sometimes leaves us skeptical about whether a hack will live up to the hype. That being said, experimenting with beauty tricks and seeing what sticks is part of the fun.

The latest TikTok videos dominating our timelines? Clips that demonstrate how to get the perfect French tip manicure without any messand this technique definitely looks worth the try.

Keep scrolling to see the effortless French manicure methods taking TikTok by storm and find out how to try it at home.

French Tip Acrylic Nails With Chevrons

How to do French tip nails

This French manicure design starts with a soft coat of pale pink. The tips are painted in dramatic swooping chevrons. This gives the nail art design a twist of drama. This classy look would complement the dressiest outfit for a night on the town. It looks gorgeous with the models diamond jewelry.

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History Of The French Tip Nail

Have you ever wondered how the French nail got its name or who invented the French nail?

First of all, heres the shocking truth. French nail didnt come from France or the invention of the French nail did not come from someone of the French nativity.

French nail is, actually, an American invention.

It is believed the French nails technique came from Max Factor in the 1930s. Then, the father of modern cosmetics invented the Frech nail look for the girls in Paris, for the fashionistas.

The term French nail manicure or French nail pedicure was first used in late 1978 by man Jeff Pink, founder of brand Orly, the company that revolutionized the nail industry.

French nails started to become more and more popular when Jeff created the first DIY French nail kit for the actresses in Hollywood. That kit was an instant hit.

The idea for the French nail kit was born when the director used to complain about how long the actress needs to change the nail color to suit the wardrobe. Because of that, Jeff invented a kit that suits every outfit. Jeff thought that natural color suits every outfit and looks elegant at the same time. And he was right!

How To Do French Manicure Diy With Ordinary Tape

The steps for doing a french manicure with ordinary tape are roughly the same as using stickers and french guides. However, instead of the sticker you will use an ordinary tape, just below the tip of your nails. Keep in mind that because the tape is straight, it will be almost impossible to get a curvy line with it so use it only to make straight french tips.

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Festive French Tip Nails

A really easy way anyone can decorate their French manicure is by adding a decal or sticker. Decals can be bought online for only a couple of bucks. Not only are they affordable, but they are also extremely customizable they come in about a million different designs. The possibilities are almost endless! You can tailor your nails to the seasons, different holidays, or anything else you want.

French Tips With Snow

French tip nails

Show your winter spirit with these sparkling French tips. The tips are on the thicker side, allowing for a more dramatic effect. To recreate this at home, youll need white nail polish as well as translucent or silver glitter.

Use tape, stickers, or any other method to isolate the tips of your nails. Apply several coats of glitter to your tips and seal with a glossy top coat. If you want, pick an accent nail to cover with the white and glitter polish.

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Cool Black On Black French Tip Nails

Black on black is always a great idea, not only in fashion but also in beauty treatments. This cool French nail design features a simple contrast between a glossy coated nail tip and a matte black base layer.

For a classic look, choose medium-length square-shaped nails. This is a perfect idea for anyone who wants a subtle but chic nail design thats also easy to pair with any type of clothes.

How To Save Colored French Tip Nails Images To Your Device:

Also, you can purchase any one of these nail designs below or simply download the photo to take to your nearest nail esthetician to replicate the look!

Mobile: press down on the photo and click save to camera or you can simply take a screenshot.

Desktop: right-click on the image and select save as, save to your downloads, or you can airdrop the nail design to your iPhone or email them to yourself or your nail salon.


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Get Your Metallics On

Turn heads with futuristic French tip nails design such as this one. The curved, golden tips are an exciting addition to the black matte base. If that wasnt enough, the golden accent nail with a glitter gradient really adds to the wow factor. Pair it with your favorite gold jewelry and accessories.

Shimmery Red French Tips With Glossy Topcoat

How to – French Tip Manicure

This glistening French manicure reminds us of Dorothys ruby red slippers. We would not be surprised to find out that this vibrant manicure got some of its inspiration from the infamous Wizard of Oz props. The sparkling burgundy tips serve as a stark contrast to the transparent base coat. The look manages to be both striking and subtle.

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The Fascinating World Of French Nails

French tip nails became a synonym of sophisticated and simple elegance, becoming a popular classic among women.

But its only natural that, throughout the years, beauty lovers would experiment with something as classic as the french tip nails. What used to be a white and nude/sheer pink color combination has now shifted into endless combinations and shapes.

However, there are two elements that characterizes French tip nails, regardless of their variation. These are:1. The primary use of two somewhat contrasting colors2. Decorated nail tips

A top coat of high-gloss polish can be applied as a final step for a sophisticated touch.

The reason why this nail treatment is still a popular classic is because it lets you showcase a natural yet polished finger nails . However, nail-conscious people have let their creativity lead the way: you can now find endless French manicure ideas that will definitely take this classic to the next level.

Switch up the classic French tip nails for any of these 30 fun and unique French nail designs for a modern mani style.

Clean With Polish Remover

Even if your nails are bare to begin with, Petroni recommends swiping them with polish remover before painting. This ensures that the polish will anchor to the nail and be less likely to chip and peel away from the nail plate. Try: Chanel Le Dissolvant Douceur, $32 or OPI Nail Polish Remover Acetone Free, $10.95.

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Applying The Base Coat

  • 1Rub a cotton swab with nail polish remover all of your nails. Not only will this remove any chipped or leftover polish, but it will also remove any moisturizer from your nail. If you have a moisturizing agent, such as lotion or oil, on your nail, the polish will not stick properly. Make sure that youve created a perfect canvas for your French manicure.XResearch source
  • 2Apply your base color to the entire nail. For a classic French manicure, the base coat should be a nude or light pink color. The white tip is the star of the show, so the base coat is simply a neutral backdrop.XResearch source To create a smooth base, paint your nails in three thick strokes. Do a stroke down the middle, and a stroke on either side.XResearch source
  • If your base coat is very sheer, apply two coats. Allow your nails to dry completely between each coat.
  • 3Allow your base coat to dry fully. Be patient, and dont rush this step. Because you will be applying adhesive tape to your nails, the polish needs to be absolutely dry. Watch TV, chat with a friend, or listen to music while you wait for the polish to dry. Check the status of your nails by very gently tapping the nail with the tip of your finger. If you arent sure if theyre dry, wait a bit longer. If you try to hurry your manicure, the tape will peel bits of the base coat right off.
  • If you’re crunched for time, try blow drying your nails. Just make sure you use the cool setting on your dryer.
  • The Tip: Using A Guide

    79 Cool French Tip Nail Designs â Page 32 â Foliver blog

    There are two ways to apply the tip to your French manicure. Using a guide, or Free-hand. I will describe both.Using guides:One at a time, apply a guide to each finger, just below where your nail goes from white to natural. Make sure you press it down firmly since we don’t want the tip color to get on the rest of the nail. It may be easier to do one hand at a time.Taking color A, paint over the area making sure to paint up to the guide. It might be helpful to paint from one side of your nail to the other.Repeat for each nail and let dry completely before removing the guides.Skip to step 5.

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    Bejeweled French Tip Nails In Pink

    Starting with a coat of soft and glossy pale pink, these nails have delicate white tips. Each ring fingernail is accented at the base with beautiful crystals. These natural nails are cut square at the ends. This would not be too difficult to pull off at home with some tweezers and a bit of patience.

    From Slimline Tips To The Multi

    Appearing on the fingertips of every celebrity and influencer alike, the French manicure is back in business and it’s more eye-catching than ever before. Forget that classic French manicure look that pervaded the ’90s and noughties – those lengthy square Tippex tips that saw Victoria Beckham through her Spice Girl days and beyond have now been kicked to the kerb in favour of super subtle iterations, bold strips of colour and eye-catching designs.

    Spotted on the likes of Gigi Hadid , Ariana Grande , Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and most recently, Rochelle Humes – the new modern take on a French manicure involves a shorter length of nail, a subtle strip of white at the top and those trademark levels of gloss. And proving that it’s totally achievable to do at-home, Rochelle shared her DIY #nelfie on Instagram . Here, we’ve spoken to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s go-to manicurist for all her top tips and tricks so you too can nail the French manicure.

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    How Do You Do French Tip Nails At Home

    Many women wonder how to get that perfect line at home. Even if it seems like hard work, a French manicure is actually easy to do. You can absolutely achieve it at home.

    You will need a French manicure kit or one nude and one white nail polish. If you are a beginner, make sure to use tape for your perfect tip line.

    Basecoat should be applied first, as they prevent your nail from yellowing. Then use a nude shade, with or without shimmer. After that dries, you can apply an opaque white shade on your tips. If you are not a pro, use a tape. Otherwise, you can apply the polish on the tips and erase the mistakes with earbuds.

    Dazzling Gold French Tip Nails


    These French tips with glitter are all you need to glam up your every-day wear. Its basically a classic French nail mani with the difference that, instead of using true white, you add a dazzling touch of silver glitter polish.

    If youre all into classy looks, opt for a pale pink polish as the base layer, and wear your nails short and square.

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    French Nails With A Guide Strips

    This is one of those super easy French manicures for short nails that dont require any skill. You will need to find a guide strips or reinforcements stickers for the binder. You see them in any store.

    Start by taking the sticker and dab it a bit, so it is not too sticky. You will remove it easier from your nail later. Apply it above your actual nail line and paint the line with the white creamy nail polish.

    After finishing the tips of your nails, you should clean residues of nail polish with a brush and acetone. Then you apply a light milky nail polish all across your nail. This coat will give you a beautiful finish look, leaving your nails with milky touch.

    Rita didnt wait for her nails to dry completely. She says that splotches around the nails and other unevenness can be blended out with the top coat nail polish. Clear nail polish will give your nails a subtle gel-like finish.

    French manicure on short nails is classy, chic, and, most of all, easy to achieve. You dont need to spend a fortune to make your short nails look nice. Things you need can be found in your house or the closest store.

    If you think about this kind of manicure, we can only say to go for it, follow our tips, and show off your perfectly done nails. After all, the French manicure is timeless.

    Diy Gel French Manicure

    You can buy your own gel French manicure kit from Gelish and do a salon-quality French manicure right at home. You also need to have an LED light to cure the polish.

    What You Need

    Start by buffing your nails before you apply any polish. Once this is done, wipe them off with lint-free alcohol wipes. This will get rid of the gritty texture and ensure that your nails are nice and smooth. Youll also get a better bond with this step.

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