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How To Get My Nail License

The Process Of Applying For Your Florida Dbps Nail Specialist License

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In Florida, the professionals responsible for keeping filling, painting, and applying specialist products to nails are known as Nail Specialists. And every Nail Specialist must hold a valid license awarded by the Department of Business and Professional Services in order to ply their trade.

Now, youve probably been so busy learning about different nail techniques, that you havent even thought about applying for your license yet.

But dont worry, weve got your back every step of the way.

Starting with

Find Employment As A Nail Technician

Nail technicians are employed at nail salons, beauty salons, spas and resorts, with New York, California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Illinois having the highest employment levels in 2018. As the number of nail salons and spas increase, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that employment for nail technicians is expected to grow by 10% from 2018 to 2028 .

Complete Your Continuing Education

First, if you are renewing your license, you need to complete the board-required continuing education before you renew your license and print it. This also seems like a good time to tell you about another update to the number of required continuing education hours for cosmetologists, nail specialists, facial specialists, and full specialists. The board now requires 10 hours of board-approved continuing education instead of 16 hours.

If you are an applicant for any license or registration with the Florida Cosmetology Board, you can skip this step (unless you still need the 4 hour HIV course for getting your license.

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Additional Nail Tech Certifications And Trainings

Nail Camp organizes yearly nationwide meetups for professionals and those currently enrolled in a nail tech program. Attendees can network, enter competitions for prizes, and go to workshops to learn difficult techniques, such as mastering watercolor nail art. Certain professional organizations and salons also offer advanced education courses. MediNail offers advanced courses with a healthcare slant, for nail techs who might be interested in working in a podiatrists office.

W Adams Suite #4400phoenix Az 85007480

How To Get Nail License In California

On Wednesday, September 29th at 8 p.m. Pacific Time a routine system maintenance will be performed all services will be unavailable for up to three hours during this time.

To all individuals who are submitting an application online, you must have all of the required documents ready to upload.;If you are timeout from the link, do not go back to the payment portal and pay twice. Call the office at the number above for further instructions.

Also once you get confirmation of payment, an application link is at the bottom of your confirmation page-you can also check your spam folder in the email you provided to see if you received the application link.

If you are not sure if you are renewing a salon or individual license please call the office for clarification do not submit any type of applications. If you need to;renew your individual/salon license please go to the link below do not mail in, the office will be returning any mailed received and instruct you to please renew online.

Online Services: ;

Individual & Establishment;Renewals

If you need to reactivate your personal or salon license please call the main office number for instructions-to make a payment on a civil penalty you may mail it in or call the office.;

Not all phones are compatible please use a desktop/laptop computer to renew

NEW EFFECTIVE: July 3, 2015

PERSONAL LICENSES Renewal Fee: $60.00 for “2” years, delinquent $30.00 extraSALON LICENSE Renewal:;$50.00 for “1” year, delinquent $30.00 extra


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What You Need For Apply For A Manicuring License Or Application

Please note that the initial application process for a Manicurist license is managed by the Boards vendor,;Pearson VUE. To apply for a Manicurist license, please visit Pearson VUEs;website. Please direct any questions regarding the application process, including fees, to Pearson VUE by calling 274-2021.

All other applications can be completed on ePLACE. Prior to beginning your application, please review the information below.

Licensing Benefits for Active Duty Military, Relocated Military Spouses, and Veterans

The Division of Professional Licensure and the Board of Registration of Cosmetology and Barbering are pleased to offer licensing benefits to active duty members of the military, relocated military spouses, and veterans pursuant to the Veterans Access, Livelihood, Opportunity and Resources Act and the new VALOR Act II, signed into law on April 4, 2014. These benefits include:

  • Extensions of the license renewal period;
  • Expedited license application processing; or
  • Waiver of certain licensing fees.

To apply for any of these licensing benefits, interested parties must self-identify as an active duty member of the military, military spouse, or veteran. To apply for these benefits or for more information, please visit;

Required Courses At Florida Nails Schools

  • Florida laws and rules
  • Ethics Sanitation


Florida requires manicurists to earn at least 240-hours of practical training at a cosmetology school, and earn their nail specialist registration with the state. You will also have to complete an HIV/AIDS course as part of your initial license requirements. The renewal process takes place every two years, which includes a fee of $45. The deadline to submit your application and renewal fee is October 31st. When you speak with cosmetology schools in your area, be sure to ask if this is the best direction to take, or if a complete cosmetology program would be more beneficial.

What is it like to work as a nail technician in Florida? In the states major cities and tourist areas, you may help tourists get the full vacation experience with a glamorous manicure or pedicure. In a rural or suburban area, you may focus on building your client base and reaching out to local residents. Florida has plenty of unique beauty career options for dedicated professionals. At the Disney salon, little girls and their moms get the full princess treatment, including themed nail art! This i

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Florida Department Of Business And Professional Services Nail Specialist License

In Florida, beauty is big business. And not just with its residents.

Home of Miami, Disney, and Universal Studios, Florida brings attracts its fair share of visitors. And, when youre on vacation in a state as sunny as Florida, you want to look good. And that means making sure your hands and feet to look their best.

So, thats why Nail Techs are so important! They keep everyones fingers and toes looking beach ready.

Of course, if youre just about to graduate from Nail school, youll already know how important your new career is. In fact, we bet you cant wait to get started!

But before you work your magic as a fully-fledged Nail Technician, youll need to apply for a license from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Services .

And you may be wondering if youll need to pass an exam first.

Thats a great question. In many states, you do need to pass an exam to become a licensed Nail Tech. But in Florida, an external examination isnt required.

How To Get A Florida Cosmetology License

How To Renew Florida Cosmetology License – Hair Stylists, Facial, Nail, and Full Specialists

Here are the steps that must be taken to obtain a Florida Cosmetology License.

  • Complete 1,200 cosmetology school program hours. You must be at least 16 years of age or have received a high school diploma to enter a cosmetology program.
  • Submit an application to take the Cosmetology License Exam, along with applicable fees, on the Florida DBPR Online Services website. You will receive written notification from Pearson VUE, the state’s exam vendor, to schedule a time for the written cosmetology exam.
  • Take the Cosmetology License Examination. The exam is split into two portions: theory and clinical. Both portions must be passed within a two year period of each other. For more information on the exam, view the Candidate Information Booklet for the Cosmetology Licensure Examination.
  • Complete a 4-hour HIV/AIDS Training Course. This course must be completed no more than two years prior to submitting the application for a cosmetology license.
  • Apply for your license online. You will need to submit proof of graduation from cosmetology school, completion of the exam, and completion of the HIV/AIDS Course. You will also need to pay an application fee at this time.
  • Florida Online Cosmetology provides the four hour HIV/AIDS course needed to apply for your license in a convenient, 100% online format. Topics include communicable diseases and infection control procedures.

    Benefits of our Online Course:

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    How To Transfer A Nail Tech License

    Nail technicians, or manicurists, provide cosmetic care for the feet and hands of clients. If you currently work as a nail technician and plan to move across state lines, you must get a professional license in your new state. The process for getting the license varies, but often involves an examination of your current credentials and may also require you to complete a written exam. To avoid breaking licensing laws, get your new license before looking for work.

    Study Gel Nail Online Course And Get Your Certification And Become A Gel Nail Technician

    The Get Nail Online course is a fantastic way to get started as a licensed gel nail technician. This course includes all you need to know, including how to apply and remove gel nails, how to maintain, repair, and infill nail extensions, how to do manicures and pedicures, and how to become a professional nail technician.

    Gel nail polish is a modern cosmetic staple for a reason: it is virtually unbreakable, obscenely glossy, and available at almost every nail salon. The most appealing part of a gel manicure, though, is the lack of risk of losing your varnish the moment you dig through your handbag to check your phone let alone for several weeks.

    The majority of the stages in a gel manicure are similar to those in a regular manicureyour nails are cut, filed, and shaped, and your cuticles are clippedbut that is where the similarities end. Gel nail polish is applied in the same way as traditional lacquer is. It is, however, treated with UV or LED light to keep it in place for long-term use.

    What you will learn with our Gel Nail Online Course

    • Introduction to gel nail enhancements
    • Role of a Nail Technician
    • Anatomy
    • Client Consultation and Business Expansion

    Gel Nail Tech Certification Online;-;Requirements

    The Gel Nail Tech Certification Online is delivered 100 percent online and only takes 20 hours of study to complete.

    To successfully complete this course, a student must:

    Quick Course Facts

  • Course content is structured for easy comprehension
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    How To Become A Nail Technician In California

    • 400 education hours are required to become licensed.
    • You must renew your license every 2 years.
    • 0 continuing education hours are required to renew your license.
    • The average salary for manicurists in California is $26,940 . This is higher than the national average of $25,770 .
    • There is a predicted 21% job increase between 20162026 for manicurists. This is higher than the expected national growth of 10%.

    To qualify for a California nail technology license, you need to have:

    • Reached at least 17 years of age
    • Completed the 10th grade
    • Completed a 400-hour training program in an approved training school
    • Passed the California State Board written and practical examinations or the National Interstate Council written and practical examinations

    Attach Your Photo And Laminate

    Pin by Rita Loves Nail Art on nail art

    Remember, you need to attach a new 2 x 2-inch photo of yourself and then laminate the entire certificate.

    From the Cosmetology Laws and Rules Book:

    61G5-20.004 Display of Documents. All holders of a cosmetology or specialty salon license shall display within their salons in a conspicuous place which is clearly visible to the general public upon entering the salon the following documents: The current salon license, A legible copy of the most recent inspection sheet for the salon. All holders of a cosmetology or specialty salon license shall require and ensure that all individuals engaged in the practice of cosmetology or specialty display at the individuals work station their current license or registration at all times when the individual is performing cosmetology or a specialty. The license or registration certificate on display shall be current and shall have attached a 2 by 2 photograph taken within the previous two years of the individual whose name appears on the certificate. The certificate with photograph attached shall be permanently laminated..

    If you do not display your current license, you put yourself at risk for disciplinary action from the boar, Discipline includes a fine for each offense.

    61G5-30.001 Disciplinary Guidelines.4. Display of documents Rule 61G5-20.004, F.A.C., relating to display of licenses and inspection sheets. -, F.S.) A fine of $100 for each violation for the first offense.

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    How To Go To School & Get Your Nail Tech License In Idaho

    Idaho is nicknamed The Gem State because of its rich;natural resources and breathtaking scenic areas such as snowy mountains, fast-flowing rivers and deep, clear lakes. It is a place of beauty that inspires beauty including the type of beauty you can learn about in nail tech school. Read more below to find out how and where to become trained in ID.

    Fill Out Your Application

    Before you can get your license and begin working, youll need to complete an application with the Department of Business and Professional Services.

    You can apply for this online here. Or.

    It is important to note that the same form is used for applications for Cosmetologists, Nail Specialists, Facial Specialists, and Full Specialists.

    And because of this, its really important that you complete the right sections of the form. This will ensure that your application is processed correctly and that you get your license in a timely manner.

    For applications for Nail Specialists, only sections I-II and IV-VI of the application form should be completed.

    Once you have entered your personal information, an official from your school must complete section IV of your application form. This section is used to confirm that you have completed the necessary hours of study required for a license to be issued.

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    Do I Need To Take An Exam

    No, unlike many states, Florida does not require that Nail Specialists pass an exam in order to gain their license.

    However, if you wish to qualify as a Cosmetologist in Florida, you will be expected to pass two exams first.

    Qualified Cosmetologists do not need to gain a separate Nail Tech license in order to offer nail services.

    Nail Technician Schools Online

    How to become a nail technician: I Can’t Afford to go to School

    Many students may not think at first about attending schools online, but unlike online skin care training it is a viable option. It is an especially tempting option if you cant find a school close to you.

    Each state board of cosmetology has different regulations in place to account for this type of school. Therefore it is best for students to check with the board before enrolling in any school. Some boards require a specific number of hours of education to occur in a live setting, although the amount of hours may vary.

    Another source of information about accreditation for online cosmetology schools and programs is the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences .

    Finding nail schools online is not difficult to do see our list of schools ordered by state at the bottom of this page. Students should research potential schools before enrolling. It is a good idea to ask questions about the type of coursework and how assignments must be completed. Some online nail schools require students to attend courses at specific times. Most allow students to work at their own pace and at times that are most convenient for them. Convenience;is one of the big;drawing points when studying online.

    Some Example Businesses

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    Licensing For Military Spouses

    Spouses of military service members stationed in Utah are permitted to work in licensed professions without obtaining a Utah license as long as they possess an active license from another state or territory of the United States. ;Military spouses may need to explain this little-known benefit to an employer or member of the public questioning whether an out-of-state license is valid. ;To help, the Division has created a verification letter military spouses can use to show an employer or member of the public that explains this exemption. ;.

    Additional Requirements For Nail Technician Licensure

    In addition to meeting the educational/training and examination requirements for licensure, candidates must meet age/education requirements set by their state board of cosmetology, which typically include being at least 16 years old and/or having completed at least the 10th grade .

    Other requirements for licensure often include the completion of an HIV/AIDS course and a course in state laws/regulations.

    Some state boards of cosmetology require nail technicians to complete a number of continuing education credits to maintain their licenses. Nail technicians in Washington D.C., for example, must complete at least 6 continuing education credits during their licensure period, while nail technicians in Florida must complete at least 16 continuing education credits.

    Although the majority of states do not require continuing education to maintain licensure as a nail technician, all states require the completion of a renewal application and the payment of a renewal fee at the end of the license period, which is usually every one to two years.

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    Expert Nail Technician Course Become A Superstar Nail Tech

    This course can be found on Udemy and made to increase your knowledge and skills as a nail expert. It is suitable for beginners and those with experience and prepares you to work as nail technician.

    What youll learn includes:

    • Essential knowledge on nail structure and preparation
    • Advanced knowledge of colour combination, composition
    • Stunning designs including ombre, textured look, line art and more
    • Proper sculpting of coffin, almond and oval nail shapes
    • Detailed knowledge on sanitary conditions and disinfection
    • Ergonomics of working with clients
    • Avoiding allergies and work-related injuries
    • Themed designs you can use anytime

    Led by three qualified instructors, the course includes just over 6 hours of material to learn, covering 9 sections.

    In less than 6.5 hours, students will learn how to become a trained nail technician from home using specific manicure techniques. You can even open up your own nail business from home! This course will also teach you some good marketing strategies to get customers!

    Once you complete the course, you will also receive a certificate of completion!


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