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How To Get Nail License In California

Why You Should Become A Licensed Eyelash Technician


First, well dive into why becoming licensed to perform your lash treatments and lash extension services above-board is essential for your success as an independent business owner.

In fact, well review 3 reasons why that is the case:1. Becoming a professional2. Avoiding legal action 3. Financial benefits

Lets take this step by step for becoming a certified technician!

How To Go To School & Get Your Nail Tech License In Idaho

Idaho is nicknamed The Gem State because of its rich natural resources and breathtaking scenic areas such as snowy mountains, fast-flowing rivers and deep, clear lakes. It is a place of beauty that inspires beauty including the type of beauty you can learn about in nail tech school. Read more below to find out how and where to become trained in ID.

Additional Nail Tech Certifications And Trainings

Nail Camp organizes yearly nationwide meetups for professionals and those currently enrolled in a nail tech program. Attendees can network, enter competitions for prizes, and go to workshops to learn difficult techniques, such as mastering watercolor nail art. Certain professional organizations and salons also offer advanced education courses. MediNail offers advanced courses with a healthcare slant, for nail techs who might be interested in working in a podiatrists office.

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Complete The Required Hours

Now comes the fun part of your cosmetology journey! This is the time to learn all the trends and techniques youre passionate about. Students who enroll in our program will be able to study through a combination of classroom time and providing services to actual clients under the direct supervision of licensed professionals. Youll be spending a lot of time with your beauty school family, which is why were committed to creating a supportive atmosphere where you feel encouraged to explore your artistic talents!

How Much Does A Salon Insurance Cost

California Nail Tech License Hours

A full salon insurance costs about $2,900 per year for a salon with two employees. However, the exact salon insurance cost can vary greatly, from $50/month to $1000/month, depending on the number of employees, business turnover, which state it is based in, as well as the type of services provided. There are also ways you can combine insurances to bring the cost down.

To get the exact salon insurance cost for your salon, you can request a free insurance cost quote online with Hiscox. Just fill out the simple questionnaire and Hiscox will provide the exact cost to expect. You can also learn more about the cost of salon insurance in my article here.

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Nail Tech Salary And Jobs

Becoming a nail tech is a good choice for someone looking for a solid career.

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics states that employment opportunities are expected to continue growing between 2012 and 2022 by a rate of 16 percent overall. New services and opportunities are needed constantly within this profession, such as those who work in the relatively new field of mobile manicure.

As consumers focus on improving their overall health and well-being, more of them seek out manicurists who can help them to do that. Nail tech jobs, much like jobs in other professions, are in the process of evolving to meet customers needs.

A mobile manicurist comes to his or her clients, wherever is convenient for them. Often this means visiting the customer at home or at work, and performing nail services there. This means that the manicurist needs to be flexible, but she can also charge more for her services to account for travel time, fuel costs, and wear and tear on her vehicle.

Since clients are not waiting in a waiting area for her, time management can be a big issue for this type of nail tech. For a manicurist who wants to have full control over her schedule, however, this can be a rewarding way to do business. Mobile manicurists have the same training and go to the same schools that other students go to.

Per hour
$15,800 up to $48,000 with median being $20,820

Some Courses Offered At Nail Schools

  • Sanitation, both personal and for the public
  • Nail care and its history
  • Sterilization of instruments
  • Nail diseases, problems, and disorders
  • Solutions for nail problems

An often overlooked option is business courses geared toward cosmetology and salon ownership. These courses are usually not required for state board licensure. However they are invaluable for anyone who knows that they intend to open their own salon at some point. These courses can be taken at technical colleges or even in online settings. For some, a degree in business may be an option to consider. Others simply want to acquire the applicable information in order to put it into action later.

Becoming a nail pro means committing to the course of study outlined by both the chosen schooland the state board of cosmetology. Some students may need different options. Especially if they are already working full time jobs and have very little free time to devote to classes. Some students may also have free time only when school is not in session. For those students, alternative methods, such as online schooling, may be necessary. Find out about financing your nail education here.Go to Top Page

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Prepare For Your Cosmetology License Exam

As your exam date approaches, its time to cram for your State Board exam! At Salon Success Academy, instructors begin preparing their students for the exam about half-way through the cosmetology program. As graduation nears, every senior student is required to take and pass a mock State Board exam at the schools Upland campus. Its as close to the real exam as possible and takes about four hours to complete.

Hourly Wages + Commission Space Rental And Salaried Positions For Estheticians In California

Can You Be A Professional Nail Tech Without a License?

When youre getting started you can expect to get paid hourly, plus earn a commission from the spa owner for all the services you bill. The other standard compensation model is space rental, which involves paying the spa owner for a booth or room and keeping what you earn, less what you owe for rent. With reputation and experience comes more potentially lucrative opportunities, including salaried positions as a product rep or makeup and skincare consultant for a movie studio or production company.

No matter which arrangement you find yourself in, keep in mind that base pay is just that estheticians can also collect generous tips from loyal customers. That cash in hand every day can add another 10%-25% or more to your base pay. Thats something that these statistics dont reflect.

Hourly Wage

  • Mid-Level: $29,570
  • Top 10%: $126,780

2017 salary data provided by the U.S. Department of Labor-Sponsored resource CareerOneStop . State and MSA data includes estheticians at all levels of education and experience. This data does not represent starting salaries. Employment conditions in your area may vary.

Job growth data provided by the U.S. Department of Labor-Sponsored resource Projections Central and represents the ten-year projection period between 2016 and 2026 .

All data accessed June 2019.

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Cosmetology & Barbering Center

The courses required to earn the A.S. Degree in Cosmetology and the Certificate of Achievement in Cosmetology are currently being offered.

The programs for a Certificate in Esthetician, a Certificate in Manicuring, and a Certificate in Barbering are not being offered yet. More information will be available here when these programs are available.

What Licenses Do I Need To Open A Salon

The licenses and permits you need to open a salon are:

  • State Cosmetology or Beauticians License
  • Salon Retail Seller Permit
  • Federal Employer Identification Number
  • Certificate of Occupancy

On top of the above salon permits and licenses, youre also required to have salon insurance.

In this article, Ill take you through what all of the licenses and permits are and how you can obtain them. To learn more about required salon insurance, you should read my guide to salon insurance here.

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How To Get A Nail License Or Certification

While requirements for a nail technologists license do vary from region to region the general process is similar.

Some states require those applying for a license to be of a certain age and to have a high school diploma, or the equivalent, before granting a license.

There is also a requirement to obtain a specific number of both classroom and practical hours, which can be completed in any school that offers coursework that correlates with the hour requirements. Finally, prospective technologists must take a licensing exam.

Coursework Before enrolling in nail schools, those looking for a nail license need to do their due diligence and compare the coursework to the state boards requirements. Some state boards can even offer a list of schools that meet the requirements! Once enrolled, it is the students responsibility to attend and pass all classes.

Students should ask the school they expect to attend if they can take a tour of the facilities. This is a great way to determine whether the schools atmosphere fits with your hopes. Sitting in on a class or two helps students to see the teachers in action, and assess how that instructors style meshes with their own learning style. If students are considering online nail schools, they should ask whether sample courses are available.

Cultivate Your Esthetician Career In California

Can You Get Nail Tech License Online

As an esthetician in California, your career opportunities are broad, as you may work as an employee or independent contractor within a spa, general salon, or esthetics salon. You may even work alongside dermatologists and plastic surgeons, where you provide complementary and support procedures and therapies.

Just a few of the many esthetics salons throughout California where jobs may be available include:

  • Serene Esthetics, Salinas

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Pass The California Licensure Exam

Once youve graduated from a cosmetology program, youre now ready to sit for the cosmetology state licensing exam. This exam will include both a practical and theoretical portion to make sure that youre qualified to help clients with all their beauty needs. After passing both sections, youre now qualified to apply for your cosmetology license. Congratulations, this is an amazing accomplishment and can open up so much for your career!

Explore Your Career Options

Ready to have all your hard work pay off? After passing the exam and applying for your license, its time to discover your unique cosmetology career. With so many different options to explore, its all up to you to decide how you want your future in beauty to look like! Here are just some career choices you can have as a licensed cosmetologist:

  • Makeup artist

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Completing A Nail Technician Program Or Apprenticeship

To achieve licensure as a nail technician in the U.S., candidates must first complete a course of education and training, either through a traditional nail technology program or by participating in a nail technician apprenticeship.

Nail Technology Program

The duration and structure of nail technology programs are typically designed around the state licensing requirements of a particular state. Although each state has similar licensing requirements for nail technicians, the length of the program and the programs curriculum will likely mirror the requirements for licensure in the state in which it is located. Many state boards of cosmetology maintain lists of approved nail technician programs in the state.

It is important that students understand their states requirements for achieving a manicurist license when choosing a program as to ensure the program meets state requirements. For example, candidates for a nail technician license in California must complete a program that is at least 450 hours in duration, while in Pennsylvania candidates need to complete a program that is 200 hours in duration. Some states, like California, require as much as 600 hours of training through a nail technician program, while other states, like Virginia, require as little as 150 hours of training in a nail technology program.

A nail technology program generally consists of two, distinct areas of study: theory study and practical study. Classroom study may involve curriculum such as:

Study Gel Nail Online Course And Get Your Certification And Become A Gel Nail Technician

California State Manicurist Exam! How did I do? Did I get my license?

The Get Nail Online course is a fantastic way to get started as a licensed gel nail technician. This course includes all you need to know, including how to apply and remove gel nails, how to maintain, repair, and infill nail extensions, how to do manicures and pedicures, and how to become a professional nail technician.

Gel nail polish is a modern cosmetic staple for a reason: it is virtually unbreakable, obscenely glossy, and available at almost every nail salon. The most appealing part of a gel manicure, though, is the lack of risk of losing your varnish the moment you dig through your handbag to check your phone let alone for several weeks.

The majority of the stages in a gel manicure are similar to those in a regular manicureyour nails are cut, filed, and shaped, and your cuticles are clippedbut that is where the similarities end. Gel nail polish is applied in the same way as traditional lacquer is. It is, however, treated with UV or LED light to keep it in place for long-term use.

What you will learn with our Gel Nail Online Course

  • Introduction to gel nail enhancements
  • Role of a Nail Technician
  • Anatomy
  • Client Consultation and Business Expansion

Gel Nail Tech Certification Online – Requirements

The Gel Nail Tech Certification Online is delivered 100 percent online and only takes 20 hours of study to complete.

To successfully complete this course, a student must:

Quick Course Facts

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Criminal History Guidelines For Cosmetology

DISCLAIMER: The Division uses this matrix simply as a starting point in making its licensing or disciplinary decisions, and therefore it is provided only for general informational and guidance purposes. Every applicant and licensee is unique, with individual circumstances that may involve aggravating or mitigating or other factors, including patterns of conduct that may affect any final decision. Please consult your attorney if you have questions.


Scam Alert: Board Of Cosmetology Urges Licensees To Beware Of Fake Calls And Emails

The Board of Cosmetology is aware of individuals targeting licensees by phone and email regarding payment of money for license related fines and penalties. These individuals are posing as Board Members and are very convincing. Please be aware that a Board Member will never contact a licensee or applicant. If you have any question about a fee or fine either come to the Board office in person or contact Board of Cosmetology Compliance Office, at 889-2954 or 784-4961. This matter has been referred to the Arizona Attorney General’s Office for criminal investigation and prosecution. Please contact the office if you have any information regarding this scam.

AZ Attorney General’s Online Complaint portal: Any victim can file a complaint @

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Take And Pass The Written And Practical Esthetician Examinations

Once your application has been processed and approved by the Board, you will receive an exam scheduling letter, which will provide instructions on how to schedule your written and practical examinations. The California Board utilizes the National-Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology for both the written and practical examinations.

You will be scheduled to take the practical and written examinations on the same day. You may take the exams at one of the Boards permanent testing sites in Northern California or Southern California . Once you schedule your examinations, you can expect to receive an admission letter that confirms your exam date, time, and location.

The written examination for esthetician licensure consists of 100 questions. You will have 120 minutes to complete the examination.

You can read more about the California National Esthetics Written Examination by reading the Candidate Information Bulletin.

The practical esthetician examination may take up to 90 minutes to complete. You can expect to be tested on five, distinct areas of esthetics, which include:

  • Client setup and protection
  • Facial mask
  • Facial makeup

You can read more about the California Esthetician Practical Examination by reading the Candidate Information Bulletin.

Once you have successfully passed both the practical and written examinations, the Board will issue you a California esthetician license to begin practicing.

How To Get Nail Tech License In California

Can You Get Nail Tech License Online

Certification request change of address change of name.Complete a nail technician program.Completed the 10 th grade Courses and hours needed at nail tech schools 300 hours of technical instruction and practical training in nail care

Depending on specific state requirements, the examination phase of licensure may include a written examination or a written and practical examination.Depending on where you work can lead you to more pay as well.Duplicate/replace license Each state requires nail technicians to obtain nail technician licenses to practice.

Education requirements to get a nail tech license in arizonaEducation requirements to get a nail tech license in utahEnroll and graduate in online nail technician course.Fees and the time it takes for notification.

General licensing requirements can be found below.If the license is not renewed by the date noted on the license itself it will expire.If you currently work as a nail technician and plan to move across state lines, you must get a professional license in your new state.If you want to become a manicurist in california, you must be licensed through the california board of barbering and cosmetology, which requires the completion of the following steps:

Some states also require a fee when renewing the nail tech license.Steps to become a licensed nail tech.Successfully complete an approved manicurist program.Texas nail license fees and hours $52 written testing fee $74 practical testing fee

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