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How To Hang Things On The Wall Without Nails

If You’re Looking To Decorate On A Budget Or Don’t Want To Fully Commit Major $$$ To Gallery Wall Pieces Just Yet Etsy Has Lots Of Instantly Downloadable Prints You Can Print At Home In Whatever Size You Need And Can Swap Out Frequently Since They’re So Affordable

How to Hang a Heavy Picture Without Nails or Damaging the Walls

Some shops, like Kiki & Nim, even offer pre-curated gallery wall sets like the one above to get you started! This Black woman-owned shop makes so many stylish, instantly downloadable works of art for every style and occasion, you’ll probably be able to find something for every room. Each order comes with four JPG files in different sizes, but you can also message the shop owner if you need a custom size!

Get the set of 10 prints from Kiki & Nim on Etsy for $15.40.

For Heavy Art Use Press

Dealing with a heavy piece of artwork? Youre in luck. Manufacturers include Monkey Hook that can hold up to 35 pounds, Gorilla Hook for artwork weighing up to 50 pounds, Super Hook for up to 80 pounds, and Hercules Hook for massive pieces weighing up to 150 pounds. These will make a small hole in the drywall but do not require tools to install.

  • Push the long, tapered end of the hook through the wall so just the small hook is sticking out. Make sure the hook is upright.
  • For heavier pictures, you’ll need to use more than one hook. Use a level to make sure the hooks are at the same height. Measure the artwork width and divide it into thirds or quarters to balance the weight.
  • Hang the artwork. A wire strung along the back of the frame may be easier to line up on the hooks.
  • Perfect: How To Hang Pictures Without Nails

    Knowing how to hang pictures without nails is an invaluable DIY skill. By using the right adhesive tape, you can save yourself the hassle and mess of drilling, and avoid damaging your walls with ugly holes. Our guide will show you how to stick pictures on the wall without ruining the paint, giving you picture perfect results.

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    Know Your Drilling Basics And Make Sure You’re Using The Right Kind Of Drill Bit

    For most walls, you’ll probably be using a drywall bit. For stone or brick walls, though, you’ll need a masonry bit. Make a small indent with a hammer and nail or screw, then place the bit into it, hold it straight, and slowly start to drill. Watch a basic drilling tutorial from Loewe’s and get tips on drilling into a wall from Howcast.

    It’s also good to know that drills and electric screwdrivers are NOT the same thing. Drills can both drill and drive depending on the bit, but an electric screwdriver, hence the name, is just built to drive. Electric screwdrivers are also less powerful, and can only drive screws into pre-made holes or thinner materials.

    Get a cordless drill kit from Amazon for $69.20.

    How To Hang Heavy Things Without Nails

    How To Hang Pictures On Brick Without Nails

    Nails have their place in construction but rarely work best when it comes to hanging heavy paintings, photos or decorative works on the wall. Unless it’s secured through drywall into a stud, the weight of the hung item can cause the nail to pull out, bringing a bit of drywall with it.

    Avoid using nails altogether to avoid having issues with them. Instead, hang heavy items with molly and toggle bolts or with screws secured directly to studs to keep them safely in place.

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    Suction And Putty Hooks

    Hooks with suction-cup bases are usually reserved for use on the tile walls, but you can use one on your door if it has a window. The suction cup sticks to glass, but not to wood, because the wood grain prevents the total seal needed for suction. An alternative for a solid wood door is a hook attached to sticky putty. This type of hook remains securely on the the wall until you pull the tab on the bottom to release it, but it only works for hanging lighter items.


    How To Hang A Heavy Picture Step By Step

    Start by taking a pack of VELCRO® Brand HANGables® Picture Hanging Strips . Designed for hanging heavy pictures and mirrors, these large picture hanging strips can hold up to 16lbs per pack.

    Attach one half of each set to your picture frame, and the other half to the wall and press down firmly.

    Rub the pads for 30 seconds and then wait one hour to allow the adhesive to bond with the wall and the picture frame.

    This is an extremely important step giving the adhesive plenty of time to set will ensure your heavy picture stays securely stuck to the wall.

    Last but not least, hang your frame on the wall! Make sure to press it firmly against the wall to ensure the picture hanging strips are securely stuck together.

    How easy was that?! Such an easy way to hang heavy pictures without one single nail or hole in the wall!

    And when youre ready to take your picture down, VELCRO® Brand HANGables® Picture Hanging Strips peel cleanly off the wall without leaving any marks!

    Stay on our blog for more clever home decorating hacks!

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    If You’re Still Having Trouble Getting Command Strips Or Hooks To Work Make Sure You’re Using The Right Size And Following The Directions Exactly Even If It Means Letting Them Sit On The Walls For A Bit Before Hanging Patience My Child

    Check out more tips for making Command strips work better from One Good Thing By Jillee.

    Command photo strips can be great for hanging framed pictures if used properly. Two pairs of small ones can hold up to two pounds, two pairs of medium strips can hold up to six pounds, and two pairs of large strips can hold up to eight pounds.

    Get 18 pairs of small photo strips for $11.27, 16 pairs of medium strips for $9.99+ , or 14 pairs of large strips for $12.13, all from Amazon. The brand also makes different shaped hooks and hangers for everything from frames to canvases to posters check out all their products on .

    Bonus Tip: Use Disposable Hooks

    Here’s How You Can Hang BIG Wall Art Without a Single Nail or Hammer

    3Ms Command line of plastic and metal hooks also work well to hang light pieces of art and posters from drywall or concrete, without the need for drills or nails. Apartment dwellers in rental units, uni students, or anyone else who is technically prohibited from hammering or drilling will find them especially useful. The adhesive strips that come with Command hooks go on easily, cure quickly and remove without damaging the walls which is a huge benefit if you like to change out the art on your walls frequently, or just dont want to risk drilling or hammering nails into them.

    The trouble with these kinds of disposable hooks, Velcro strips, and other mounting strips is that theyre generally rated for very light objects. If you have small, light plastic or acrylic frames with photos or printed posters in them, theyll work well. If you have a solid wood frame or oversized pieces of art, they may hold for a few days, but your art will come clattering down unless you use three or four hooks to hold it up.

    Hanging a picture shouldnt have to be so hard that youre worried about damaging your walls in the process. With a little preparation, you can do it right the first time and hang your artwork easily, without ending up with multiple nail-holes in your wall that you subsequently have to patch up or cover with the art you hung.

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    How To Hang Garland With Damaging Your Walls

    Heres how I hang our garland.

    I use these 3m Clear Command Hooks and these white hooks .

    I have these faux garlands from Factory Direct Craft and these hooks are perfect for them since they blend right in.

    Heres the simple process.

  • Clean your walls with rubbing alcohol first. Dont use these on freshly painted walls its best to wait at least a week. You also cant use these on wallpaper according to the manufacturer, but Ive never tried myself.
  • Attach one adhesive strip to the hook. Make sure you are using the correct side of the adhesive strip .
  • Stick the hook with the adhesive to the wall and press firmly. Done!
  • You can stick them anywhere, and they remove cleanly. I usually pick up a bunch when Im at the store. Its a regular item for us!

    You can literally hang your garland directly on these hooks.

    Hang Them Using Adhesive Hooks Or Nails

    Now, this option is one of the best ways to get your pictures up on your walls without having to use any regular nails. The thing with self-adhesive hooks and nails is that theyre a simple, effective, and pocket-friendly way to hang heavy pictures without defacing the wall.

    They come with adhesive parts designed to stick to walls. That said, you can hang heavy pictures without removing the hardware that was used to hang the picture. The only caveat is that the kind of hardware on the picture would determine if you went for the adhesive hook or nails.

    Another thing to keep in mind is the weight of the picture. You see, adhesive nails and hooks have specific weights depending on their size. So in some instances, you might need to use more than one hook or nail. It all depends on the size of the adhesives and the weight of the picture. Whatever you do, ensure that you evenly distribute it when hanging the picture.

    Once thats settled, the first step to using adhesive hooks and nails is to clean the wall because adhesive hooks and nails need clean surfaces to function right. So you want to clean the wall using some isopropyl alcohol and a clean piece of cloth.

    Allow both surfaces to dry. Then, get the adhesive hook or nail ready by removing the liner on the adhesive strip before attaching it to the hook or nail, depending on which you opt for.

    Allow the adhesive to stay up for an hour to dry. Once thats done, you can hang up your pictures using the hook or nail you set up.

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    Or Find The Stud Yourself By Knocking On The Wall Or Using A Strong Magnet

    Just like when trying to figure out what type of wall you have, you’re listening to see where the wall sounds hollow versus more solid. The area that sounds more solid is probably a stud! But it’s always a good idea to make a small test hole to be sure. Watch the full tutorial from

    You can also use a strong magnet to replicate the function of a magnetic stud finder. Get the full tutorial from The Craftsman Blog.

    Also check out Style Me Pretty and Popular Mechanics for more tips for finding studs yourself.

    Do Command Strips Work For Heavy Pictures

    Hang Art Without Nails

    If youve used command strips before, then you understand just how strong they can really be. They work just fine for light and heavy pictures alike. If your picture does not hang for long on the command strip, there must be something youre not doing right. Here are a few mistakes that most homeowners make without realizing it:

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    Easy Ways To Decorate & Organize

    As a certified professional organizer, Ive been in thousands of homes and apartments helping my clients take back control of their lives. One theme that always shows up in my work is my advice to look for as many ways as possible to use wall and door space. Your walls and doors can help you get organized, and also make any room cozier and more personalized. Trouble is, when you live in an apartment, you want to avoid putting holes in the walls, moldings and doors. Here are ten ways to use your vertical spaces for storage and decor with nary a hammer or nail in the mix.

    1. We MontageIm listing this resource first because its my new favorite thing! Forget about nail holes, you dont even need framed or actual photos to turn an entire wall into a gallery! Just upload your high quality digital photos to We Montageand theyll make you a gorgeous self-adhesive collage that wont damage walls and can be removed and re-used when you find a new place to live!2. Brick ClipsIf you live in one of those cool old loft spaces with exposed brick good for you! Such character! Dont let your brick walls go unused though just because your landlord says No holes! Try a few brick clips to hang your favorite piece of art right on the face of the brick without drilling into it.

    How To Hang Things On Vinyl Siding Without Nails

    This post contains affiliate links that connect you to products relevant to this post. If you click and make a purchase, I may make a small commission at absolutely no cost to you. Please read my disclosures for more information.

    Before you hang your decor, you need to make sure that youre using the right kind of hooks made specifically for vinyl siding. Many of them are s-shaped so that one end tucks behind the siding planks.

    These are the exact vinyl siding hooks I used to hang the metal wall decor on the walls of our screened-in porch and they ship free if youre an Amazon Prime member.

    They come in a pack of six, and this version holds up to five pounds. The vinyl siding hooks are made of plastic and worked perfectly to hang my light-weight metal wall decor.

    When youre ready to hang things on your vinyl siding, push the curved part of the hook between the siding panels.

    My vinyl siding pieces are molded to look like two planks together, which means that the hooks only work between separated planks. The hooks need a spot to grip.

    This is what the vinyl siding hook looks like after you install them:

    And thats all there is to it!

    Because of how the plaques are made, I used wire to hang them. I simply popped the wire over the vinyl siding hook and used a level to hang the plaques evenly.

    Well, at least until a child runs past and tilts them off-center!

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    Hang Pictures Without Nails: Steps To Hang Artwork Or Frame On Concrete Walls Without Using Nails

    Looking for the most effective choice for hanging art or frames without nails? You are in the right place.

    This method sounds unbelievable, even if it is a 100-percent effective method. To carry out the process you need to have a clear guideline on displaying your pictures with the help of adhesive hooks.

    Steps to follow,

    Put The Art On An Easel

    Putting Up Frames Without Nails : Nails, Screws & Wall Hangings

    Easels take up a decent chunk of floor space, so this might not be the best option if you’re in a studio. But if you have space to work with, especially in larger common areas where a statement art piece can become a focal point of the room, try putting your art on an easel or pedestal. This kind of display will add another layer of interaction with the piece since it won’t feel as 2-dimensional as it would mounted on a wall.

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    How To Hang Pictures Without Holes

    Hanging framed art, photographs, and unframed posters is a significant part of any interior decoration project. To work with the brackets, holes, and hanging wires that are already a part of your frames, there are special command picture hanging hooks exactly for that purpose.

    For general purposes, there are a variety of hooks but for picture hanging in particular, you can find stick mounts for sawtooth and/or wire mounted frames to help hang pictures without holes. You can also use the velcro-like kits for less formal art and to mount and move posters many times without ripping them in the re-mounting process

    Afraid To Hang Stuff On Plaster Walls

    Hammering nails into a plaster wall can be a nerve wracking experience. After all, the plaster might crack, crumble or even chip off, damaging your wall. Dont be afraid! It is possible to hang artwork on plaster walls without causing damage, here are a few options to consider:

    Drill and Hang:

    • Once you know where to hang your piece cover the mark with painters tape or masking tape to prevent the plaster from cracking or crumbling around the nail hole.
    • With a pen, mark the hanging spot over the tape.
    • At slow speed, drill a pilot hole using a drill bit just big enough for the size of the hardware youll be using.
    • Remove the tape and put your nail, screw or toggle bolt in the hole and hang your picture.
    • Watch how home improvement expert Ron Hazelton drills into a plaster wall without cracking it. Although the segment is only 1:41, fast forward to 45 sec to skip the intro.

    Finding the right spot on the wall for your pictures:

    • Hang & Levelworks extremely well on drywall and on other wall surfaces, including plaster. The only difference is, that over time the steel pins on the back of the tool might become dull when used repeatedly on a hard surface.

    If hammering into the plaster is not an option:

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