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How To Make Nails Stronger Naturally

Ditch Nail Polish Removers That Contain Acetone

How to make your nails Stronger and grow faster Naturally | Nidhi Katiyar

A nail polish remover loaded with acetone is harsh on weak nails and can dry them out something fierce. This can cause peeling, splitting, and those unsightly white, mottled marks, says Dr. Solomon.

Her rec? Tenoverten Non-Acetone Polish Remover. Its essential oil-based, removes polish in a matter of seconds, and feels very gentle on nails and cuticles, she says.

Keep Them On The Shorter Side

If youre having trouble with weak nails, consider cutting down the length while you build up their strength, suggests Dr. Solomon. Shorter nails are less prone to breaking because there are fewer exposed edges to tear, and less surface area where water and chemicals can be absorbed. Once trimmed, prevent snags by gently rounding the edges with a nail file.

Use A Keratin Treatment

Found naturally in nails, it’s responsible for making them flexible but don’t let that word put you off. It doesn’t mean they’ll be thin, fragile or bendy, but fortified and much less likely to chip.

Pro Tip: It might sound obvious, but Quashie’s top piece of advice is actually the easiest way to keep your nails looking as good as possible. ‘Don’t use your nails as tools remember, be gentle!’

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Keep Your Nails Short

Longer nails will naturally be more likely to catch and break, so if you’re working on increasing your nail strength, keep them short. Reducing the length of your nails can help keep them as protected as possible while you work on making them stronger.

Once you feel like your nails are less breakable, you can gradually increase their length.

Apply Cuticle Oil Daily

How to Make Your Nails Grow Faster and Stronger Naturally ...

Cuticle care is always a good idea, problem nails or not. That’s because dehydrated, frayed cuticles can lead to damaged nailbeds and infection if they’re left untreated rehydrating and moisturizing that surrounding skin is key for top-notch nail care. Add a cuticle oil to your daily routine: Many options include fatty acids and vitamins that nourish the nails and fill in any micro-cracks in the skin.

While using the dropper daily is enough to keep nails healthy, chief educator of Paintbox Evelyn Lim says you can use a cuticle oil up to three times a day if your tips are feeling especially dehydrated . “Apply cuticle oil at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Why not?”

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Avoid The Use Of Polishes And Fake Nails

The constant use of fingernail polish and fake nails can contribute greatly to the weakening of the superficial layers of our nails. Therefore, if you want to strengthen your fingernails, you should stay away from these products as much as possible.

In the case of fingernail polish, you should look at the labels and make sure theyre free of the following substances:

  • Toluene
  • Formaldehyde
  • Dibutyl phthalate

The best fingernail polish formulas are those that are water-based and contain natural ingredients. Pharmacies and stores that sell cosmetics are already selling more and more brands that contain these gentle, fingernail-friendly components.

Lemon Juice To Grow Nails Stronger & Faster Naturally

Vitamin C and antioxidants present in lemon are very essential for nail growth. Lemon juice when used frequently and regularly on the nails, help in getting rid of the yellowness on the nails. Lemon juice also makes the nails shine when used regularly.

Method 1:

A nail coat or a solution to soak the nails can be prepared using the lemons. You can add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and three to four tablespoons of olive oil in a bowl and mix them. Slightly heat this solution in the microwave. Next, soak your nails in this homemade lemon juice concoction for about 10 to 15 minutes. Do this remedy twice or thrice a week to see remarkable difference in your nails. This lemon juice home remedy not only makes your nails stronger, but will also help you get rid of the yellowness of the nails and add shine to your nails.

Method 2:

Take a slice of lemon or a used lemon peel and rub it on finger your nails for about 5 to 10 minutes. Once done, wash your nails with lukewarm water. Next, dry your nails thoroughly and apply a nourishing moisturizer on your nails. This natural remedy will make your nails grow faster and stronger in no time but make sure that you do not get any lemon juice on cuts in around your nails as it will sting.

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Add A Cuticle Oil To Your Routine

If you want strong and healthy nails, one of the most important things you can do is to start using cuticle oil regularly, says celebrity nail artist Pattie Yankee. “You should massage it into the matrix area right at the base of the nail and the skin right below,” she says. “If you really massage the oil into that area, you nourish the matrix of your nail, which is the root of your nail. And as it grows out, it’s going to grow out healthy.”

Yankee suggests looking for a formula containing jojoba oil as one of the main ingredients. “It has small enough molecules that it’s able to penetrate to your nail plate,” she says. She also suggests looking out for almond and safflower oils, which moisturizes and, in turn, helps to strengthen your nails. While there are a lot of options out there, one of Yankee’s top picks is CND Solar Oil , which has both jojoba and sweet almond oils.

Consider The Use Of Supplements

How to grow long natural nails and make them stronger using only cuticle oil and nail polish!

If weak nails are caused by an underlying nutrient deficiency, such as an iron deficiency, you can consult your doctor on the use of supplements.

The following supplements are often suggested to improve nail health and can be taken upon consultation with a doctor:

  • Vitamin B9. Also known as folic acid, vitamin B9 can be found in legumes and whole grains and is essential for cell repair and therefore in restoring nail health. Consumption of vitamin B9 supplements can help strengthen your nails and lower the chances of peeling or breakage.
  • Keratin. As discussed above, keratin is a protein needed for nail strength. Therefore, the use of keratin supplements and even keratin oil can boost your nail health.
  • Biotin. This water-soluble vitamin has been shown to boost nail strength. It is suggested to consume about 30 µg of biotin every day, and the requirement can be met with the help of supplements. Biotin supplements can improve nail health in 49 months of use.

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Going Short Can Strengthen Nails

“Whether you realize it or not, when you have long nails you’re constantly hitting them on your keyboard, the door, you name it. People underestimate how much of an impact this has,” says Tuttle.

Keep your nails short and give them a chance to grow out stronger and healthier than before. The other upshot: Nails that aren’t in great shape look healthier when they’re shorter, adds Holford.

Bannon adds that giving yourself a mini “manicure” even if it’s just as simple as filing your nails every two to four days can prevent breakage and snags. If your nails are really in need of some T.L.C., repeat these manis for two to four weeks to see results and stronger nails.

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The Best Ways To Whiten Nails

And, yes, this also works if you want to know how to whiten toenails too!

1. Whitening Toothpaste

I tried this one first. It’s easy and it works! Use a baby toothbrush to apply it and give your nails a good scrub for a minute or two. You may need to do it several times depending on how stained your nails are. The white colored pasty toothpaste works best as opposed to the blue or green gel-like toothpaste. Whitening toothpaste with added baking soda is even better!

2. Lemon Juice & Baking Soda

Squeeze half of a lemon into a plastic bowl, and then add and blend baking soda until you get a nice abrasive paste-like texture. Then use an old toothbrush to scrub your nails with it. Rinse, and repeat if needed. If you have any small cuts near your nails, you may want to hold off on this one. The acidity in lemon juice is not very nice!

3. 3% Hydrogen Peroxide & Baking Soda

Mix the two together until you’ve got a paste-like texture. Cover your nails with it and allow the mixture to sit on them for about 3 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water.

4. Commercial Denture Cleaner

Dissolve a couple of tablets in warm water, and soak your nails in it for about 5 minutes. I haven’t tried this one because I don’t happen to have denture cleaner laying around, but I’ve heard that it works.

5. Nail Whitening Pencil

I didn’t know this existed until recently! You can pick up a nail whitening pencil on Amazon . I like to apply it under the tips of my nails to make them look healthier .

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Use Nail Hardeners Sparingly

“The take-home message here is that a lot of them do more damage than good,” says Stern. She reminds us that these products are not studied clinically, so most claims are not backed up by science. Unless nails are exceptionally weak and fragile, she says, most people don’t benefit from a nail hardener.

Healthy nails are flexible nails, she says, so to keep yours from breaking, avoid anything that makes them more brittle.

Take A Closer Look At Your Shampoo

How To Make Your Nails Grow Faster And Stronger Naturally ...

If youre using a shampoo that is drying or aims to strip oils , it might be drying out your nails and causing weak or brittle nails. Try changing up your shampoo for a couple of weeks and see if you notice a difference.

If youve tried multiple things for several weeks and havent noticed any change in your nails, see a dermatologist. They can take a look at your nails and ask you questions about your routine and overall health.

If need be, they can prescribe a prescription-strength nail treatment that can help to strengthen your nails.

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Home Remedy Nr 4 Moisturize

Nails that are dry and brittle easily break and split. To make your nails stronger and prevent them from breaking, massage your nails with tea tree oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, flaxseed oil, pumpkin seed oil, or vitamin E oil. Do this every day for about 10 minutes.

Pro Tipp: Womens Best True Beauty Collagen Drink is perfect to further support your hair and nails. It is rich in collagen and high-quality hyaluronic acid and strengthens your nails from the inside.

When To Consult Your Physician

If you see any discoloration of nail or nail bed you must see your primary care physician. Most discolorations are caused by fungal infection. Any soft tissue swelling or growth pushing nail or any skin cancerous changes around nail should be evaluated by your physician. Loose nail or blood under nail indicates traumatic separation of nail from its attachment with soft nail bed. In that case you must see primary care physician or dermatologist.

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Ways To Keep Your Nails Healthy

Maintaining healthy nails that look fashionable doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Follow these tips and impress with your sexy, strong nails.

Regular nail care results in healthy nails that you can be proud to take to work or out on the town. Your nail care plan can be simple and inexpensive. In fact, says dermatologist D’Anne M. Kleinsmith, MD, of the William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Mich., being overly aggressive with cleaning and maintaining nails might actually put your normally strong nails at risk for yeast or bacterial infections. You won’t need frequent manicures to maintain good-looking nails if you follow these eight simple tips.

Avoid Rough Emery Boards

Nails : How Do I Strengthen Weak Nails Naturally?

Those old-fashioned orange emery boards are too harsh for nails, causing small fissures and cracks that lead to breakage and tears, says Ravits. Instead, she says, file nails with a smooth, fine file and don’t saw back and forth. Instead, Ravits says, file in one direction only, and do it slowly and evenly to reduce risk of breakage.

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Try The Following Home Remedies

Various home remedies have been shown anecdotally to improve the health of nails. However, when trying these remedies, keep in mind that they are not backed by scientific evidence.

Since the remedies are generally safe, you can use them as an adjunct to other self-care measures and see if they work for you.

The following home remedies may aid in strengthening your nails:

  • Mix one egg yolk with 2 tbsp of milk or cream, and apply the mixture to your nails. Wash it off after 1015 minutes. This remedy can help nourish your nails and make them stronger.
  • To 1 tbsp of warm olive oil, add 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar and 1 tbsp of beer and mix well. Soak your nails in this mixture for about 15 minutes.
  • Dilute apple cider vinegar with equal amounts of water, and soak your nails in the solution for up to 10 minutes.
  • Mix green tea, a few drops of wheat germ oil, and a pinch of salt. Soak your nails in the mixture for 5 minutes, and wipe them with a dry cloth.
  • Add 1 tsp of lemon juice to 3 tsp of warm olive oil. Dab this solution on your nails using a cotton swab. Once the mixture is dry, cover your hands with soft, cotton gloves, preferably overnight.

Check In With Your Doctor

“Vitamins and minerals are super critical to developing healthy nails,” says Dr. Kim. “In this busy world, it can be challenging to eat the right combination of foods each day. Thus, I highly recommend finding the right oral supplements to ensure that you are getting all the nutrients you need each day.” Your doctor can help you pinpoint if you have any deficiencies by discussing your diet and running blood tests.

While not every health expert sees eye to eye on the potential of collagen supplements for nail growth, Dr. Kim sees promise. Her reasoning: “To have healthy nails, you need to ensure that you have the building blocks necessary to develop healthy nails,” she says. “Numerous scientific studies recommend oral ingestion of bioactive collagen peptides.” Here’s an example of one small study where oral collagen peptide supplements such as the ones below seemed to affect nail growth rate and brittleness.

A doctor can also help rule out other potential issues that can cause brittle nails such as a thyroid issue, says Dr. Kim. Depending on your situation, they might suggest trying an Rx treatment. “There are several prescription interventions that have scientific studies demonstrating efficacy for nails such as topical application of Tazorac or Genadur,” says Dr. Kim.

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Strengthen From The Inside Out

Along with addressing nails from the outside, all the experts we spoke with agreed that the right supplements can help strengthen your tips from the inside, out. One good option? Collagen. An essential protein for hair, skin, and nails, ingestible collagen peptides are easily incorporated into your daily routine and can help promote healthy nails.

“Collagen has really made a difference in the health of my nails. They feel resilient and stronger,” says Holford. Try: NeoCell Super Collagen Powder. Another good option? Biotin. The B vitamin is one of Tuttle’s top picks for strengthening nails. Choi adds that along with supplements, you can also get these internal benefits by focusing on incorporating biotin-rich and collagen-synthesizing foods in your diet, such as salmon, avocados, sweet potatoes, leafy greens, and nuts and seeds.

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Prioritise Health Over Length

How To Make Your Nails Grow Faster And Stronger Naturally ...

If your nails are weak and damaged, its best to keep them short for now. Weak nails struggle to maintain length, so keep them short until they strengthen. File them smoothly to prevent breakages and snags and your nails will strengthen in no time.

How to file your nails properly:

File them in one direction

Filing your nails back and forth can weaken your nails even more. Its also important to go easy on the sides of your nails to prevent further breakage.

Invest in a soft nail file

Glass files are pretty, easier to clean and last longer. However, a soft file is gentler on your nails and prevents nail weakening and breakage.

Start from the outer edge and work your way inwards

Youll get smooth edges and you can control the shape youd like!

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How To Grow Your Nails Faster And Make Them Stronger

Women’s Best Beauty TeamAugust 29, 2019Reading time: 2min

Do you experience slow nail growth, brittle nails, nail breakage, nail splitting, and other nail problems?

Then we have good news! The times, where you needed to spend a lot of money on acrylic nails or manicure to have long, strong, and healthy-looking nails are finally over.

We show you the best natural home remedies for nail growth that really work!

Home Remedy Nr 3 Horsetail

Add one teaspoon of dried horsetail stemsin two cups of boiling water. Steep it for about 10 minutes and finally drinkit as a herbal tea to cure brittle nails and enhance nail growth. If you dontlike the taste, add some honey. Soaking your nails in this mixture can alsohelp you to grow long and strong nails.

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