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How To Remove Dashing Diva Press On Nails

When I Dont Use Them:

How to Apply & Remove Dashing Diva Magic Press Nails

These arent a 1-second manicure. Though I would consider doing them in an Uber because they dont smell like anything and there isnt a dry time, they still take about 15-20 minutes to do well and arent quite as fool-proof as the Magic Press . I like to apply these when Im relaxing before bed because they look amazing after Ive slept in them. I also prefer to use their other products if my nails are peeling so I dont risk additional damage.

Dashing Diva Nail Strips

Actually, you will find different brands nail strips/wraps, but dashing diva nail strips are the best nail wraps you will ever use. Its due to the low cost, high quality, easy application, and it will stay on your nails for more than two weeks.

Dashing Diva K- Beauty Gloss Gel Nail Strips

Best Nail Wraps

The Dashing Diva Nail guards are made of cotton, and they hold onto the nail for a long time. It is also very easy to detach or remove from the nail. You get around 25+ all-dashing nails designs from the company that can be matched with almost every cloth that you wear.

The dasing diva nail strips are considered the best nail wraps due to the uniqueness and features that it provides then the nail paints.

You will feel surprised that the Dashing Duva nail wraps are also available for kids, and there are several designs available for kids.

How To Apply & Remove Dashing Diva Magic Press Nails

Rose Sparkle Gloss Ultra Shine Gel Strips – Dashing Diva Gloss Ultra Shine Nail Strips are made with gel polish so your nails stay ultra-shiny, super strong and wrinkle free for up to 14 days! These nail strips don’t require UV dry time or soak off removal and can be stored and saved for future wear and don’t dry out like other nail polish. Magic Press nails, now in petite sizes and adorable styles for kids! These safe-to-use-and-remove nail tips uses water-based adhesive, which is water-soluble. Just soak in warm water to remove Sep 6, 2012 – Gorgeous looks from Dashing Diva Nails, including our newest revolutionary product, ColorFX. See more ideas about diva nails, nails, dashing diva nails Dashing Diva Crystal Clear Gloss Ultra Shine Gel Strips. May 2021. Crystal Clear Gloss Ultra Shine Gel Strips – Create custom nail looksin minuteswith Dashing DivaGLOSS Ultra Shine Gel Palette. These gel nail strips make nail art easy and last up to 14 days! Benefits Super strong gel manicure that lasts up to 14 days Chip-resistant, ultra-shiny. Dashing Diva Gloss Ultra Shine Gel Palette. 32 strips made with real gel, including extra wide New Size. Lasts up to 14 days. Easy to use and to remove. Gentle on the nails. A coin is included in pictures to provide reference for size – the coin is not part of the sale. Please note – we photograph the items as accurately.

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Things I Like About These Nail Stickers:

  • There are cool designs to mix and match in each package. On this second manicure I thought I had already used all the marbled strips but of course I found them after I finished.
  • Theyre easy to remove. The package instructions say to use a drop of polish remover on them before taking off but honestly? I just peeled them off last time and they were fine.
  • Theyre cheap! Other nail strips or stickers Ive tried were between $10-$15, these are $7.99 at Ulta Beauty, and $6.99 at Target.
  • You get 34 strips in a package 22 base color, 3 accents with 4 strips a piece. You also get a nail file.
  • They have a lot of different designs to pick from, like these:

I also just took a quick peak at my new Allure Beauty Box for this month and there was a set inside there which Im pretty excited about!

A Few Things To Note:

How to Apply &  Remove Dashing Diva Magic Press Nails
  • Once Magic Press is removed, the adhesive on the back wont stick to your natural nails so it can only be used once.
  • Your pack comes with 30 nails so most people can get 2 full sets out of them! I say 2 sets since some might not fit your nail size, etc. Its also fun because you can mix and match with their sets.
  • If you used any type of lotion or cosmetics that contain oil an hour before or after applying Magic Press, it can affect the longevity of the adhesion even if the alcohol pad was used. There are some people with naturally oilier nail beds so that may affect the adhesive as well.
  • Magic Press is waterproof and has a patented pressure-sensitive technology adhesive which basically means the more you press after the first few minutes of application, the longer and stronger the hold will be!
  • I am so impressed with Dashing Diva. This blog post isnt sponsored I just needed to share this amazing life hack. $8 VS. a $50 manicure and an hour + of my time. WORTH EVERY PENNY. Go get yourself some!

    Have you tried press-on nails? Let me know what you think about them in the comments!

    Check out this post to learn all of my nail tips and tricks!

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    Where To Buy Dashing Diva

    Dashing Diva gel nails are available at many Korean and international beauty stores websites. You buy them online and in stores both. Dashing Diva official website also offers amazing deals for their buyers. Go and buy Dashing diva gel nails at very affordable prices from $15 to $20. Be ready to enhance your summer look with super-easy and mind-blowing designs of dashing diva gel nails. Enjoy your swimming parties all day long without getting worried about your nails.

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    Why You Should Use Dashing Diva Nail Guards

    Dashing Diva Nail Guards are considered the best nail wraps, and there are several reasons behind it. Here is the reason why you should choose them-

    • It is quite inexpensive they typically cost about $12 for a set that includes a couple of manicures.
    • The sets can be mixed and matched.
    • The process of applying these is pretty quick like, it takes only 10 minutes to apply.
    • There is a wide variety of colors and styles available in Dashing Diva Nail Strips.
    • If you do not need them, they can be removed easily.
    • It is much easier to re-do one nail if the gel strip starts peeling off than to spend a lot of time getting to a nail salon.

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    Review: Dashing Diva Magic Press Nails

    Im not really sure what to say except, have you tried this? If not, you need to!

    Ive always seen these Dashing Diva Magic Press-On Nails at Watsons every time I dropped by to stock up on stuff, but somehow have also always been apprehensive of them. To spend money on press-on nails and not be sure if they would last 2-3 weeks? Id rather get an express gel manicure done for $18 at Far East Plaza.

    But then I saw them on Shopee and said, Screw this, lets try it. And so here I am, a couple of sets later and Im a convert.

    Not only are these fake nails so pretty, they also:

    • come in a variety of colours, textures and designs
    • come in different lengths
    • have a slim fit version for thinner nails
    • last for weeks
    • are very sturdy

    These have lasted hair washes, doing the dishes, bathing the baby and more. A note though on washing my hair with these on is that my hair can get caught beneath the fake nails, or between the nail and crystals that are stuck on. Its slightly annoying but since I dont wash my hair every day, Ill close an eye on that.

    18k Gold Huggies from Trouvée.Co.

    I definitely recommend these. If you arent a fan of having long nails, get the short ones youll probably keep them on for longer too. See all the retailers on Shopee or shop directly from the Dashing Diva Official Shopee store.

    Titanium Chic White Press

    Dashing Diva Magic Press | How to Remove

    Dashing Diva Press-On Gel Nails in Titanium Chic White


    • We offer FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING Australia wide on all orders over $70.00
    • $9 shipping charge for all orders under $70.00
    • Please see our Shipping Page for further info


    • We are currently only shipping to New Zealand

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    Are Color Street Nails Worth The Cost

    Not in my opinion unless you just really want the specific design offered by that company.

    They are still a nice option and I am all about supporting other women who are trying to make some money for their family with this side hustle.

    I hope you enjoyed this review and find some useful information! Here is a link to my review of Rent the Runway Unlimited Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.


    Reviewing Dashing Diva Nail Strips

    Ive established before that Im a fan of nail strips. In fact, Ive reviewed both Color Street and Jamberry in the past. Basically, other than a professional manicure, nail strips are the only way I can have pretty nails. Which bring us to my latest experiment: Dashing Diva Nail Strips.

    Color Street was my absolute favorite, but I figured Id give Dashing Diva a try since they were so easy to buy and they were cheaper .

    I picked up my first couple sets of Dashing Diva nail strips on a random Target run on impulse. Here are the exact ones I used for my first try: Dashing Diva Rose Sparkle. They also have their own Dashing Diva website with even more options: Dashing Diva Website.

    My initial thoughts were that they were a bit more difficult to put on, had less size options than Color Street, and felt kind of plastic. More like a nail sticker than nail polish.

    Now that Ive tried a few different packs of strips over the last few months, I have a few additional thoughts:

    Putting Them On: I still find them tricky to put on because my nails dont necessary match exactly with their sizing options. However, one trick I found is once you get them on your nail, rather than using the included nail file, I like to use a nail clipper to clip the strip at the very end of my fingernail to get a perfect fit.

    Have you tried Dashing Diva nail polish strips? What do you think of them?

    Like what you see? Share me with your friends!

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    Nail Sticker Tips And Tricks

    First, I make sure my nails are clean. Then, I cut/file and cut cuticles. Next, I buff my nails really well so theyre super smooth. Last, I wipe them off with alcohol . Youll want to do a good job at measuring the stickers. Pick the best fit so the edges line up with your nails. If you mess up, they come with extra stickers too! I will tug a little bit on the ends and then fold down and file. Use the white side of the file to trip the tip, then the grey to smooth everything out.

    this combo is probably my fave! I love anything leopard print!

    this is how they look before theyre trimmed

    Tips On Healthy Nail Growth

    Dashing Diva Press On Toenails

    If youre looking to grow your nails longer and achieve a salon look, I have been using hair skin and nail vitamins that have really made my nails grow longer quickly and strengthened them. The nail strips add an extra layer of protection and I havent broken one yet. I have done gardening, sewing, and vigorous dish washing and the sets have lasted wonderfully. I also use another product called Beverly Hills Dermal Repair Complex which is a supplement that is intended to hydrate your skin. Here are some of the ingredients and benefits.

    • Saw Palmetto: Helps reduce the visible effects of skin-destroying DHT, to help reinforce skins youthful elasticity.
    • MSM: Promotes naturally strong skin from deep inside skin for a firmer, more toned look.
    • Hydrolyzed Collagen: Bioavailable collagen provides skin with the amino acids it needs to maintain a firm, lifted look.
    • Hyaluronic Acid: Deeply moisturizes skin from the inside out, for optimal moisture, softness, and plumping.
    • Vitamin B: Helps encourage cell turnover for a constantly renewed and energized complexion.
    • Vitamin A: A potent antioxidant that helps your body fight environmental aging factors to help you maintain your new, youthful look.

    Ive also purchased Color Street Nail strips from my Facebook party. Ill review those as soon as I use them! Stay tuned

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    Dashing Diva Nailguard Protective Base

    Dashing Divas NailGuard is a peel-away protective base for gel-polish and acrylics. NailGuard eliminates soak-off time, and a micro-thin base layer helps maintain client nail health. The product requires no dry time and can be worn up to 14 days.

    1. Start with clean, dry hands and nails. Push back cuticles with a manicure stick. Wipe nails with alcohol to remove any remaining oil. Select the NailGuard strip that best fits each nail. The strip should cover the entire nail from side to side without touching the skin. Detach the individual NailGuard strip by tearing along the perforated line and remove the white backing paper. Hold the strip at its center and place the tacky side down onto the nail starting at the base. Press down side to side to release NailGuard onto the nail. Remove the top film and discard. Firmly smooth strip over entire nail. Start at the base and smooth the center, move up from side to side. Fold any excess strip over the nail edge and gently file away. Make sure the free edge has a smooth finish.

    2. Nails are now ready for gel-polish or acrylic application over NailGuard.

    3. To remove, dip your manicure stick in polish remover. Place the beveled edge of the manicure stick at the side corner of the cuticle.

    4. Gently push-in and slowly lift up to peel away the gel color.

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    Step 1: Prep Basically, just push back your cuticles and use the alcohol wipe

    Step 3: Press

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    Tips For Wearing Press

    Messicks tip for anyone looking to try press-on nails is simple: Go with a length that youre comfortable with, she advised.

    Brodeurs main tip is to use nail shields or guards for an added layer of protection if you have weak or thin nails. Messick also mentioned using nail guards in case you need to take off the nails quickly for any reason because theyll help expedite the process.

    If youve never worn press-on nails, Messick says to start with sticky tabs since theyre easy to remove. Try them on get a feel for it. Make sure that youre comfortable with the length and that you can function, she told us.

    Messicks final tip: Dont wear press-ons for too long! I personally dont recommend wearing press-on nails for more than five to six days. While you can prep the nail and glue it and have it last for a really long time, because its just something glued to your nail, theres a little more of an opportunity for bacteria and debris to get between your nail and the press-on and that can create some bacterial infections and some not-so-cute green spots on the nail, she said.

    Messick recommends these custom press-on nails from Color Camp. Those are going to be a little bit more elite, a little bit more expensive than the other ones Ive mentioned but theyre all handcrafted, she said.

    This top-rated option from Amazon has a 4.6-star average and over 4,200 verified five-star ratings. It even comes in scented options including pumpkin spice latte!

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    Remove Your Virtual Nails Without Going To The Dashing Dave Salon

    The website says that you will need a magic nail polish solution or something like that to remove it, not an acetone nail polish remover. is good.

    Removing water or nail polish will not give you art and your nails will not get wet. Use pure acetone. Put something in a bowl and let it soak. Soak for about 20 minutes. Sing with orange teeth without removing acetone. Dive in and watch until everyone dies. You should put your nails in acetone, when you remove it, the product will be returned to you. Next, you should use a scrubbing sponge that is very effective in relieving the tension on your hard nails. If you have gel coated acrylic, you will definitely need to determine how accurate it is to break down your nail cells.

    How To Remove Dashing Diva Press On Nails

    Dashing Diva Gel Strips Review

    dashing diva press on gel nails tutorial review! 5 day wear test | Nicole Diorio

    Since finding Dashing Diva Gel Strips 2 years ago, I have completely stopped getting nail salon manicures! I dont get much time without kids, so I dont have a ton of extra time to sit at the nail salon every other week. If youre looking for a great solution for a fraction of the cost, I have you covered with Dashing Diva gel strips! Seriously, they work so well and I cant believe how long they stay on. I wanted to share a Dashing Diva gel strips review with you and share some tips that Ive learned while applying them. I also have a discount code that will save you 10% off your purchase. Use code CHELSEA10 for 10% off!

    The answer is YES! They work really well, but you need a few times to practice and youll get the hang of it. I was always skeptical of the nail stickers I have seen around. I have been getting my nails done every 2-3 weeks for years and it adds up! Not to mention the time it takes, finding childcare, etc. Dashing Diva Nails make several different colors and styles. They also make press on nails which I havent yet tried. Im so glad I tried Dashing Diva and Im not sure Ill go back to regular gel nails.

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