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How To Start Own Nail Polish Line

Conduct Market Research And Feasibility Studies

How to | Make Your Own Nail Polish | Materials and Supplies
  • Demographics and Psychographics

The obvious ones who use nail polish in a psychographic and demographic composition are basically women of different adult age groups between 15 24, 25 35, and those in the older age groups. Few men also use nail polish too especially those in the rock and roll music industry, and fashionista males.

Most polishes, except those in the premium range arent that expensive and so it can be afforded by all those who use it.

Finding A Lab And Distributor

  • 1Research cosmetic labs online to create a completely new product. To start a cosmetic line, you’ll need to work with a cosmetic lab. Look for ones that value what you value. For instance, if being made in the U.S. is important to you, look for ones that are based there. Also, check to see if there are reviews on the company.XResearch source
  • You could search “cosmetic labs in the United States.”
  • Take a look at their webpage to see what they have to say about themselves. If you find one interesting, call or email them to find out more about them. You could say, “I’m interested in starting my own cosmetic line, and I’d like to know more about your company. Can I ask you a few questions?”
  • You could ask things like, “What are your company’s values? Is all of your production done in the United States? How do you ensure a quality product? What type of ingredients do you use? Do you have the capability to produce an all-natural line of products?” Ask if they can make what you want happen. For instance, if you want very pigmented makeup, ask questions about that.
  • 2Work with a distributor instead of a lab for an easier process. Basically, they’ll find what you need, and put your label on it for you. You’ll need to do the same type of research on distributors that you would on labs.XResearch source
  • Make sure you’re doing your due diligence by evaluating the distributor online, checking out their policies and ethical stances, and looking at reviews to see what other people think.
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  • Nail Polish Manufacturing Process

    There are different formulae for the making of nail polish. And according to these formulas, there are different proportions of ingredients required. According to the most famous procedure of making nail polish, first of all, take a photographic film or cellulose Nitrate, wash it well and chop into small pieces and then dissolve into the solvent of either, ethyl alcohol or Emyleacitate, etc.

    Later castor oil and Digylthalate are mixed in it so that after the nail polish is applied, it does not get removed easily. Later colours and shades are mixed in it according to dust. This mixture is later put into bottles and presented for markets.

    The required raw materials are:

    • Cellulose nitrate

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    Finding The Private Label Polish Manufacturers

    As beauty and cosmetics companies continue to thrive in todays competitive landscape, the number of private label manufacturers only continues to grow. With the list above, you should be able to easily find everything from eco-friendly polish options, to vegan, non-toxic nail polishes made specifically to your standards.

    Once you find your manufacturer, launching your own private label nail polish or beauty company couldnt be easier. Some of the companies above will even help with the initial branding.

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    What Value Will This Answer Bring To The Customers Life

    Do this exercise and in no time youll have a list of potential businesses that you can start.

    Todays BRANDMAKERS is with Hasani Taylor, the founder of 1143 H20 Nails, a non-toxic nail-polish line. Check out how a problem she experienced in her personal life inspired her to start her own business. Im sure youll think of many ideas that you can come up with, too.

    Setting Up Your Business

  • 1Get help from professionals and other business people. When you’re first starting out, there’s a lot you don’t know about starting a company. Ask for help from your friends and family, and when you can, pay for professional help.XResearch source
  • Pick people to join you who are strong in areas you’re not. For instance, if you’re good at the creative side, find someone who’s good at business. You can even set up the company with them, giving them a stake in the outcome.
  • 2Register your business with the government. Choose your name, and then set up either an LLC or a sole proprietorship with your state. You’ll need to fill out some basic documents and pay a fee, typically less than $200 USD, and you’ll get a tax ID for your business.XResearch source
  • Your name will need to be different from other businesses registered with the state. However, you can have a “boring” company name, while still having a fun brand name that doesn’t have to be registered with the state.
  • If you need help with this part, you can get a business lawyer to help you set it up.
  • A sole proprietorship is easier to set up, but a LLC provides more protection. If something goes wrong with your LLC, the blame falls on your company, and you won’t be personally liable for it. In a sole proprietorship, the blame falls on you personally.
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    Final Photos + Comments

    I really do like this more than most polish I’ve bought! The polish I made from eyeshadow is really matte and shimmery, and it dries quicker than normal polish as well.The glitter polish turned out great as well – just make sure to do a clear top coat over it because craft glitter can be a little chunky. You don’t want the glitter snagging on your clothes/hair/pets/whatever. :DNow we’ll have to see how long it lasts! I ended up doing a base coat of the purple polish I made, covering that with the gold glitter polish, and topping that with a clear top coat. I’ll report back! It’s held up well so far and I’ve had a hot shower and washed a load of dishes since yesterday.POLISH UPDATE: It ended up lasting four days, which is not bad for cheapy nail polish. I think I could have worn it longer – I only had one tiny chip on my right hand! Came off pretty easy too, but the glitter is always tricky. :)COMMENT UPDATE: A few of you have suggested putting either a bb or a glass bead into the bottle to help the polish get mixed. I’m going to do this myself and I think anyone who tries this should do it too. I hadn’t thought of it! 😀

    Prepare A Detailed Cost Analysis

    #NAILgasmTV: How to Start a Nail Polish Line with Floss Gloss

    According to thorough research, starting a nail polish line business depends on so many factors. If you intend to go into manufacturing as well as selling, you would need to spend higher than a company that would contract your manufacturing company for help in manufacturing their own line.

    However, if you do not intend to go commercial, then there is no need for you to concern yourself with approaching another manufacturing company, as you can go into the production yourself. Therefore, the start-up capital can either be low or high depending on your intentions regarding the business.

    Most of the requirements you would need to fulfill before starting your nail polish line business in the United States of America include

    • Incorporation fees $1,500
    • Packaging equipment $5,000
    • Miscellaneous Expenditure $500

    Going by the report from thorough research, you will need an average of $37,000 to start a small scale nail polish line business in the United States of America.

    If you want intend to start a medium scale nail polish line business in the United States, you would need nothing less than $75,000. And if you want to start a large scale nail polish line business in the United States of America, then you should look towards raising well over $150,000 as capital.

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    Know The Major Competitors In The Industry

    Being a well-known brand means being known in your industry by existing and potential clients, and even from your competitors. Every industry no matter how new, have businesses that are regarded as top leaders in the industry, which could be due to their massive publicity strategy as well as other factors. Listed below are some of the well known brands in the nail polish line businesses in the United States

    • Essie
    • Iman
    Economic Analysis

    The nail polish line business might seem like a fun business to start but if you are serious about starting this as a commercial business, there are some things that you would need to consider seriously. You would need to take a serious interest in how nail polishes are being produced even if you might not directly handle the production.

    You have to determine what goes into your nail polish, and research about what users now want as regards what goes on their nails. Failure to carry out a thorough research might lead you into spending money on a business that would hot grow as you might want it to. Also you might like to decide on if youd prefer to go into a niche or just have several niches.

    Finance is important to any business, and so while you might consider starting off on a small scale, you might need to spend more on advertising so that people could be aware of your nail polish line. Another thing you would need to note while carrying out an analysis on this business is the economy.

    Getting Your Product Out Into The World

  • 1Design a . A marketing plan will include prices for your product, as well as how you will get your product to your customers. It also includes your costs, so you know what you need to charge. If you’re not sure how to create a marketing plan, consider hiring a freelance marketing expert to help you develop one.XResearch source
  • Analyze the current market to determine your competitors and what sets you apart. Look at prices and makeup type to figure out who you are directly competitive with, and then price your products similarly.
  • Lay out what strategies you’ll use to get your product to your customers, and how you will work towards implementing those strategies step-by-step.XResearch source
  • 2Create a website online to sell your products. A website is a great way to sell your products. You can use a free website design tool, though if you don’t feel like you have the skills, you can pay someone to do it for you.XResearch source
  • Make listings for your individual products with good photos in good lighting. Include detailed descriptions of your items, and make sure to have a list of ingredients so people know what you’re using!
  • 3Print up business cards with your logo. You can design a basic one yourself, or pay someone to design a business card for you. Make sure the logo fits the image you want to portray to your customer. Use a local printer, or find a good deal online to get your cards printed.XResearch source
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    Choose A Suitable Location For Your Business

    The location for your nail polish line business is very important for the success and growth of your business. Your location should be one that would give your business more exposure and create awareness for your business, this means you would need to look for a place with high foot traffic.

    If you site your business in a suburb, you might have bored housewives and young adults coming in to by some of your products but that might hardly move the business, especially as most would still prefer to visit the nail salons to have their nails done. Your best bet would be partnering with nail salons and spas, but if they are also situated in the suburbs, your business would still move slowly.

    If you are however located in a place that has high foot traffic like the mall, you would find it easier for your business to move as more people would come into your store. Also the numbers of nail salons in the mall are high and you might get a number of nail salons and spas in the area to partner with, since most of such businesses are naturally drawn to high traffic areas.

    This does not however mean that you would need to break the bank in order to get a place that is close to high traffic.

    Decide What Niche To Concentrate On


    Regarding the niche ideas within the nail polish line business industry, it is obvious that there is little that differentiates one nail polish from the other, except maybe what is used in the polish, acrylic, gel with LED and without LED, and wrap. However, since most polish line businesses are now using gel, there is basically little that distinguishes one nail polish from another.

    Some of the areas of specialization in the nail polish line business industry include treatment nail polish, regular nail polish, vegan nail polish, less chemicals nail polish. One can see that the niches arent that mush in this line of business, and while top brands can decide to offer all the niches above, small scale entrepreneurs cannot, and might only offer one or two niches.

    The Level of Competition in the Industry

    Any serious minded entrepreneur that intends to start a nail polish line business will see that it is not a difficult or expensive business except you intend to start off on a very large scale. Getting the right equipment and genuine source of supply is not difficult it is offering a quality product and breaking through the market to carve a share for your brand that can be regarded as difficult.

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    Write A Business Plan

    A nail polish line business is like any other business and so would require a business plan as well. If you intend to start a nail polish line business, ensure that you have carried out a thorough research from your competition as well as experts in the field, this would help you write out a plan that would be as realistic as possible.

    If however, you find writing a plan too intricate, then you could approach a consultant who would help you in writing a business plan, after getting the necessary details from you. If your budget is too tight to afford a consultant, then you might have to check the nail polish line business plan template online and download it to act as a guide in writing yours.

    The important components that need to be contained in your business plan are as follows

    Executive summary which defines why your business venture exists

    You would also need to clarify on how you intend to move from where you are to where you intend to be, by describing your essential factors that would enable you to be successful, and the strategies you have drafted to achieve this.

    Other things like your current financial position, how much start-up capital you need and what the objectives of the company are. You will also need to ensure that you show important milestones and how you intend to reach them.

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    How To Start Your Own Cosmetics Line

    This article was co-authored by Shara Strand. Shara Strand is a Makeup Artist and the Founder of Shara Makeup Studio, a makeup and image consulting studio based in New York City. She has over 15 years of image and makeup consulting experience including working as a regional artist for Bare Escentuals and Estee Lauder, Saks 5th Avenue, Bloomingdales, and Bergdorf Goodman. Her work has been featured in WNBC, Fox 5, Direct TV ABC morning news, and Hamptons Magazine. She is the creator of Shara Cosmetics and is a two time Billboard charted singer. She holds a BFA from New York University.There are 23 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. This article received 20 testimonials and 99% of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 734,849 times.

    Starting your own cosmetic line can be a lot of fun, but it’s hard work, too! Nonetheless, if you put in the time and effort, it can be a great way to earn a living. Start by figuring out what products you want in your line and finding a lab or distributor who will produce them. Work on a small line of products first, and build up from there. As you get your products out in the world, building up your cash flow, you can add more products later!


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