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What Degree Framing Nailer Is Best

Choosing The Right Framing Nailer

DEWALT 21 Degree Framing Nailer – The Home Depot

Synopsis: When it comes to framing nailers, the field is so large and wide-ranging that its almost impossible to find common ground on which to compare them in a tool test. For most carpenters who need to purchase a new tool, the best approach becomes determining which style of framing nailer best suits their needs.

Top 10 Best Pierce Framing Nailer

The market is filled up with a variety of pierce framing nailer, but the best pierce framing nailer that suits your needs can be a bit difficult to find. But, if you leave it in the hands of experts, like us, then you can be assured that you will land up with a reliable and trusted pierce framing nailer.

Metabo Hpt Cordless Framing Nailer

The best framing nailer in 2021 is a cordless type that uses compressed air and a powerful battery to fire nails without a ramp up time. It helps you get a professional finish with an ample mix of materials across the globe. Its power source eliminates the need for frequent cleanings and oil, among others. The nailer drives nails into the hardest surfaces, including engineered lumber and hardwood planks.

It drives up to 2 nails per second and up to 400 nails per full recharge. Use it comfortably while holding its ergonomic handle for long periods without feeling sore. Its easy to switch the machine between the sequential and bump fire modes. Whats more, youll find it quick and painless to adjust the machines depth drive.


  • It uses a 3000 mAh lithium-ion battery
  • Nails: 2 to 3.5-inch nails
  • Main material: stainless steel
  • Its highly portable and maneuverable
  • Its weight is well-balanced

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Best Framing Nailers In 2021 Gear Hungry

The Best Framing Nailer. 1. Our first pick of the best framing nailers is the mighty NuMax SFR2190 21 Degree Framing Nailer which boasts a durable magnesium body and a … 2. Shifting into the realm of better affordability, our choice for the best value nailer on the market is the 3PLUS 21 Degree …

Plus H349osp Framing Nailer

Dewalt 20

In comparison to other brands, 3Plus is a much smaller brand. However, it has developed some affordable framing nailers with advanced features. The H349OSP is one such budget-friendly option from the brand that gets the job done.

This 3Plus H349OSP uses an air compressor as its power source. With this equipment, you can easily drive 2 inches to 3 ½ inch nails into any wooden surface. You can store these nails in a 30° to 34° nail magazine. This gives more freedom and movement while handling the nailer. It is compatible with Paslode 30°, Senco 34°, or other similar nail gauges.

The electrical appliance has an offset round head that is clipped at an angle of 30° to 34°. It has a hardened claw tip to hold the nail firmly. This is especially useful when you are toe-nailing the wood. Furthermore, it has a dry-lockout feature. This feature extends motor life and prevents missing nails.

The framing nailer uses a single sequential trigger to drive nails. Once you release the manual trigger, the nailer releases multiple nails in one go. Additionally, it has a tool-less depth adjustment.

It is heavy and bulky which can reduce your mobility and precision. It weighs 10.38 pounds. Furthermore, it has a dimension of 21.1 x 15.7 x 6.2 inches.

Best Features:

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What Do Framing Nailer Angles Mean

When it comes to framing nailers, there are several variants to choose from, which can be confusing, especially for the beginner. Theres cordless vs. pneumatic, paper vs. plastic, stick vs. coil, and clipped head vs. round head. However, one of the most critical is the framing nail gun degree or angle.

The angle of a framing nailer refers to the collation of the nails. In other words, its how they are held together in the magazine. Its also the angle at which they are slanted.

It has nothing to do with the angle at which the gun fires nails into your workpiece. All nail guns drive nails perpendicularly or straight into the material.

There are several angles, each with its own set of pros and cons. The different types include:

  • 15-degree
  • 28-degree
  • 30-34 degree

To accommodate the different angles, the features of the nail gun are typically different. For example, 15-degree nailers use coil collated nails. These nails are connected using wire trips. The nails used in a 21-degree framing nail gun are connected using a plastic strip. Nails for a 30-34-degree framing nailer are held together using paper.

Watch this video if youd like to see the process of making coil collated nails.

The nails used in each different angled framing nailer are also dissimilar. 21-degree framing nailers dont use coil collated nails, whereas a 15-degree gun does.

Something else that changes depending on the angle is the magazines length and the number of nails it can hold.

Different Types Of Framing Nailer According To Angle

Before knowing about the best angle for framing nailers, you should learn their types. Also, at first, you must know what the framing nailer angle is? The degree of framing nailer is called the intersection between nailer head and the magazine. It is also known as a magazine angle.

In the market, you can find different angles of nailers or nail guns. The standard angles are zero, fifteen, twenty-one, twenty-eight, and thirty to thirty-four. Then, lets go to find details about these types.

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What Does Degree Mean In Framing Nailers

It means the intersection between nailer head and magazine. You can also say it the degree of nailer or the magazine angle. Many types of framing nailers are available according to the nailer magazine angle. It differs from zero to thirty-four degrees. The most well-known are zero, fifteen, twenty-one, twenty-eight, and a thirty-four-degree nailer. There is a misconception that this angle refers to the slant. But it is mentioned that nail gun degrees mean the collation of the nail.

Another thing about the degree framing nailers that the angle does not affect shooting. That does not change the degree of nails and sticks straight to the surface.

What Size Nails For A Framing Nail Gun

Ridgid 30 degree framing nailer review Home Depot Seeds

Framing nailers come in a variety of capacities and nailing angles. Each has its own style of nail clip along with some advantages and disadvantages. Our expert breaks it all down for you.

Derek R. Trimble

Framing nailers are the workhorses of the nail gun world and can drive an impressive number of nails in a very short amount of time. Not all framing nailers are equal, and there are some big differences in the types and sizes of nails they can use.

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What Kind Of Nails Are Used To Hang Picture Frames

Round Head Nails These are the standard nails with full round shaped head. FHR nails are the ones that you see and use often. If you have ever used a hammer and nail to hang a picture frame on the wall you have used the round nail.

It can also fire offset head and the clipped head nails. Even though the 30 to 34-degree framing nailers are better than the 21-degree regarding handling and feasibility, they use the same head nails. However, their nails are held together with paper rather than with plastic.

Do You Need A Nail Gun For A Trim

The Paslode Bostitch nail guns are the best choice for trim work. They are lightweight and easy to handle, which is what makes them a great option when you need to go upstairs or lug around an air compressor all day long.

Paslode has also developed its own 18-gauge finishing nails that will provide your finish with better protection against moisture damage.

A woodworker may want something heavier duty though if they do not have to walk so far between projects as these guns cannot withstand high pressures like some of the other models on this list can.

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Framing Nail Gun Angles: Whatre The Degrees Of Difference

If you plan on doing some home remodeling or fastening anything with nails, you should know how to handle nail gun angles properly. Framing nail gun angles vary depending on the type of work the nailer is supposed to perform. So, when you decide to buy a framing nail gun, you must know whats the degrees of difference of framing nail gun angles.

There are mainly four different degrees of nail gun angles, which also determines the nail collation type. Depending on the nail gun angle, you need to use either a coil collation or a stick collation for nailing the objects onto any surface.

This understanding is important since the collation is linked with the number of nails the framing nail gun can hold. Once you know the difference between framing nail gun angles, exactly the nailer you want and use it for better performance.

The Best Pneumatic Framing Nailerbostitch Pneumatic Nailer

21 Degree Plastic Round Head Framing Nailer

This Bostitch pneumatic framing nailer is the perfect tool for a variety of projects from framing, and siding, to bridging, fencing, and exterior decks. This 28-degree wire weld nailer is lightweight, durable, and easy to use. Its magazine has a capacity of 100 nails completing any demanding job easier and faster. One reviewer described it as a true classic adding that the framing nailer is tough as nails and provides day in and day out service under extreme conditions.

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Bostitch 20v Cordless Framing Nailer

If you want to go 100 percent cordless, BOSTITCH is certainly your best choice. The 28-degree framer uses a powerful 20V battery to get the nails driven perfectly at the right depth. You can use it for projects with various nail depth demands. Its tool-free depth adjustment system will save your time and money while getting the project done as needed.

While the framing nailer alleviates the possibilities of a jam, the built-in stall release lever will quickly reset the nailers driver blade to correct the situation. The nailer uses a 2-speed brushless motor, which doesnt produce much sound in the workshop but gets the work done fastest. It comes with a 3-year limited warranty.


  • You can switch between sequential and bump-fire firing
  • Weight: 8.1 pounds
  • Its a 28-degree framer
  • It comes with a user manual

Best Framing Nailer Reviews And Head

Best Framing Nailer Starting List. While we invited more brands to participate, here are the models that came in for testing: Bostitch F21PL2 DeWalt DWF83PL Estwing EFR2190 Metabo HPT NR83A5 Metabo HPT NR90AE Makita AN923 Milwaukee 7200-20 Paslode F350-S Ridgid R350RHF Senco 325FRHXP Bostitch 20V Max BCF30PTM1 DeWalt 20V Max DCN692M1 Metabo HPT 18V

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Metabo Hpt Cordless Framing Nailer Kit

Metabo framing nail gun kit is a strong and portable choice for heavy-duty projects like framing, building an extension, or installing a wraparound deck.

Metabo cordless framing nailer review might provide you with a better understanding of details.


  • Powerful Battery

Lithium-ion power is used in the HPT, which is a lightweight framer with long battery life. It can drive up to 400 strip nails per ultimately charged battery at a rate of two nails per second.

  • Boost Power

Air springs boost the driving speed and create as much recoil as an old-school pneumatic nailer connected to an air compressor, so theres no ramp-up period with this gun at all. An air spring system propels each nail that comes out of the cannon.

  • Adjustment In-Depth

With the tool-free depth of drive adjustment, you can achieve a professional finish on various materials. Not only did it make nailing more comfortable, but it also included a trigger switch with a side lock to prevent accidental fires.


  • Perfect for any framing project


  • Theres no way to clear a jam without using any tools.


The Metabo HPT NR1890DR nailer is the best example of unique blend quality from Japanese engineering. Even though it comes second in our rankings, this cordless framing nailer is the best in the market.

So What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Each

Best Pneumatic Framing Nailer Head To Head

Among other nail guns, framing nailers are the most versatile woodworking tool with a wide range of collections. Its because of their exclusive characteristics, like degrees. Usually, we see that the key benefit of nail gun degrees is saving space and increasing handiness. Lets get the more pros and cons of each segment individually below

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Makita An924 21 Full Round Head 3

  • Faster nail driving speed for maximum performance
  • Large capacity air chamber for increased power to drive nails up to 3-1/2 X. 148 in diameter
  • Drives 21º plastic collated framing Nails from 2 To 3 1/2 In length and.
  • Lightweight design at only 8. 3 lbs
  • Solid top-loading aluminum MAGAZINE for longer life

What Is The Magazine Angle Or Nailer Angle

Before finding out the best framing nailer to suit your needs, we need to have an idea about what the magazine angle is.

The magazine angle or commonly known as the nailer angle is basically the value of the angle between the nailer head and the magazine. Or simply, it is the angle at which the nail magazine is held together.

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Is Paslode A Good Framing Nailer

Overall, the Paslode IM350+ Lithium is a great framing nailer which offers excellent power, quick work progress and low user fatigue. The upgraded Li-ion battery technology significantly increases its performance and efficiency, allowing it to successfully take over from the previous IM350+ NiCad model.

The Best Affordable Framing Nailernumax Framing Nailer

Hyper Tough Pneumatic 21 Degree Framing Nailer with Nails ...

For small tasks or DIY projects, the NuMax SFR2190 framing nailer is great value for money, combining a low price and efficiency. This 21-degree pneumatic framing nailer is a sturdy and dependable construction tool and has all the premium features of a professional nailer, such as depth adjustment, a lightweight magnesium body, and an interchangeable trigger for quick-fire or single-shot function. One of the reviewers wrote, This is what you call money well spent. I’ve been framing my basement with this nailer for the last three weeks by myself and I haven’t had any issue at all. Very good tool.

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Power Source And Its Runtime:

We already mentioned that framing nailers work by using either a battery, fuel or electric-powered air compressor as their power source. Here the air compressor provides constant power considered more powerful than other options. If you have to work by moving around the worksite, then the battery and fuel cells suit the best option due to their mobility.

  • Fuel-powered nailers can fire about 1000 1300 shots before you need a new fuel cell.
  • Cordless nailers can easily fire up to 900 shots before the battery need to recharge.
  • Pneumatic nailers has a consistent power source, yet restricted to the number of nails in its magazine.

So What Are The Pros And Cons Of Each

21-Degree Framing Nailers: These nailers are capable of driving a full round head nail and the low angle is great for working in tight spaces. 21-degree nails are held together in plastic clips that shatter as the nails are being driven. This type of gun ejects pieces of plastic at high speed while youre working, so its a good idea to wear your safety glasses while you work. The major drawback to 21-degree nails is the low capacity per clip. You can expect each clip to hold only about 60 nails, so for larger projects, you can expect to reload with more frequency. The advantage to the low capacity is the light weight and extreme portability of these guns.

28-Degree Framing Nailers: Using a clip thats collated with nails and held with a wire strip, the 28-degree framing nailer has a similarly low angle but is capable of holding nearly twice as many nails. Since the nails can be packed tightly together, these guns are capable of firing three different styles of nails: offset head, clipped head and fully round head nails. The added capacity and the wire clip come with a sacrifice: weight. Expect this gun to weigh slightly more than a fully loaded 21-degree gun.

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Different Nails With Different Guns

It is not recommended. Suppose you want to use 21-degree framing nails into a 28-degree gun. It will not even work correctly because of their different collation. Another problem is nail magazines have unique compatibility. For example, full round offset or clipped head nails will not match with other magazines.

On the other, the rate of nail clips is also a fact as well as nail capacity. Again, you will face difficulties if you do so. Therefore, it will be better to use these cordless power tools according to their right angles and collation.

What Is A Framing Gun Used For

Choosing a Framing Nailer for the DIY’er

Primarily, a framing gun is used at construction sites to build houses and add on to current homes. However, some people want to DIY, which means theyve got to have the right tools for the job. If youre planning to build onto your home or build it from scratch, you should consider a framing gun. It is ideal for connecting planks, attaching beams, and attaching boards. Some of them can also be used for cabinetry and furniture creation.

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Can You Do All

The answer is positive so far. Most of them use a rechargeable 7.4-Volt Lithium-Ion battery. If you have an extra battery, you can extend the working time. Some heavy work requires wearing safety glasses to avoid sweat falling and also for protection. Sometimes heavy work leads to draining the battery quickly and some other technical difficulty. A simple battery change can solve the problem like these as well as the heating issues.

Related Questions

Can you use 21 degree nails in a 22 degree nail gun?

Yes, you’ll observed that manufacturer produces the nailer in that way that the user can use 1 or 2 degree imbalance of nail. It’s not a matter of worry, but it is better to use the specific nail for a specific gun.

Can I use 21-degree nails in a 30-degree nailer?

No, it’s not possible because the clips are different in 21-degree nails and 30-degree nails. You will face mechanical problem and may damage your nailer. Interchangeable different degree nails is quiet impossible. Like, you cannot use 21 degree nails in a 28 degree nailer.

Can 30-degree framing nailer use clip head nails?

Different models are optimized with different nail and their full-head and clip head features. If the 30-degree framing nailer model allows both heads, then it’s not a matter of concern.

Where can I use 21-degree framing nailer?

You can use it in a tight space. It not fixed you can use it anywhere.

How can I know the degree of my framing nailer?


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