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What Do I Need For Gel Nails At Home

Is Gel Or Acrylic Thinner

What You’ll Need For Gel Nails At Home!

When trying to decide what kind of nails you want, the question of gel or acrylic is one that has many people stumped. Whether its your first time getting artificial nails or youre switching from gel to acrylic, either way there are many factors to consider when deciding which type is best for you.

There isnt a definite answer on whether one type is thinner than the other so weve done some research and found out that if thickness is an important factor then gel would be the better option because they are more flexible than acrylics.

How To Prep For Gel Application

Even with bare nails, you will still want to wipe them down with either pure acetone or rubbing alcohol. This will remove any oils from the nail and help the gel adhere better. Many brands sell products to cleanse the nail before applying gel polish, but acetone works just as well and its much cheaper! Any nail oil or debris from buffing will be removed in this step and boost the lifetime of your gel mani.

Is It Worth Doing Gel Nails At Home

Well, that depends on what you’re looking to get out of the process. One of the best things about doing your own gel nails at home is that it’s cheaper than going to the salonespecially if you get them regularly. Professional gel manicures usually start at $35 , whereas DIY kits start can cost anywhere from $30 to $80 and can be used as frequently as you like.

That said, if you’re a total newb when it comes to painting and filing your nails, you might want to leave your gel manis to the pros, since the process does require a steady hand and a decent amount of patience.

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Removing Gel Nail Polish

Removing gel polish, however, is a different story altogether, and youll find a separate post about that here . Suffice to say, though, that its a lot more time-consuming than removing regular polish, and can be a bit of a pain. The fact that you only need to do it every few weeks, of course, helps balance that out, although if youre the type of person who likes to change your nail colour every few days, Id guess this system probably isnt for you!

In my case, Im not particularly adventurous with my nails, and tend to stick to the same colours all the time, so Im unlikely to get bored, or to find the removal process too much of an issue. With that said, Im finding it such a novelty to have painted nails which dont chip constantly that Ive become much more interested in nail polish all of a sudden, and have bought a few different colours which Im looking forward to trying out. Im unlikely to become obsessed with nail art or anything like that, because I just dont have the skill/patience to do it well, but Im loving this little DIY gel nail kit, and am so pleased Terry got it for me, so I can highly recommend trying it out if youre a fan of a long-lasting polish!

How To Do Gel Nails At Home With A Diy Gel Nail Kit

How to do Gel Nails at Home: A Step by Step Guide

If youve ever had a professional gel manicure, the process of doing gel nails at home will probably be pretty familiar to you, but for those who havent, heres how to do it


First things first: before getting started with your gel nail kit, youll want to prepare your nails by making sure theyre clean, free of any polish, and filed into the shape you want. Once youve done that, give each nail a quick wipe over with a lint-free pad soaked in the Prep+Wipe solution.


Once your nails are prepped, its time to apply the base coat. Youll be applying quite a few coats of polish, so make the base coat as thin as possible, and try to paint all the way up to the tip of the nail, to help seal in the polish and make it harder to chip off. Its also best to do one hand at a time, because as soon as you have that first coat done, youll be moving straight to step three


The most important step of the process, and the thing which makes gel manicures different than regular ones is the part when you cure the polish by placing your hand under your LED lamp. My lamp has three buttons on the top, allowing you to set the length of time itll remain switched on for. I give each coat two minutes to cure, and Ill sometimes do my thumb separate from the rest of my fingers, purely because its a little easier to position it that way, but you can easily do all five fingers at once.

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& : Soak It Off & Wrap It Up

There are two ways you can do this next part.

The first option is to pour acetone into a small dish and soak your fingers in the acetone for 10-15 minutes. To make the process even faster, we recommend placing your small dish of acetone into a bigger bowl with warm water. Warming up the acetone will allow it to penetrate the product faster and make your removal process much easier.

The second option is to soak your cotton balls in the acetone instead. One by one, place an acetone-soaked cotton ball on top of your nail. Grab a small piece of foil and wrap it around your fingertip to secure the cotton ball to your nail. Gently press the foil, so it forms to your fingertip. Allow your nails to soak for 10-15 minutes.

Pro Tip: Cut your foil during the prep phase, and use plain, non-moisturizing cotton balls

What Is A Gel Manicure

A gel manicure is a service that uses a gel-based polish and requires a UV or LED light to cure the polish and lock it onto your nails, says Duguay-Gordon. “Gel polish is more durable than regular polish,” she says. And while regular polish can chip as quickly as two to three days, gel stays chip-free for weeks.

While gel manicures look just like your regular old mani, the added benefits are that they last longer and feel sturdier. Plus, the beauty of a gel manicure is that anyone can get one, whether your nails are super short or Kylie Jenner-long.

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How To Do An Infill On Gel Nails At Home

Its been a while since I did my last nail blog post but the one that seems to be the most popular so far was my how to do a gel-overlay on your nails and so I thought what better way to second this with my how to do an infill on your gel nails blog post.

You might not have seen my other nail posts, so here are some facts about my gel nails. I do my nails myself. They are all my real nails with a coating of gel on top. I usually go for a natural look and if I feel like it, I will add a regular nail polish on top or do an accent nail with gel. Also, I have to address that I am not a professional. This is just how I do it at home and what works best for me. So without further or do, lets get right into it. Oh and recently I also got into gel nail art, so you might be seeing more of gen nail art on here too.

How To Remove Gel Nails At Home

DIY Gel Nails! how to do gel nails at home

So what about taking the DIY gel nails off? Doesnt it ruin your nails? Not at all! I will say that manis done at the salon are harder to get off than mine but taking the polish off is very easy. Heres my little system.

1. Cut five slips of tin foil.
2. Soak a cotton round in some strong nail polish remover and then wrap it on the nail.
3. Wrap the foil around the cotton pad and squeeze to secure.

They do make re-usable nail covers for this, but I think this is just as easy.

4. Wait 5-10 minutes.

The longer you wait the easier it will be. And I do just one hand at a time so I can re-use the foil and have a free hand to do things with in the meantime.

5. At this point remove the foils by sliding them off and use a cuticle pusher to gently scrape the gel off.

It should have curled up and sometimes the whole gel piece slides off with the foil! If its not coming off easily, give the nail a little more soaking.

6. Repeat on hand two and your nails are naked again!

I usually wait a day or two to let my nails breathe before repainting the DIY gel nails again.

So there you have it! Sparkle, sparkle.

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What Do You Need For Gel Nails At Home

Before you attempt an at-home gel mani, you need to make sure you have the right supplies. Youve got two options: You can buy a gel nail kit online, or you can buy all the pieces separately. Youll need a UV or LED lamp, a cuticle oil, a nail buff, a top coat, a base coat, and gel nail polish to get started. BTW: While you technically could use a regular nail polish and a gel top coat, Id recommend staying on the safe side and opting for gel nail polish. Regular polish wont last as long as gel, even if you use a gel top coat.

How to do gel nails at home

How Much Does It Cost

The cost of a gel manicure varies widely between cities, states, and nail techs. In major cities like LA and New York City, a gel manicure can cost anywhere from $30 to $50+. In general, expect gel polish to cost about $10 to $15 more than your regular manicure. Keep in mind that you’ll also have to pay for gel removal if you decide you don’t want to take it off at home.

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How To Do Gel Nails At Home

If youre like me, a manicure is not a long-lasting beauty treatment. As hard as I try to keep my nails looking pretty, dishes, work and well, life, often leave my nail color chipped and in disarray within a few days of a salon visit. But with the influx of new at-home gel nail kits on the market, you can now have a salon-quality manicure for up to two weeks for a fraction of the price it would cost in a salon. And its easier than you think.

Gel nails trump a regular mani with their durability, but can cost anywhere from $25-100 depending on salon or spaa bit too pricey for those of us on tight budgets. I spoke with Catherine Baek DAmbrosia, director of Global Education at ORLY, about cutting costs with at-home gel nail kits. As a nervous newbie, I asked her how to make the at-home gel nail process easier. All of the bottles and tools can be a little startling at first. Take your time. Total application time is approximately 30 to 40 minutes, says Baek DAmbrosia. Make sure to read the instructions before using and remember to avoid flooding the cuticle wall and skin area.

Are Gel Manicures Worth It

How to Do Gel Nails at Home

If you get normal manis on the reg or have a big spring break trip coming up that you want chip-free color for, gel is def worth the splurge. They only cost around $10 to $15 more than a regular one. But if it’s just for one night or you’re on a budget, you might want to opt for press-on nails or a regular manicure.

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What Type Of Fake Nails Are The Best

There are many different types of fake nails out there. Whether you want natural looking or more flashy, the perfect type for you is most likely out there! Some people may prefer acrylic nails with a gel coat to make them stronger and shinier.

Others might like the look of nail polish without worrying about chipping. However, if youre someone who likes to change their nail color quite often, then press-on nails are perfect for you because they require minimal effort in order to remove.

No matter what look your going for, its important that when picking out fake nails that theyre high quality so that they last longer than just a week or two.

Apply Cuticle Oil To Your Nail Beds

Another important part of nail prep: cuticle oil. Itll soften your cuticles so youll be able to push them back gently. And please don’t forget to wash or soak your hands afterward! You need to make sure the oil is completely off your nails before you start the gel processany leftover oil could cause your gel nails to lift . To be extra safe, swipe your nails with a bit of acetone before washing your hands to remove any excess oil.

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What’s The Difference Between Gel And Acrylic

Gel and acrylic are completely different â acrylic nails are made with a powder dipped in solvent. “They’re essentially used to lengthen the nail or provide a stronger top layer over the natural nail,” says Miss Pop. Think: the crazy-long coffin nails Kylie Jenner is obsessed with.

Sometimes acrylic nails come in colors, but they’re usually clear or natural-toned. Gels, on the other hand, come in nail polish shades and are made hard by being cured under a UV or LED lamp.

What Lasts Longer Gel Or Acrylic

What You Will Need To Do Gel Nails At Home By Gelulicious

Its true that gel nails last longer than acrylic nails, but the quality of the nail extension is important too. If you want to use a product that lasts up to 2 weeks and doesnt chip easily, then an acrylic nail might be your best choice.

But if youre looking for a product that will give stronger and more durable results, then gel nails are better for you. You can choose between UV or LED gels which both have their benefits and drawbacks so its really just whatever suits your needs at the time!

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Do I Need A Led Or Uv Nail Lamp

LED lamps cure much faster than UV! Typically an LED lamp will cure a coat of polish in 30 seconds while a UV lamp would take around 2 minutes. UV lamps typically have a bulb-life of 1000 hours while LED lamps last around 50,000 hours which means youd never have to worry about changing the bulbs (if youre not a nail tech you probably You also need to keep in mind if the brand of gel polish you are using is compatible with an LED lamp. All gel polishes will be compatible with a UV lamp, but only some brands can be cured by LED too. The bottle will say what type of lamp can be used.

I personally use this duo LED/UV lamp so I can be prepared for any polish! Ive been amazed by how well this lamp has performed and Id recommend it for anyone wanting to build a cheap beginner kit for trying gel nails at home.

Does It Contain A Gel Lamp

When it comes to choosing the right at-home gel kit, Aaron first says to check whether or not the contents of the kit require a gel lampand if they do, check whether the kit contains one or if you’ll need to purchase one separately. If you’re just starting out, it’s best to opt for a kit that contains all the tools you’ll need, gel lamp included.

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How To Do Gel Nails At Home For Beginners The Step By Step Guide

Please note: For each of the below steps, I would recommend that you go through them one hand at a time doing 5 nails on one hand first. You can then simply repeat the process for your other hand.

Step One: To begin your gel manicure, you should first make sure that your nails are clean and free of old polish and any dirt.

You want to ensure that they are well-groomed. This includes pushing your cuticles back following the shape and giving the nail plate a very light buff.

This is going to add a little texture for the gel to grab onto and to take hold. Just make sure you stop once your nail starts to turn whitish

Step Two: After you have prepped and cleaned each and every one of your nails, use a lint-free wipe and rubbing alcohol to cleanse the nail.

This is going to remove any debris and oils from your nail which are things that cause your Mani to not last as long.

If you have particularly oily nails, or if you often have trouble with polish or Gel lasting, I recommend using a Nail Primer. This particular one dries sticky which really helps the gel grab onto the natural nail.

With the primer, I like to just apply it in the areas of concern like around the cuticle, the sides, and the tip.

Now a quick warning from my experience if your primer is heavy-duty, if youre wanting to remove your gel sooner than a week maybe skip this step because it seems like the longer its on, the harder the removal process is.

Step Five: So now its time to apply your color gel.


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