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What Helps Nails Grow Stronger

Change Your Daily Habits


Adjusting your daily habits can also help your nails grow stronger over time. “Be gentle with your nails and try to minimize using your nails as tools to open things,” says Dr. Garshick. “Try to keep your nails trimmed so they don’t snag on things which may make them more susceptible to breakage.” Another tip is to avoid exposing hands to water for a prolonged period of time. If you’re washing dishes, for example, she says to wear gloves.

Dr. Graf agrees and lists other habits such as eating a well-balanced diet , avoiding nail-biting, and taking breaks from using nail polish can also help the health of your nails. She adds that some abnormalities to the nail are harmless texture and color can change temporarily if you’ve been wearing fake nails or polish for a while. But if areas around the nail start to hurt, change in color for a long period of time, bleed, swell, or separate from the skin, then consult a professional.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Being hydrated has a direct effect on the health of a persons nails.

When a person is not getting enough fluid, their nails can become brittle. When a persons nails are fragile, they break or peel more easily.

The state that most people can get enough fluids to remain hydrated by drinking water when thirsty and when eating a meal. However, if a person feels they are not getting enough fluid, they can increase their daily intake by:

  • carrying a reusable water bottle
  • choosing water over sugary drinks
  • drinking water at meals instead of other beverages

Home Remedies To Make Your Nails Grow Faster

In this article:

Nails are composed of a fibrous protein called keratin, which also makes up the hair and skin. Nails grow rather slowly, usually up to 23 mm a month.

Fingernails are relatively faster to develop than toenails and, therefore, need to be filed more regularly, unless you want to keep them long for cosmetic appeal. However, maintaining long nails can be a difficult task as they accumulate dirt easily and are prone to cracking, splitting, or breakage.

Keeping your nails in good condition makes a great impression. Conversely, unclean, discolored, or chipped nails tend to reflect poorly on your hygiene and overall personality. Plus, this kind of negligence can further slow nail growth.

This article will discuss the various causes of slow nail growth and how to address it through nail care, remedies, and lifestyle choices.

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Use Cuticle Oil Or Serum

Hydrating your skin is an important part of any self-care routine, and this includes your cuticles. By using cuticle oil regularly, you’ll avoid breakage and picking while simultaneously keeping your nails healthy and flexible too. Dry nails will break and chip while well-moisturized ones will grow nice and long.

Eat More Foods That Promote Strong Nails

Grow nails faster is the dream  and healthy nails are ...

Avoid yo-yo dieting, which can lead to vitamin deficiencies that may put the strength of your nails in jeopardy. Make sure you eat enough protein and calcium too, which are thought to promote nail health, says Robin Evans, MD, Connecticut-based board-certified dermatologist and clinical instructor at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Loading up on biotin-rich foods, such as veggies, eggs, and nuts, may also help.

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Avoid Rough Emery Boards

Those old-fashioned orange emery boards are too harsh for nails, causing small fissures and cracks that lead to breakage and tears, says Ravits. Instead, she says, file nails with a smooth, fine file and don’t saw back and forth. Instead, Ravits says, file in one direction only, and do it slowly and evenly to reduce risk of breakage.

What Does A Strong And Healthy Nail Look Like

A strong and healthy nail looks shiny, smooth, uniform and consistent on both the nail bed and the free margins. A healthy nail is not rigid, broken or cracked. The colour of the nail bed is usually pale pink while the free margins are white. If the nail bed looks pale or whitish, it is a sign of a health condition that suggests anaemia. The look and feel of a nail can tell a lot about our health.

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Apply Cuticle Oil Regularly

The end of every manicure finishes with a shiny slick of cuticle oil painted across the bottom of our nails, but what does it do? When applied daily and massaged into the base of the nail, cuticle oils help with the nail condition and stimulates the growth, explains Gray. This is due to the massage action, which brings blood and nutrients to the brain of the nail, also known as the matrix. This is the full moon at the base of the fingernail where the cells of the nails are formed.

Draper adds, You should also use cuticle oil at least twice a day to encourage strong regrowth I love Dadi oil, a treatment oil high in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents. Keep it by your toothbrush to help to remember to apply it and massage it in twice a day.

How Can Sns Nails Help

This new product helps your nails grow longer and stronger

The Signature Nail System has a different approach to nails. SNS cares about nail beauty and nail health in equal measure, and this is reflected in our dipping powders.

The SNS dip powder nails are a two-part system involving dip liquids and dip powders. Compared to other treatments, SNS products are created with far less chemicals. They don’t require the use of monomers, or any UV light to cure.

Dip powder nails lessen the chemical load on your nails. And if you get your nails done regularly, this is a huge factor in why your nails aren’t growing.

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Keep Them On The Shorter Side

If youre having trouble with weak nails, consider cutting down the length while you build up their strength, suggests Dr. Solomon. Shorter nails are less prone to breaking because there are fewer exposed edges to tear, and less surface area where water and chemicals can be absorbed. Once trimmed, prevent snags by gently rounding the edges with a nail file.

Try A Topical Strengthener

Both Dr. Graf and Boyce recommend using Orly’s Breathable Calcium Boost , a topical strengthener that you apply the same way you do nail polish. “It has vegan calcium, vitamin B5, vitamin C, and argan oil, which help nourish dry, damaged, and thin nails.” It also has antioxidants to nourish the nail, notes Boyce.

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Lemon Juice To Grow Nails Stronger & Faster Naturally

Vitamin C and antioxidants present in lemon are very essential for nail growth. Lemon juice when used frequently and regularly on the nails, help in getting rid of the yellowness on the nails. Lemon juice also makes the nails shine when used regularly.

Method 1:

A nail coat or a solution to soak the nails can be prepared using the lemons. You can add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and three to four tablespoons of olive oil in a bowl and mix them. Slightly heat this solution in the microwave. Next, soak your nails in this homemade lemon juice concoction for about 10 to 15 minutes. Do this remedy twice or thrice a week to see remarkable difference in your nails. This lemon juice home remedy not only makes your nails stronger, but will also help you get rid of the yellowness of the nails and add shine to your nails.

Method 2:

Take a slice of lemon or a used lemon peel and rub it on finger your nails for about 5 to 10 minutes. Once done, wash your nails with lukewarm water. Next, dry your nails thoroughly and apply a nourishing moisturizer on your nails. This natural remedy will make your nails grow faster and stronger in no time but make sure that you do not get any lemon juice on cuts in around your nails as it will sting.

Consider Supplements For Extra Help

Essie " Grow Stronger"

You should be able to get all the correct amount of nutrients from your diet, says Gray. But if you want to take supplements for additional support, vitamin A strengthens the nails and helps them grow, while vitamin B helps prevent nail diseases. Also, calcium is indispensable for the strength and consistency of the nails.

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Consider Popping Biotin Supplements

Its yet to be proven without a doubt, but biotin may help to strengthen hair and nails. Because its water-soluble, it isnt stored by the body, so you have to ensure that you consume it daily, says Dr. Solomon.

Generally, most adults should be getting 30 micrograms of biotin daily, according to the National Institutes of Health. The typical recommended supplemental dose is roughly up to 3,000 mcg daily for six months, according to the Cleveland Clinic, but your doctor may recommend less or more, depending on your personal health.

If theres no improvement in nail strength by that time, odds are biotin is unlikely to be helpful. But if your nails do become stronger and you decide to make biotin supplementation a regular thing, make sure you stop taking them a few days before getting any lab tests done, as large amounts of biotin in your system can skew test results.

Take A Nail Supplement

You can level-up your nail nutrition game with a nail supplement. “Taking 5000 UCG per day of biotin helps strengthen nails as well as promote nail growth,” says Dr. Graf. Boyce has seen this in action at her nail salon. “Clients who take any type of biotin supplements tend to have nails that grow really fast,” she says.

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Cut Back On Gel And Acrylic Manicures

They may be touted as an easy alternative for people who have trouble growing their nails, but frequent gel or acrylic manicures can cause your nails to peel, weakening them in the process. These manicures also expose your digits to excessive amounts of acetone in the soak required to remove them, which is very drying to the nail, says Dr. Klein. If you prefer to keep these types of manicures on rotation, make sure to either give your nails time to breathe between applications or save them for special occasions.

Strengthen Your Nails By Giving Them A Break


“While there’s no scientific evidence that keeping your nails polish-free will make a difference, anecdotally I can tell you that we totally notice a difference in the strength and health of the nails when our clients do take a break,” says Tuttle. Choi and Holford agree all three recommend keeping your nails au naturel for at least a few days after sporting a gel, acrylics, or dip.

If you really need to keep them polished, use a nail strengthener as a base coat, suggests Holford. You can also look for a color that contains strengthening ingredients.

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Garlic Speeds Nail Growth: False

Some women with long, attractive nails swear by garlic. They say that they rub halved raw garlic on their nails regularly, or they mince garlic, stuff it into a bottle of clear nail polish, then paint their nails weekly with it. They claim to grow longer, stronger nails quicker than their friends who don’t know their secret.

Why have people targeted garlic? Possibly because the bulb is high in selenium, and some studies have linked low selenium levels to weaker nails. But no research has found a connection between garlic ingestion or application and longer, stronger, or quicker-growing nails.

“These claims are a bit ridiculous,” Robinson says. “There’s no validity to this.”

How To Grow Your Nails Faster And Make Them Stronger

Women’s Best Beauty TeamAugust 29, 2019Reading time: 2min

Do you experience slow nail growth, brittle nails, nail breakage, nail splitting, and other nail problems?

Then we have good news! The times, where you needed to spend a lot of money on acrylic nails or manicure to have long, strong, and healthy-looking nails are finally over.

We show you the best natural home remedies for nail growth that really work!

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How To Help Your Nails Grow Stronger And Healthier

This post may contain affiliate links meaning I earn money from companies mentioned in this post at no additional cost to you. Read full disclosure here

While some people have naturally strong, long thick nails, others do not due to genetics. If you are lucky enough to have fast-growing, perfectly shaped nails and even cuticles, then only trauma and lack of care will change the health of your nails.

Others are not so lucky as their nails are naturally brittle with soft cuticles. But with proper nail care habits, you can help your nails grow stronger and healthier.

I have seen a lot of nail care products that claim to improve the nails but no evidence has shown that they actually work. For this reason, I will give you tips on how to have stronger and healthier nails without spending a lot on nail cosmetics.

How To Grow Long Strong Nails

Perfectly Polished 12: Essie " Grow Stronger"

This article was co-authored by Lindsay Yoshitomi. Lindsay Yoshitomi is the nail artist behind the blog, Lacquered Lawyer. She was featured as one of Nail It! magazines Bloggers You Should Know, and has been on the cover of Nail Art Gallery Magazine. She has been practicing nail art for over 15 years.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. This article has 101 testimonials from our readers, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 2,258,100 times.

Growing long and strong nails is a multi-step process. As long as you take good care of your nails, you can grow them to the length you desire. You need to start by making sure you stop bad nail habits. After that, taking appropriate vitamins and manicuring properly will help you grow long, strong nails.

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Use A Cuticle Oil Daily

According to Ama Quashie, session manicurist and founder of Ama salon, the secret to growing your best nails is: hydration, hydration, hydration. ‘To have strong nails, they need to be healthy and to be healthy, they need to be hydrated,’ she says. ‘Cuticle oil works by hydrating the cuticle and nail bed, which is why it’s such an important step in nail care, whether you’re growing your nails or simply want them to look their best.’

Her favourites? Skip the pricey branded bottles and opt instead for organic Dadi oil or a simple jojoba: they’ll do the job just as well and don’t cost the earth.

How To Make Your Nails Grow Longer And Stronger

Buh-bye, brittle nails.

Maybe its been the lockdown boredom , but it seems so many of us are attempting to grow our nails longer and stronger right now.

If youve ditched the acrylics and taken a much-needed break from the gels, yet your nails are still brittle and flaky, we feel your pain.

On a mission to achieve the long, resilient talons of our dreams, weve tried out all the hacks and enlisted some of the best experts to reveal exactly how to make our nails grow longer, stronger and healthier for good. Stay with us for everything you need to know..

How To Grow Longer And Stronger Nails

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Avoid Gel Or Acrylic Nails

Constantly using gels or acrylic nail polish can damage a persons nails, causing them to peel.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, the UV light that people use to dry the polish also carries a potential risk. This is because UV light has links to both skin cancer and premature aging. The Foundation recommend applying sunscreen to the hands 20 minutes before a nail salon appointment as a preventive measure.

To help keep the nails strong and healthy, a person should take a break from gels and acrylic polishes or avoid using them altogether.

Be Mindful Of Your Polish Choices

How to Grow Strong Nails

Make sure the polishes you use contain nourishing, conditioning ingredients rather than drying additives like formaldehyde, camphor, and toluene. Since the polishes are sitting on your nail for a week at a time, it’s vital that they’re not actively weakening the proteins while doing so. And if you have a favorite shade that isn’t 7-free or higher? Well, at the very least make sure you are using a clean base coat as that’s what’s touching the nail. Try sundays’ B.01 Hydrating Base Coat.

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Try A More Natural Nail Polish

Quashie recommends giving ‘free from’ varnishes a go, which purposefully exclude any potentially toxic chemicals. ‘In terms of natural credentials, the scale runs from “three-free” all the way up to “13-free”, which means that brand does not have any of the most commonly used chemicals that have been identified as potentially harmful in their varnishes.’

So, which brands to go for? ‘Some great ‘free-from’ brands are Kure Bazaar, Nailberry and Butter London some of the larger brands such as Nails Inc and Orly are bringing out similar formulas too.’

Avoid Aggressive Manicure & Pedicure

The use of un-sterilized manicure and pedicure tools at a beauty salon is one of the causes for transmission of infections from one individual to another. It is good option to carry your own personal kit while you visit a salon for manicure and pedicure. Also, sometimes people get their cuticles trimmed leaving them open to infections. This might lead to an infection of the nail bed and would impede the growth of the nails along with making them weak. Make sure you get manicure and pedicure done at a professional salon to avoid all these problems and help grow your nails faster and stronger naturally.

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