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Where To Buy Dashing Diva Nails

How To Apply Ohora Nails

Dashing Diva Gel Nail Strips Review| & How To

Wash your hands before applying the gel nail sticker to remove extra stuff on your nail bed. Then select your favorite semi-cured gel nail sticker and apply it on your nail bed carefully. Let it cure completely by putting your nails under a UV lamp. Trim or cure the final look of your nails. You can also add a top coat on your gel nail sticker to enhance their look.

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How Did Dashing Diva Get So Fly

Dashing Diva is manufactured in Korea, but based in New York. If youve ever had a conversation with any beauty expert, youll know that South Korea is known for their beauty technology and blow everyone else out of the water, separating them from the rest. Dashing Diva is super quality controlledfrom fit, to high quality nail art details, to the look and feel of their nail polish strips.

I also think theyre awe-inspiring because theyve made sure their products are completely customizable! I brought my DD nails with me on my last trip and added nail art stickers to my press on nails. They turned out so much more personalized than when I go to nail salons.

This color has been cycled out. Currently loving: Galaxy Unknown

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How Do They Compare To Color Street

  • The material is thicker than Color Street so they have a little more stretch to them.
  • They had a few more bubbles and places I didnt get smoothed than Color Street. But I also didnt try super hard.
  • Ive only tried the Color Street strips for a week and the wear and tear was similar to what I experienced after two weeks with Dashing Diva strips. Dashing Diva lasted longer for me.
  • Color Street is more expensive at between $11-$13 a set
  • Most Color Street nails only include one design in a package though a few come with two coordinating designs.

Nothing against Color Street, I still think its a good product, but I think personally feel the Dashing Diva nails strips give me more of what Im after more design options, cheaper price point, and a little more durability.

So will I try Dashing Diva nail strips again? Definitely. In fact, I think I might go order a couple more sets now! ð

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Select Best Size Strip

The second step in this Dashing Diva nail strips review and tutorial is to select the best size strip for each nail. Since they come on a clear plastic backing, you can hold them over your nails. If you are in between sizes, the best thing to do is to size down. Any part of the strip that overlaps onto your skin will end up not sticking on your nail.

If you are a small woman like me, you may find that you need to custom fit some strips. I accomplish this by cutting them with cuticle cutters.

Once I have all 10 strips selected, I like to lay them on my work space in order of application to prevent confusion. I even take mine one step further by cutting each strip into individual pieces, but you do not need to do that.

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Ohora Nails : Korean Gel Nail Stickers

Dashing Diva Style Crush Ultra Shine Gel Strips

Ohora nails are brilliant semi-cured nails that are amazingly made up of real liquid gel. The versatility of shapes in these nails is the main reason why people adore these nails. Ohora nails are 60% cured and the remaining gets cured under a UV lamp. Enjoy the flexibility and parlor-like firmness of these nails for up to 14 days with an ultimate glossy shine.

Nude colors and Pastel colors are super trendy summer nails these days because you can wear them on your summer beach parties as well as your concert nights. The addition of pastel art or colorful beads in nude colors makes it super amazing for your personality.

Mid-length square and square, oval shapes are the most demanding shape of this year. Girls are more towards natural shapes rather than sharp, peaked nails. You feel more comfortable in short lengths and square, rounded shapes if you have to wear them up to a few weeks.

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Reviewing Dashing Diva Nail Strips

Ive established before that Im a fan of nail strips. In fact, Ive reviewed both Color Street and Jamberry in the past. Basically, other than a professional manicure, nail strips are the only way I can have pretty nails. Which bring us to my latest experiment: Dashing Diva Nail Strips.

Color Street was my absolute favorite, but I figured Id give Dashing Diva a try since they were so easy to buy and they were cheaper .

I picked up my first couple sets of Dashing Diva nail strips on a random Target run on impulse. Here are the exact ones I used for my first try: Dashing Diva Rose Sparkle. They also have their own Dashing Diva website with even more options: Dashing Diva Website.

My initial thoughts were that they were a bit more difficult to put on, had less size options than Color Street, and felt kind of plastic. More like a nail sticker than nail polish.

Now that Ive tried a few different packs of strips over the last few months, I have a few additional thoughts:

Putting Them On: I still find them tricky to put on because my nails dont necessary match exactly with their sizing options. However, one trick I found is once you get them on your nail, rather than using the included nail file, I like to use a nail clipper to clip the strip at the very end of my fingernail to get a perfect fit.

Have you tried Dashing Diva nail polish strips? What do you think of them?

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Why You Should Use Dashing Diva Nail Guards

Dashing Diva Nail Guards are considered the best nail wraps, and there are several reasons behind it. Here is the reason why you should choose them-

  • It is quite inexpensive they typically cost about $12 for a set that includes a couple of manicures.
  • The sets can be mixed and matched.
  • The process of applying these is pretty quick like, it takes only 10 minutes to apply.
  • There is a wide variety of colors and styles available in Dashing Diva Nail Strips.
  • If you do not need them, they can be removed easily.
  • It is much easier to re-do one nail if the gel strip starts peeling off than to spend a lot of time getting to a nail salon.

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Dashing Diva Magicpress And Gloss Gel Strips Review

Ive never been much of a nail girl because a) I suck at painting my nails b) Im a crafty person and use my hands a lot c) every gel manicure Ive ever gotten have never lasted more than a week. I love the idea of having pretty nails and really love the crazy sparkly designs the Koreans do, but I only dream about them and save them on my Pinterest. I first discovered nail strips or stickers at Etude House and thought it would just be fun to try, but it led me to discover Dashing Diva and their amazing line of press on nails and gloss gel strips!

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Dashing Diva Gel Strips Review

Dashing Diva Review | Review + Wear Test of Dashing Diva Nail Strips + Press On Nails!

Since finding Dashing Diva Gel Strips 2 years ago, I have completely stopped getting nail salon manicures! I dont get much time without kids, so I dont have a ton of extra time to sit at the nail salon every other week. If youre looking for a great solution for a fraction of the cost, I have you covered with Dashing Diva gel strips! Seriously, they work so well and I cant believe how long they stay on. I wanted to share a Dashing Diva gel strips review with you and share some tips that Ive learned while applying them. I also have a discount code that will save you 10% off your purchase. Use code CHELSEA10 for 10% off!

The answer is YES! They work really well, but you need a few times to practice and youll get the hang of it. I was always skeptical of the nail stickers I have seen around. I have been getting my nails done every 2-3 weeks for years and it adds up! Not to mention the time it takes, finding childcare, etc. Dashing Diva Nails make several different colors and styles. They also make press on nails which I havent yet tried. Im so glad I tried Dashing Diva and Im not sure Ill go back to regular gel nails.

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How Long Do They Last

Press-on nails typically last five to seven days but depending on your activities, it could last longer. Or shorter. Depending on if youre using an adhesive or glue, this can also impact the life of your press-ons. Some nails are water-resistant, while others arent. So if you are always the one whos doing the dishes, your press-on nails might not last as long as youd hope! For some, these babies can even last up to a month!

Where To Buy Ohora Nails

Ohora nails are not hard to find. Dont worry, you can take hot selfies at home on these exhausting days by getting Ohora nails online. and Alibaba both are offering Ohora nails. Ohora store and official website are also offering amazing deals for these gel sticker nails. Many other Korean and international beauty websites are selling these nails. So Enjoy your summer with beautiful Ohora nails.

Clio Bestsellers from Cushion to Eye Makeup

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Remove Your Virtual Nails Without Going To The Dashing Dave Salon

The website says that you will need a magic nail polish solution or something like that to remove it, not an acetone nail polish remover. is good.

Removing water or nail polish will not give you art and your nails will not get wet. Use pure acetone. Put something in a bowl and let it soak. Soak for about 20 minutes. Sing with orange teeth without removing acetone. Dive in and watch until everyone dies. You should put your nails in acetone, when you remove it, the product will be returned to you. Next, you should use a scrubbing sponge that is very effective in relieving the tension on your hard nails. If you have gel coated acrylic, you will definitely need to determine how accurate it is to break down your nail cells.

How To Remove Dashing Diva Press On Nails

Dashing Diva Nailguard Protective Base

Dashing Diva City Nights Ultra Shine Gel Strips

Dashing Divas NailGuard is a peel-away protective base for gel-polish and acrylics. NailGuard eliminates soak-off time, and a micro-thin base layer helps maintain client nail health. The product requires no dry time and can be worn up to 14 days.

1. Start with clean, dry hands and nails. Push back cuticles with a manicure stick. Wipe nails with alcohol to remove any remaining oil. Select the NailGuard strip that best fits each nail. The strip should cover the entire nail from side to side without touching the skin. Detach the individual NailGuard strip by tearing along the perforated line and remove the white backing paper. Hold the strip at its center and place the tacky side down onto the nail starting at the base. Press down side to side to release NailGuard onto the nail. Remove the top film and discard. Firmly smooth strip over entire nail. Start at the base and smooth the center, move up from side to side. Fold any excess strip over the nail edge and gently file away. Make sure the free edge has a smooth finish.

2. Nails are now ready for gel-polish or acrylic application over NailGuard.

3. To remove, dip your manicure stick in polish remover. Place the beveled edge of the manicure stick at the side corner of the cuticle.

4. Gently push-in and slowly lift up to peel away the gel color.

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Step 1: Prep Basically, just push back your cuticles and use the alcohol wipe

Step 3: Press

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Pros Of Dashing Diva Nail Strips

When I first tried out Dashing Diva gel strips, I had a bunch of house work I needed to get done. I figured theyd for sure peel off while I pulled weeds, painted, and went through the girls clothes. Oddly enough, they didnt budge! Since then, Ive worn them while on a trip to Palm Springs, to the beach and the pool. They held up great! See below for my tips and tricks when applying Dashing Diva nails. Here are my favorite things about these nail stickers:

  • They are budget friendly they typically cost around $12 for a set which will give you a couple of manicures
  • You can mix and match the sets
  • They are really easy to apply
  • There are a lot of colors and styles to choose from
  • They can be easily removed when youre done with them
  • If a gel strip starts to peel off, you can just re-do that one nail vs. having to wait to get to the nail salon
  • I also use the small nails/leftovers on my girls!

Dashing Diva : Korean Gel Nail Stickers

Dashing Diva! Its all in the name girls :). Dashing diva nails are just like its brand name, dashing and dazzling. Dashing Diva gel nail stickers are beyond amazing. And guess whats the interesting side? Dashing diva offers two styles of gel nails. One that doesnt need a UV lamp is Magic Press and the one that needs a UV lamp to complete cured look is Glaze.

Glaze gel nails feel romantic and poetic from their name and glossy finish. Glaze gel nails are long-lasting as well as more beautiful than the Magic Press. Its shiny texture spreads a sparkling glow all around your personality. Glaze Gel nails are half cured and the remaining is cured by LED Lamp.

Dashing Diva has its own place in the Korean beauty market due to its long-lasting and easy usage. Dashing Diva gel nail strips can be coated with different nail colors or you can buy gel nail stickers with beautiful nail art. Depends on you. Whether you want to try your own creative thoughts or go with plane gel stickers.

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Nail Sticker Tips And Tricks

First, I make sure my nails are clean. Then, I cut/file and cut cuticles. Next, I buff my nails really well so theyre super smooth. Last, I wipe them off with alcohol . Youll want to do a good job at measuring the stickers. Pick the best fit so the edges line up with your nails. If you mess up, they come with extra stickers too! I will tug a little bit on the ends and then fold down and file. Use the white side of the file to trip the tip, then the grey to smooth everything out.

this combo is probably my fave! I love anything leopard print!

this is how they look before theyre trimmed

Things I Like About These Nail Stickers:

How to apply Dashing Diva Nail Strips
  • There are cool designs to mix and match in each package. On this second manicure I thought I had already used all the marbled strips but of course I found them after I finished.
  • Theyre easy to remove. The package instructions say to use a drop of polish remover on them before taking off but honestly? I just peeled them off last time and they were fine.
  • Theyre cheap! Other nail strips or stickers Ive tried were between $10-$15, these are $7.99 at Ulta Beauty, and $6.99 at Target.
  • You get 34 strips in a package 22 base color, 3 accents with 4 strips a piece. You also get a nail file.
  • They have a lot of different designs to pick from, like these:

I also just took a quick peak at my new Allure Beauty Box for this month and there was a set inside there which Im pretty excited about!

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When I Dont Use Them:

These arent a 1-second manicure. Though I would consider doing them in an Uber because they dont smell like anything and there isnt a dry time, they still take about 15-20 minutes to do well and arent quite as fool-proof as the Magic Press . I like to apply these when Im relaxing before bed because they look amazing after Ive slept in them. I also prefer to use their other products if my nails are peeling so I dont risk additional damage.

Test It Tuesday: Do Popular Nail Strips Work Better Than Polish

Houston The pandemic has done a number on our finances and our fingernails. Now, some women are looking for cheaper alternatives to the nail salon and polish that chips and peels days after you apply them.

Nail strips are growing in popularity. Essentially, they are fingernail polish stickers that you apply to your nail. There is no mess and no dry time. We asked viewer Liz Deering to try two different brands to tell us which works best and lasts the longest.

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