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Where To Buy Uv Gel Nail Polish

How To Use Uv Gel Nail Polish

Beetles Gel Polish Review | DIY Budget Friendly Gel Polish
  • Step 1- To get the best results, your nails need to be washed, scrubbed, cleaned, and dried. File your nails into the shape you want with a 180/240 grit file. Use an orangewood stick or metal cuticle pusher to gently push back your cuticles. Buff your nails with a buffing block to remove the shine. Wipe your nails properly, making sure you get into all the corners and even under the edge, removing all the dust.
  • Step 2- Apply a thin base coat and aim for an even coverage. Cap the free edge as it prevents chipping due to wear and tear. Place your hand inside the UV lamp and cure for 2 minutes, and for 1 minute with an LED light. Once the base coat is cured, it will still be sticky. Do not let anything but your gel color touch it at this point, as anything else will ruin the final finish.
  • Step 3- Paint on your first layer of polish and ensure that you dont get any polish on your skin. Try to leave a 1 mm gap between your skin and the edge of your nails. Cap the edge of your nails with the polish just like you did with the base coat. Cure in the lamp for 1 minute with a LED light and 2 minutes with a UV lamp. Repeat step 3, applying a second coat of color. The color layers will also feel sticky when cured, and this helps the layers to bond together.

Kanorine Chameleon Color Coat Soak

Kanorine Chameleon Color Coat Soak-Off Gel Polish is a revolutionary product made by Kanorine. It provides charming colors in the light, and the color will change when you turn on UV light. The product can be applied with no polish-wipe-off, nail prep, or brush clean-up, which makes it easy for any nail artist.

The nail polish comes with a brush that is wide. Its very easy to apply this color with the brush. The feeling on the nails is glossy and you will have that for up to 3 weeks. With UV lights, you can also see the color change and its just beautiful!

This color is a little more out there than the rest. Kanorine says that this is a chameleon color coat that changes colors under different lighting. The range of colors it can go through are red, blue, green, purple, and yellow.

The Chameleon Color Coat is a nail polish that changes colors, which is great for someone who likes to switch up their mani. The color can be changed with just one swipe of the brush, and it takes only two coats to get the shade you want.

Explore the world of nail art without any damage to your nails with Kanorine Chameleon Color Coat Soak-Off Gel Polish. This brand has a wide range of color choices, and it is perfect for those who love the chameleon effect.

Gellen Gel Nail Polish Set

The perfect product for the perfect manicure. It doesnt chip, it lasts for weeks, and you can use it with any style of nail art!

The Gel Nail Polish Set is one of the best you will find on the market. When it comes to durability, it is tough to beat. You can also use it with a UV light, which makes it easy to have that salon look.

Gellen Gel Nail Polish Set is a revolutionary product. It will change the way you choose your nail polish bottles from now on. With Gellen Gel Nail Polish Set, you can have a natural-looking manicure in seconds. The best part is you dont have to go to a salon for this!

This is one of the best gel nail polishes because it has a huge range of colors to choose from. I chose this set because it has the shades that Im looking for, and they were also super affordable. This is a great investment as I can wear this color for as many as six weeks without having to re-apply, and Ill still have a fresh look. Its really shiny and glossy too!

Gel nail polish is a type of manicure that has been around for decades. Gel nails are innovative, durable, and resilient. The ingredients that makeup gel nails are ethyl methacrylate , ethyl vinyl acetate , butyl methacrylate , and n-butyl alcohol polymer.

This gel nail polish set offers a lovely range of colors, a beautiful finish, and good staying power. Almost everything you could wish for in a quality set of gel polishes.

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Essentials For Healthy Nails

With the right treatment products, you can address a wide range of nail and hand care concerns.

  • Cuticle butters, lotions, creams and oils soften the skin around the nails, reducing splitting and flaking
  • If your nails are prone to breakage, you can apply a nail hardener or strengthener polish or cream regularly.
  • Nail supplements are also available to promote stronger, longer nails by supplying your body with the nutrients required for proper growth.

Aimeili Base Coat & No Wipe Top : Buy 8ml UV Gel Nail Polish Soak Off Gel Polish UV ...

Are you ready to give yourself a stunning UV gel manicure at home? This UV gel nail polish is guaranteed to last 21 days without nicking, chipping, or smearing. Simply apply a little coat of polish to your nails and dry them under a UV or LED bulb.

This vegan UV gel nail paint is made with eco-friendly materials and has just a tiny non-toxic odor, which is unavoidable in the case of a gel nail lacquer, but the good news is that it goes away as it dries. Both coats apply smoothly and cure quickly, leaving a high-shine, rock-hard finish. Other polishes may be sandwiched between the base and topcoat to open up a world of creative possibilities.

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How To Do Uv Gel Nails

There are a few basic recommendations that will help you obtain the ideal manicure whether youre performing UV gel manicures in a nail salon or at home:

Apply thin applications of UV gel polish. If you use too much polish, it will bubble beneath the curing lamp, resulting in an uneven manicure.Make sure the polish has been applied to the tip of the nail. This is, after all, where the gel polish is most prone to chip.Cure the UV gel polish using a nail dryer or a UV nail lamp.

How To Use A Gel Nail Kit At Home

  • Get started with your gel nail manicure by making sure to use a good nail polish remover to erase any traces of your previous nail paint as a beginning step to getting the best at-home gel manicure.
  • Next, take out your gel nail polish kit, which contains a base coat, gel polish, topcoat, and UV or LED curing light. The best DIY gel nail kits also provide simple grooming tools, including clippers and embellishments, for a more glamorous look.
  • Start with clean, washed hands, and wipe your nails gently with an alcohol pad to remove any natural cuticle oils. Prep your nails by filing them to a uniform shape, and push back your cuticles using the right manicure tools. Next, you can buff your nail bed for a smooth foundation that is ready for gel polish.
  • Every good gel nail polish deserves a coat of primer to get the nail surface ready.
  • Then its time for the base coat. Depending on the brand, the base coat should be cured for 30 to 60 seconds, but its best to follow the directions for the specific items youre using. Most kits come with instruction manuals to guide you through the process.
  • Finish with one coat of the top coat and 2 coats of gel paint, curing in between every coat. If you find that a sticky residue remains after the top coat has dried, you can gently wipe it away with another alcohol pad. To stop the gel colors from appearing clumpy, add them in thin layers, and make sure they are cured well.

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Your Source For Wholesale Nail Salon Supplies

Why buy with us? Weve been one of the industrys leading wholesale nail supply distributors since 2005, and have dedicated ourselves to making the most effective and innovative products available in the nail supply market more accessible for professional salons, regardless of where theyre located. No matter what country your salon is in, well safely and securely ship you everything you need, from gel nail polish to UV lamps, and so much more. We pledge to you that every product you see is strictly original and genuine, we will never sell or endorse fake branded goods or counterfeit merchandise.

Send us a message and well get back to you as soon as we can.

How To Choose Uv Gel Nail Polish

Review: Best Gel Nail Polishes Without LED/UV Lamp

Depending on your skin tone, specific colors help you flaunt your hands and also make them look younger. For an olive to medium skin tone, all colors work just fine except gold and rust colors. Dark burgundy, wine, blues, purples, pinks, and nudes work great. For tanned skin tones, you can wear shades like fuchsia, orange, green, and red. For lighter skin tones use reds, pastels, peach, and purple shades.

  • Avoid toxic gel ingredients

There are toxic ingredients such as formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate that are present in almost all nail polishes. In high doses, these ingredients can cause inflammation and disturb liver and thyroid function. Check the ingredients label on your polish bottle to avoid them and opt for nail gels that dont contain these elements in their formula.

Gel manicures contain polymers that have to be cured under a UV or LED lamp for them to become dry and hard. This curing process should not take more than 1 to 3 minutes under a UV or LED light. UV lamps cure almost any gel polishes whereas LED lamps cure only those gel nail polishes that are specifically compatible with the process of LED light curing.

A gel nail polish should comfortably last for up to 2 to 3 weeks, and if you are very careful, they can even last you 4 weeks. Do keep that in mind while choosing one for yourself.

  • Safety and convenience

Gel polishes are cured by light, so its important that the bottles are coated to prevent them from getting affected by light.

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How Does Gel Polish Work

Normal nail polish works just like standard paint does: pigments are dissolved in a solvent and when the solvent is exposed to air, it evaporates leaving behind the hardened lacquer.

But gel nail polish will never evaporate and will only completely dry through a chemical chain reaction that is triggered by UV light. The Toast’s Gal Science seriessums it up as the curing process essentially turning the liquid polish into a durable plastic.

Gel nail polish is packaged in opaque bottles so that light hitting it won’t cause the lacquer to harden in the bottle instead of on your nails. If you ever see a polish advertised as gel but it has a transparent bottle, it’s not a true gel.

According to the chemistry site Compound Interest, this chemical reaction begins when UV light hits photoinitiators in the liquid polish which sets off a chain reaction converting the liquid into a polymer. Polymers are tough materials and examples include things like silicone, PVC, amber, and the cellulose in wood.

An issue of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s publication The Mole explains this gel polish reaction as taking loose beads and stringing them together into a necklace creating strength and structure.

This chemical conversion is called curing. For gel nails to have their desired longevity, the polish has to be cured under special nail lamps designed to emit the appropriate UV light to kickstart this chain reaction.

Tools Of The Trade For Shaping And More

Even if you prefer to go polish-free, you need to keep your nails trimmed and shaped to look their best. We have all of the nail care tools required for you to maintain healthy, attractive fingernails and toenails.

  • Clippers cut through thick fingernails and toenails with ease, while scissors allow you to shorten your nails with more control.
  • Pick up a cuticle stick or trimmer to manage overgrown cuticles safely and easily.
  • To perfect the shape of your fingernails and toenails, purchase a durable metal nail file or disposable emery boards.

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Beetles Gel Nail Polish Set : Buy New Arrival Product matte Nail polish Gel UV Gel ...

These nail polishes always come in a set of gorgeous colors that will last you throughout every season. This set from Beetles includes nine colors, such as white, varying shades of pale pink and even some deep browns for an all-over neutral vibe. These polishes have also maintained a near-perfect star rating, even after tons of reviews. People love that it lasts and that one coat provides enough color payoff.

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Salon Beautiful Nails At Home

Want to instantly have longer nails to show off? You don’t have to visit the salon to get a perfect faux nail manicure. With a set from Walgreens, you can get natural looking results at home. You can purchase peel-and-stick acrylic nails that are quick and easy to apply or glue-on faux acrylic nails for a stronger, longer-lasting hold.

With a gel kit, you can benefit from the high-gloss shine and chip-resistant finish of professional gel nails. These kits typically include a light that cures the gel polish for flawless results.

Here Is 5 Best Gel Nail Polish With Uv Light


A gel manicure is made out of a gel-based nail polish that is hardened with UV radiation to create chip-resistant and glossy nails. Good gel polish is practically indestructible, staying up to 3 to 4 weeks and enduring a lot of wear and tear. Some UV-free gel polishes may be air-dried and do not require the use of a UV lamp to dry. With so many fantastic UV gel nail polish brands on the market these days, we believe our list of the 5 best UV gel nail polishes will offer you nails that look like you just left the salon.

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Red Carpet Manicure Pro Gel Kit

Though this user-friendly set offered quick results, it was missing a few essential pieces. Our tester said the LED lamp seemed cheap and wished it plugged into a regular outlet instead of only through a USB adapter. While the results looked decent, some of the gel peeled off after a couple of days.

What’s The Best Gel Nail Brand For Beginners

Testing Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit from Amazon (Gellen)

For those looking to try doing their own gel nails for the first time, I’d say pick up a bottle of CND Shellac. You don’t have to rough up the surface of your nails for Shellac so if you decide you don’t love the process, you haven’t had to buff your nails which unavoidably does weaken them a small amount.

If you’re more on a budget or don’t have access to professional brands like CND, I’d recommend Beetles because their formula is similar to regular nail polish and easy to work with.

If you’re having trouble controlling your gel polish and find that it’s always flooding your cuticles, they make pudding gel polish which is much thicker and won’t spread around on you where you don’t want it.

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How To Choose The Best Gel Nail Polish Kit

Most gel nail polish kits come with a UV-LED curing lamp to help the gel nails dry faster. When you buy a kit, make sure it comes with the lamp, as buying it separately might be a hassle. Professional quality UV-LED lamps use 12 W and above and also have timer settings that allow you to control the duration of less than a minute, as well as an infrared sensor that is safe for both your eyes and skin. For a painless drying process, these LED lamps are an essential part of gel manicures, so you wouldnt want to miss out on them. Different lamps come in various sizes, so make sure that you opt for one that is lightweight and portable. They also vary in terms of how much they accommodate, so you may want to choose one that lets you dry both your hands at the same time.

When looking for a suitable gel nail polish kit, make sure that the products described are easy to use. You dont want to spend hours figuring out how to use a LED lamp or even longer waiting for the gel nails to dry. The best gel polish kits come with a manual to not be confused with what tools to use and how to use them.

Choose a gel nail polish that contains ingredients that will not harm your cuticles in any way. Look for non-toxic nail polishes that do not contain carcinogens like formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate, as they are responsible for long-term nail damages. Instead, look for odorless nail polish and ones that have natural resin instead.

  • Colors and lasting strength
  • Removal process


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