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Where To Fix Nail In Tire

Can I Drive With A Nail Puncture In My Tire

How to fix a tire (nail repair) | Cottage Coach

If you have a punctured tire due to a nail, have your car tire repaired or replaced immediately.

You may be able to drive short distances. But its not safe to drive with a nail in your tire tread as it can quickly turn into a flat tire making you susceptible to blowouts and severe accidents.

This is why you should always carry a spare tire.

Its also essential to shop tires with a good tire warranty for longevity. To do so, choose a good tire manufacturer like BFGoodrich Tires or Bridgestone.

Finally, routine services like tire rotation and following good driving tips like gentle braking will help your tires last longer too. So if you suspect a nail in your tire tread, contact a tire shop or mechanic ASAP. Theyll help you repair or procure new tires with a good tire warranty.

So how do you fix a nail in your tire?Lets find out!

Yes There Is A Right Way And A Wrong Way To Repair A Tire Puncture

I am fortunate that my business is located on a major thoroughfare, which most of the time leads to a steady stream of potential new customers. Often, the ask involves inflating their tires or performing a hasty repair on a tire puncture. While I am eager to introduce myself and my services to new customers, Im afraid I aggravate many of them by refusing to repair their tires. Its not that I dont want to help them. But I want to do it properly and that requires more than the five minutes that they have allotted. Which brings me to my real point. Whats the difference between the two most popular tire repair techniques, a tire plug and a tire patch? And did you know one is illegal? Well, its sort of illegal.

The proper way to repair a puncture is to demount the tire from the wheel and then thoroughly inspect the condition of the inner liner. Keep in mind that driving on a flat tire for a block or two will usually cause sufficient damage to the inner tire liner, rendering it garbage. Once the technician determines that the tire is repairable, they must prep the inner tire surfaces according to industry guidelines and use an approved stem/patch along with vulcanizing compound, effectively sealing the injury from the inside out.

Your automotive questions, answered.

Any light you can shed on my dilemma would be greatly appreciated.


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How Do You Prevent Tire Punctures

One of the best ways to prevent tire punctures is to make sure that your tires are always properly inflated. You can check the inflation level in your tires with a tire pressure gauge. Its important to check the pressure in all four tires, not just the two front ones.Another way to prevent tire punctures is to avoid driving over sharp objects like nails or glass. If you cant avoid them completely, try to drive slowly and carefully over them.If you get a flat tire, its important to replace it as soon as possible. Driving on a flat tire can damage the tire and the wheel, and its also dangerous. If you have a spare tire, put it on as soon as you can and then take your car to a mechanic to have the flat fixed or replaced.

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Insert The Plug Strip

  • Slide your plug insertion tool slowly into the hole in your tire. Youll need to press really hard to get the plug into the hole.
  • When the plug is inserted deeply enough that only about an inch of it is sticking out of the tire, carefully pull the handle of your plug insertion tool straight up. The slot in the end of the tools eyelet should allow it to slide free, leaving the plug in the tire.

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Is Your Tire Flat

My Tire Has a Nail in It. What Should I Do?

Driving on a completely flat tire will damage it internally, guaranteeing youll have to buy a replacement. If your tire is flat, change to your spare and take the damaged one to a service location for repair or replacement.

If your car has a mini-spare tire, or doughnut, be sure to drive slower on it. Also be sure that the spare is inflated to the recommended pressure, which can be found in the owners manual

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Do You Need A New Tire If You Have A Nail In It

If you have a nail in your tire, you may need a new tire. It depends on the location of the nail and the severity of the damage. If the nail is in the tread of the tire, it may be possible to repair the tire. If the nail is in the sidewall of the tire, it is likely that the tire will need to be replaced.

Check Your Tire Pressure

Always keep a tire pressure gauge in your vehicle. You should check your tire pressure every other time you fill your fuel tank. If the tire is significantly lower on pressure than it should be, put your spare tire on, or have a mechanic do it for you, and have the tire with the nail in it professionally repaired or replaced as soon as possible. If the air pressure is only slightly low, top it up and bring your vehicle to a tire repair shop to have it fixed properly.

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What Should You Do If Your Tire Has A Slow Leak

The primary, yet temporary, solution to a slow leak in a tire is to fill your tire up with air driving on a flat, or partially flat tire, is dangerous and can cause damage to your wheel or other parts of your car. Finding where the slow leak is in your tire is the first step to what you should do. The best hack to finding this leak is as follows:

  • Mix liquid soap with water and transfer this mixture into a spray bottle.
  • Spray all parts of the tire with this soapy water until you find a spot where bubbles start to form. The air leaking will cause the bubbles!
  • Once you have located the spot of the slow leak, it is best to seek a solution. Many newer model cars are already equipped with an aerosol sealant, which provides a quick fix and temporary solution.

    For a permanent solution to a slow tire leak, you will need a plug and patch. Unless you are familiar with removing your tire and reinstalling it, it is advised that you bring your car to the shop for this one. This method requires that the tire is removed from the wheel – from here, the hole is plugged and patched.

    Is Nail In Tire Repair Still Possible

    HOW TO FIX – Nail In Tire / Flat Tire

    There are many instances wherein you can still have a nail-punctured tire repaired. However, it will highly depend on the extent of the damage and the location of the hole. The amount of time you have driven on the damaged tire because the nail could make the damage worse over time.

    Regarding the puncture location, you are generally fine if the nail went through the tires treads. You might not even need to do any repairs if the nail is small and only went into the thick part of the tread.

    Now, if, for some reason, the nail went through the sidewall or came dangerously close to it, then it is best to get a new tire. Many tire repair shops would not even consider repairing punctured side walls as it means that once the nail went through the sidewall, it already compromised the entire tires integrity.

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    Can You Drive With Nail In Your Tire

    Driving with a nail in your tire is a risk. Even if the affected tire is currently holding its pressure, the nail could shift into a position that lets air escape, or fall out altogether. This could result in a flat tire, or even a blowout.

    Its simply not worth it to drive anywhere but right to a mechanic, or a tire repair shop. And if the tire is in bad shape, put the spare on instead.

    How To Plug A Tire And Quickly Fix Your Flat

    If youve got a flat tire, you may be able to save money by repairing it with a plug instead of buying a new tire. This guide shows you how to make this simple, inexpensive repair in about 15 minutes. First, check to see where the puncture is. If its in the sidewall, do not plug the leak. Your tires sidewall is under different strains and pressures than the part that makes contact with the road. Plugging a sidewall can result in a blowout, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

    Get a tire repair kit. You can get these at any auto parts store and many department stores that sell auto maintenance supplies, like Walmart. The price should be less than $10. Or try this Dynaplug tool.

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    Flat Tire Repair: Cost And Common Concerns

    Weve almost all been there that crushing moment when you either notice a flat tire on your vehicle or feel the telltale bumpiness and lowering on one side of your vehicle.

    Although inconvenient and annoying, flat tires are a fact of life. Flat tire repair doesnt have to be stressful, as long as you act quickly to mount your spare and either get the flat fixed.

    How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Tire With A Nail In It

    Emergency Tire Repair Nail

    As mentioned earlier, the usual cost of fixing a tire with a nail in it will run you about 10 to 20 dollars, if using a tire repair kit. How large the puncture area is will make a difference in how much these costs end up being.

    Additionally, if fixing your tire on your own is not something you have time to do or feel capable of doing, you will end up paying more for these services to be done for you. Repairing your tire at a shop, on average, will cost around $20 or so – it all depends on the rates that the shop charges.

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    Tire Help: What To Do When There Is A Nail In Your Tire

    We have all been thereyou notice a tire looking flat when you find a small nail or screw embedded in the rubber. So why do nails consistently puncture tires? How can you tell when your tire has a leak, and what should you do about it? The automotive mechanics at Chapel Hill Tire are here to answer all of your questions about tire patching and flat repairs.

    How Do You Prevent Nails From Getting Stuck In Tires

    Nails and screws are not often found in your course of driving, whether it’s on a road or a highway. You are more likely to come across a nail, or screw, or something small that poses a threat to your tire, in parking lots, construction zones, the shoulder of a road, and dirt roads.

    The shoulder of the road, even on the highway, can easily become a trap for these piercing items since this is where debris and sharp rocks collect. With all this said, practice being aware and paying attention to where and through what you are taking your car.

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    Can You Repair Tires That Have Existing Repairs

    Repaired tires can often be mended again if the damage doesnt compromise a previously repaired area. For example, if you have a nail-in-tire situation, you may be able to do a quick repair if the puncture location doesnt overlap with a previous tire injury and the repair was done properly. If it does overlap, you will likely need a replacement.

    Why The Plug/patch Combination Is Best For Punctures Repairs

    How to Plug a Tire (Nail in tire repair)

    Kal Tire recommends one of two methods:

    • the two-piece patch/plug combination
    • the one-piece patch/plug combination

    Technically, the two-piece plug/patch combination is required for a puncture if the injury angle exceeds 35 degrees. The injury can be no greater than a 1/4 inches for passenger tires and no greater than 3/8 inches for light truck tires.

    At Kal Tire, when we repair tread punctures, we use both plugs and patches simultaneously as recommended by the Rubber Manufacturers Association.

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    How Do They Patch A Tire Professionally

    The most common method is to use a tire plug. This is a small piece of rubber that is inserted into the hole in the tire. The plug will expand as it is inserted and will seal the hole in the tire. Another method that can be used is to patch the tire from the inside. This is done by removing the inner liner of the tire and then patching the hole from the inside. This method is less common, but can be used if the hole in the tire is too large for a tire plug.

    Tires Constantly Losing Air Pressure

    If you drive a recent model vehicle, it might have a tire pressure monitoring system that will warn you if one of your tires is seriously underinflated. If you notice that one of your tires is somewhat constantly getting deflated faster than the other three, then it might have a puncture.

    Without a TPMS, you can use a pencil gauge to check each tires tire pressure manually. Ideally, you should check your tires air pressure every other week or every month.

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    Factor #: How Long They Last

    How long does a tire plug last?

    Companies claim that a properly installed plug can last seven to ten years or typically 25,000 miles, but thats not the case if there isnt a proper seal or if the plug hasnt been properly installed.

    How long does a patched tire last?

    Like with plugs, patches are said to last from seven to ten years or for the rest of the life of the tire. Again, this tire may not last if the installation goes poorly or there are issues with the location of the hole.

    Thread The Plug Tool & Physically Insert The Tire Plug

    50% OFF now! ! Auto and motorcycle vacuum tire repair rubber nail quick ...

    Once the hole is reamed, youll see another tool the looks like a needle. Take your plug and crimp it between the end.

    Now youre ready to seal the hole once and for all! Take your plug threaded needle and insert it into the hole. Push it in with some force until there is only a little bit of the plug left sticking out.

    Then you should be able to yank the plug tool out of the tire and the plug should stay in the hole. Also, trim the end of the plug that is sticking out as close to the tire as you can.

    One other thing to keep in mind is its not a good idea to put multiple plugs or patch on a tire. If you have patched the tire once already if it gets another hole, just get a new tire at that point. Dont compromise your safety!

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    What Part Of The Tire Is The Nail In

    The good news is the damage may be fixable but a lot depends on where the nail is. Most tires on cars and trucks today use a soft, flexible sidewall and rigid steel belts that run underneath the tread.

    If the nail in your tire is in the area covered by the steel belts, it can usually be repaired. But if its at the outer edge of the tread, or the sidewall, the tire has to go. A repair is neither safe nor possible.

    The Potential For A Blowout Is High

    Running on a punctured tire increases the chance of a tire blowout. It is when the tire literally blows to pieces. A tire blowout increases your risk of losing control over your vehicle and potentially harming the other cars and pedestrians on the road.

    If you need to drive on a punctured tire, do so with increased caution. Do not drive at the speeds that you usually do, and park your vehicle as soon as humanly possible.

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    Can Tires With Nails In Them Be Repaired

    Yes, tires with nails in them can be repaired. While it is possible to patch the tire, it is not recommended as a permanent fix. The best way to repair a tire with a nail in it is to take it to a professional tire shop. They will be able to patch the tire from the inside and ensure that it is airtight.

    Factor #: When They Can Be Used

    How to Fix Nail in Tire – Do It Yourself for $5 Tire Plug Kit

    When can you use a plug on a tire?

    When choosing to plug or patch a tire, it often depends on the size of the hole and the location. Plugs are typically used after treading on a nail, screw or small puncture. Plugs are used on small holes away from the sidewall.

    • Dont plug your tire if its anywhere near the sidewall.
    • Dont plug your tire if its an irregularly shaped hole.
    • Dont plug your tire if its a large hole or thick nail.
    • Dont plug your tire if youve run the tire while it was flat for more than a mile, as this can mean that the sidewalls are damaged.
    • Dont plug your tire if theres a bubble or bulge in the rubber on the sidewall.
    • Dont plug your tire if its bordering another repair.
    • Dont plug your tire unless you remove it from the wheel.

    When can a tire be patched?

    Tires are typically patched when the puncture is less than a quarter-inch in diameter, but it also depends on the location. Patches are better than plugs for bigger holes, holes closer to but not the sidewall and holes that arent completely straight. Note that if youre looking to do tire sidewall repair, a patch will usually not cut it and youll likely want to replace the tire.

    Typically a patch will require a professional, where many owners may attempt to DIY a tire plug.

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