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How Do You Get Strong Nails

Invest In Clean Polish Products

Tips & Tricks On How To Get Long, Strong, & Healthy Nails

Of course, make sure the polishes you use contain nourishing, conditioning ingredients rather than harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, camphor, and toluene.

Same goes for polish removers to swipe off your mani: “If you want to keep your nails strong, you don’t want to use 100% acetone removers,” Lim says. Instead, try to find options that contain moisturizing ingredients for the natural nail, like a soy-based removerthese can effectively dissolve polish while simultaneously strengthening the nail, and they’re typically pumped with other vitamins and hydrating ingredients.

Take Breathers Between Manicures

Bottom line: Your nails need to breathe. Constant use of polish, even non-toxic polish, can weaken the nail, says Dr. Solomon. If you find that your nails have become especially fragile , give them a month off from nail polish to allow them to grow and strengthen. Applying a keratin treatment between manicures, such as CND RescueRXx, can help nourish your nails during the hiatus.

Wear Rubber Gloves When You Do Dishes

When your fingertips are exposed to water for a long period of time they become a bit waterlogged, and the same goes for your nails. When nails absorb too much water they can weaken and become dry, which leads to breakage and cracks that stunt growth. So, any time you’re doing dishes be sure to protect your hands and nails with rubber gloves.

This also goes for household chores. If you’re using harsh chemical cleaners or are scrubbing away stubborn dirt and grime, be sure to use gloves as a barrier between your nails and skin and the task at hand. Household chemicals can be damaging and drying, too.

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If Problems Persist Get An In

If you’ve adhered to the advice above and are still suffering from weak and brittle nails, it may be time to get a medical evaluation. “Nails can be affected by a variety of dermatologic conditions, including psoriasis and nail fungus,” warns Hashim. When it comes to caring for your nail health, he advises “the best approach is a balanced diet, gentle nail care, and seeking an in-person evaluation if you are concerned about any nail diseases.”

The American Osteopathic College of Dermatology says that dry, brittle nails are rarely caused by vitamin deficiencies or other serious medical conditions. One way to help determine if nail issues are a systemic problem or from other reasons, such as using harsh nail polishes, is to compare your toenails and fingernails. If your toenails are strong and healthy and your fingernails are breaking, then it could be from using harsh nail products or another external reason.

If both toenails and fingernails are brittle and breaking, it could be an internal issue. If it is a vitamin deficiency, low iron is often the cause and your doctor can test you for this and provide the right supplements. Other medical conditions that can cause brittle nails include Raynauds syndrome or hypothyroidism.

Minimise Exposure To Water

How to Grow Your Nails LONG &  STRONG!

Now this one may sound like a contradiction, but Im actually talking about keeping your nails out of water as often as you can. Too much soaking your nails in water can also cause them to become weak and brittle. Its impossible to keep your hands out of water all the time , but its important to keep this tip in mind.

To minimise the amount of time your nails spent submerged, try using rubber gloves when washing the dishes, and maybe rest your hands on the bath when youre bathing.

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Take A Biotin Supplement

Biotin is one of the B vitamins. Because its water-soluble, it isnt stored by the body, so you have to ensure that you consume it daily.

Biotin can help strengthen hair and nails and also helps the bodys nervous system to function properly. It can be found in foods like sardines, cooked eggs, and legumes, or you can take a B vitamin or supplement.

Check with your healthcare provider before taking a biotin supplement to ensure that its safe for you.

You Don’t Have Nail Fungus

Taking good care of your nails and cuticles isn’t just important so that they’ll look good, but it’s also important because nails that are too long can tear and cause injuries, among other things.

“Nail health is important because if we do not address these issues early on, the damage to the main matrix can result in permanent nail damage,” Ilyas said. “The most common nail concern tends to be nail fungus. Even though we have some treatments for this, many people do not realize that if the fungus damages your nail matrix, even if you treat the fungus the nail may stay permanently thickened and difficult to manage.”

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Upgrade Your Nail Polish Remover

When your manicure shows signs of chipping, it’s all too easy to pick up any old bottle of nail polish remover. But those containing high concentrations of acetone is extremely harsh on fragile nails and can dry them out almost instantly cue peeling, flaking and splitting.

Your best bet? Go acetone-free. These formulas might be gentler, but don’t underestimate their ability to leave your nails perfectly clean even after a jet-black mani. There are heaps of gentle yet effective formulas out there with the muscle to whip off remnants of polish in moments.

Receive A Professional Treatment

How to get long & strong nails

When your nail is too far gone for any at-home hacks, Idehen recommends receiving a professional treatment like the IBX Nail Strengthening System.

“It’s like a Keratin treatment for your nails,” says Idehen. “It uses protein and hydrating oils fill in all the areas of damage on your nail, resulting in a much healthier nail even after one service!”

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Observe The Rule Of Five With Your Nail Polish

Dont worry, were not going to suggest you give up nail polish altogether. But with great color power comes great responsibility. Do yourself and your nails a favor and stick to the Rule of Five with all your nail polish applications. Thats five days on, five days off. Dont let nail polish overstay its welcome.

That goes double for toenails! Dr. Stern said that most people tend to leave nail polish on their toes far longer than they do on their fingers. That can lead to keratin granulations, which are those uneven, rough-textured white patches that occur when some of your nail cells get removed along with your nail polish after its been on too long.

Eventually, those spots will grow out, but wouldnt you rather avoid them altogether?

Ditch Nail Polish Removers That Contain Acetone

A nail polish remover loaded with acetone is harsh on weak nails and can dry them out something fierce. This can cause peeling, splitting, and those unsightly white, mottled marks, says Dr. Solomon.

Her rec? Tenoverten Non-Acetone Polish Remover. Its essential oil-based, removes polish in a matter of seconds, and feels very gentle on nails and cuticles, she says.

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How To Use Biotin To Strengthen Nails

Weak, thin and brittle nails are believed to be caused by dehydration and dryness of the protein keratin with is found in the nails. Biotin is proved to be effective on how to strengthen nails as well as for skin care and hair growth.Biotin is found in the natural foot that we take and can also be found in supplements that contains high levels. The following steps will guide you on the use of biotin to strengthen nails:

  • Step 1. Include foods that are rich in biotin in your daily diet. Such food includes: liver, egg yolk, yeast, whole grains and cereals, milk, fish, peanut butter, lentils, bananas, cauliflower, mushrooms and soybeans.
  • Step 2. Take biotin supplements if your nails fails to show improvements for 2 weeks after incorporating biotin rich food in your diet. The supplements are available different doses of 10, 50, 100, and even 1000mcg. Consult your doctor for correct biotin dosage.

How Do You Get Gell Nails Off At Home

Diy Nail Hardener 100% natural

Method 1 of 3: Peeling Lift part of the gel nail. Wait until your nails are already chipped. Pour water over the raised edge and remove the gel polish. Place your finger under a stream of warm water. Use olive oil or cuticle oil if the nail does not come out of the water. Remove any remaining gel with a nail file.

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Do You Excessively Use Gel And Acrylics On Your Nails

Gel and acrylic nail paints are all heart, we agree! But excessive use of anything that is ladled with chemicals – gel nail paints and acrylic nail paints, in this case – is not good for long land healthy lives of your nails. Gel and acrylic nail paints affect the natural growth of your nails. You should try them but not regularly and excessively.

Try A More Natural Nail Polish

Quashie recommends giving ‘free from’ varnishes a go, which purposefully exclude any potentially toxic chemicals. ‘In terms of natural credentials, the scale runs from “three-free” all the way up to “13-free”, which means that brand does not have any of the most commonly used chemicals that have been identified as potentially harmful in their varnishes.’

So, which brands to go for? ‘Some great ‘free-from’ brands are Kure Bazaar, Nailberry and Butter London some of the larger brands such as Nails Inc and Orly are bringing out similar formulas too.’

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How To Strengthen Nails Home Remedies

Having healthy, shining and well-shaped of your nails enhances the beauty of your hands and feet. All most everybody is struggling with different treatments and practices that can make his or her nails strong, long and healthy.There are various potential natural cures that are not only inexpensive but also has the potential of showing positive results. Why should you spend more on products that may came with some side effects when you can achieve your dream of having strong nails by using the following home remedies:

  • Mixture of lemon juice and olive oil

Lemon juice and olive oil are widely used as beauty ingredients in treating various skin conditions. This two ingredients also has the ability to strengthen your nails. When applied on the nails, the olive oil penetrates into the cuticle to strengthen the nail.On the other hand, lemon repairs the peeling nails as well as removing the yellow and other stains that are caused by infections or nail polish. To use this remedy, you simply mix 6 tablespoon of olive oil and 2 table of lemon juice to make enough solution for both finger nails and toenails.Using a microwave, heat the mixture to become slightly warm. Soak your nails in the mixture for at least 20 minutes daily. Leave it on the nails for an overnight before rinsing or washing it away in the morning.

  • Coconut oil
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Tea tree oil
  • Sea salt
  • Egg yolk and milk
  • Vitamin E oil
  • Green tea

How To Strengthen Nails: 9 Expert


Even if you have immaculate, smooth-to-the-touch nailsnary a fray in sightkeeping them strong is an entirely different story. Sure, your nails might not feel dry, or brittle, but that doesn’t mean you’re completely off the hook. You wouldn’t shrug off your daily skin care routine just because you don’t see any blemishes or areas of concern, would you? Same goes for nail care: The best offense, after all, is a good defense.

Experts would agreethey’ve weighed in on nine ways to strengthen your nails, so you can keep those tips in tiptop shape:

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Use A Cuticle Oil Daily

According to Ama Quashie, session manicurist and founder of Ama salon, the secret to growing your best nails is: hydration, hydration, hydration. ‘To have strong nails, they need to be healthy and to be healthy, they need to be hydrated,’ she says. ‘Cuticle oil works by hydrating the cuticle and nail bed, which is why it’s such an important step in nail care, whether you’re growing your nails or simply want them to look their best.’

Her favourites? Skip the pricey branded bottles and opt instead for organic Dadi oil or a simple jojoba: they’ll do the job just as well and don’t cost the earth.

Home Remedy Nr 3 Horsetail

Add one teaspoon of dried horsetail stemsin two cups of boiling water. Steep it for about 10 minutes and finally drinkit as a herbal tea to cure brittle nails and enhance nail growth. If you dontlike the taste, add some honey. Soaking your nails in this mixture can alsohelp you to grow long and strong nails.

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What Are Some Natural Ways To Help Grow Your Nails

  • Take biotin. Biotin is an important type of B vitamin that helps the body convert food into energy.
  • Use nail hardener . The smoothness of the nails increases the chance of them breaking, requiring more time to grow back. To prevent nails from breaking, experts often recommend nail hardeners.
  • Avoid sticky nails and toxic polishes.

Be Selective About The Products You Use

Make Your Nails Grow Longer, Stronger, and Faster!! Talkin ...

Many nail polishes or treatments can contain harsh chemicals. These chemicals can contribute to the weakening of your nails. Avoid nail polish remover that contains acetone, and look for non-toxic nail polish remover. If you use longer-lasting gel nail polish, have it removed by your beauty therapist. If you remove it yourself or pick at it, you can actually damage your nails.

It may be worth considering short breaks from nail polish and gel, to give your nails a chance to strengthen and breathe.

It is also important to avoid exposing your hands and nails to harsh anti-bacterial soaps, washing up liquid and bleach when trying to maintain good nail health. Get those rubber gloves on!

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Push Your Cuticles Back

As mentioned, cuticle care is crucial. But beyond oil, Lim mentions regularly pushing your cuticles back can keep them from overgrowing. “When becomes thick and overgrows onto the nail, it’s tough to push back. You don’t want to ever get to that point,” she says. “When that happens, your cuticles are prone to cracking and infection.” Ouch.

You don’t have to get too meticulous about it a great tip is to gently push them back every couple of days after stepping out of the shower, as the nails will be softened from the spray. Not to mention, pushing your cuticles back helps your polish last longerjust in case you’ve decided to go for an at-home mani.

Remove Gel Polish And Acrylics Correctly

Okay, so technically this isn’t a repair tip, but do this first and it can save you from having to deal with a lot of potential problems. First and foremost, repeat after us: I will not pick off a gel manicure.

“Picking off gel is probably the worst thing you can do to your nails,” says celebrity manicurist Geraldine Holford. “The immediate effects are harming the nail plate because you’re removing the top layers of the actual nail along with your polish,” she explains.

“The long-term effects are thinning of the nails, harm to the nail bed, and irregularities on the nail plate and in growth patterns.” No thank you.

ORLY’s Senior Product Testing Manager, Kelly Bannon agrees, adding that even if you soak your nails to remove the polish, you can still damage your nails if not soaked long enough or if the topcoat barrier is not broken, prohibiting the remove to reach all the gel layers. She strongly recommends having your gels removed by a professional top prevent any damage.

Pro tip: Whether you’re having gel or dip removed, ask your tech to cover your hands in hot towels while your nails are wrapped up in the acetone-soaked cotton pads the heat will help speed up the process, explains Sarah Gibson Tuttle, founder and CEO of Olive & June.

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What Kind Of Nail Polish Is Best For Winter

Winter manicure mica looks like a natural translucent material that creates an incredibly beautiful play of light with its properties and structure. The most popular options are gold and silver transitions. They are ideal for winter patterns, but other colors will be in demand in the winter of 2021.

Be Patient With Nail Growth

How to grow LONG, STRONG nails – FAST!

If youre a chronic nail-biter, you know the victory of finally growing your nails out past your fingertips. Healthy habits plus patience pay off in nail care. But the primary focus should be on figuring out how to strengthen your nails, not solving the puzzle of how to grow nails fast. Stronger nails can lead to longer nails if you practice good nail care, but it all takes time. If you battle brittle nails and constant breakage, its smart to keep your nails clipped short until they regain strength then theyll have the foundation they need to grow longer.

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Hydration Will Strengthen Your Nails

Now that the gel-dip-acrylic is off, the key is to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. “Prolonged use of gel manis and acrylics dehydrates your nails, making them dry, brittle, and fragile,” says manicurist Jin Soon Choi, founder of JINSoon nail polish and salons.

A cuticle oil is your BFF for imparting deep hydration. Focus on slathering it not only on the nail itself, but also massaging it well into the cuticle the cuticle is where new, healthy nail growth will start so it’s important to nourish and hydrate this area, says Choi.

One best-seller to try: CND Solar Oil Nail and Cuticle Conditioner. Holford also likes using straight up jojoba oil, which can strengthen nail beds and boost healthy nail growth. She recommends applying it three times per day for five days for the best results.


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