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How To Get On Nailed It

Veronica And Justin’s God Cupcake

Nailed It | Trailer [HD] | Netflix

What started as an attempt to capture the greek goddess Aphrodite in cupcake form resulted in a runny mess that caused the usually composed Jacques to burst into hysterical laughter. Even bakers Veronica and Justin seemed confused by how their cupcake turned out. Guest judge Andrea Savage, meanwhile, was rendered speechless by the taste of the cupcake.

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Veronica and Justin’s cupcakes were not the only disasters in this challenge. Fellow contestants Ivonne and Kayla’s Zeus cupcake was closer to a candy apple than any recognizably human shape, but its taste gave them the edge over Veronica and Justin.

How To Apply For Nailed It What Is The Application Process

Netflixs Nailed It! is a reality cooking series wherein home bakers with a terrible track record attempt to recreate amazing cakes and confectionery for redemption as well as a $10,000 cash prize. Unlike the standard in the genre, though, it breaks all bounds by celebrating complete failure instead of culinary masterpieces. After all, the outcomes of the casts efforts arent necessarily delightful to look at or entirely edible, but the process appears enjoyable. And now, if you also wish to participate in this enthralling show, dont worry, weve got the application details for you.

Who Are The Contestants For Nailed It Season 7

There’s no word on who the contestants will be for Season 7. It’s always a different crop of players on each episode, competing against one another to see who can get closest to the cake design featured in the beginning.

The central fixture of the show is host Nicole Byer. She always keeps the laughs coming, and even when the contestants make a monstrosity, she finds a way to put a positive spin on it. Joining her over the years is her co-host, Jacques Torres. Unlike Byer, he’s a genuine chef who can provide honest commentary on how well the players are doing. Joining them is a third guest judge, and there have been some hilarious talents over the years, including Lil Rel Howery, Dave Arnold, and Bobby Lee.

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How To Apply For Nailed It Application

For getting into the auditions of the Nail-it even, one must apply this way.

  • Take your selfie with your face being baked. Also, use one of the nailed-it recipes to bake a cookie.
  • Paste the selfie of your best-failed cake and the cookie on your Facebook and Instagram handles.
  • Judges would choose from these selfie images, and they will invite only the best for the show.

You can also apply online to take part using the below steps.

  • Visit the official NAILED IT website and enter your birth date details to check if you are eligible.
  • Once you are found to be above 18 years, you will be routed to the Season 6 casting form.
  • Fill in the basic information, add your cooking skill details, and then add to the photo and video section.
  • Sign, date, and add your complete name in the form before pressing the Submit button.

Netflix Nailed It Season 6 Online Casting

Nailed It!

So another way to apply for the show to apply online. All you need to do is to follow the steps we mention.

  • Go to the official website of Nailed it Casting.:
  • Fill Your Date of Birth, as it is necessary to check if you are eligible or not.
  • After submitting DOB you will be redirected to an application which will be a casting form for season 6.
  • The form is divided into 3 parts i.e. Basic info, cooking skills information, and photo & Video section.
  • Fill the form correctly, as the correct details will be counted further.
  • At the end of the form, you will be asked to upload your images of the face, full-body, baking, and video of your baking.
  • At last, your signature, date, and your full name will be required.
  • So then Finally click on submit.

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Why Chef Jacques Torres Loves Working With Nicole Byer

On-camera chemistry is a tricky thing it’s either there or it isn’t, and the camera reveals all. Sometimes people mesh and sometimes they don’t, and viewers are able to sense when it’s genuine and when it’s lacking. While Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres have demonstrated an easygoing familiarity that pervades Nailed It!, she admitted she was initially uncertain about how well pairing a brash comedian with minimal baking experience and a celebrated pastry chef would actually work. Yet when she and Torres first met, she recalled, they hit it off immediately.

“I had looked Jacques up before meeting Jacques and then I was like, ‘Oh my f***ing God, they put me with a world-renowned, very well-respected French pastry chef,'” Byer told Entertainment Weekly. Yet this unlikely duo clicked immediately, the pair told the Los Angeles Times, resulting in a real-life friendship.

According to Torres, being paired with Byer for Nailed It! is as joyful and hilarious as it appears onscreen. “I love to work with Nicole because we laugh all day,” Torres told EW. “She makes jokes all day, and she’s so good at what she does.”

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Who Will The Judges Be In Nailed It Season 6

NAILED IT! Challenge. Experienced cake decorators attempt Nailed It challenges from Netflix!

Fans can expect to see at least two very familiar faces once “Nailed It!” Season 6 finally rolls around. The show’s usual judges, actress/comedian Nicole Byer and pro pastry chef Jacques Torres have shown no signs of wanting to stop hosting the show anytime soon. According to Insider, the two have a friendship behind the scenes, and Byer seems to adore her role as the resident comedian. At the very least, fans seem to adore it, as Byer has received multiple award nominations based on her hosting skills . There doesn’t seem to be many reasons for them to cut such a sweet deal short.

However, the show’s regulars are just one side of the coin. Each episode has its own guest judge that adds a bit of variety between every competition. However, it is unlikely that Netflix will announce any of its guest judges anytime soon, simply to keep them a surprise for later on down the road. So until that changes, fans will have to stay content knowing that at least Bryer and Torres will bring their usual charm to the show.

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More Info You’ll Need To Provide

The Magical Elves casting website takes you to an application form, where you’ll be asked to fill out your name, date of birth, home city, contact information, education history, and other personal details. For Nailed It! applicants, the website will also ask you to disclose any culinary training or baking competition history, whether you have any allergies, why you want to be on the show, why you want to be a better baker, and more. It even asks, “How do your friends and family respond to your baking? Give details.” From there, you’ll be asked to include photos of yourself and some videos of you trying to bake from a recipe. In addition to casting for Nailed It!, Magical Elves helps select possible contestants for shows like Top Chef and Sugar Rush.

So, if you think your baking skills are horrendous enough, and you don’t mind being the possibility of being made fun of in front of the show’s entire viewing audience, go ahead and fill out the application. Maybe with those $10,000, you can buy yourself some actual baking lessons.

How To Compete On Netflix Baking Shows ‘nailed It’ ‘the Great British Bake Off’ And ‘sugar Rush’

There are a few reasons you may have been drawn to this article. Either you’ve been doing a ton of baking during Covid-19 quarantine, or you’ve been watching a ton of lighthearted baking shows to get you through it. Maybe you’ve done a mix of both, and found comfort in the confections. Whatever the reason, we’ve got your back, and know how you can apply to be on your favorite baking show.

Netflix has a list of series that might inspire some delicious designs in your kitchen. But wouldn’t it be better to be on screen, showing off your creativity? Here are some of the streaming platform’s biggest hits, a little bit about them and how you can apply to participate.

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Netflixs Nailed It At Home Experience Is Bringing You A Series Of Awesome Bake Offs With A Little Help From Some Familiar Household Names

B& G Foods is a proud sponsor of this exciting series of Nailed It! At-Home Experiences inspired by fan-favorite Netflix Originals. Thats right, each edition of this at home experience will bring you a new baking challenge inspired by your favorite Netflix shows and movies.

To kick off the 2021 challenges, Februarys Valentines special is inspired by Netflixs romantic comedy, To All The Boys Ive Loved Before, where attendees will bake some tasty treats inspired by the sweetness of teen love. Join on Tik Tok at 12pm PST on Saturday, February 20, 2021 to follow along! And if youd like a heads up about future Nailed It! At Home Experiences, sign up for the waitlist at The third and final film in the TATB trilogy, To All The Boys: Always and Forever is now streaming on Netflix so be sure to check it out!

When you purchase a ticket for any of these epic, themed bake offs, you will get a Nailed It! At-Home baking kit sent straight to your front door. The kit will contain all the non-perishable baking and decorating ingredients you need for the timed baking challenge. Dont worry if youre not a pro baker, as youll also be provided with all the instructions you need to get baking. All you have to do is follow the recipes as you flex your spatula skills in a fun, Netflix-themed baking extravaganza!

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    Toyshika’s Statue Of David

    Season 3 had many great moments throughout the season, but this next cake fail was quite possibly one of the best of them all. Baking contestant Toyshika Peterson — as well as her fellow contestants — were tasked with recreating the Statue of David. Yes, the most famous statue of all time. But this time, it was in cake form.

    With the judges asking them to make a cake covered in marble fondant and then completing it with a sculpted edible Statue of David, this challenge was destined for disaster. Toyshika’s iteration of the artwork was hysterical, with his arms resembling noodles and blue facial details.

    Film And Television Deals

    Netflix has exclusive deals with several studios. The deals give Netflix exclusive streaming rights while adhering to the structures of traditional pay TV terms.

    Distributors that have licensed content to Netflix include Warner Bros., Universal Pictures, and previously The Walt Disney Studios . Netflix also holds current and back-catalog rights to television programs distributed by , , , and , along with titles from other companies such as , , and . Formerly, the streaming service also held rights to select television programs distributed by , and .

    Netflix also negotiated to distribute animated films from Universal that HBO declined to acquire, such as , , and .

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    What’s The Release Date For Nailed It Season 7

    There’s no word on a Season 7 release date without any official confirmation that Season 7 will even happen. However, assuming Netflix decides to pull the trigger to get another season out of the unique, hilarious concept, we’d expect more episodes sooner rather than later.

    For 2021, “Nailed It!” aired two new seasons. The first came out in March, while the second came out in September. Assuming next season continues the trajectory of getting one season out during the first half of the year with another coming out at the back half, we’d expect Season 7 to release at some point between January and June of 2022.

    Spice Cake Nice Spice

    Henry Stickmin – Get the Nailed it! medal achievement, safe landings in Fleeing the Complex guide

    I did it! Sort of.

    Here we are again, spice cake! And this time it worked pretty well. I mixed the cake mixture more, so it was a bit more airy. Then I baked it better than last time, though Im sure it could be even more evenly baked if I got it spot on. It got a bit burnt around the edges too, so the cake was far from perfect. But it definitely tasted a lot better than the previous one.

    As before, the mixture was delicious, haha But the cake was good too thick and heavy, but full of flavour. I think it could have been even better if it was lighter, but I cant remember how it tasted when my mum made it.

    I really hope you guys will enjoy this cake too, and take the baking time with a pinch of salt it might need a little longer

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    Shelby And Chris’ Grandma Cookie Jar Cake

    Baker Shelby Mason and her mother Chris produced a cake-slash-cookie-jar that not only bared little resemblance to the original cake but also was literally bursting at the seams. From the pieces of fondant about to fall off to the random piece of gelt sticking out of a compromising part of the cookie jar, Shelby and Chris’s cake gave plenty of material for the judges.

    Guest judge Brian Posehn compared the grandma cake to The Silence of the Lambs, noting that she looked as if she had stolen another grandma’s face. This was one cake that tasted better than it looked, as Shelby and Chris’ confections were all well-baked.

    The Great British Bake Off

    Known for being quirky and utterly delightful, the Great British Bake Off is undoubtedly a comfort during difficult times. It advertises incredible recipes along with camaraderie even between competitors.

    If you’re planning to apply for this series, know you’ll have to test your baking skills by creating innovative expressions without a recipe in front of you.

    Unfortunately, applications for 2020 have already closed. Finalists were notified by March 6 if they qualified for another round of auditions. You can see the details on the casting page here.

    For next year’s auditions, watch the Great British Bake Off website here. Also note: The Great British Bake Off is a Channel 4 production, and isn’t exclusively written for Netflix.

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    Historical Financials And Membership Growth


    A “” is content that is produced, co-produced, or distributed by Netflix exclusively on their services. Netflix funds their original shows differently than other TV networks when they sign a project, providing the money upfront and immediately ordering two seasons of most series.

    Over the years, Netflix’s output has ballooned to a level unmatched by any television networks and streaming services. According to Variety Insight, Netflix produced a total of 240 new original shows and movies in 2018, then climbed to 371 in 2019, a figure “greater than the number of original series that the entire U.S. TV industry released in 2005.” Netflix’s total budget allocated to production increased annually, reaching $13.6 billion in 2021 and projected to hit $18.9 billion by 2025, a figure once again overshadowed any of its competitor.

    Recipe For Mixed Berry Blood Coulis

    Nailed It! on Netflix is bound to make you feel better ...


    250g mixed berries 70g sugar60 ml / 0.6 dl water


  • Put all the coulis ingredients in a saucepan, and stir well.
  • Warm to a gentle simmer, stirring occasionally. Simmer for around 15 minutes, until it has reduced down a bit and thickened.
  • Allow to cool, before transferring over to a blender. When the mixture is nice and smooth, its finished. You should also pass the coulis through a sieve to get rid of pulps and any leftover bits, though I forgot to do this, so mine is a bit pulpy?
  • Store in the fridge to use when your meringue bones are finished.
  • When everything is finished, you can place the bones decoratively on a plate, and either drizzle the coulis over, or just use it as a dip like I did.

    The meringues sweet flavour goes really well with the sharp, but still sweet coulis. I thought this was really delicious, and so easy too.

    Semi-fail and semi-healthy!

    So! I wasnt quite so lucky this time My courgette plant only gave me a small yellow courgette and the shop was sold out. I also did not have enough icing sugar, which meant the icing was very thin.

    However, it still taste really good, though it would be better with more courgette in. Slightly different icing to the one on the carrot cake, Im not sure which one I prefer.The cake is fluffy on the inside, and really soft. I think mine could have baked just a few more minutes, but its pretty tasty as it is.

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