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Cost To Fix Nail In Tire

What Causes Flat Tires

How to fix a tire (nail repair) | Cottage Coach

Flat tires can be caused by sharp objects in the road, like nails, screws, knives, broken glass, industrial debris, or a stick that has been dislodged from a tree and sticking up at an inconvenient angle. Although this may seem like a long shot that your car would drive over one of these items, since most of them are so small, it is very difficult to spot on the road before driving over them.

Some other causes of a flat tire are overinflation, collisions, hitting a curb, a failed valve stem, extremely hot or cold weather, potholes, and vandalism. It might seem like an oxymoron that overinflating can cause flat tires, but they impact your vehicles performance, and cause the tires to wear unevenly. If your tires wear unevenly for long enough, this can cause tire issues and flat tires. The worst-case scenario shows that overinflation can destroy your tire from the inside.

Potholes can also lead to a flat tire, due to the rough terrain of the road. Swerving and missing the pothole can cause even more problems, like veering off the road or into another lane, so you may choose to just drive over the pothole instead. Sometimes, your rim is bent by the pothole. A bent wheel can cause your tire to slowly lose air. This needs to be straightened by a professional, along with getting the alignment of your wheels diagnosed and fixed.

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Thread The Plug Tool & Physically Insert The Tire Plug

Once the hole is reamed, youll see another tool the looks like a needle. Take your plug and crimp it between the end.

Now youre ready to seal the hole once and for all! Take your plug threaded needle and insert it into the hole. Push it in with some force until there is only a little bit of the plug left sticking out.

Then you should be able to yank the plug tool out of the tire and the plug should stay in the hole. Also, trim the end of the plug that is sticking out as close to the tire as you can.

One other thing to keep in mind is its not a good idea to put multiple plugs or patch on a tire. If you have patched the tire once already if it gets another hole, just get a new tire at that point. Dont compromise your safety!

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Tire Patch Cost Factors #: Summer Winter Or All

You will have the option to choose between these three types of tires. If you live somewhere thats dry all year long like Los Angeles, then summer tires are the way to go. They offer enough grip and are designed for dry weather conditions. Less grip from summer tires means less rolling resistance which means better fuel consumption as well.

If you live somewhere that snows, then you should consider winter or all-season tires depending on how often it snows. These tires offer a better grip than summer tires and make driving safer in slippery conditions.

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Average Tire Puncture Repair Cost

Tire puncture repair cost is not as expensive as you may fear, but it will take some time out of your day. On average, tire puncture repair will cost you between $10 and $20. The repair will involve getting the tire patched. Some tire dealers will repair a punctured tire for free if you purchased your tire from them. It is really a nice service to have at your disposal, and it makes you want to do business with them again.

Patch or Plug

It is possible to plug a punctured tire on your own. Tire plug repair might cost you a few dollars less, but chances are youll have to get the tire patched anyway. Plugs are just stopgap measure. With a nail, tire repair costs about the same. There may be slight additional labor charges, but that is not likely.

Wheel repair cost is typically minimal. If you have to replace the tire, it will be more expensive, but a simple patch usually will only set you back $20 at most.

How Long Can I Drive With A Screw In My Tire

Tire Repair Rubber Nail

Ans: The distance you can move with a screw in your tire depends on how deep-set it is in the tire If it is a long nail, you may drive for around 10-miles to notice that you have a looming issue When you discover the problem, sort it out immediately for the best experience on the road.

Is It Safe To Drive With A Nail In Your Tire? The answer is simple: Yes you can drive A SHORT DISTANCE with a nail in your tire However, the Nail must be REMOVED You cant drive with a nail in your tire for a long period of time, it is not safe.

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Can You Drive On The Highway With A Plugged Tire

A Plug May Do More Harm Than GoodThis is especially true when you start reaching higher speeds on the highway The manufacturer wont support a tires speed rating once it has been repaired So, if you plan on racing, off-roading, or just want to go fast, a plugged tire isnt going to work.

Patches are better than plugs for bigger holes, holes closer to but not the sidewall and holes that arent completely straight Note that if youre looking to do tire sidewall repair, a patch will usually not cut it and youll likely want to replace the tire Dont patch the tire if its near the sidewall.

What To Do When You Have A Flat Tire

If your tire is punctured, dont wait until you patch it, especially if it happens when youre on the road. Driving withflat spots on your tire is quite risky, both for you and your car.

Your best bet is to use a spare tire until you get the damaged tire repaired. Alternatively, you can call a roadside assistance service, and theyll get you a spare tire.

Once the spare tire is mounted, make sure that you patch your tire as soon as possible. Spare tires arent meant to be used regularly because you cant drive at high speeds with them. Not to mention, they wont be able to go for more than 50 miles.

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Is It Safe To Repair Tyre Puncture

A repair, even by an expert, will still considerably weaken the tyres structure and be unsafe for the highway. This limit means that a tyre damaged by a screw or a nail is usually a good candidate for repair. However, if your tyre is split or cut a repair is unlikely to meet the above safety criteria.

Choosing The Right Tires

Flat Tire Repair

Now you know what all the numbers and letters mean, so how do you choose the right tire? Generally, just go with whatever the manufacturer fits your car with in the first place. They considered many things before they choose a tire, and chances are the tires that came as standard was picked because they went well with the car.

If youre torn between budget and premium tires, then really this depends on how much cash you have at hand. If money is a bit tight, then theres nothing wrong with going for the budget option. Chances are you wont notice a big difference in terms of performance, and they last about as long as the premium options anyway. However, wed like to note a couple of things.

If you have a performance car, then its generally a good idea to go for the premium tires. More power means the car needs more grip. Cheaping out on tires means you might not have the grip to handle your cars power. Secondly, if you live somewhere that snows a lot, choosing premium winter tires isnt a bad idea. They offer better grip and will make driving in slippery conditions a lot safer.

If youre still not sure about which tire should get or youre torn between brands, you can read reviews online to help you decide. There are tons of reviews both from users and professional car journalists that might help you decide.

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Can A Nail Be Left In A Tire

The short answer is yes, you can drive with a nail in your tire. Drivers cruise over nails all the time and dont realize it. Nails can lodge in a tire so tightly that air isnt able to escape the car hits the nail so fast and so hard that air is never given the opportunity to release.

Will my tire go flat with a nail in it?

On the other hand, it is not safe to continue driving with a nail in your tire. If you dont get your tire patched or replaced quickly, it will gradually lose air over time. This can cause two possible problems. The first is that obviously, your tire will eventually go flat.

How To Repair A Nail In My Tire

Getting a nail stuck in your tire ranks high on the list of the most inconvenient things to happen to your car. The nail often will just stay in the tire, causing the tire to slowly lose air until it goes flat. If you dont repair the tire, you will end up having to get a new one. Luckily, repairing a tire with an embedded nail can be done at home with the right tools and equipment, saving the money it would cost for a repair at a service station

Step 1

Locate the nail in the tire. You might need advance the car a few inches at a time until you spot the nail.

Step 2

Pull out the nail with pliers. Stab the tire with the spike-shaped rasp to open the size of the puncture and get through the entire tire. According to, you need to stab the tire a few times to clean the hole out.

Step 3

Place the black cord halfway through the needle-like spike. Cover the cord with as much rubber cement as possible.

Step 4

Place half of the needle into the tire so the cord enters the hole. Pull the needle out quickly so the cord gets stuck in the hole. There should be some cord hanging out of the tire. Cut the excess cord away with a razor so it is even with the edge of the tire.

Re-inflate the tire with the air compressor. Make sure you dont overfill the tire.


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Other Job Orders Aside From Tire Patching

A blown-out tire might need a rebalancing, so thats another labor charge of about $10. For tasks like this apart from the patch for the puncture, confirm with your shops mechanic for other related repairs beforehand.

The cost of getting a tire patched comes greatly to the cost of the time your tire is handled by a mechanic. In other words, you are paying for their skill and not on the materials alone. You should also consider the investment of the equipment they used like the tire changer machine which extracts the tire from the wheel.

Find Where The Leak Is Coming From

Tire Repair Rubber Nail

Mechanics often use their senses to locate where the leak is coming from. They start first by inflating the tires to gain considerable air pressure, this allows them to locate the leak easier as the air tends to escape in these leaks. They conduct checking it visually for any cuts, holes, or debris protruding from the tire. After that, they also check for any hissing sound.

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How Many Times Can You Patch A Tire

If the tire has two punctures, getting a tire repaired may still be an option as long as the punctures are at least 16 inches apart and the maximum number of repairs does not exceed a total of 2 in the tire Any more punctures than that, and you should consider getting a new tire.

If the nail is small, in the center of your tread, and the weather isnt very hot, then you might be able to go a few days before you need to fill your tire If the hole is large, near the sidewall, and its hot outside, you might just have a few hours or a day before your tire goes flat.

When Can A Tire Be Repaired

From potholes to stray nails and screws, your tires can encounter a lot of hazards on the road. And when they become damaged or go flat, you might be wondering whether you should purchase a new set or get the tire repaired professionally.

Not every flat or punctured tire can be fixed, but there are other instances where you can get the tire and your entire car back on the road with a quick repair. Read on to learn what kind of tire damage can be repaired and when you should get a replacement.

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Why Do Tires Go Flat

The process of moving is subject to many external forces, causing the tires to deflate. The cause comes from many sides, but it is not a coincidence.

There are three ways to explain this phenomenon:

  • Most commonly punctured by a sharp object, the first can be a stone, hammer, nail, screw, or even a plastic bottle. They are pretty small, so they cannot be seen clearly in traffic to avoid.

When it meets the right, less durable sides, it will puncture the tire, and the gas leak occurs the next day. However, the process will take a long time, depending on how severe the object has been.

  • Curved wheels and rims will also cause flat ones. Caused by hitting a deep hole, a pothole causes the wheel to double its supporting load. When the pressure is too great, the phenomenon of the rim surface curve will occur. Vapors from the inside escape through the curved openings.
  • Finally, the air valve is damaged. Due to a lot of contact with road surface chemicals. If the air valve is not suitable, you need to know that the phenomenon of exhausting continuously occurs, more seriously affecting the wheelbase.

When Will I Need A New Tyre

How To â? Fix a Flat Tire Yourself

There are some instances when the damage from the nail in the tyre cant be repaired and will cost the price of a new tyre. Due to safety guidelines, you need to make sure that your tyres are in good working condition and that can mean replacing a damaged tyre with a nail in it.

You will most likely need a new tyre if:

  • The damaged area is larger than 6mm
  • The sidewall of the tyre is damaged
  • The general tyre tread is worn down
  • The tyre has been excessively damaged by driving on it while flat.

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Tire Plugs And Tire Patches Diy

DIY patching or plugging is still an option, yet wed advise you to be absolutely sure of what youre doing before going the patching route.

The plugging route is fairly simple , as all you really need to do is locate the hole and insert the plug. Going the patching route is also fairly inexpensive, but theres a lot more involved.

For instance, patching a tire consists of:

  • Removing the tire.
  • Removing the tires valve stem core.
  • Cleaning out the puncture hole .
  • Equipping the grinder with a grinding stone to prepare an area around the puncture.
  • Removing dirt/debris around the puncture.
  • Administering vulcanized cement to the inner part of the tire.
  • Administering the tire patch, working your way from the inside out.
  • Sealing the patch.
  • Put the tire back together and back on your car.

My Tire Has A Nail In It What Should I Do

Jason Unrau

At some point in your driving career you may walk up to your vehicle and notice the ominous glint of a nail head in the tread of your tire. Its an uneasy feeling when you have to drive with a nail in your tire. What do you do about it? Do you need to have it fixed right away? Is the tire even leaking?

Just because you have a nail in your tire doesnt mean you’ll have a flat tire. In some cases, the nail can be short enough that it doesnt even penetrate through the tires airtight lining. In other cases, its trajectory may have missed the lining altogether. Or if the nail did puncture right through the liner, it may be sealed or nearly completely sealed around the offending nail. Heres what you should do:

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Can You Drive A Car With A Nail In The Tire

Odds are, if theres a nail in your cars tire, youre not going to find it while conveniently parked in front of your local mechanic. That means, should your tire fall victim to a wayward piece of metal, youre going to have to get it to the shop before it causes even more damage. But can you drive your car with a nail in the tire? It does seem like a bad idea.

Really, it all comes down to distance. reports that the longer you drive with a nail in your tire, the more damage it can do. As soon as you notice a nail in your tire, contact a tire store to have your tire inspected. Driving with a hole in your tire is potentially dangerous and could cause a blowout. Furthermore, driving too long with the nail can ruin the tire, so you will have to replace the entire tire, instead of having a small piece plugged, Autoblog explains.

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