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How Much Are Nail Classes

Nail Classes Vs Online Nail Training

Nail Class #1 | Utensil Technique & Form

You might be wondering why you should invest in online nail training courses when you can simply take nail classes at your local beauty school. The answer is simple online nail training courses are aimed at making sure that you learn everything there is to know at your own pace.

To begin with, when you learn nails in a traditional nail school, you may not get as in depth training as there are time limitations restricting how many times you can be shown techniques. Where as with online nail training, you are able to watch the same techniques over and over to fully absorb what you are learning. Not only does our online training course explain different nail techniques, but it also covers all other aspects of nail health as well, such as nail anatomy, sanitation, and even diseases.

Lets suppose, after looking around, you do find a live nail course that touches almost all the same bases as our online training. However, it still might not be as beneficial for you as an online course. The reason for this is that the live course will not specifically accommodate your pace and learning. You will be given one chance, and one chance only, to gather as much knowledge as you can during the session, and that is it. Classes have to move at a certain pace to account for all the students there is no one-on-one learning.

How Does A Nail Tech School Operate Online?

Do I Need Products For The Course

Like all nail tech courses, you will need professional products to practice and work with while going through the course. However, getting the products at the best price can be tricky. Luckily, we show you how to source products in the course. We will show you how to get the best and most appropriate professional nail products at the best prices.

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Course Overview

24/7 Access

Enjoy self-paced and flexible studies with unrestricted access to your course contents. No matter what time of day youd like to dip into your training, this education will be available to you

Tutor Support

Studying online doesnt mean studying alone. Youll receive full support and guidance throughout your course, with tutors available for any questions you may have via phone and email 6 days a week


A custom-designed beauty kit will be sent directly to your door, with all the practical tools you require to complete your course and kickstart or further your career.


Youll receive a Certificate of Attainment once youve completed your course. Itll look seriously fabulous in your salon or to show-off to your employer.

Payment Options

Choose between an interest-free payment plan of $30-$40 per week, or receive a discount when you pay the entire course costs upfront.

All Australian Beauty School short courses come with a Certificate of Completion and a transcript of the units you have completed.

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How Do I Become A Nail Technician In Houston

In order to become a nail technician in Houston you must follow certain requirements. The first of which is enrolling in an established and approved beauty school like Houston Training Schools and completing the number of hours required.

To enroll in the Houston Training Schools nail tech program, the applicant must:

  • Be above the compulsory school age
  • Have a high school diploma or GED certificate

After you have completed and passed your nail technician course, you must pass a written and practical exam set by the state of Texas. Once you have passed the exam, you will obtain your nail technician license and have the ability to begin your career!

Aeropuffing Nail Art 101 Course

The Ultimate Nail Course

The next item on our list is one wed recommend to experienced nail technicians, nail artists, and manicurists. You will learn all about the aeropuffing system!

Elena Maltseva teaches this course. She is a world-renowned nail artist with over 21 years of experience in the nail industry. She is a global educator for Aeropuffing and EzFlow brands. Maltseva has also worked with and judged nail competitions with Tom Holcomb, Danny Haile, Trang Nguyen, Alisha Rimando, Antonio Sacripante, Antony Buckley, Jewel Cunningham, Carla Collier, Amy Becker, and many others.

Features of the Course:

This next course is for aspiring nail technicians and those of you passionate about nail art! It is specially designed for learners with no prior experience as a nail technician.

The requirements for this course are:

  • Essential Nails Tools: file, buffers, sensitization, primers, acetone, accelerators, nail clippers, nail sanitizer, cotton pads, and cuticle massage oil
  • UV Gel Tools: UV lamps, acrylic removers, nail gel, electric files, UV primers, and UV top coat.

Nail Art Academy conducts and teaches this course. The team is highly passionate about everything to do with nails, from experimenting with nail art designs and new techniques for manicures. They thrive on presenting learners with nail art designs that they love.

Features of the Course:

  • Access on mobile devices and television
  • Certificate of completion

What Youll Learn:

Review by Anya Doan:

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How Much Does Nail Tech School Cost

Working in most salons and spas may require you go to a nail tech school to learn the appropriate techniques. If you want to work in a spa applying tips or even acrylic nails, theres a good chance youre thinking about attending a nail tech school.

As a nail technician, you will have the responsibility of trimming nails, repairing broken nails and applying nail extensions. You will also have the responsibility of checking the skin condition on the hand, as well caring for the cuticles and shaping the nails.

Best Nail Technician Courses & Certifications Online

We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

Have you always been passionate about nail art and are now searching for a course that will take your passion to the next level and turn it into a career?

Youve come to the right place! This article includes a list of courses that aspiring nail technicians can sign up for. While most of the courses on our list come with a certification, weve also included a few courses that you can sign up for if you want to learn about nail art for fun.

The internet is full of options, and youve probably been combing through it in search of the best Nail Technician courses online. Look no further! Weve put together a list of the best Nail Technician courses available online.

We have ranked the following courses based on the highest number of 5-star ratings, student reviews, instructor quality, and certifications.

Easy Navigation

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Why Study A Nail Technology Course

Nail technicians have expertly honed skills in giving their clients aesthetic, high-quality nail services. For clients, getting their nails done the way they like is a fun and exciting experience an affordable luxury to indulge in.

However, the difference between an expert nail technician and a poorly-trained one is blatantly evident, and can be instantly seen in the outcome of a clients nails. The consequences of offering sub-par services to clients are extensive, and can range from unhappy clientele, an inability to find a job, and even severe, long-term damage to clients nails.

Undertaking a nail technology course is the best way to ensure you have the skills and knowledge to avoid these problems. These courses can teach you how to provide manicure and pedicure services, including the application of artificial nails, nail polish, nail art, gel nail and acrylic nail enhancements. A good course will also teach client consultation skills, and health and safety.

As a nail technician with the relevant training and skills, youll have a range of work options available to you, including in nail salons and self-employment.

So, if you want to make a name for yourself as a nail tech, what kind of course will give you the skills you need? This article highlights the pros and cons of free nail technician courses vs paid nail technician courses, so you can make the best decision.

Salary And Job Outlook #

Nail class #4 | Ombré (Doing Zulay nails)

Occupational employment statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that as of May 2012, manicurists and pedicurists earn a median annual wage of $19,220 and a median hourly wage of $9.24. They typically work in a spa or nail salon, often during evenings and weekends. Thirty-seven percent of nail technicians are self-employed.

The BLS estimates that the demand for nail technicians will grow by 17% between 2010 and 2020. The total expected growth rate for all occupations, by comparison, is 14%. A number of factors, including more men seeking nail treatments, nail technicians performing house calls, and an increasing number of nail salons contribute to the good overall job prospects for nail techs.

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Udemy: The Complete Nail Art Tutorial Step By Step Manicure Guide

Up next on my list is an outstanding online class on mastering nail art, which is a must-have for any serious nail technician. Even if youve never done nail art before, dont worry this course is designed for beginners with no previous experience!

Nail artists at any level will find a lot of value in this 2-hour-46-minute-long Udemy course which teaches how to do a basic manicure and work with GEL UV. Students will also get introduced to essential nail art techniques and get step-by-step coaching on different nail designs.

Ideally, students can follow along with the 18 video lessons and try the techniques for themselves while they watch. This means students will need some equipment and basic nail tools such as files, buffers, primers, acetone, nail clippers, etc. And, of course, some fun polishes in all of your favorite colors!

Overall, this is easily one of the best online nail technician courses for nail art! Cant be missed.

  • Popular! 1,177 students

Nail Art Course With Gel Painting

Gabriela Cismas is the instructor in this course with many years experience in the nail art profession.

The course is over 3 hours long with 20 lessons. Gabriela teaches step-by-step, how to decorate your nails with simple and difficult design using gel painting. She shows you which color gel is ideal but also what types of brushes you need to use for specific techniques.

You can actually get this course for 2 weeks FREE when you

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Certificate Iii In Nail Technology

This course is a JobTrainer eligible course. Learn more about JobTrainer.

  • State/TerritoryJobTrainer course feeNext start date
  • State/Territory: SAJobTrainer course fee: $1,163Next start date: 01/09/2022, 05/09/2022, 01/10/2022

Average Course Fee:$5412

$5412 is the average course fee entered on My Skills by 15 training provider.

Not all training providers enter this information on My Skills. Contact each training provider directly for further information.

Average Course Duration:8 Months

8 Months is the average course duration entered on My Skills by 14 training provider.

Not all training providers enter this information on My Skills. Contact each training provider directly for further information.

Superseded by: Australian Apprenticeships Description

This qualification reflects the role of individuals employed as nail technicians to provide manicure and pedicare services, including the application of nail art and acrylic and gel nail enhancements.

These individuals possess a range of well-developed technical and customer service skills where discretion and judgement is required and are responsible for their own outputs. This includes client consultation on nail care products and services. Nail technicians may also be self-employed and responsible for managing their own nail station.

Work is typically conducted in nail and beauty salons.


About The Nail Technician Program

Russian Manicure

The nail technician program at Houston Training Schools is designed to train students in basic manipulative skills, safety judgments, proper work habits, and the positive, welcoming attitude necessary for entry-level positions as a nail technician or related career avenue. Our student body is represented by 40 different countries and all of our classes are taught in both English and Spanish.

As a nail tech school in Houston, Houston Training Schools understands the importance of building client relationships early on that is why we allow all of our nail tech students to practice on real clients as a part of their education! Clients know how often to get a manicure, and they will want to keep receiving these services from someone they can trust. Having the ability to practice on real clients while youre still learning can help to establish trust with potential clients and build a loyal client base that will follow you throughout your career!

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Nails & Beauty Training

* Models will be required for all classes

Fantastic Nails & Beauty Training offers several options in Nail Technology Courses.All courses are designed for beginners to suit individual needs in a friendly relaxed environment.

Fantastic Nails & Beauty Training is the only school that offers supervised Work Placement whilst trainingThere are no age restrictions the only prerequisite is the desire & passion to learn.

Which course is best for you? That will depend on how much you would like to learn The higher the Level the more techniques are included. There are also single units for up skilling & short courses for those already in the Nail / Beauty industry.

Learn to perform a professional Manicure & Pedicure using Gel polish includes safety & Sanitation Ideal for adding services to an existing menu.. eg Hairdresser, Waxing / Lash technicians, Aged care workers ) or for personal use Certificate One day course or 2 x half days 2 Models will be required.

Classes: One full day or 2 x ½ days

Level 1 Nail Technology is a basic course designed for either a beginner or as a refresher course to regain skills Optional Units can be added to proceed to advanced techniques Units Include Nails Anatomy & Disorders, Safety & Sanitation, Manicure, Pedicure, Polish Application .. Acrylic Nails & Refills .

Udemy: Create Your Own Nail Salon From Home

Does the idea of working from home appeal to you? If so, this course will help you to imagine what a home nail business could look like for you. As an added bonus, this online course also teaches the essential skills a nail tech needs to succeed and is catered for all levels of experience.

Taught by beautician Michelle Donaldson, she has over 30 years of experience and is eager to share it with students in this compact 42-minute-long course. In 18 video lessons, she will cover topics like the manicure, hand massage, UV polish application, and removal.

Michelle also discusses the business side of things and gives students advice on how to set up their own salons. Once students are done with the training, theyll be feeling ready to unleash their creativity, paint some beautiful nails, and start building their own awesome nail salon!

Overall, a fantastic course that also has a certificate of completion for students!

  • Low time commitment

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Included In The Course

In our classes we use Absolute a Professional Line of Products !Absolute Gel System is being enjoyed by many of your fellow nail artists and salon ownersAnd most importantly, you will be guided in your journey to becoming a nail technician with a long and happy career. Classes are taught by our top-notch industry-active instructors. Your success is our success. Absolute creates high quality professional products, it is created for all nail techs, to make your job easier, and make your business successful!Created for professional nail techs, by nail techs.We continually mentor our students even after you graduate, you are never alone in this new journey.Located in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Nail Technician Online Certificate Course

How to do acrylic nails for beginners

This is another well-rounded course teaching the fundamentals of professional nail care as a nail technician and also about running a business.

There are 10 modules in the course which covers everything from nail conditions, avoiding skin allergies, going mobile, acrylic and UV gel nails, and much more. Although you can study at your own pace, there are 150 hours of material to cover.

Upon completion of the course and assessment, students receive 3 certifications: an accredited certificate from the awarding body relating to the course, a CPD certificate displaying the number of CPD points earned from the course, and a certificate of completion.

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Nail Technology School Average Costs #

  • According to the American Association of Cosmetology Schools , nail tech training programs cost $3,000 to $10,000. Many programs, however, average $1,000 to $5,000 . The actual cost depends on the number of program hours and the curriculum. More expensive programs tend to include business training.
  • Initial exam, application, and licensing fees might cost $100 to $200. License renewal is required every 2 years by most states and costs $25 to $100.
  • Many schools offer financial aid to students contact the financial aid department individual schools to find out what is available. AACS member schools offer scholarships and grants.

What Can I Do

SHB30315 Certificate III in Nail Technology

Industry-standard facilities

Train at TAFE Queensland and gain access to an extensive range of industry-standard nail technology resources including electronic files, nail tables and manicure and pedicure stations. You’ll graduate with confidence, knowing you have all the skills you need to get right to work.

Diversify your skills

Many health and beauty providers are looking to expand their services offering consumers an all-inclusive package including nails, skin, hair and beauty. Enhance your qualifications and job prospects by completing a related qualification in beauty, massage or hairdressing at TAFE Queensland.

The successful achievement of this qualification requires you to complete all core and 4 elective units from the list below.

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