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How To Get Dipped Nails Off At Home

How To Do Diy Dip Powder Nails At Home


Give DIY Dip Powder Nails a try theyre so easy to do at home! This post shows how to add tips, apply Revel Nails Shady powder, and even how to remove dip nails when youre done.

I think we all learned how to DIY a few new things in 2020 one of my favorites was learning how to DIY dip powder nails at home. Listen if I can do this, you can do this.

I am absolutely terrible at painting my nails it often looks like a 5 year old did it when I try to use standard nail polish . Ive even tried gel polish in the past, and I still cant kick that urge to peel it off after a few days. I had heard of dip nails , and after seeing a Youtuber try another brand of at-home dip powder, I gave it a try. To my surprise, it wasnt that difficult!

Its also incredibly durable. I can normally get at least two weeks out of a set of dip powder nails . Dip powder, when using the right polishes, hardens into a tough, thick coat on your nails, making it virtually impossible to peel. I am ROUGH on my nails when following these steps, they hardly ever chip at all .

The best part is the amount of money youll save over the salon. You can get dozens of uses out of a kit thats under $50 thats about what youd normally pay for one set of dip powder nails. To me, its also a time-saver I can do my nails in an hour or two every few weeks while I watch TV at night the beats spending hours at a salon, in addition to commute time.

Are Dip Nails Safe

As the name suggests, powder-dip manicure involves dipped nails with an adhesive layer in powder pigment. Some people argue that powder manicure is safer than gel because it does not cure with UV light. However, if your technician uses the same powder can for multiple clients, you run the risk of contracting a bacterial infection.

You Need Hot Water To Soak Your Old Dip Nails:

Heat will cause the nails and dip powder to expand. The natural nails and dip powder expand and contract with different rates so they will slide relatively to each other. These differences in expansion due to heat cause the adhesive bond to break apart or come loose and its strength is weakened even further.

These are the reasons that old dip powder nails can be taken off without acetone by soaking in hot water.

Now you know the reasons why old dip nails can be removed with hot water. Let me show you how.

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Clip Off Excess Nail Extensions

When youre beginning this process, it should be noted that there will be certain tools needed. It is recommended to get the best quality professional nail tools, which will make the process easier. To start, with some good clippers, you will want to clip off any extra extensions to your nails. This is especially important if you did your nails with added tips.

FYI: Take a look at everything you need to do dip nails at home

How To Remove Your Dip Nails With Hot Water And A Nail File

How to Remove Dip Nails: A Step

Step 1. Soak your nails in hot water.

You can microwave a bowl of water or get hot water from the tap. The hotter the better! Soak your nails for around 5 minutes. Make sure your water is still warm during the process, because if it cools off too much, it wont work right.

Step 2. Cut down your nails.

After your nails have softened a bit, youre going to want to use nail clippers and cut your nails down. This is especially needed if you glues falsies on. Cutting them down will help loosen the powder hold and make step 3 a lot easier.

Step 3. Start filing your nail color down.

This part isnt especially fun. Youre going to need a nail file or an electric buffer . File down your nails until the color has been thinned out or removed completely. You can also soak your nails in hot water again once the color has been thinned. Repeat this process until all your color is gone!

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Rough File The Topcoat

Theres typically a gel topcoat over your dip nails, King says. If its shiny, it makes it harder for the acetone to soak through the product to remove it, therefore slowing down the removal process.

This is precisely why youll want to start the removal process by gently filing down the top, shiny coatessentially roughening up the surface of the nail polish in order to allow the acetone to seep down deeper. To do so, use a rough grit nail fil to buff down the topcoatthe thinner you buff it, the easier it will be to remove.

What Are Dip Powder Nails

How do you apply powder nail polish at home? Prep your nail by sliding the cuticle back and shaping it to the desired shape. Remove oil and dirt from the nail bed with a cleanser. Apply the base coat to the nail after the nails are clean and dry. Dip in the colored powder and remove excess powder with a brush.

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What You Need To Take Off Dip Nails At Home Without Acetone

I would strongly suggest that you have acetone to soak off your dip nails because this is the most effective and least painful way to get your dip nails off. However, if you must have them off now, read on so you will know exactly what you need to do to prevent damaging your natural nails and minimize the unnecessary pain from removing dip powder nails that you will inflict on yourself.

To take dip nails off at home but you have no acetone available, you must have two things.

Learn How To Remove Dip Powder Nails Safely


by Jennifer Scott | Oct 5, 2017 | Nails |

Theres a new manicure hack in town, and its called dip powder nails. Its very easy to pull off at home, and it is said that it can actually outlast a gel manicure. The color is given by a very pigmented powder, and the process is simple. You apply a base, dip your nails in the color of your choosing and then finish off with a sealant. Nice and easy. However, is it easy to get it off as well? Learn how to remove dip powder nails safely right here.

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There are two ways in which you can remove the dip powder nails. The good thing about it is that, since there are many layers to this process, the nails should snap right off, just like a little turtle shell.

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The Tricks To A Successful At

“You need an acetone-based remover and an 80 grit file,” Edwards says. Begin by filing the powder down â not so much that the nail bed is exposed, but that the topmost layers are worn away. Next, proceed to soak the nails in acetone for 10 to 15 minutes, wiping away the leftover solution. Most importantly, give yourself time. Don’t rush the process, and when it’s all over, be sure to take care of the nail. “It’s important to restore moisture and balance in your nails. Hydrate the cuticle, nail base, and surrounding skin repeatedly until you feel like you’re ready for a new set.”

So if you’ve given up on shelling out cash for a professional soak-off and think you can do it yourself, here are some at-home necessities to making it happen.

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You Are Over Buffing Your Dip Powder

After youve applied your dip coats, its a good idea to buff the top of your nails to even out the powder if it isnt smooth enough. However, if you buff too roughly, this can later cause your nails to crack. Do not over-buff the top of your powder. Only buff to smooth out any lumps or bumpy areas.

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Why Shouldnt I Utilize Acetone To Get Rid Of My Dipped Manicure Nails

Theres no denying that a really popular, economical, and fast way of removing acrylic, gel or dip powdered nails is to use acetone.

Acetone works well because it’s a direct solvent. That means it can break down or dissolve substances like paint and resin, and that’s a fact!

But, there are some drawbacks to be aware of: it’s highly flammable, can dry out your natural nail , and it must be utilized in a well-ventilated area.

Be conscious that employing a fan when using acetone as a remover doesn’t improve ventilation, it actually plainly circulates in the air which are airborne fumes. For those who have a difficult time with strong fumes or have naturally dry skin, this may not be the best product to use to remove your nails.

So lets get to the main question,how DO you remove dip powder nails without using acetone?

Ditch making that nail salon appointment because weve prepared the easiest and healthiest DIY methods for you ladies try out! Time to remove your dip powder nails right in the comfort of your home.

How Can I Make Dip Nails Last Longer

How to Remove Dip Nail Powder

Proper application is the key to making dip nails last a long time. Familiarizing yourself with the dip nail process is one way to ensure youre getting it done right.

For example, prepping your nails before the manicure removes excess oils and ensures the powder adheres to the nail. This isnt a step your nail tech should skip for this or any other manicure.

The way each coat is applied also makes a difference. Properly applying the coats, powder, and other products to the nail only ensures theyll last longer and prevents lifting. Keep an eye on your nails so that your nail tech isnt applying too much or too little of each product. You can also look up reviews and ask them for photos so you can have an idea of what the final product looks like.

Using a reputable dip powder brand can also make your dip nails more durable. Premium brands are more likely to withstand everyday wear and tear than cheap ones.

After its applied, you can follow the steps youd take to protect your nails after any manicure. When using harsh household cleaners or chemicals, wear gloves to protect your hands and nails.

You should also see your nail tech ASAP if your nails start to chip or break. Letting it stay broken will make it worse and can damage your natural nail. If you cant make it to your nail tech right away, you can try some DIY hacks at home to temporarily fix your broken nail.

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How To Remove Dip Powder Nails At Home

Step One: Use a nail file to file the nail polish as far down to the base of your nail as you can without damaging your nail bed. Once you start seeing a decent bit of your nail bed or all of the shiny top coat is gone, youll know to stop filing. For this part, a cheap, rough nail file works better than your nice metal one.

Step Two: Once youve filed down all of your nails, its time to break out the nail polish remover. There are two options. First, you can cut a sheet of aluminum foil into two to three inch squares. For each nail, soak a cotton ball in acetone and then wrap the nail in the square of aluminum foil until it is snug. Follow with the rest of your nails until you’re looking like you have silver claws. Let them soak for about 25 minutes or longer until all of the polish comes off.

Tip: Its easiest when you have someone that can help you wrap your nails with the aluminum foil. Additionally, make sure all of the cotton balls are thoroughly soaked with acetone.

Alternatively, you can get a small, shallow bowl and fill it with nail polish remover and let your nails soak for about 20 minutes or longer until the polish wipes off completely and easily with a cotton ball.

Step Three: Make sure all of your nails are clean and bare by rubbing each with nail polish remover once more. Apply cuticle oil and your favorite hand cream to help offset any dryness caused by the acetone.

How To Get Dip Nails Off At Home

How do you get Gell nails off at home? Method 1 of 3: Peeling Lift part of the gel nail. Wait until your nails are already chipped. Pour water over the raised edge and remove the gel polish. Place your finger under a stream of warm water. Use olive oil or cuticle oil if your nail won’t come out of the water. Remove any remaining gel with a nail file.

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Soak Your Nails In An Acetone Bath

Before you soak your nails in acetone, nail artist Amy Le has a tip to help protect your skin: rub petroleum jelly on your fingertips and into your cuticles, avoiding your nail bed. “This will help prevent the skin around your nails from drying out,” she says. Next, pour the acetone into a bowl and place both hands in, fully submerging each nail . In order for the dip powder to loosen, you will need to soak your nails for at least 10 to 20 minutes, says Le. A good indicator youre done? The dip should flake off easily. If it doesnt, she suggests soaking your nails for an additional five to seven minutes. Remember: Patience is your friend during the removal process.

Should I Try Dip Nails

HOW TO REMOVE DIP NAILS FAST (5 mins â no filing needed!)

Dip nails are worth a try if you want a manicure thats stronger and more durable than gel or acrylics. Many also try out these nails if theyre trying to limit their exposure to UV lights.

The aftercare, thicker look, and sanitary concerns are the main factors that turn some people off from dip nails. If you dont mind those things and can commit some time to finding a safe nail tech, then theres no reason not to get them.

Its especially important to do your research before you book a dip nail appointment. Dont neglect reviews for both nail techs and for the various dip powder brands out there. Taking these extra steps beforehand helps you make sure youre getting a safe manicure. You can look through our community of nail artists if youre ready to find someone near you.

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File The Top Layer Off

Next, you will want to file down or buff off the top layer of the nail polish. This will take off that first shiny layer. Filing off this layer is an important part of how to remove your dip powder nails since this will later allow the acetone you use to thoroughly remove the other layers of the polish.

What Are The Benefits Of Dip Powder Nails

Dip powder nails are a great option since theyre more durable and quicker to apply than other types of manicures. These are the main benefits of getting dip nails:

  • Many colors are available so you can continue getting fab styles without color limitations.
  • No curing with UV or LED lights is required, so you can be in and out of the salon faster than with other types of nails. You also avoid potentially harmful UV light exposure with this method.
  • They are long-lasting and more durable than other manicures.
  • The application process is quick with short dry times.

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What Is The Best Nail Polish Remover

10 Best Nail Polish Remover 2019 Best Nail Polish Remover 2019 10. Cutex Advanced Nail Polish Remover 9. Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover with Vitamin E and Chamomile 8. Onyx Professional Nail Polish Remover 100% Acetone 7. Opi Expert Touch Remover Varnish 6. Nail Polish Remover Zoya Remove Plus 5. Opi Nail Polish remover.

How To Remove Your Gel Nails At Home

How to Do Dip Powder Nails at Home : 6 Steps (with ...

Be Sure Your Nails Are Ready

Before you even begin considering the removal of your gel nails, Sally Hansen ambassador Hannah Lee, tells NYLON that you should first make sure your gel is ready for removal, noting that gel can usually last for two weeks. If you notice nail growth or that your gel has lifted, that’s a signal that your polish is ready for removal. She specifically suggested looking out for lifting, saying, “That allows for moisture to get under the gel and possibly create bacterial growth.”

Gather Your Tools

According to Molly Romah, lead nail tech at Chillhouse, you’ll want to begin by ensuring you have everything needed for removal. For gel nails, she recommends having pure acetone, cotton, a nail file and aluminum foil. As an added bonus, you may also want to make sure your Netflix is nearby, as the soaking process may seem to go a lot faster when you have something to watch.

Time To File And Soak

According to Lee, you’ll want begin the process by using a coarse nail file to carefully, and slowly, file down the top layer of gel. “You want to focus on removing the top coat and not the actual polish, so make sure to do this slowly,” she added.

Soak your nails for about 15 minutes and then check on the progress. “The gel polish should look as if it is falling off the nail and lifted,” Romah said. “The remaining polish should be able to be removed with little to no pressure. If not, go back and soak for another five minutes and try again.”

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