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How To Get Rid Of Green Nails

Side Effects Of Toenail Fungus Medication

How To | Get RID of âGreen Nailsâ? Bacteria FAST !! ð³ð¤ð

One of the many benefits of using a homeopathic remedy is that there are little to no adverse side effects. Topical treatments often prescribed to treat toenail fungus can potentially burn or blister the skin. Oral medications for treating onychomycosis can cause liver or gastrointestinal damage. Be sure to read your medications list of potential side effects. Consult your pharmacist, physician, or specialist if you are concerned about side effects of prescription drugs.

Toenail Fungus Prescription Medications

Sometimes prescription medications are needed to treat a toenail infection that just wont go away with natural remedies or over-the-counter medication in a few months. In this case, prescription-strength antifungal medication can eradicate stubborn onychomycosis.

Topical medications often are effective in treating mild to moderate toenail fungus. Topical solutions may include medicated nail polishes or liquid medications. Loprox , Penlac , Kerydin , and Jublia are among the top prescription drugs for toenail fungus.

Oral medications can come in capsules, tablets, or liquid. Some common prescriptions are Diflucan , Lamisil , Onmel , and Sporanox .

What Does Green Nail Syndrome Look Like

The most obvious sign of green nail syndrome is that your nail turns green. This green color first appears as a spot. Over time, it comes to affect the whole nail. If you have a green spot on the toe, then this is your issue.

The green color itself is caused by a chemical compound called pyoverdine. This chemical is secreted by the bacteria, and stores iron for later use. The stronger the infection, the more pyoverdine is produced, and the greener your nails become.

The color ranges from a yellow-green, to deep grass green. It isnt uniform, as the nail is typically deformed too. There will be parts of the nail that appear darker, almost black. There will be other lighter parts.

It appears as stripes running from side to side. This is because of intermittent episodes of infection. The infection gets stronger and weaker in waves as the body tries to fight it off.

Green nail syndrome may also co-occur with other nail issues. These include:

  • The nail pointing to the side
  • The skin around the nail becoming red and swollen

These nail issues all cause injury to your nails. Thats why its common to have a green toenail after injury. Bacterial infection may occur in one nail, or several. It can affect toenails and fingernails.

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How To Prevent Green Nails After False Nails

It is actually fairly common to find green nails after fake nails are removed. In fact, it is so common, that nail technicians used to have specific training on how to treat this infection. However, these days nail techs cannot do anything to treat it as it is considered a medical condition. You need to consult a doctor for treatment.

Pseudomonas nail infection can show up as small green spots anywhere on the nail plate. Variations include bluish or greenish-black discoloration. Occasionally you might find that the whole nail and even the skin around the nail may be affected.

This bacteria thrives in moist environments. Thats why its fairly common with acrylic nail treatments. If you do not ensure to properly clean and prep the nail, you might accidentally trap bacteria under the acrylic nail. This creates just the right environment for this type of bacteria to thrive. Another reason is improper sizing and application of the nail that does not completely seal it. This allows dirt and water, along with the bacteria, to get under the false nail after application.

But you can prevent this infection by following a few simple rules.

To prevent green nails that result from a bacterial infection, make sure to:

Can I Paint Over Green Nails

How to Get Rid of Nail Discoloration

Theres nothing mysterious about the fact that people often find green nails embarrassing. If youre a part of that category, then you may want to conceal them. You can do so by painting over them. The green staining may linger on your nails until it finally grows out. Despite that, you should be able to paint on top of it without worry about any safety concerns. It isnt even uncommon for people to put on fresh fake nails.

If you have any concerns that involve the state of your hands, then you should speak with a highly regarded doctor as soon as possible for information. Search for a doctor who has a lot of experience and training that relates to nail care practices these days.

You can also ask doctors about trusted antifungal nail treatments that are on the market lately. The Toulify Nail Repair Pen is a treatment option for fungal issues. It can do a lot for discoloration of the nails. Its user-friendly and can take care of existing nail woes. It at the same time can stop future nail troubles from popping up and wreaking havoc onto your days and nights.

Kerasal Multi-Purpose Nail Repair is a product thats suitable for the toenails and fingernails alike. If fungus has done a number on your nails, then this treatment path may be right up your alley. It can do a lot to minimize discoloration. Its free of any scent and has a transparent appearance.

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Acrylic Nail Fungus Treatment With Urgent Fungus Destroyer

Urgent fungus destroyer is a great probiotics source that will directly treat the main root cause of nail fungus that is the immune system.

It will treat the nail fungus gradually. So, the probiotic solution is suitable for those who can bear the nail fungus for more than 1 month.

Diet and Fungus destroyer, with proper care, one can get faster results. It will take almost 6-8 weeks to kill the nail fungus. As it is designed to keep the sufferer healthy so, it can be used for general weaknesses as well.

It contains different vitamins, such as ascorbic acid also known as vitamin C, and vitamin E. Both are great antioxidants to treat skin infections, and repair the damaged skin.

Moreover 10% Lycopene is actually a bomb. It will boost the working of the immune system, cleansing all the harmful fungal supporting bacteria in your blood by reducing the immature cell damage as well.

With various fruit and vegetables complexes it is an all organic supplement to treat the nail fungus. For fast and effective results you need to have two tablets a day for almost 4 months.

Checkout our detailed guide on Laser to kill nail fungus.

Findings From Studies Involving Humans

Two earlier studies investigated the effects of tea tree oil on nail fungus in humans.

A found that tea tree oil applied directly to toenail fungus is as effective as clotrimazole cream. Clotrimazole is an antifungal cream available on prescription or from a pharmacy.

A study published in 1999 investigated whether an antifungal cream containing tea tree oil could help manage toenail fungus. The researchers used tea tree oil alone as a placebo. Participants applied either the combination cream or the placebo for 16 weeks.

The combination cream completely cured the nail fungus in 80% of the participants. However, none of the people who used the tea tree alone saw any improvement. This suggests that tea tree oil alone may not be an effective treatment for nail fungus.

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Best Ways To Avoid Nail Fungus While Wearing Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails will not come off the next day, they are likely to stay on the real nail for more than 6 weeks.

During this period, women need to be very careful, otherwise they may develop nail fungus. In this section I have shared some tips and suggestions to prevent the nail fungus.

  • Fungal infections can be genetic sometimes. If you feel that you can get skin or nail fungus, because of a genetic factor. Avoid acrylics, try to have simple nail polish manicures instead. They will be safe for you.
  • Do not let the salon use excess UV lights to fix the UV designs in place.
  • Do not use any allergic chemicals for the acrylic nail making.
  • First try on a single nail, if you do not observe any redness or reactions for the next ten minutes, then allow for the rest of the fingers.
  • When having acrylic nails, visit the saloon after every three weeks. They will fill the gaps between the real nail and the acrylic nails, otherwise fungal spores will start growing there.

What About The Cost Of Oral Medications For Fungal Nails

My Nail Is GREEN! (Vlog #40)

A further consideration is cost. Because newer oral antifungal agents are very expensive, some insurance companies balk at paying for what they consider a “cosmetic issue,” unless nail fungus causes pain or other functional symptoms. Terbinafine and fluconazole are now available as generic drugs and are quite inexpensive.

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Hydrogen Peroxide To Kill Fungus On Nail From Acrylics

Hydrogen peroxide is an active ingredient that can make the skin unfit for the fungal growth. Gradually killing the ingrown fungus within a period of months.

For some people with chronic fungal infection it can take almost an year. But for newly grown fungus it will take almost 6 months.

The Hydrogen peroxide is not a safe ingredient and users need to be extremely careful while using it. For sensitive skin using Hydrogen peroxide directly on the infected nail can be risky, the best way then is to use a diluted solution.

For faster results, you need to apply it twice a day, and then let it dry. After that cover your nail with a glove or socks.

As, Hydrogen peroxide works as a bleaching agent, you can also use Bleach for killing nail fungus.

For many years, baking soda has been an effective treatment for nail fungus, even if it is caused by the acrylic nails.

All you have to do is make a hand or foot soak mixed with a tablespoon of baking soda. It will gradually heal the nail fungus. The estimated healing time with the baking soda is almost 7 months.

If you find the nail fungus treatment with baking soda tough, think of using the baking soda paste. Mix the baking soda with an essential oil like the snakeroot extract, or any other ionized oil, and apply it twice a day.

Another amazing thing to treat nail fungus is putting a few pinches of baking soda in the gloves, and killing the already present fungus spores.

Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Nail Fungus

Isvaiyah has been a licensed pharmacist at Gadjah Mada University for nine years. She earned her M.Sc. from the same university.

Read on for 10 ways to beat nail fungus the natural way!

Nail fungus can attack any one of us, but theres no need to worry because there are a number of effective natural remedies out there. This condition normally affects toenails, but fingernails can also become infected. The infected nails often change color, becoming yellow, green, or black. They can also become painful. If left untreated, the fungus may gradually inflict serious damage to the nails, and eventually, have to be removed by a physician.

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Factors That Increase The Risk Of Nail Fungus

  • Wearing tight shoes all day. Sandals are better try to wear them when you can.
  • Playing a lot of sports. Long-distance running or any other endurance sport can make your feet very sweaty. Remaining in that state for a long period of time puts you at high risk.
  • Not changing your socks frequently enough. Socks can absorb moisture and create a breeding ground for fungus.
  • Athletes foot. The fungus that causes this condition can spread to your nails.
  • A humid environment. This makes it easy for you to develop fungus on both your fingernails and toenails.
  • Damage to the nail particularly if it occurs regularly. Wounds are especially prone to infection.
  • Going barefoot in communal areas. In places such as locker rooms and around swimming pools, its better to wear flip-flops.
  • Using artificial nails. They can cause an allergic reaction or wear down the nails, making them more vulnerable.


Onychomycosis is the proper term for nail fungus. Common symptoms are thickened, brittle, and discolored nails.

Treatment With Topical Creams

How To Treat Green Nails At Home

Topical creams are the most famous treatment for every nail and skin infections. They are effective but not completely. We cannot claim the topical creams as the best solution for nail fungal infection.

You can use the topical creams, when your diet is under check. Proper diet is extremely important for fast results. Otherwise, any probiotic supplement can also help along with the topical creams.

The best time to use topical creams for nail fungus, is the time you feel a slight redness or pain. The best topical creams for nail fungus will take almost 48 weeks. Users may feel it difficult to use topical creams.

The main side effects of topical creams are burning, and a slight itching, which is really uncomfortable for a lot of women.

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Patient Management And Recovery

In mild to moderate cases, where the infection clears with minimal medical intervention, the patient should ensure the nail is kept clean and dry and avoid hyper-hydration. Humid climates could lead to a longer recovery than dry climes due to inability to expose the site to very dry air. In cases where surgery is necessary, patients should follow their medical professionals post-surgery advice.

What Is The Best Manicure For Your Nails

Each nail color comes in the form of a pigmented powder, which your nails are dipped into after being applied a clear liquid formula. The most popular type, SNS, is marketed as better for your nails than any other longwear polish, such as gel. Youll also need to get it professionally taken off at the nail salon

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What Are Green Nails From Fake Nails

Nail plates and nail beds typically do not offer suitable settings for the flourishing of pseudomonas. Exceptions do happen, though. It isnt unheard of for people to notice the bacteria below the normal nail or above the bed of the nail. It isnt even unheard of for people to see it above normal nails and right below artificial ones. If an individual has a particularly serious bacteria situation, she may notice black or deep green specks on her nails. These specks arent indications of the development of mold. Mold refers to fungus. Green patches, on the other hand, are bacterial in nature.

Why is my nail green after fake nails? Thats a question that countless people pose day in and day out.

The reality is that pseudomonas hang out all over the place. They hang out on animals, on plants, in the water and inside of dirt. Its no secret that theyre common. People sometimes get green nails regardless of whether theyve used fake ones. If you have vulnerable skin that is anywhere close to pseudomonas, then you may be susceptible to green nails.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Nail Fungus


Although some people may refer to these alternative treatments as quack science, there appears to be a little more to these homemade remedies since many individuals have used them to cure their conditions. However, more research still needs to be conducted on the success rate of home remedies for nail fungus.

Some common and supposedly effective alternative treatments include:

  • Apple Cidar Vinegar
  • According to Dr. Josh Axe of the Exodus Health Center, apple cidar vinegar not only helps to soothe sunburns, balance pH in the body, manage blood sugar levels, and aid in weight loss, its also an ingredient that contains anti-fungal properties. As such, many sufferers of fungal nail infection have now turned to this healthy food to cure their conditions.

    The acidic properties of apple cidar vinegar prevent nail fungus from spreading. At the same time, apple cidar vinegar helps to get rid of dead skin cells while killing bacteria and fungi.

    Simply mix it with water in equal parts then soak the infected nails for up to 30 minutes in the solution. Repeat this process daily and pat dry the infected nails after soaking.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Another study conducted by Russian researchers showed that a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide had been instrumental in killing off fungus at the radioactive Chernobyl site.

  • Fresh Garlic Cloves
  • Natural Lemon Juice
  • For this remedy, one should simply apply lemon juice on the infected nail for about 30 minutes before rinsing off with warm water.

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    Top 12 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Nail Fungus Naturally

    Commonly known to the layman as fungal nail infection, Onychomycosis is an infection that occurs when fungus forms beneath the nails. The condition can develop as a result of poor foot hygiene, continuous exposure to moist environments, wearing unbreathable synthetic socks, accumulation of sweat in shoes, imbalanced pH levels of the skin, a compromised immune system, and conditions like diabetes that constricts blood flow.Upon infection, Onychomycosis will cause the nail to thicken, discolor, and eventually crumble into pieces. If left untreated, the condition can become painful. As the infection progresses, areas around the infected toenails or fingernails may swell and begin to give off a foul smell too.


    When To See A Doctor

    In most cases, toenail fungus is considered a cosmetic problem. Still, it may cause serious complications for some people.

    If you have diabetes, toenail fungus may lead to foot ulcers or other foot problems. According to a 2012 study, chronic toenail fungus is a significant risk factor for bacterial cellulitis of the leg.

    If you have diabetes or a weakened immune system, you shouldnt use home remedies for toenail fungus. Contact your doctor for the appropriate course of action.

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