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How To Get Rid Of Lawn Fungus

How Can I Get Rid Of Lawn Fungus Naturally

Stop Lawn Fungus From Growing in Your Lawn (4 Easy Steps)

Following some cultural recommendations can definitely have an impact on the likelihood of a fungal outbreak as well as getting rid of lawn fungus faster. If you have an existing fungus problem, youll still need a lawn fungicide to control the spores but these additional practices will also help.For one, you should make sure that youre watering properly. The hot and humid weather of Northern Virginia can be like an incubator for fungal growth. But you can avoid contributing to excessive nighttime moisture by watering your lawn in the early morning and allowing evaporation ample time to do its work.Proper mowing can also make a big difference. Mow your lawn to a height of around 3 to 4 inches in the summer using a mower with sharp, clean blades. Lawns that are mowed too short are stressed and more likely to succumb to fungal infections. If youre aware that your lawn has diseased patches, be sure to wash and disinfect the underside of your mower after each use to prevent spread.

What Kind Of Mold Is On My Grass

While you will usually find a black substance on your lawn in hot and humid conditions, slimy mold can take on a variety of colors. Individual spores can be cream, pink, blue, orange or red in color. the appearance is usually quite dark, but it can also appear whitish. Slime mold spores settle on the grass when the wind blows them away.

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Can Grass Recover From Fungus

Grasses are remarkably resilient plants and, in most cases, will fully recover from a fungal infection. Its important to remember though, that there is no way to completely eliminate fungus from a lawn once its taken hold. Though they can be rendered dormant, fungal spores will persist. This, however, is not uncommon. Most lawns host multiple varieties of inactive fungus and are perfectly fine. The key is depriving it of the conditions that it needs to grow, which can be accomplished in many ways.

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Protect Your Lawns Health And Fight Off Turf Disease

At the end of the day, even the healthiest of lawns will sometimes face lawn disease when all of the conditions align. But there is no denying that a strong and healthy lawn is going to do a much better job fending off disease than one that is already weak and struggling.

Thats why its so important to keep up with a regular lawn care program.

But we also believe that a healthy lawn is a team effort. Some of your actions, like watering and mowing, can contribute significantly to the overall health of the lawn so we want to help support you with helpful guidance.

You should also know that were always here to help. Were ready to offer advice and help set you up for success every step of the way.

Want to learn more about professional lawn care services for your Cincinnati, Dayton, Ohio, or Northern Kentucky home? Request your quote, choose the lawn care program thats right for you, and then sit back and relax as the pros help you get the lawn of your dreams without the worries.

Does Lawn Fungus Control Work

How to get rid of Pythium Root Rot

The short answer is, yes, lawn fungus control products definitely work when applied properly to treat various types of fungal diseases. Of course, the timing is important.

Getting fungal activity under control quickly is important. Thats because it can be highly destructive in a short amount of time, even overnight. The type of products utilized also matters. Obviously, professional-grade products are going to work better than store-bought ones.

There are various formulations for disease control products. While a lot of companies utilize liquid fungicide products, we have found a top-of-the-line granular product that is ultimately more effective and accurate.

Instead of mixing up a huge tank of product and hoping we have the right amount from property to property, we can apply just the right amount of granular product exactly where it needs to go.

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I Have Mushrooms In My Lawn That Are In A Circle What Are These

These half circles of mushrooms/toadstools are known as fairy rings or pixie rings, says Amateur Gardening expert John Negus. They can be complete circles or arcs and are caused by fungus that feeds on the roots of grass causing browning. There may be lush green growth adjacent to the brown arcs or circles. The fungi is hidden below ground for most of the year, with the toadstools or mushrooms appearing in late summer and into fall. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to eradicate fairy rings and there are no chemical methods available.

To control Fairy ring fungus efficiently, dig out the affected dead grass to 3ft deep and 1ft 6in on either side of the ring. Then replace spoil with uncontaminated soil and then reseed or re-turf. This is a big job, with no guarantee of eradication, as the roots may have spread beyond the dead circle. If this is the route you choose to go down, there are lots of useful tips on how to plant grass seed and how to lay turf in our dedicated guides.

An easier and almost as effective alternative is to aerate the dead patch with a garden fork to a depth of 10in , then water it with dilute detergent to remove waterproof resins from the soil particles, continues John. Rain will then penetrate. Finally, scarify the area and overseed it with a lawn thickener blend. Hopefully, new growth will cover the bald ring and the disease wont recur.

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Should I Get Professional Lawn Fungus Treatments

Yes, professional lawn fungus treatments will help remove your problem in a fraction of the time. Our professionals know how to maximize results and minimize how long you have to deal with dull, dying grass. Contact our team today and learn how to get the green, thriving lawn youve been dreaming of.

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Feed Your Lawn Regularly

Nutrient deficiencies can weaken grass plants, so feed at least 4 times per year with Scotts® Turf Builder® Lawn Foods. A nourished lawn is better able to fend off diseases. To make the whole feeding process simple, sign up for our personalized Scotts® Lawn Care Programyou’ll get exactly what your lawn needs, right when it’s time to apply it, delivered to your doorstep. You can also for your smartphone to customize and track your personal lawn care program.

How To Treat Powdery Mildew

How To Get Rid Of Rust Disease/Fungus In The Lawn

As with most lawn care problems, the best way to treat powdery mildew problems on your turf is preventative maintenance. This can include opening up shaded areas around your lawn to allow more sunlight to reach the grass. Opening up those areas will also allow for better air circulation and movement through your lawn.

Here are a few more ideas, techniques, and tips to keep in mind to treat powdery mildew on grass and other plants.

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How To Get Rid Of Lawn Fungus

Lawn fungus can happen anywhere and to anyones grass, no matter how well-cared for. Putting hours of work into maintaining a gorgeous lawn only to have these microorganisms move in and spoil things is frustrating. We get that. So to arm you with knowledge and confidence, weve compiled everything you need to know about lawn fungi and what you can do to stop them.

Aerate Your Yard To Improve Drainage

  • Compacted soil retains moisture and could lead to fungal growth. Rent a manual or power aerator from a landscaping center to use. Push the aerator back and forth in rows across your lawn to make small holes in the soil. The aerator removes small cylinders of soil so the ground is looser and helps with circulation and drainage around the grass roots.XResearch source
  • Aerate your lawn every 24 years if you have normal soil or once every year if you have clay soil.
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    What Is A Natural Remedy For Lawn Fungus

    Organic solutions can be highly effective if applied early and to all affected areas. A few of our favorite natural remedies include neem oil, weak baking soda solutions, and composted tea leaves. None of these solutions are as effective against the advanced fungal spread as professionally applied fungicides but can still be a useful tool in your lawn maintenance routine.

    How To Get Rid Of Brown Patch Fungus

    How to Get Rid of Gum Disease

    After assessing the brown patch disease on your lawn, you might decide its time for treatment. If you want to get rid of these unsightly patches for good, these are the steps to take:

    • As soon as you see any brown patches arrive, apply your chosen fungicide to them. This will usually be in the warmer months, like mid to late summer, and should be treated immediately.
    • Reseed over the dead grass patches with a grass species that are more resilient to fungus. This can take a year or two to work and will need to be over a few fall seasons.
    • If you want to start fresh, remove the old turf and reseed it with your chosen grass species. Commit to a schedule of growing the grass, including daily watering and grass rolling.

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    Will Fungus Go Away On Its Own

    It all comes down to the type of fungus or fungal disease you are dealing with. In addition to that, whether or not a fungus will go away on its own also depends on the availability of the right conditions for its growth. However, you will need to treat the lawn fungus with fungicides more often than not.

    It is because fungal diseases spread relatively quickly and can cause very severe and long-lasting damage to the grass if not treated on time. In addition, only a few types of fungus such as powdery mildew and red thread, usually go away on their own.

    What Is Toenail Fungus

    Toenail fungus, also known as onychomycosis or tinea unguium, is a common nail condition affecting millions of people in the United States. Fungal nail infections can develop on the nail from various organisms such as molds, yeasts, and fungi. This usually occurs after these organisms come into contact with a cracked nail or skin surrounding the nail as the opening provides a portal of entry for these organisms.

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    Water Your Lawn Early In The Morning Hours

    If youve been waiting until the last minute of the day to water your lawn, the soil will retain the water throughout the night. Harmful fungi tend to grow and multiply quickly in waterlogged soils. It needs moisture to survive.

    The only way to ensure the soil absorbs enough water to encourage root growth and encourage photosynthesis is by watering your lawn in the early morning hours. Its during this period that the sun isnt extremely scorching.

    Get Yourself A New Lawn For Christmas


    As the festive season kicks into gear and the Artic chill arrives, many people brave the colder weather and carry out the final garden maintenance tasks of the year. Things such as collecting fallen leaves, moving furniture indoors and mowing long grass to allow the lawn to breathe. That said, December is not necessarily a bad month for bigger tasks. Many people will have heard that you cannot or should not lay turf during winter, but this is nothing more than a myth.

    October 29, 2021 Seed Tips

    Here at George Davies Turf, were often asked whether a combination of lawn seed and fertiliser will deliver impressive results, particularly for people looking to thicken up thin areas and create a vibrant and luscious lawn.

    September 21, 2021 Autumn Tips

    In the Autumn, its important to attend to your turf as much as you can. Find out how after a long, hot summer, keeping up appearances is vital for both you and your clients!

    September 07, 2021 Turf Tips

    It is possible to lay new turf on top of old grass however, you’re not going to achieve the best possible result. Therefore, we highly recommend you never lay fresh turf on top of old turf otherwise, your lawn’s condition will deteriorate over time as the old grass dies. There are plenty of other reasons why you shouldn’t lay new turf on top, and we’ve touched on some of the key points below.

    August 03, 2021 Turf Tips

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    How To Identify & Treat Lawn Fungus

    Grass, just like any plant, can be afflicted with fungal diseases. Fungal diseases spread through fungus spores that usually do nothing to grass. However, under the right conditions, these fungal pathogens can spread and cause disease.

    There isnt just one type of fungal disease, either: there are dozens, and some types of fungal disease are more common in some areas than others. For this reason, its important to understand what fungal infections can be hurting your grass, how they spread, and how to prevent them.

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    Causes Of Brown Patch Disease

    Your lawn is more likely to suffer from fungal diseases under certain harsh weather conditions including high humidity and extreme precipitation. As such, homeowners in Coastal regions like Florida and California are more likely to experience brown patch disease on their lawns.

    In general, the common causes of brown patch disease in St. Augustine lawns are:

    • Prolonged periods of wetness especially in shaded areas .
    • Overfertilizing and overwatering your lawn.
    • Too much shade.

    Mild daytime temperatures of between 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit and cool nights also provide perfect conditions for the spread of brown patch disease on St. Augustine lawns.

    Poor lawn maintenance also provides the perfect conditions for brown patch fungi to invade your lawn. Lawns that are scarcely watered during spring-summer and lawns that experience high-foot traffic leading to soil compaction are, thus, more likely to be infected with brown patch fungal disease.

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    How To Treat Lawn Fungus

    Choose the Correct Product

    Some lawn fungicides are broad spectrum, meaning they can control the spread of many diseases while others are narrow spectrum, meaning they only affect a few disease.

    Choosing the right product is where disease identification is important. Using the wrong product for a disease that was misidentified may have no effect on the disease at all.

    Carefully read the product label to make sure you are choosing the right fungicide for your needs.

    Apply Fungicide

    Lawn Fungus can be tricky to cure and may need more than one application of fungicide. Most fungicides can be reapplied every 14 28 days, but be sure to read the product label.

    If you apply the same fungicide many times, your lawn can build up a resistance to the active ingredients. Due to this resistance, fungus may appear in your lawn even if you put down a preventative treatment.

    When To Get Rid Of Lawn Mushrooms

    How To Get Rid Of Dead Animal Smell In Garage

    Mushrooms aren’t inherently problematic and can actually be helpful to a lawn in most cases. As the fungus feeds on the lawn’s decaying organic matter, it breaks this matter down, making nutrients available to your grass. But some people have valid reasons for wanting to get rid of mushrooms growing in the lawn:

    • They’re considered unsightly, especially if you are preparing your property for the real estate market.
    • Some mushrooms are edible , while others are toxic plants, which can be problematic if young children and pets play on your lawn.
    • Some mushrooms even stink badly, the most notorious example being the so-called “stinkhorns.”

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    How To Identify Different Types Of Lawn Disease

    When it comes to lawn disease, you might find different manifestations of them in your Northern Virginia lawn.

    You might see dead-looking brown patches, tan rings, pinkish threads, or white or yellow spots. Lawn disease can appear in various shapes, sizes, and colors. This is why its quite difficult to identify.

    Yard Fungus: Identification Treatment And Prevention

    When you spend a lot of time with the goal of having a green manicured yard, the last thing you want to see is signs of damage. You water, mow, edge and maybe even fertilize in the hopes of seeing a lush carpet. What do you do if you suspect you have yard fungus? How do you know if the damage you are seeing is a type of yard fungus or something else entirely?

    St. Augustine is a popular grass for homeowners because it is shade, heat, salt and drought tolerant. When maintained properly, this variety of grass also handles normal human and animal traffic well. However, there a couple of types of lawn fungus that are more prevalent when you have St. Augustine grass. These lawn fungus types also like other warm-season grasses, such as Bermuda and Zoysia.

    In this post, we will tell you what you need to know about the different types of lawn fungus, how to identify whats attacking your grass and how to treat these conditions so that you can go back to having a beautiful, healthy emerald green yard.

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    How To Get Rid Of White Fungus On Plants 05 Best Alternatives

    Understanding how to get rid of white fungus on plants?

    Well, some plants glance pretty well and some look unattractive due to the fact of powdery mildew or white fungus. In most cases, this disease is ultimately nasty for the plant leaves and stems.

    However, it is not impossible or a hard job to kill the white fungus on your susceptible plants. Just using some natural treatments you can solve this problem without any hassle.

    Learn more?

    Read our article. We are going to talk over some basic information about white fungus as well as how to control it naturally.


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