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Rolling Cart For Nail Supplies

Nail Supplies Storage Ideas For Salons And At Home Nail Studios

How to Build a Rolling Storage Cart with Ana White | The Home Depot

Let’s start off with some tips for storing your nail art supplies

1. If you’re short on storage space or have a very small room, try using a closet or under-the-bed storage container for extra room. This is especially helpful for nail studios in your home and storing nail tools that you don’t need often.

2. Using heavy duty stackable bins and clear plastic boxes that are completely square will help you see what’s inside at a glance and will stack easily. Avoid cheap and flimsy stacking shelves. Although they might look tempting, they fall apart easily and not the best solution for nail art supplies.

3. Hang pegboards on the walls to store tools and materials that you reach for all the time. These are good for manicure tools like clippers.

4. Mount shelves above your workbench to store extra materials that you reach for often like nail glues and builder gels.

5. Label everything – it’ll make finding what you need much easier. Especially small jars that go onto a spice rack.

Spice Racks For Tiny Nail Art Gems

Spice racks are an effective way to organize your nail art supplies. Not only do they look great on your nail station or counter, they’re also functional and convenient.

With so many different sizes and styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the right color and size for your salon or nail room.

Drawer Rolling Cart By Simply Tidy

  • Maximum 4.4 lb. load limit per drawer
  • Two locking wheels for safety
  • Drawer stops included
  • 12.6″ x 15.35″ x 37.79″ overall size
  • 11″ x 5″ x 15.1″ drawer size
  • Holds the paper size of 8.5″ x 11″
  • Maximum 4.4 lb. load limit per drawer
  • Two locking wheels for safety
  • Drawer stops included
  • 12.6″ x 15.35″ x 37.79″ overall size
  • 11″ x 5″ x 15.1″ drawer size
  • Holds the paper size of 8.5″ x 11″
  • Maximum 4.4 lb. load limit per drawer
  • Two locking wheels for safety
  • Drawer stops included
  • 12.6″ x 15.35″ x 37.79″ overall size
  • 11″ x 5″ x 15.1″ drawer size
  • Holds the paper size of 8.5″ x 11″
  • Maximum 4.4 lb. load limit per drawer
  • Two locking wheels for safety
  • Drawer stops included
  • 12.6″ x 15.35″ x 37.79″ overall size
  • 11″ x 5″ x 15.1″ drawer size
  • Holds the paper size of 8.5″ x 11″

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D23 Metal Roller Pedicure Cart

The D23 3 Drawer Metal Roller Cart by Pibbs is Made in the USA. This is a Professional Salon or Spa Utility Cart on Wheels that has a very sturdy metal frame and is perfect for use with any Pedicure Chair. This cart has 3 extra large drawers on the inside that can be used for storage and they are completely removable. This cart also has a heavy duty metal top that can be used as a work surface even for your hot utilities. This roller cart has a stylish European look and is very versatile for use with any Pedi Chair.


  • Can be Used as a Salon Cart or Pedicure Cart
  • Heavy-Duty Metal Framed Cart Made in the USA
  • Cart Comes W/ Wheels and 3 Completely Removable Large Storage Drawers
  • Heavy Duty Metal top Work Surface ready for Hot Utilities
  • European Style Roller Cart – Very Useful & Stylish


  • Cart Size: 23″ High, 13″ Wide, 15.5″ Deep
  • Drawer Size: 5″ Deep, 10.5″ Wide, 15″ Length

Warranty: 1 Year Warrant

  • Customer’s complete satisfaction is our number one priority.
  • 100% Genuine, every spa pedicure chair sold by is a 100% genuine chair, supplied to us from the manufacturer. We do not sell second hand or replica equipment.
  • 100% Secure Online Ordering, your payments are transferred securely across our 256 bit SSL server. This means that they cannot be intercepted or read by anyone.
  • Earn Points on Every Dollars, you earn points when you shop with us. You can use your points to pay for the order.





Stackable Trays For Manicure Projects

Metal manicure station pedicure stool nail trolley salon chair beauty ...

If you are a nail tech who has lots of customers on the go, you might want to take a look at stacking trays. Then you can keep all of the supplies from a certain custom in there so that it’s ready.

You just need to grab the tray with everything on it to start working on your client.

PRO TIP: Make sure the containers are square so they stack and sit tightly together. Some containers are wide and the top and then taper to the bottom. Those are not good for space saving.

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Over The Door Organizers

These handy organizers are a good storage solution when you don’t have much space. They will hold everything from nail glues to nail rings.

Plus, the versatile design allows you to customize the storage space to fit all of your needs. It’s an easy way to store those little things because they are all in one area. They and also cost effective and budget friendly.

Some things you can store in over the door organizers are:

  • Manicure tools like regular files and glass files
  • Cotton balls
  • Nail tools like nail clippers nail prep supplies
  • Nail stamping tools

These are super helpful because you can just roll them to your desk or keep them out of the way. They have plenty of space to store stickers, dipping powder kits, nail glue, and other nail art essentials.

They’re really helpful for keeping your work area tidy and organized which is important for productivity.

Rolling Cart Nail Art Trolley Manicure For Nail Art Salon Home

  • The multi-functional cart has three layers in total. Can be used for storage of manicure tools, but also for storage of goods in the living room and bedroom.
  • Can help to arrange the desktop of manicure work, and it is also suitable for the storage of goods at home, nail salon, and other places.
  • The hollow out designs is easy cleaning without stains. Double screw designs and double support are stable and strong.
  • Cart with pulley, easy to move, is a good helper for storage, easy to install.
  • Made of high quality plastic and carbon steel, 19.1mm thick steel tube has strong bearing capacity.

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Clear Jars For Storage

Yaheetech Salon SPA Beauty Hairdressing Rolling Trolley Cart with 5 Drawers Hair Dryer Service Tray

Clear jars are super helpful for storing your nail supplies like gel brushes or anything that is long. You can also see what’s inside them, so you can easily find what you need to be ready for your clients or for your tutorials. The clear glass makes them look stylish too.

You can display them in many different sizes. So if you want to organize your micro swabs, sponges and lint free nail wipe pads to keep them clean then these are one of those must haves.

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Manicure Desk With Shelves

If you have nail art supplies scattered around your desk, you are not productive or organized. Desks with shelves are a classic way to organize the tools that you use all the time like certain polishes or efiles.

You can store acrylic nail supplies, cuticle tools, and everything else right at your fingertips.

Manicure desks that come with shelves and drawers are also handy for storing baskets and boxes of nail supplies. For the best organization try to get one with shelves inside instead of ones that have just a large space inside.

Binders For Nail Stickers

We know that nail stickers can be a pain to organize. That’s why binders will help you organize your nail stickers, waterslide nail decals and any sticker that lay’s flat.

You can put them into clear inserts with the slots and find what you need when you need it by flipping through.

Organize by type, theme and keep the nail stickers that you reach for often at the front.

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Adjustable Table For Manicures

Adjustable tables are good for not only organizing your nail art supplies but also for doing your manicures on. You can adjust them to the perfect height that works best for you and your client. Just be sure to measure your space so that you can get the correct size table for you nail art room.

Here are some ways you can use an adjustable table:

  • Use it for storing baskets and boxes of supplies that can stack easily
  • A table can double as a manicure table
  • You can store shelves underneath the table and since you can adjust it, you can have different sizes under there
  • You can film your nail art videos for your social media
  • Adjustable tables are good for standing as you can adjust them to your height so you are not sitting all day
  • They are large enough to keep your cleaning tools like nail dust collectors and autoclave sterilizers handy

Shelving For Nail Art Supplies

Metal Beauty 3

Wall shelves are a must have for organizing your polishes. They’re easy to install and make it effortless to find what color you need when you’re working on a client. Plus, they add a touch of style to your nail salon since you can either paint them to match your décor style.

Many nail brands have their own custom boxes and stands for nail art, especially some the of the gel nail kits. So you can easily put the boxes onto the shelves and grab a collection easily.

Customers enjoy seeing nail polishes lined up on shelves.

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Bankers Boxes For Large Supplies

These sturdy boxes make it easy to store and find your large nail supplies that you want to keep out of the way and free from dust. Plus, they’re great for transporting nail art supplies to and from your on the go manicure appointments.

Keep in mind when buying boxes, that you get square boxes and not tapered boxes where the top is larger than the bottom. That way the boxes will sit together snugly and save space.

Rolling And Utility Carts

Easily take your supplies and artwork on the go with a rolling utility cart. Theyre perfect for carting around supplies big and small, displaying paintings and ceramics, and organizing classroom supplies. Explore a wide variety of rolling carts, including wagons with large, open spaces, rolling shelving units, and tool chests. Carts are typically made of metal, heavy-duty plastic, or wood. Shop top-rated brands, including Sandusky Lee, Rubbermaid, Gratnells, Brent, and ArtBin.

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