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How To Learn Manicure And Pedicure

What Will I Get Out Of This Online Manicure And Pedicure Course

How To Give A Basic Salon Perfect Manicure – Step by Step Guide – DIY

Once youve completed your online Manicure and Pedicure and youve been awarded your IPHM Accredited Diploma certificate, you will be ready to start working within the beauty industry.

You then have the qualification you require to gain insurance & take you forward and achieve your career goals.

You can easily access the portal as well, meaning the videos are always available for you to refer to while you are sharpening your skills or you simply feel you need to refresh your memory.

What Our Students Have To Say About Us

I have so enjoyed doing this course with you people. I have a goal at the end and this course is allowing me to reach the goal.Wonderful notes with so much information and enabling me to focus on my goals.Great help from the tutors always available when need to ask what may seem like a silly question but never judged on. Thank you!

Lorry Thomas

Incredibly happy with every aspect of the 3 beauty courses I completed, studying from home has been a lifesaver.My kits were gorgeous and very helpful tutors. I can now add 3 more services to my home-based salon! Super happy, highly recommend.


Enrolling into my beauty course was a fantastic experience for me. The Customer Service is second to none, right from the introductory phone calls through to the finance department, who made it super easy and affordable. The course material is excellent, and you are shown exactly how to navigate the course with ease. I am super excited to be studying my beauty course and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is wanting a hassle-free study experience. Thank you!

Janelle Berry

100% would recommend if you work full time and find it hard to find time to study.Study at your own pace with amazing tutoring staff, extremely helpful and an awesome attitude!

Rhett DSilva

Why Study Manicures And Pedicures

The wonderful world of manicure and pedicures! Do you have a love for nails or have a personal addiction to getting your own nails done? Then a manicure and pedicure course is a perfect service to provide for friends/family and a potential clientele. You will learn how to create stunning nail shapes from a popular oval shape to a very fashionable stiletto. Learn how to clean up those messy cuticles and buff away the ridges to leave the nails shiny and smooth. Not only do we cover the basics of nail care we deliver an extensive hand and foot massage, day spa standard exfoliation mask and even paraffin treatment. Finishing off with a flawless colour polish or French application.

Upon enrolment you will receive an extensive mani and pedi kit to service your models throughout the course and even paying clients once you have finished the course. Imagine earning back the cost of your kit and potentially the cost of the course purely from your original kit. Some inclusions are nail files, buffers, cuticle pusher and clippers, foot rasps, hand massage cream, hand mask, exfoliant, paraffin pot and paraffin wax and multiple polishes.

Invest in your future within the nail world and secure a spot with our manicure and pedicure course. There is no job outcome within the nail field that our qualification wont allow you to do

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Starting With A Blank Slate

  • 1Remove the polish from your fingers and toes. Before you start painting, youll want to ensure that your finger and toenails are completely free of polish. Pour a capful of nail polish remover onto a cotton ball and use the cotton ball to clean your nails.XResearch source
  • Make sure your nail polish remover is acetone free.
  • Never paint over already painted nails, unless youre touching up a small area.
  • 2Trim and shape your nails. If your nails are long, clip them a little bit at a time until you reach your desired length. Once your nails are a good length, use a nail file to shape them into your preferred nail shape.XResearch source
  • Oval nails – if you like traditional nail shapes or have short fingers, file your nails into an egg shape by holding the nail file at an angle.
  • Square nails if you like sturdy nails or have long nail beds, run your file in one direction straight across your nail. Lightly sand down the edges.
  • Round nails if you frequently work with your hands or have larger fingers, file your nails straight across, then round the edges, mirroring the curve of your finger.
  • 3Smooth out your nails. Use a buffer to sand down the surface of your nails this will remove any faint color that might still be staining your nails from previous polishes.XResearch source
  • After you finish buffing, flip the buffer over to shine your nails with the smooth side.
  • Do not over-buff your nails this may cause your nails to weaken.
  • Touching Up Your Manicure Or Pedicure

    Manicure e Pedicure em 2020
  • 1Patch up the area. Chips to your hand or toenails are unavoidable and patching them up requires a lot of concentration. To cover up a nail chip, apply a thin coat of polish to the chip, then use your topcoat to blend the paint into the rest of the nail.XResearch source
  • To blend, brush your topcoat on using short, sharp strokes.
  • Do not paint over the entire nail.
  • 2Clip the area. Chips happen most frequently on the tops of your hand and toenails, where a lot of contact occurs. Use a nail clipper to remove the chipped area, then clip the rest of your nails to match.XResearch source
  • After all the nails have been clipped, apply top coat and polish to the tops of all the nails. This will seal in the manicure.
  • This is not a long term solution once your nail chips or breaks, its only a matter of time before it chips or breaks again.
  • Try not to lose too much of the nail length or shape when clipping.
  • 3Disguise your nail with glitter. Theres a reason accent nails are so popular theyre a great way to hide polish problems. Rather than give yourself a whole new manicure when a nail gets chipped, use a glitter or metallic polish to paint over the whole nail.XResearch source
  • You can also try disguising the offending area by painting stripes or polka dots.
  • Try covering the damage with a nail sticker and some clear topcoat.
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    Tending To Your Nails

  • 1Use nail clippers to cut your nails straight across. Hold the nail clippers with your index finger and thumb, and apply some pressure to make your cut. Always snip your nails straight across. If you cut them at an angle, you may develop ingrown toenails.XResearch source
  • Be sure to trim all 10 nails.
  • Trim your nails to your desired length, but don’t cut them too short!
  • 2Shape your nails using a nail file. Line your nail file up to the edge of your toenail, and gently rub it back and forth to create your shape. Angle your nail file at the corners of your nail to round them, or file them straight across, based on your personal preference.XResearch source
  • If you file the corners of your nails, you don’t have to worry about ingrown toenails. That only happens when trimming your nails.
  • 3Apply a cuticle softening product to the base of each nail. Use a cuticle softening balm or oil serum. Alternatively, you can use honey as a natural cuticle softener. All 3 options work great to soften your cuticles, so you can easily remove the dead skin. Apply the product where the toenail meets the nail bed. Then, massage each toe to distribute the product.XResearch source
  • Rub the product over top of your cuticles if using a balm.
  • Use 1 drop of oil serum or honey for each nail.
  • With a little force, your cuticles will easily move backwards so you can easily snip them off.
  • Only cut dead skin and cuticles, or you can develop ingrown nails or damage your skin.
  • How To Do A Professional Manicure Step By Step

    Today Im going to show you how to do a professional manicure treatment. This will provide you with a step by step tutorial of how to create a stunning Mani. You can use this guide if you are a Nail Technician/ Manicurist with clients, or you want to do this on yourself at home.

    So, how do you do a professional manicure step by step? The process steps to do a professional manicure include nail preparation, filing, soaking, pushing back the cuticles, massaging, applying a base coat, the polish and then finally a top coat.

    There is nothing better than a fresh new pristine Manicure. But only when they are done right! There are a lot of things than can go wrong, and a lot of things than can ruin the appearance of your new nail design. Let us know take a look at whats involved, some recommendations and what you need to do!


    • Top Coat

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    What The Novice Nail Technician Need To Know

    For a novice manicurist, everything is important: where to learn, to become a good specialist, how to get high-quality knowledge, skills, ability to communicate with the client.

    But the main thing in the work of the nail service technician is a well-equipped workplace, which will ensure a comfortable stay for the client and the convenience of the nail technician himself. Therefore, the furniture and tools is important for work .

    Nail technician spends a lot of time in a sitting position. To avoid occupational diseases , it is important to properly equip the place of work. The comfort of the master depends on the convenience of the chairs, work desk and other necessary devices, and the speed and accuracy of work depends on professional tools. STALEKS PRO is a time- tested beauty product. Made from medical steel, the tools are comfortable and easy to use.

    Vee Nailedit’s Top Tips For Nail Technicians

    How To Give A Salon Perfect Pedicure – Step by Step Guide – DIY

    According to YouTube nail artist Vee NailedIt, there are five things incoming students and recent graduates need to know about building their nail business. These include:

  • Practice regularly to get better and improve your skills
  • Self-advertise by always having great nails so people will ask you where you got them done.
  • Surround yourself with people who support you and your passion.
  • Listen to criticism and take it seriously so you can improve.
  • Try to have a positive attitude every day.
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    Find All The Manicure And Pedicure Skills Training And Resources You Need With Our Manicure And Pedicure Nail Technician Online Courses

    The Manicure and Pedicure Nail Technician Online courses gives you a convenient starting point for embarking on a career in the manicure and pedicure business. The classes offer you with the skills and knowledge to become a professional nail and manicure provider.

    The course gives you the opportunity to start a new career in the beauty sector. It gives you comprehensive lessons on nail treatment and design or get you on your way to becoming a nail salon owner. Classes include the skills required to begin a successful career as a nail technician and how to get clients.

    The manicure and pedicure course will teach you to of the most sought beauty-related services. It provides you a comprehensive collection of nail and pedicure resources that will give you the confidence to work as a professional manicure and pedicure provider.

    Student Aid British Columbia

    Mirage Spa Education has compiled a Student Aid BC Handbook This is your first stop in understanding the requirements, obligations, and policies before applying to Student Aid BC. Please read through the handbook carefully before beginning your application process online.

    Refund Policy


  • If Mirage Spa Education Inc. receives tuition from the student, or a person on behalf of the student, the institution will refund the student, or the person who paid on behalf of the student, the tuition that was paid in relation to this course in which the student is enrolled if:
  • the institution receives a notice of withdrawal in writing from the student no later than seven business days after the effective contract date and before the contract start date
  • the student, signs the student enrolment contract seven business days or less before the contract start date and the institution receives a notice of withdrawal from the student between the date the student, signed the student enrolment contract and the contract start date or
  • Mirage Spa Education Inc. will refund the tuition for this course and all related fees paid by the student or a person on behalf of the student enrolled in the program if the student is enrolled in the course without having met the admission requirements and did not misrepresent his or her knowledge or skills when applying for admission.
  • The student has completed more than 50% of the course no refund is due.
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    What You Will Learn In Our Manicure & Pedicure Course

    Aspects covered in our Manicure and Pedicure Courses near me in the form of a eBook training manual and video tutorials include:

    • Anatomy and Structure of the Nail and Nail Bed
    • Nail, Foot and Hand Disorders and Diseases
    • Bacteriology and Sanitation
    • Getting your Work Area Organized
    • UV Soak off Gel Application and Removal
    • A Detailed, Step-by-Step Video Guide Covering:
    • Nail Filing
    • Removal of Dry and Dead Skin
    • Foot and Hand Massage

    Learn How To Do Manicure At House

    Learn How To Do Manicure And Pedicure In No Time
    • Put together every thing you want: Since your palms shall be occupied and also you receivedt have the ability to transfer them as freely, it is smart so that you can do the prep work beforehand. So, arrange a small desk and prepared all of the objects you will have. The objects are:
    • Nail paint remover and a few cotton wool
    • A great nail cutter
    • Some shampoo or face wash
    • A towel
    • Clear your nails: Begin off with the fundamentals. Wash your palms and take away any previous paint that could be nonetheless there in your nails.
    • Lower and form your nails: Subsequent, you want to clip your nails and form them. Guarantee all of the nails on the hand are of the identical size and identical form. Use an excellent high quality, mild nail file. Dont use a tough metallic file, as that can trigger quite a lot of harm to your nails. It will lay out the muse for the manicure.
    • Soak your palms: Fill the bowl with some lukewarm water, add a number of drops of face wash or shampoo into it and soak your palms for about two minutes. Not solely is that this enjoyable, it is usually a significant step. It is because soaking makes the cuticles smooth and simple to clip later. It additionally pulls out any dust lodged in between the nails.
    • Apply the polish: Subsequent, you want to apply a nail polish of your selection. Look to use no less than three coats, one after the other. It will give your nail some quantity and can make the colors glow and stand out.

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    Gocardless Direct Debit: All Classroom Courses Over 449

    Spread the cost of your training over 6 easier to manage, interest free instalments, paid through direct debit, while still being able to begin your learning straightaway! Using GoCardless, our EasyPay Direct Debit plan allows you to enrol for your chosen training package and paid only £99 upfront. This allows us to book your first course. Youll then pay the remainder of the course fees split over 5 equal monthly instalments, taken through direct debit.

    • For a £449 pay £99 upfront& book 1 course. 5 x monthly instalments of £70 each. Book 1 further training day after the 3rd instalment & 5th instalment.
    • For a £459 pay £99 upfront& book 1 course. 5 x monthly instalments of £72 each. Book 1 further training day after the 3rd instalment & 5th instalment.
    • For a £699 pay £99 upfront& book 1 course. 5 x monthly instalments of £120 each. Book 1 further training day after the 2nd, 3rd & 5th instalment.
    • For a £899 pay £99 upfront& book 1 course. 5 x monthly instalments of £160 each. Book further training days after the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th instalment.
    • For a £999 pay £99 upfront& book 1 course. 5 x monthly instalments of £180 each. Book 1 further training day after the 1st, 2nd & 3rd instalment. Book 2 further training days after 4th & 5th instalments.

    No credit check required. Must live in the UK, be aged 18 years + and have a UK bank account which accepts direct debit mandates.

    Tampa / St Petersburg Fl

    No matter what type of nail studio environment you want to work in, chances are Tampa or St. Petersburg has a salon for you. For instance, in Tampa, you can find the Minimalist Salon, while St. Petersburg has the humorously-named Nail Me Good.

    The mean salary for nail technicians in Tampa / St. Petersburg is $28,010 .

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    Where To Get Training

    Manicure and pedicure training can be obtained at specialized courses in: beauty salons schools or nail service studios certified training centers.

    The cost of courses, as a rule, depends on the duration of training and the program. Most often, the program includes a basic course, which is based on knowledge of the basic rules of nail care and preparation, the study of the anatomical features of the fingers, diseases and features of treatment.

    Nine: Apply A Base Coat

    Step-By-Step Pedicure at HOME! | SAVE TIME $$!

    Before you go ahead and put your polish on its important that you apply a Base Coat.

    The base coat that I like to use is called Sache Clear. This works alongside Sache Vite which is the Topcoat

    Seche clear is a Base Coat and the reason you want to use a Base Coat is to prevent any staining to the nail from your polishes. This is particularly important if you use a red nail polish or a dark polish. These are known to cause staining to the nail plate.

    With your Base coat, and just like any bottle of polish, try to keep the bottle in your hand.

    If youre keeping it away, it means that youre having to go back and forth which can cause drips and spillage on your working area. So if you can, keep the bottle in your hand.

    Support the finger you want to paint with your thumb little finger. Apply the Base Coat to all of the nail plate. You are going to want to repeat this on all five nails.

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