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How To Remove Contacts With Long Nails

When To Get Medical Help

How I apply and remove CONTACTS with LONG NAILS

If you think theres a problem with your lenses take your lenses out and go to your prescriber.

Get advice straight away by calling 111 if you have:

  • blurred vision
  • painful, red or swollen eyes
  • a white or yellow spot over the coloured part of your eye

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Always wash your hands with a mild soap and dry with a lint-free towel before handling your lenses.

Clean, rinse and disinfect your lenses each time you remove them.

Always handle the same lens first to avoid mixing up the right and left lenses.

Remember to handle your lenses gently.

Removing the lens from your eye

  • Look up and pull the lower lid down with your middle finger.
  • Place your index finger on the lower edge of your lens, and slide the lens down to the white of your eye.
  • Squeeze the lens lightly between your index finger and thumb and remove gently.
  • Repeat for the other eye
  • Contact Lens Care

    • Clean, rinse, and disinfect your contact lenses after each time you wear them
    • Clean contact lens case after every use with warm soapy water, and let air dry or dry with clean paper towel
    • Use fresh solution every day. Never top up existing solution as the lenses will not get properly disinfected

    Additional Information

    Never sleep in your contact lenses

    -Avoid Hot tubs and swimming with contacts lenses in

    Sleeping in contacts, using eye drops that get the red out, and more bad habits that can lead to serious eye problems when contact lens wearers are careless

    Clariti 1 Day Multifocal

    Silicone hydrogel, daily disposable contact lens for presbyopia.

    Getting started with contact lenses? We want to make sure your eyes stay happy and healthy while wearing them. If youve got a question about your lenses, like how to put them in, take them out, or clean them have a look through our tips and advice.

    Tiktoker Stuns Viewers With Contact Removal Method: ‘it’s Literally That Easy’

    Fashionistas who rock long, acrylic nails probably get as many questions as people with tattoos or piercings.

    The press-on manicure was popularized by American sprinter Florence Griffith Joyner, AKA Flo-Jo. In 1988, she became the fastest woman of all time all while rocking acrylics. Since then, long nails have been a staple in Black and hip-hop culture.

    But they can also be a curiosity to those unfamiliar, the main question being: how do you do anything with your hands?

    A TikTok user named Miriam, however, put an even more specific inquiry out into the internet.

    I have one request. I want to see somebody with acrylic nails taking their contacts out, Miriam said in a TikTok.

    Thats when the user , who was more than qualified with her lengthy blue, glittering nails, stepped up with a brief tutorial.

    Finally, its my time to shine. This is my No. 1 long nails life hack, she said.

    Boom, baby, it is literally that easy. Always protect the nails and the eyeballs, the TikToker said.

    TikTokers were blown away and the hack received over 4.3 million views.

    I came here to learn, not to get schooled, Miriam replied in the comment section.

    I cant even do it that smoothly with my fingertips, someone wrote.

    This is the kind of flex I want to have in my life, another said.

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    People Reveal Simple Trick To Take Contacts Out Without Using Your Hands

    Anyone who wears contact lenses knows the struggle of getting them in and out, as your eyes often stream and your nails scratch your eyeball.

    But it turns out there’s a much simplerand quickerway to remove them without using your fingers, perfect if they’re not clean or you’ve been chopping chillies.

    A lens-wearer , which has gone viral after a fellow user shared the clip while testing out the method.

    Mahea Ramos uploaded a video on Monday, which has since been viewed more than 45 million times.

    Ramos follows a step-by-step guide posted by Lalaleluu, who demonstrates the technique.

    First you need to keep your eyelids open, then look to one side and blink, which should force your contact out.

    original sound – Mahea Ramos

    Lalaleluu, who took both of hers out in the short video, explains: “You pull up and down, you look to the side and then you blink. That worked so well.

    “That’s the easiest way to take out contacts. I’m so proud of myself. I still struggle with putting them in, but I’m a master of taking them out now. Hope that helped.”

    Ramos followed suit and her lens popped out with minimal effort, as she looked shocked.

    She captioned the video: “The way I struggled with taking out contacts all these years.”

    Scores of lens wearers have thanked the pair for widely sharing the tip, with Vicky writing: “I’ve been wearing contacts for 5+ years and just struggle taking them out whenever I get my nails done, why isn’t this more well known, thank you.”

    Types Of Contact Lenses

    How To Remove Contacts With Long Nails?

    Its important to know what kind of contacts your eye doctor has ordered for you. Soft lenses are the most commonly prescribed because theyre flexible and tend to be more comfortable.

    Hard lenses are also called gas-permeable lenses. Theyre more rigid and may sharpen your vision better than soft lenses can. Your optometrist or ophthalmologist may suggest hard lenses if you have astigmatism or allergies.

    Soft contacts come in different kinds, including:

    • Daily disposable
    • Extended-wear disposable
    • Toric
    • Bifocal

    Hard contacts last longer, up to several months. If you plan to store them for a long time, use a dry case without contact solution to avoid possible contamination.

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    Contact Lenses And Long Fingernails

    by Dr. Michael Garin | Apr 30, 2021 | Contact Lenses

    Long-nail lovers deal with a lot of daily inconveniences that other people just dont get. We need to be extra careful opening boxes, eating with our hands, getting into cars, and even going to the bathroom. It takes a while to get used to having these talons! Its sort of like other fashion sacrifices we make, including high heels and hair extensions. We learn to live with them and its worth it. But one aspect of long nails living often goes undiscussed, and that is the dilemma of dealing with contact lenses.

    Wearing glasses is okay now and then, but for those of us who prefer the contact lens and long nail combo, we tend to run into problems. Lets review the best ways to take out contacts with long nails so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds without scratching yourself or going crazy.


    Another technique, slightly more advanced, is the rolling method. Heres how it works:


    You can wear contact lenses and have long nails there are a lot of precautions to consider so you dont damage your eyes. If push comes to shove, shorten the nails on the index finger and thumb and keep the other nails long.

    Are Contacts Hard To Put In And Take Out

    Yes, putting your contacts in can be really easy. All it needs is a bit of practice and patience and youll be a seasoned wearer in no-time. Watch our video tutorials for different methods for applying your contacts and find the one that works for you or speak to your optician at your next eye test.

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    How To Take Out Contact Lenses With Nails

    This article was medically reviewed by Shaune Wallace, OD. Dr. Wallace is an Optometrist in Nevada with over 14 years of optometry experience. He received his OD from the Southern California College of Optometry in 2006 and is a member of the American Optometric Association. This article has been viewed 173,193 times.

    Removing contact lenses can be tricky if you’re new to wearing them, but especially so if you have long nails. Following certain protocol when removing lenses can help minimize the risk of damage and infection.

    How To Remove Lenses That Are Stuck

    How to remove contact lenses with long nails!

    Sometimes a contact lens can get stuck in your eye, causing discomfort or even pain. If this happens, dont panic, as there are a few simple tricks you can try to dislodge the lens.

    If youre still unable to remove the contact lens by yourself, schedule an appointment with your eye doctor. They can perform an eye exam to determine where the lens is stuck and remove it safely.

    It can take time to learn how to take out your contact lenses. If youve tried the methods listed above and are still having trouble, theres another option you can consider.

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    How Do I Remove A Contact Lens Without Pinching It

    While pinching a contact lens off is a popular removal method, you can use the pads of your fingers to sweep the lens down. This is particularly useful for those removing contact lenses with long nails. First, wash your hands thoroughly and dry them well. Reach over to the eye you are removing your lens from and pull the eyelid and lashes up to maximise space. Using the middle finger, pull your lower eyelid down. Look up to the ceiling, and position your index finger at the bottom of the lens and gently apply pressure to sweep the lens down. The lens will naturally want to drift back to the center of your eye, as thats where its made to fit, but keep trying until you feel it dislodge. Once its moved off the center of your eye towards the white part, you should be able to pull it down with the pad of your finger.

    How To Take Out Your Contact Lenses

    Youve mastered putting them in, but what about taking them out again? Have a look at this video about removing your lenses .

    1 Before you do anything, make sure you wash and dry your hands.

    2 Look straight into the mirror, tilt your head down slightly and pull your lower eyelid down.

    3 Using your finger move the lens down onto the white of your eye and then gently pinch it out.

    4 Now just repeat on the other eye. Simple.

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    When Is A Child Ready For Contact Lenses

    Rayman says he starts prescribing contact lenses for kids starting around ages eight to 10, because thats typically when kids have developed the dexterity and responsibility thats needed to insert and remove contact lenses, and develop healthy habits around their eye health. Misener says theres no minimum age when kids are ready, but they have to demonstrate that they practice good hygiene. She asks parents how good their child is at washing their hands and brushing their teeth every night, and whether they keep their room tidy. The parent is the one who knows the personality and the responsibility of their child best, she says. But she also finds out how badly the child wants contact lenses. Theyre the one who has to learn how to take them in and out of their eye and be comfortable with that stuff. All three partiesthe optometrist, the parent and the childeverybody has to be on the same team, and everybody has to be motivated.

    I Kind Of Use The Side Of My Finger The Pad Bits If That Makes Sense If I Have Long Nails And Pinch Them Out From The Side

    How to remove contact lenses with long nails!

    How to take out contacts with long nails. Most people find it easiest to use both their index fingers, but experiment with different fingers to find what works best for you. We could sit here and rave all day. Rebecka april 27, 2012 at 10:16 pm reply

    When i first got contacts years ago it’d take hours to get them in and out but you’ll soon find what works best for you! Unable to remove contacts with long nails ive now had contacts for over 15 years and have gotten mostly used to touching my eyes on the daily. Your lens should fall right out onto your hand or towel.

    To help out, here are some tips for removing your contact lenses that will make the process go a little smoother. Before you remove contact lenses. I’ve done all sorts of prodding and pinching and rolling of my eyes, but they are very suctioned to my eye from not taking them out for so long, and they’re getting awfully blod shot.

    Rinse out the inside of the case with warm water. i have long nails all the time and i have no problem taking my contacts out. When you get used to having and removing contacts, this becomes almost second nature.

    And i thought it was a miracle that i could take out my contacts with long nails. I grab them with my nails like tweezers when i go to take them out Neither is happening in my near future tho 10/10 will read again.

    Check out this DIY mani.. A fellow stylist applied How

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    Why Are My Contacts So Hard To Put In

    If youre having trouble putting your soft contact lenses in, its often because you blink before the lens touches your eye. Thats perfectly normal, as it takes a little practice to overcome the fear of inserting contact lenses. Once you get the moves down and feel comfortable and relaxed, putting your contact lenses in will be easy as pie.

    Dont Put Contact Lenses Down The Drain

    An estimated 45 million Americans wear contact lenses. Based on one study, millions of those wearers could be clogging our waterways with their used contacts.

    In 2018, an Arizona State University study of contact lens wearers found 15-20% of them were flushing their old contacts down the toilet or washing them down the sinks drain.

    On a national basis, the researchers reported, that would amount to 1.8 billion to 3.36 billion lenses being flushed every year.

    Put another way, that would translate into 20 to 23 metric tons of plastic trash winding up in our wastewater each year.

    As noted by wellness website, contact lenses dont biodegrade easily because theyre medical devices that are designed to withstand punishment.

    Flushing contact lenses is particularly concerning because their size and flexibility allow them to slip through filters meant to keep nonbiological waste out of wastewater treatment plants, according to

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    On The Other Hand Removing Contacts With Long Nails Opens So Many Other Risks When It Comes To Contacts

    How to remove contacts with long fingernails. Use the same instructions to remove the other lens. Remove your nails from the acetone and check to see if they are. Short nails can prevent you from scratching your eyes or damaging the contacts.

    Once again, use a cotton pad or paper towel. How to remove contacts when the lens is stuck if youre freaking out, take a rest and relax. How to remove contact lenses with long nails contact.

    Make sure your nails are kept short, at least until youve mastered removing your contact lenses. But the brand claims the wand makes for a more sanitary, easier insertion of contacts. Having contacts didnt make me any less shy and boys didnt make passes but the victory was still momentous and some confidence was gained.

    Quick tips on how to remove a contact that is stuck in your eye: You cant do those things with long fingernails. Keep your fingernails neat and trimmed.

    Wash and dry your hands 2. Takes me 2 mins tops, even with long acrylic nails. When you blink, you should move your two waterlines together by moving the bottom lash line up and the top lash line down.

    Place your thumb, with your nail facing downward, right below your eye. Gently squeeze your lower eye part and eyelid your each finger, respectively, and the contact lens will pop out. Not only is it not that difficult to handle your contacts with long nails, but there are many methods to do it.

    ballerinanails in 2020 Rhinestone nails, Fake nails

    Pin on My nails

    Pin on nails

    Insert And Centre The Lens


    When applying the lens, look straight ahead into the mirror, trying not to move your upper eyelid or blink. Once the lens is in place, wait a few seconds for the lens to settle, then look left, right, up and down to allow it to sit comfortably. Finally, slowly remove your finger from your eyelid and gently close your eye.

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    What If The Lens Stays In Your Eye

    Sometimes, when your contact rips, a piece of it can get left behind in your eye after youve removed the lens. Trying to remove the lost bit of plastic can lead to irritation. But its even more irritating to leave it in.

    Try to locate the torn piece, then use your fingertip to slide it toward the outer corner of your eye so you can pull it out. It may help to put some eye drops in to lubricate the piece, and then blink to dislodge it.

    If you cant find the piece but you feel it, call your eye doctor and get in to see them as soon as possible. If thats not fast enough go to a walk in clinic or urgent care centre. A doctor will use a slit lamp to locate the torn piece. He or she can also put in a special coloured dye that helps locate and remove it.


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