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How To Use Color Street Nails

Show Me What It Looks Like

How To Apply Color Street Nails

I am showing you with a set called Pacific Waters. It is one of my favorites, but sadly, has been discontinued. Long Time, No Sea is similar.

Few things before hand:

  • Do your manicure first. Trim, file and buff your nails, cut your cuticles, apply any oils and lotions pamper yourself! But then wash and dry your hands and nails well. Any oils, lotions and water left will make the nail strips peel up, and not adhere.
  • I dont use the nail prep pad I find it dries my nail out. I apply a clear base coat first, and make sure it dries.

Color Street nail strips come in compact envelopes that are home to a cute little nail file , nail prep pad and of course, your nail strips!

Youll see on the top right of this photo, there are instructions for applying on every package.

You get two separate pages of 8 nail strips.

You can easily separate them from each other with the notched edges, and hold them up to your nails to see which one will fit the best dont toss the others!

Remove the clear coat , peel the strip off the paper from the bottom up, then separate from the bottom tab .

When I apply the strip, I line up the vertical center of the strip with the vertical center of my nail, taking careful measures to line up the rounded edges are the bottom of my nail you may need to overlap the bottom of the strip with your finger to get the right fit, and then I gently lay it down, and begin pressing from the center out, stretching the strip to fit my nail perfectly.

Mistake #: Not Using A Rubber

If your first set of Color Street was a glitter, then you have experienced how foolproof and forgiving applying a Color Street manicure can be. If you have heard that applying Color Street solids is hard to do then Ill let you in on a little secret.

Quick Fix:

You need one of these a rubber-tipped cuticle pusher. Sure, you can prep your nails by using it to push down your cuticles, but the real power of this simple little tool lies in its ability to cleanly yet gently press solid nail polish strips onto your fingers. If you have struggled to press out wrinkles be sure the nail strip makes it all the way to the edge, then try this simple tool to make it much easier.

Review Of Incoco Nail Strips

Price: 6ish

Incoco nail strips are made by the same people who do Color Street Strips. They have had them for sale for Walmart or Ulta Beauty for years under the brand Incoco.

You can also get them at Sallys and at Ulta, as far as I hear.

They are actually the first nail strips I tried . I have also tried the stickers you can get at the dollar store. They lasted about a day.

I love the price and how easy it is to grab them at my local Walmart.

I have also ordered them online and picked them up in-store, as has a larger variety than my actual store.

Application is very easy. The strips are well made and the tabs come off easily.

Wear is good, but I did notice cracking on the lighter nail varieties. I think it was only noticeable to me but it is there. Really tiny cracks.

They also chip quite a lot on the ends. I am not easy on my nails, by any stretch of the imagination. I type a LOT and I also do dishes and clean quite a bit.

I also notice on these that my nail will snag on the area closest to my cuticle as these grow out. Its annoying.

These strips feel very smooth and polish-like though.

An absolute dream for someone who hates painting their nails .

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Color Street Nail Strips

This post may contain affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own.

As a mom, I have very little time to devote to myself but take full advantage of every single opportunity. I am a big advocate of self care and believe that a happy mom makes for happy kids. In the last few years I have slowly added in little ways I take better care of myself and my body, from going to the doctor more to better skin care and learning new makeup techniques. I even had my amazing niece teach me to use false eye lashes because I wanted to add a little something for my rare date nights. Guess whatit ALL makes me feel better and I love putting in a little effort for ME!

One thing I would love to do is have bi-weekly mani/pedi days because I just cant get enough of a beautifully manicured nail! Nail salons are time consuming though, and the cost adds up. In years past I have used nail strips and only one brand has ever impressed me but they no longer make them! All the others just didnt compare.

Imagine my glee when a good friend contacted me to let me know she was selling Color Street Nail Strips! She described them to me and I was willing to try them out and see if they held up.

After using these many times now, I can say with great confidence that these are stellar. I HIGHLY recommend them.

Because they are so simple and dry, these are perfect for kids too!

Our Favorite Color Street Nail Designs

Color Street nail strips are so easy to apply! Beautiful ...

Now that you understand that hype of Color Street, allow us to introduce you to a few of our favorite sticker sets. Since there’s a limit of two per orderthey’re super popular, so the brand had to limit shoppers from snagging them all in one cartyou might just want to buy more than a few of the finds, below.

Its no secret that leopard print is a popular choice for 2020 and beyond. If youre not quite ready to rock leopard pants or boots, dip your toe into the trend with these fun nail stickers.

Sparkle-lovers, these are for you! This platinum, glitter-dipped sticker set will make your nails look glam as can beand with very little effort!

You dont have to pick a design! Color Street also offers a variety of on-trend seasonal shades that make matching your mani to the weather a piece of cake .

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Ultimate Comparison Between Color Street And Alternatives

Best nail stickers:

  • Color Street/Incoco seem to have the best strip formula
  • Color Street has more variety & includes more strips, but Incoco is cheaper and can be grabbed at Walmart.
  • Ultimately, I think Dashing Diva was my favorite. They just make your nails SOLID. Theyd be especially great if you were doing something tough on your nails, as I think they are a good support. They just feel a bit weird, and I dont know that Id wear them frequently as I felt they hurt my nail health a bit when I ripped them off).

So, thats all I can say about these. If you liked this post, Id love it if youd join us on the Curls, and check out my other fashion/beauty posts below that!

Tips On How To Remove Color Street Nails Easily

July 28, 2017 by Kaysi

Tips on How to Remove Color STREET Nails Easily

So I am obsessed with Color STREET nails. They are amazing and I love how they look, feel and how easy they are to put on and take off. Because they are 100% nail polish, they can easily be removed with nail polish remover. All of the nail polish strips come off with nail polish remover but I have found that the glitter ones are a little bit harder to get off . Well I found out a way and a remover that makes it super easy to take it off the glitter polish . So here is a post on how to remove Color Street nails.


herecheap spongesCutex oneTinseltown Brooklyn Beathere

Here is a fun video to see how easy they are to apply!

These also make great gifts, so I made up some printable pouches to put them nails into. You can get the designs here:

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Extra Tips And Reminders

30 Minute Wait Time:

Color Street application does not require any heat, but it is does take about 30 minutes to fully cure or dry on your nail. In that time, do not submerge your hands in water or to put on any lotions or oils. In this time, the nail polish strip will slightly shrink as well. Dont confuse this shrinkage with chipping.

Temperature Control:

It is also not recommended to apply Color Street with cold hands or with strips that are cold. If you do not live in a cold climate, this will be less of an issue. Your strips will not be damaged by the cold and you can bring them to room temperature before you apply them. If your hands are cold, warm them under water and dry thoroughly before application. The same can be said about heat. Do not leave them in your car when it is extremely hot, leave them in direct sunlight, or LED lighting.

One Time Use:

Color Street is made of nail polish and as soon as you open the packaging the strips will start to dry out. It was meant to be a one time use product. However, I have detailed ways to save any unused strips for later use and get more than one manicure out of a set.

Taking A Break

If you have weaker nails already, I recommend using a base coat prior to applying any Color Street strip. This will strengthen the nail and keep a barrier between the nail polish and your nail surface.


How To Use Color Street Nails

3 Tips On How To Apply Color Street Nail Strips

The annoying Topcoat, base coat, perfect brush, too much messy nail, and skin have to face to get the perfect nail look. And that is a very time-consuming process that everyone does not get the time.

To give relief to people from this annoying task and reduce the waste of time, Fa Park brought the color street nail colors.

It doesnt need any top coat, gel coat, perfect size brush. It provides colors on nails within a few minutes. So, lets get started for how to use color street nails easily.

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Why Try Color Street Nail Polish

I decided I wanted to try out Color Street nail polish for myself, so I ordered 4 colors . I bought from top to bottom London Calling, Tokyo Lights, Giza Sands and Miami Beach.

Note that in this picture it looks a bit like they dont match within each pack, but thats because the strips are facing slightly different ways, the top coat is pretty shiny so theyre reflecting the light a bit differently. The strips within each pack do match each other!

Why Does Color Street Make My Nails Peel

Color Street does not make your nails peel directly for the average person. While this Color Street problem is in fact a headache, regular nail polish can have this effect as well. Its typically a matter of nail health rather than the type of nail polish youre using.

Allergies are always a possibility with any product, too. If a medical professional has said youve had an allergic reaction to nail polish in the past its possible that youre allergic to Color Street nail polish as well.

Nails are dead and therefore do not need to breathe, but if theyre consistently covered with nail polish and not given any breaks, the nails will start to weaken. Weak nails are prone to peeling, splitting, and breaking. Make sure to go naked for a couple days here and there. There are also physical health conditions that can weaken nails as well. If you have consistent problems with this, make sure to see a doctor. Its always better to treat the root of the problem than cover it with Band-Aids .

Using acetone nail polish remover is another sure fire way to get your nails to peel. Your nails need oil for health and strength. This may seem counterintuitive since we remove the oils prior to application, but using an incredibly stripping remover like acetone later only makes the Color Street problems worse. Slap on another layer of nail polish and your nails never have a chance to regain their nourishment

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What Is Included With Color Street Nail Polish

Heres a peek at what comes inside each pack. You get 16 strips to fit nails, a small emory board and 2 nail prep pads which are alcohol swabs.

Note that the nail polish strips are actual polish that is about 95% dry. It contains base coat, color and top coat all within the strip. You shouldnt need other nail products when using Color Street, though you could definitely use a top coat if you want. The strips stretch a little bit, but not a ton. This helps to get the right fit, but you wont be able to make up for big size difference between a strip and your nail bed for example.

Final Thoughts On Color Street

Look how easy it is to apply Color Street nail strips. I ...

If youre looking for the best quick manicure around then Color Street nail strips are a must try! Easy application and stunning, long lasting designs give you everything you could want in nail color. Save yourself some money and enjoy salon style nails in the comfort of your own home.

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How Do They Work

Each pack of Color Street nail stickers contains sixteen strips so that youre guaranteed to find the best fit for your nails. Simply select the strip size that best fits each nail, peel off the backing paper, and smooth the strip onto your nail from the cuticle to the tip. Once you reach the tip, youll likely have overhang. To address this, use the file that comes included in the kit and file off any excess. While doing so may make you worry about snagging the polish, rest assured, these strips are designed to be filed.

Manicure Tips & Tricks

These are super-easy to apply, and the strips are in various sizes to fit a variety of nails. The back of each set features instructions. Here are just a few tips and tricks Ive learned work best, especially if you are trying them for the first time:

  • Have clean nails with no lotion or oils on them before applying. The nail strips include little alcohol wipes to prep your nails and help with adhesion.
  • Apply from pinky to thumb, in that order, using your thumbnail to remove the excess strip on the end. You can get two nails out of each strip! I find I only come back and file a bit at the end to clean up edges. A cuticle stick also works well to remove excess.
  • For the longest lasting results, apply right before bed. Theres no dry time, so you can pop right into bed without fear of smudging them, but then the strips have overnight to completely set.
  • The glitter styles are the most forgiving for your first application. Id choose one of those to start with!
  • If you love the solid colors best or the nail art without glitter, consider adding the Clear As Day strips as your 4th set that you get FREE with the promotion. It really adds longevity to the solid sets. I find the glitter sets dont need the Clear As Day.
  • I have been LOVING this non-acetone remover for being gentle on nails, but working great on removing polish before applying new ones. My nails have been much healthier after switching from acetone remover to this!

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It’s Cold Outside Warm Your Strips Up

Color Street nail strips are sensitive to the cold!! Never apply them when they are cold or they will not stick properly. Make sure to warm them to room temperature before applying.

Be one of the first Color Street Stylist in your area!! This is a ground level company that is less than a year old. With less than 10,000 stylist nation wide, this is a HUGE opportunity! Color Street has some BIG things planned for 2018, I promise you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity!!

Review Of Dashing Diva Nail Strips

How To Apply Nail Tape To Color Street

Price: $7

I found these in Walmart. I love that theyre available there. They are also available online.

Putting them on went well, except I felt like they didnt have very many large strips and I had to go with a smaller strip for my thumb.

Easy to reposition and nail still stuck well.

The strip was harder to file off I tried filing, but next time I think Id cut them with a nail clipper to see if it works better.

These strips seem thicker and more rubbery than the other brands.

The strips stayed on SO well. No chips, no cracking. Just my nail growing out til its awkward so I took them off. You can see in the picture above (top is day 1 and the bottom is at two weeks I had hardly ANY chipping and they looked great!

I used just a drop of cuticle oil and just pulled it off with a cuticle stick . I did also try nail polish remover. It didnt work quite as easily and I felt like it left extra goo on my nail.

Overall I didnt like removal as much as I liked the Incoco. I feel like it might not be AS healthy for your nail, but I havent tried them enough times to be sure

But, the nails looked better close up and I like all the options they have for accent nails. I was able to use quite a few of the nails on both the left and right of my hand, but not the for my thumbs. The strips dont seem quite as wide.

They also have a pretty good variety of nails if you shop in their online store, and I like all the accent nail options.

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