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Mobile Pedicure For The Elderly

What Are The Benefits Of Google Maps

VLOG: Medical pedicure (Dr Foot Clinic)

Listen to what others say

Torn between two businesses? You can start by looking at comments and photos shared by locals to make a more informed decision. Or even better, join a local guide program to share your favorite stores.

Give your finger a break

All you need to do is to save your home and office addresses in Google Maps, and the system will automatically fill them in as you type, speeding up your search. You can also allow the Google Maps app to access your Android and iPhone address books to quickly find saved addresses.

Google Maps for Android and iOS devices was released in September 2008 and features GPS turn-by-turn navigation along with dedicated parking assistance features. In August 2013, it was determined to be the world’s most popular app for smartphones, with over 54% of global smartphone owners using it at least once.

Revisit the world around you in ways you’ve never seen before

If a map is no longer just a map, what is it? Its a trip to the moon, a ticket to Mars, a bird’s eye view of the Earth. You can see everything from the highest peak to the lowest canyon.

See ‘Perspective’ the internal environment of the stores

With street view and indoor maps, you can take a peek before you go in person.

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The universe waits for you to discover. Watch the Milky Way, stop on Mars, and take in the moon’s surface. You can do it without a spaceship.

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What Does A Manicure Include

Manicures include a combination of a variety of techniques and treatments. Manicures can include hand massages, exfoliation, cuticle treatment, drip dry, wax treatment and buffing, and an application of nail polish or gel polish to finish it off. Youll be able to choose a package that has what you need, for the price you want. Mobile spas provide men manicures and woman manicures that are specifically designed for the needs of both sexes.

Mobile Massage Manicures And Pedicures In Phoenix Az

Enjoy a great, therapeutic massage or other spa services out-call only. Pampering you from head to toe for more than 20 years, Pamper Me in AZ offers mobile massage, manicures, and pedicures, as well as geriatric massage in Phoenix, AZ. Call today about our variety of massage therapy and other services.

We specialize in pampering those with special needs. Such as the elderly, accident victims, people with chronic health issues, and those who have suffered from a loss of mobility. We cater to our customer’s needs, wherever they may be located, such as group homes, assisted living facilities, rehabilitation centers, and private accommodation.

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Keep Your Nails Shaped

Shaped nails are less likely to suffer from damage. A chip in the nail often grows and can create more problems. Even a little unevenness can make your nails more likely to break. File and cut your nails every two to three weeks. Depending on how fast your nails grow, you may need to do this more often.

Use An Electronic Nail Clipper

Senior Pedicure

Electronic nail clippers are often the best to use for nail care for the elderly. As we lose dexterity and strength, it can be difficult to keep nails properly groomed. Electronic nail clippers are easy to use and only require the push of a button. Consider asking someone else to do it if you are unsure of whether or not you can do it yourself.

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Keep Nails Clean And Dry

Its really important to keep your seniors nails clean and dry. Its very easy for bacteria to get under both fingernails and toenails, which can be a huge health problem for your senior. Make sure to play close attention to cleaning under her nails regularly. It might also be a good idea to consider manicures and pedicures at home regularly in order to keep her nails clean and sanitary.

Mobile Spamore Than Just Pretty Nails

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Everyone likes to be pampered and feel beautiful and that certainly doesnt change as we age. Many seniors are enjoying the benefits of a mobile spa. Getting manicures and pedicures are a nice routine, but is there more to this practice than just pretty nails? Absolutely. Manicures and pedicures from a mobile spa take stress away from self-grooming for both men and women when that becomes physically difficult. The spa comes to them by appointment in their home, independent living, assisted living or any other living arrangement. The spa can provide all the services of any salon with two spectacular exceptions:

1. Spa customers do not have to leave the comfort of their own home

2. These nail technicians are screened and trained to have a heart for seniors and can accommodate any special need. The nail techs can adapt to all disabilities regardless of age or limitations.

As an added advantage, the health benefits of manicures and pedicures are numerous.

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Exfoliate And Moisturize The Feet:

In this step, more dead skin is removed and with the application of a good moisturizer, dry skin of their feet will receive much-needed nutrients. They also help to promote new cell growth so their feet will maintain their softness, and keep the good look longer.

Moreover,softer feet will reduce the chance of cracks or skin splitting on theheels so infection is avoided.

What Are The Benefits Of A Mobile Spa

Medical Pedicures from Podiatry Associates in Colorado

Mobile Spas will come to your doorwherever that is and they can adapt to any special needs you may have. You do not have to worry about driving or getting a ride to the salon. Family members do not have to worry about transporting a loved one there. The staff are specially trained to be patient and have a loving heart for people. You gain a special relationship with your spa professional when you get to know each other, because you will have their undivided attention during your treatment. They will not be worrying about other customers, only YOU! Another added benefit is the benefit of touch. Human touch can cut down on agitation and stress in people with dementia.

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Foot Care Nail Specialist Thorunn

“Caring for the feet of seniors and adults in their home, brings me great joy.”

My name is Thorunn Fawcett-Taylor I am a licensed nail technician that is also certified as a Master Pedicurist from the North American School of Podology, and certified as an Advanced Nail Technician and foot care nail technician from Nail Care Academy.

I specialize in the foot care for geriatric, diabetic and immune compromised people. My services are geared more from a proactive maintenance service, but sometimes have to do a restoration appointment in order to get the client to a maintenance state.

Even before Covid, I have exceeded what is required by the state of Florida as far as sanitation/disinfecting by sterilizing all my implements and using throw away liners when necessary, in order to protect my clients from cross contamination.

Maintaining Good Foot Hygiene:

Everybody needs to trim his or her toenails regularly. For the elderly, it is sometimes impossible for them to bend down and reach their toes because of their limited hand and feet flexibility. If your parents are in this age category and need to keep up the overall well being of their feet, they need pedicures more than any other age group. For them, it is not a luxury but rather a necessity.

Besidesthe fact that it is difficult to bend over trying to reach theirtoenails, bad eye sights further inhibit them from cutting their owntoenails.

Regularpedicure services will maintain great overall foot hygiene for yourbeloved parents.

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What Are The Prices Of A Pedicure Near Me

In general, nails salons offer manicure and pedicure as packages and separately as well. Pedicures typically last a bit longer than a manicure , and cost a bit more too. The standard rate for a decent pedicure could be anywhere from $15 to $25. For a deluxe pedicure, you could be looking at a range of $25 to $35.

Case Study: Uniting People & Care Through Joy

Adapting Nail Care for the Elderly

Preventive foot care is incredibly important for those with chronic illnesses like diabetes, neuropathy and vascular disease. These conditions drive over a million preventable foot complications each year a key reason why health plans find it important to provide this service to its members.

However, Belle foot appointments are not only designed to protect mobility, but to bring joy into members lives. Their monthly 60-minute appointment is a time when members can sit back, relax and experience a social visit with their Belle Technician, who often becomes a friend.

An 82-year old man who enrolled in the Belle program in December 2019 is a great example of that mission being fulfilled.

Belles first appointment with this gentleman was routine and he was happy to have the service: I need help and my kids are spread across the country They have their own families and they cant just drop everything to come here! His feet were showing signs of stress from his chronic conditions, but no emerging warning signs. However, foot health becomes volatile as we age and Belles next appointment a month later demonstrated just that. As the Belle Technician, Noreen, began her assessment , she documented extensive and severe scaling and inflammation on both of his lower legs and feet.

Belles proprietary platform is transparent to health plan partners and tracks everything from physical issues to social determinants.

Illustrative Belle visit summary sent to providers

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What To Look For In A Pedicure Near You

Our feet are amazing and wonderful tools that make our everyday lives possible. We put our whole weight on them when were walking, so they can get pretty tired too. If we dont take proper care of our feet they could develop several issues, including the fact that they just get unsightly with all the dirt sticking t them.

Pedicures are hence quite a healthy and effective way to relax. Nail salons are known places where one can chill out and get ready for an upcoming special occasion as well as open-toe weather. Needless to say, however, nail salons are quite common but are not created equal. In order to get the best and safest pedicure experience, we should consider quite a few things when looking for a pedicure salon:

What Are The Benefits Of Pedicures

Pedicures have many of the same benefits as manicures, but for some, pedicures are even more important because of the pressure, wear and tear we put our feet through. A good pedicure can prevent infections and diseases in the nails. Pedicures encourage renewal by removing the dead skin that encourages bunions and corns to sprout. This removal also encourages softer feet that will stay healthier, longer. And of course, a gentle foot massage can relieve tension and decrease pain from constant use.

Manicures and pedicures are a luxury that can be forgotten as a necessity in a busy life. But manicures and pedicures are essential to absolute health. Hands and feet are the most used body parts, and require the same attention that youd give to your face or your cardio health. Manicures and pedicures done regularly can improve your quality of life and health exponentially, so take the time to treat your hands and feet and feel more beautiful at the same time.

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Correct Minor Foot And Toenail Issues Before They Become Major Ones:

A pedicurist can work on thick skin, callouses, corns, bruises, long toenails to remove all the minor issues that cause pains. Not only toe and foot pains will hurt your parents as they walk, but they will also cause unnecessary strains on the feet, ankles, knees, hips and up to the spine.

Toeand foot pains are not normal and if these issues are so severe thatthe pedicurist can not work on them, your parents should visit apodiatrist as soon as possible.

Why Is Right Nail Care For Seniors So Important

Toenail Clippers for the Elderly (Safe Senior Foot Care!)

Keeping your nails in top condition can increase your level of comfort. Seniors are often prone to getting fungus infections under their nail bed. These infections can lead to discomfort and an unpleasing appearance. It also just feels better to be properly groomed. Senior nails require extra consideration and care. As long as you follow these tips, your nails should be just fine regardless of age!

So you have other nail care tips for seniors to add to the list? Let me know in the comments below!

Learn More About Personal Care

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Have A Mobile Spa Technician Stop By

If your parent is ready for home visitors and if the spa has set safety procedures about not spreading the coronavirus, it might be nice to have a professional come into your parents home to provide her pedicure. It does protect her from going out into public, and you wont need to worry about making travel arrangements with your senior care provider or someone else. A mobile spa technician will have additional tools for dealing with unwieldy toenails as well as be trained in massage, skin exfoliation, and cuticle treatment if needed.

What Else Can Mobile Spas Offer

Mobile spas can also offer hair salon services and massage therapy. Both services are also adaptable to any and all disabilities. They come right to you by appointment in the privacy of your own home. They bring portable sinks for hair and portable massage tables for a massage, or adapt to any other limitation an individual may have.

A good mobile spa will also be very concerned with your health profile and can alert staff, family or loved ones of any issues that cause concern. Call and schedule a mobile spa visit today!

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Home Care For Seniors

All of these services are provided by a certified stylist and/or podologist, 1-on-1 in the privacy of your own home.

Senior necessities is dedicated to providing home care for seniors. Our hair care and podology solutions are here to ensure seniors always feel their best. Self-esteem is important in all stages of life, including senior years. We pride ourselves on helping seniors to stay in the comfort of their home by providing hair and foot care services. This varies from hair styling and colouring, to diabetic foot care, corn removal and more. The core mission of senior necessities is to care for seniors in the comfort and privacy of their home, residence or hospital bed. Honour your mom and dad by having them pampered by a podologist or hair stylist.

What Does Google Maps Do

Nails Care at Seniors

Bring the real world to your users with customized maps and street view imagery.

1.99% coverage of the world

Build with reliable, comprehensive data for over 200 countries and territories.

2.25 million updates daily

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Safe Manicures And Pedicures For Diabetic Clients

Diabetic neuropathy is an abnormality in the nervous system that results in poor circulation. Poor circulation can cause loss of feeling, and it also prevents the body from nourishing the cells properly, which slows or prevents healing. Improper healing is worsened in the extremities which brings us full circle to why manicures and pedicures may pose a risk for diabetics. If a diabetic has poor circulation and has lost some feeling in her toes, she will not know if the water is too hot, if she has a cut or nick, or even if a technician is filing her foot too hard.

Diabetic clients need nail technicians who see themselves as client advocates, professionals who will educate themselves on the particular needs of this clientele and then create a clean, safe environment where they can relax and enjoy spa services. By providing safe home pedicure service the Nail Diary is the advocate for the diabetic client.

Increase Lower Leg Circulation:

Aswe age, our blood circulation to the feet is reduced.

Highblood pressure, heart disease or diabetes, etc. can even reduce bloodflow to the legs and feet.

Ifyour parents have any of those existing conditions, it is essentialto keep their feet and toenails in good health. Regular pedicureswill help maintain their feet well-being and a pedicurist can alsodetermine if any problems arise and inform you or your parentspromptly.

Also, a foot massage associated with a pedicure also helps reduces tensions on the feet. The rubbing motion will increase blood flow and relax all the old joints and ligaments. Increase blood flow will carry more nutrients to those tissues and muscles in the feet and improve their health.

Accordingto the American Pediatric Medical Association, most of us in the U.S.walk about 75,000 miles by the time we reach 50 years old, carryingour body weight around all those years. As for your parents, there isa lot of wear and tear on the lower part of their body, especiallytoes, feet, and ankles. Regular pedicures for them will help maintaintheir toes and feet in good conditions so they can enjoy their healthand independence longer.

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Whats Included In Our Mobile Manicure Or Pedicure For Seniors

As we age the condition of our nails decrease considerably. Check their nails regularly for any health problems. By providing a Mobile Manicure or Pedicure for Seniors this helps maintain the health of their nails

Our Mobile Manicure includes

  • nail trimming, nail shaping, cuticle treatment, steamed warm towels
  • Cinnamon butter massage and coloured polish

They can also choose from one of these added on pampering hand treatments or no treatments if preferred

  • Almond & Cinnamon Scrub softens & smooths rough dry skin
  • Mango & Coconut Mask hydrates & softens your hands
  • Warm Rose Paraffin Wax nourishes & relieves joint stiffness
  • Collagen Glove Treatment rejuvenating & softens aging hands
  • Being a Senior can be very difficult to cut their own nails. Especially reaching down to their feet. Regular Pedicures not only improves the condition of theirs nails and cracked or dry heels. Plus a who doesnt loves a nice relaxing foot massage and helping increase their blood circulation. Four good reasons Men need a regular Pedicure

    Our Mobile Pedicures include

    • nail trimming, nail shaping, cuticle treatment, foot soaking
    • Lime butter massage and coloured polish

    They can also choose from one of these added on foot treatments or no treatments if preferred

    • Lemon & Lime Scrub softens & smooths rough dry skin
    • Mango & Coconut Maskhydrates & softens your feet
    • Warm Ylang Ylang Paraffin Wax nourishes & relieves joint stiffness
    • Dry Heel Treatmentsoftens & smooths dry calloused feet


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