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Vaseline Healthy Hand & Nail Conditioning Lotion

Cons Of Vaseline Healthy Hand And Nail Lotion

Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Hands and Stronger Nails (Review)

:no: The huge ingredient list full of chemicals with scary names. The ingredients are really controversial and a Google search of the ingredients is enough to scare you saying that all these are proved to cause nausea, developmental toxicity, organ system function toxicity, enhanced skin hazards, etc. After reading all this you really wouldnt want to use the lotion.:no: It is not as non-greasy as it claims. Greasiness is there and after you rub in a two pea sized amount you cant really hold stuff or open bottles. So if you take little it doesnt suffice and if you apply more its greasy.:no: It does nothing for the darkness of skin. The area around the nail bed is darker than the rest of my hand and it does nothing for it. Although it doesnt claim to do so I would prefer something that nourishes, strengthens and lightens.:no: The fragrance might bother some people . I like it, but its not a very appealing fragrance.:no: Keratin is hydrolysed Keratin and is mentioned later in the ingredient list .Also collagen cannot be absorbed through the skin, it is mentioned as a last ingredient. Both look like more a marketing gimmick.

Will I repurchase I dont think so I will purchase this again. Though I will purchase a hand and nail cream because am already 21+ and the signs of aging are first reflected on your hands and prevention is always better than cure. So maybe I will try something more on the natural side , say like Fabindia or Oriflame or maybe even Bodyshop .

The Perfect Cream For Cuticles

This is the most perfect cream to use when I am doing my nails. I have terribly dry cuticles and I use this cream to soften the skin so I can remove it when I give myself a manicure. I put the cream on my nails and cuticles and let it sit for about five/six minutes and then I rub it in. The dry skin around my fingernails is so easy to remove after that. I just use a pair of cuticle scissors to remove it. This cream works so well to soften my skin. It absorbs well and makes my hands look younger, even after using it just once. This cream also helps strengthen my nails, which is something I really need. My nails can get kind of brittle, but if I use this cream, my nails are stronger and they grow much better. I would recommend using this cream if you have issues with your nails or cuticles. This intensive care cream from Vaseline is wonderful and works wonders.EffectivenessThis lotion is very effective. It does everything the tube says it will do. It is made by Vaseline, a company I trust to help my dried out skin.


Good Hand Lotion At A Good Price

Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Hand & Nail Revitalizing Hand Lotion is a good enough hand lotion, especially for the price you pay, and it has good moisturizing power on your hand and will certainly help strengthening your nails over time, but I would not rely on this product alone to guarantee strong nails. I used this lotion for about one month and was able to tell a difference in the strength of my nail, but it still did not keep my nails from breaking often, which has been a problem for me for as long as I can remember. I also take vitamin supplements to help with that, and I would recommend that as well if you also have problems growing your nails. The regular use of this Vaseline hand lotion and nail, hair and skin vitamins will certainly make a difference when combined. This lotion contains Alpha Hydroxy and Vitamin E which is great for keeping the skin on your hands smooth and nourished, especially after washing your hands. Even though this is a good, affordable product, as far as moisture goes, I still prefer Neutrogena’s Norwegian formula hand lotion.ScentI like the scent, it is light and smells clean and not too strong.


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Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Hands Stronger Nails Lotion

Helps prevent nails from chipping or breaking. 10x stronger nails in 2 weeks .

Select a size:

  • Vaseline® Intensive Care® Healthy Hands Stronger Nails Lotion is designed to nourish hands and nails
  • Vaseline® Healthy Hands Stronger Nails Lotion is fast absorbing and non-greasy, its conditioning moisturizers leave behind smooth, soft hands
  • Makes your palms, fingertips and knuckles softer, cuticles smoother, and nails stronger
  • Fast absorbing and non-greasy, its conditioning moisturizers leave behind smooth, soft hands

Apply 3 to 4 pumps of this lotions and work through your nails, cuticles, fingers and hands for noursihed and healthy hands and nails.

Aqua, Paraffinum Liquidum, Dimethicone, Stearic Acid, Glycerin, Glycol Stearate, Triethanolamine, Glyceryl Stearate, Phenoxyethanol, Petrolatum, Cetyl Alcohol, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Methylparaben, Carbomer, Parfum, Disodium EDTA, Stearamide AMP, Hydrolyzed Keratin.

Vaseline Intensive Care Hand Cream Healthy Hands & Stronger Nails 34oz

Vaseline Healthy Hand &  Nail Conditioning Lotion 200ml
  • Skin moisturizer hand cream to heal very dry hands
  • Hand therapy absorbs fast for a non-greasy feel
  • Hand lotion deeply moisturizes for 10X stronger nails in 2 weeks
  • Healing lotion with micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly
  • Fast healing hand care for very dry hands
  • Unscented lotion to relieve even stubborn rough, dry patches

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I Finally Found The Cure For Dry Ugly Cuticles

I’ve always had dry ugly cuticles. Maybe it’s because I bit my nails growing up. Eventually I discovered acrylic tips and suddenly had such beautiful nails. But my cuticles were still horribly ugly! The lady who did my acrylic fills every week would douse them with oil but it never helped. I bought my own cuticle oil and started applying it myself daily, but it only resulted in oily fingers. Gross! When a friend recommended this lotion, I had nothing to lose. I was stunned to discover that my hands felt soft and my cuticles were improving after just the first two days of use. Once I had children I gave up the acrylic nails completely and I credit Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Hand & Nail Revitalizing Hand Lotion for getting me through the transition back to natural nails. Anyone who has been through it knows my pain! But now I have beautiful hands and gorgeous natural nails and healthy cuticles. I’m a reformed nail biter but you would never know by looking at my hands. Thank you Vaseline!


Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Hand & Nail Hand Lotion

Although I respect Vaseline as a brand, I am not thrilled with this particular product. The Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy hand and nail lotion does not do what I had hoped it would do – that is, hydrate my hands and nails in a subtly scented and non-greasy manner.ScentMy personal preference is towards unscented health and beauty products. The Vaseline Intensive Care hand and nail lotion has a very strong scent that follows you around. You know how often your hands touch your face. To be accosted by the too strong scent each and every time is not appealing to me.AbsorptionAlthough I did give this product a good try based on the reputation of the brand name, I found it lacking. The lotion does not absorb well at all. It just stays on the skin and I have had to wipe it off with a towel so I could get on with my day.EffectivenessI had high hopes that this hand and nail lotion would solve my dry skin problem. Sadly, it did not.


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Pros Of Vaseline Healthy Hand And Nail Lotion

:yes: It does make your hands smooth. They look and feel really soft and shiny. My mom has really dry hands and it worked wonders for her hands. My hands looked livelier. The dullness was gone.:yes: Nails are definitely stronger and look healthier. The white part of the nails is whiter and brighter. Nails are no longer brittle and do not break under minor pressure. Growth is faster, around 2-3 millimetres in 3-4 days.:yes: During an exam I was nervous and had dug into my cuticles out of fear .My hands looked ugly afterwards. It completely repaired my cuticles and smoothened them with 5 days of usage.:yes: My hands tend to parch out if I spend a lot of time in air conditioned rooms, I applied just a little amount on one hand to see if it can protect or not. And it really does. The hand which was bare was dry and the other one was alright.:yes: The packaging is a nice light orange colour. The flip open tube is sturdy .The cap is tight enough not to open in your handbag.:yes: It is cheaper than dirt cheap.

Vaseline Healthy Hand & Nail Lotion Hand Lotion With Keratin And Vitamin E

Grow Nails Fast With Vaseline Lotion

Lets see how it fared

What it claims Vaseline healthy hand and nail lotion is formulated just for your hands. Its conditioning moisturisers are fast absorbing and non greasy. It nourishes for softer skin, knuckles, smoother cuticles and stronger nails. In 2 weeks nails are 10x stronger

Directions Apply daily for smooth healthy looking skin.

Price Rs. 50 for a 75ml tube.

Have been using it since 15 days

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Vaseline Healthy Hand Nail Conditioner Lotion 85ml


Coming Soon!

Take care of your hand and nail texture with Vaseline Healthy Hand Nail Conditioner Lotion. produced by one of the globally recognizable lotion brand, it is formulated to conditioning and moisturising the tip part of nails and fingers for a softer hands.


  • Healthy hands and stronger nails
  • Nourishes completely for softer palms, fingertips and knuckles, smoother cuticles and stronger nails
  • Intensive care with Keratin
  • With Micro droplets of Vaseline jelly

Vaseline Healthy Hand And Nail Lotion A Review

Helllooo IMBB. First, a big thank you to all the lovelies out here who do whatever it takes to keep the good work rolling .Special thanks to Rati for letting me be a part of it .I have been very excited about seeing my writing here but it was kind of jinxed. Whenever I sat down to write something or the other happened. Now that I am finally writing, am so happy, might as well break into a mini bhangra :dance: .

Winters are finally here and along with the oh-so-comfy jackets and pullovers, hot chocolate and warm hugs :hugleft: come the seasons must haves- moisturisers and lotions and creams .

Let me introduce to you the product I am going to review, its-

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Fabulous Product For Hands

I work in a library and my hands are always on display while I check in and out patron’s books. I am very self conscious of how my hands and nails look especially in the winter months. During the winter my skin tends to get very dry and look scaly. As a result of touching books and paper all day, my nails tend to get brittle and break easily. I was happy to find a product that claimed to help improve not only the appearance of my hands but also be beneficial to my nails. Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Hand & Nail lotion is amazing. My hands are no longer rough or dry. My skin actually looks healthy and bright. My hands feel so soft and hydrated. My nails do not really seem to be improved but I believe this is due to the fact that I am shelving and moving books all day, This can be hard on nails. I can deal with having short nails and I love having very soft skin on my hands. I keep some at the library, some in my purse and some in my bathroom. I have been known to use this lotion on various parts of my body. It really is a fantastic lotion.AbsorptionThis lotion rubs on evenly and is absorbed fast into the skin.EffectivenessThis product is wonderful. My hands and nails look fantastic. My hands are hydrated and look great!


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Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Hand &  Nail Conditioning Hand Lotion 3 ...

TikTok video from caligirl : “My beautiful babes! I highly recommend this hand lotion #selfcare #nails #vaseline #handlotion #fyp”. Someone wanted to see my nails after using my daily hand lotion | Thanks to my Vaseline healthy Stronger Nails lotion | Now my nails are super strong! Im very happy with the results | …. Passion.


414 Likes, 16 Comments. TikTok video from Lxthfaaaaaaaa : “Vaseline for hands and nails #browngirl #WonderWaterWhip #healthy #hands #nails #girls #cream #vaseline #jelly #foryoupage #viral #fyp #girls #care”. This vaseline is so good for healthy hands and stronger nails Thank me later . In This House.


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