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How To Nail Hardie Board

Best Overall: Bostitch Coil Siding Nailer

How to Nail HardieTrim® Boards

The BOSTITCH Coil Siding Nailer has everything you need in a nailer for a hardie siding installation that will make heads turn.

Youll love the easy-to-use depth adjustment, consistent depth of nail drive, and smooth operation .

Unlike some of its competitors, the tip does not mar the siding and allows you to locate the nails precisely.

The BOSTITCH N66C-1 Nailer works with most air compressors and features an adjustable exhaust to re-direct spent air away.

This nail gun is constructed with aluminum meaning it is quite light and not tiring even when wielded for 8 hours.

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Which Type Of Nailing Method Do I Use

There are mainly two things to consider when it comes to which method to use. The first is where you want to nail it, and the second is whether it needs to look good? In our case, we have to install the siding so that it looks good. Open nail heads can often decrease the beauty of a wall. So it is better to do blind nailing.

Another thing is where the nails will be after you are done with your work. If you are using a face nailing method, then it will remain exposed. Since the siding is outside, it will go through dust, snow, and rain at times. These exposed nail heads will come in contact with these environments, wearing them down.

Here the blind nailing will protect them from the outside environment making the siding safer and longer-lasting. So it is always better to go for blind nailing rather than face nailing unless you install the trim.

Placing Your Hardie Board

Placing the new piece of hardie board is just as simple as the demo. Youll need to measure the length of the boards youll be replacing. Then head to your local building supply store and grab your supplies.

Heres the trickiest part about this whole process: while hardie board is an amazing product, it also breaks a little too easily. They break under their own weight, so make sure to carry them vertically, not flat. Another pair of hands is always best when handling the boards.

If youre replacing multiple boards, start next to a board that is already fixed in place, this will help ensure the run stays straight.

When you have the board in place, simply slide it under the board that will be on top of it and even them out with the board it butts against.

If its just one board youre replacing, have your helper square it on the opposite end and hammer away. Youll want to use nails rated for exterior use and with a finish head. Nail guns are great for this were big fans of the airstrike.

Youll want to place a nail every 12 inches, top and bottom. Be sure the top one goes through both boards.

If youre replacing more than one board in a run, simply hammer a nail into the top corner to support it and then move half way down the board. Use a 4 foot level to check, and then hammer in another nail. Then hammer away on the rest of the board.

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Pcs Masonry Drill Bits

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  • PACKAGE INCLUDES:10 pieces fine grade high durable drill bits about 3.

Does Hardie Board Crack

Problems with James Hardie® Siding Installations ...

James Hardie fiber cement is one of the most durable siding types out there, but its possible for Hardie Board siding to crack if its been installed poorly. However, the good news is that you can easily repair the gap by cleaning it and using caulk to patch it.

Caulking the crack will help prevent water and other elements from going past the patch and behind the planks, which would cause further damage.

To learn how to hang Hardie Board siding so that its less likely to crack, we recommend contacting a roof professional. If youd rather have a team do it for you, get in touch with us today.

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Why Is Hardie Siding So Good

So, why do so many people choose James Hardie over other siding brands?

As the trailblazer of fiber cement, James Hardie is still considered the cream of the crop. The brand designs and manufactures the worlds highest-performance fiber cement siding, backer board, trim, and more.

The advantages of choosing James Hardie for your house include:

  • Custom siding for any home No matter what type of home you own, and no matter where you live, you can trust that James Hardie will have customized siding for you. The brands extensive spectrum of colors and styles can match the aesthetic of any home. They even have a design tool on their website so you can build a palette and experiment with different looks for your home.
  • Superior durability James Hardie may have invented fiber cement, but they didnt stop there. The brand is continually working to improve the product and raising the bar for the rest of the industry. It remains one of the most beautiful and durable fiber cement products on the market today.
  • A variety of colors that last The Statement Collection by James Hardie features the most popular ColorPlus® Technology colors. ColorPlus® Technology combines beauty and high-performance. Options include Arctic White, Navajo Beige, Khaki Brown, Light Mist, Night Gray, Evening Blue, Iron Gray, and more.

Should You Caulk Hardie Board Siding

Caulking is good building practice when installing Hardie Board siding because it seals the joints, which prevents moisture from entering the wall cavity. When you caulk around the trim edges, eaves, windows, and doors, it provides extra prevention from any leaks that might have occurred.

Just remember that James Hardie recommends you use sealants and caulks that remain permanently flexible. The label or accompanying literature will say either permanently flexible or permanent flexibility, so look out for those words when selecting the caulk. Also, remember to allow the caulk to dry for the recommended time for best results.

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How Do You Fasten Hardie Board

Nailing Basics

  • Use 6d or 8d galvanized or stainless siding nails and install a single nail about 1-in.
  • Dont drive nails into the siding at an angle.
  • Fastener heads should be snugged up against the siding, not driven into the surface.
  • The end of each plank making up a butt joint needs to be fastened to a stud.
  • Hardie Plank Lap Siding

    How to Nail HardiePlank® Lap Siding

    The most popular brand of siding in North America offers a traditional and timeless look. You cant go wrong with Hardie Plank! Its offered in a variety of styles like Select Cedarmill which has a soft texture that appears like wood or Smooth which offers a sleek and more modern appearance. Beaded Cedarmill or Beaded Smooth adds a rounded or beaded edge to each panel. Colonial, James Hardies take on Dutch lap siding, will give your home a more historic look.



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    Do You Nail Or Screw Hardie Board

    James Hardie prefers and recommends installation of HardiePlank® lap siding by the blind nailing technique, such that fasteners are hidden by the course above. Fasteners shall be installed between 1 in. and 3/4 in. from the top edge and no closer than 3/8 in.

    Can You Install Hardie Board In The Winter

    And while certain siding materials can have issues when they are installed in the winter, other siding such as fiber cement from The James Hardie Company® does fine in cold-weather installation when the manufacturers instructions are followed. And thats how our crews are trained spring, summer, fall, OR winter.

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    How Much Does Hardie Siding Cost

    SImilar to installation time estimates, siding costs rely on a few different factors:

    • Type of siding
    • Exterior design or shape of your home
    • Removing old siding

    On average, homeowners pay between $9,037 $25,961 for siding in Washington, according to Home Advisors True Cost Guide. Vinyl siding costs about $0.90 to $2.50 per square foot, while fiber cement siding is estimated at about $0.70 to $5.25 per square feet. Even though its on the more costly side of the spectrum, Hardie siding costs must be weighed against the numerous benefits and longevity of its material.

    Keep the scope of the project in mind when evaluating siding replacement. It is a higher initial investment that is accompanied with 15 & 30 year warranties, plus warp, rot, crack, fade, and flame resistant material. You can avoid the infrequent minor repairs stormy weather brings when your house is more susceptible to water damage or missing siding due to high winds. You can reduce your worry about melting and warping siding during summer heat waves.

    Choose Hardie siding knowing youll finish the project feeling confident in having a beautiful, durable, and low-maintenance protective layer around your home. If you are ready for a siding that provides your home with many benefits, our Lifetime Exteriors team is ready to help. We can answer all of your siding questions and provide a seamless installation so you will not have to worry about the durability of your siding.

    Spacing For Fiber Cement Board Joints

    How to Nail Hardie Board Siding

    Fiber cement boards dont expand and contract much, but leave a little room for expansion at the end joints and then fill the gap with caulk. Butt joints, however, should be nailed tightly together and should not be caulked. Make sure all butt joints are on studs, and stagger the butt joints as you work your way up the wall.

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    Make Cutouts With A Jigsaw

    Drill a 3/8-in. hole at the corner with a standard twist drill bit. Cut along the line with a jigsaw fitted with a carbide grit blade. Then nail up the piece of siding.

    Notch to go around windows and doors. Be sure to allow a 1/8-in. gap where the siding meets the window trim and sill. This joint will be caulked later. Nail the top edge of the siding along the windowsill at each stud. These nailheads will be exposed, but the paint will cover them.

    How Long Will An Avocado Seed Last

    Its helpful to use a clear glass so you can easily see when roots start to grow. Many guides say sprouting can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks, but in my experience, it usually takes at least 8 weeks to get a sprout, you can leave the pit out aslong as it doesnt dry out to much, you must keep the conditions right.

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    Using Nail Guns At Its Best

    The best nail gun for Hardie siding should be best at what it does. You should be looking for a couple of things while choosing one, such as adjustable tool-free exhaust, the flexibility of both plastic and wire-led nails. A quick and straightforward push-button reloading system makes the firing experience easy.

    You get everything in the products we brought for you. Just have a look.

    How To Install Hardie Board With A Nailer

    How to Install Band Board With Face Nails for HardieTrim products

    Hardie board is harder and more brittle than a normal wooden surface. So, while going for any Hardie trimming project, its necessary to predrill holes near the edges. Using a pneumatic coil siding nail gun is a much better idea than going for hand nailing. There are some basics to install Hardie plank siding with a nail gun to make your task easier.

    • Attach flat tabs at the back of the Hardie trim before installing. Use a pneumatic staple gun to drive for staples.
    • After attaching the taps on the back, you can start attaching the Hardie trim to the side of your building.
    • Using 6d or 8d stainless or galvanized siding nails is best recommended for this.
    • Drive each nail into about 1 inch down from the top edge, at approximately 16 inches apart.
    • You need to choose nails a minimum of 2 inches long so that a minimum of 1¼ inch can be driven into the surface.
    • Use a finish nail gun for trimming and preassembling the corners of the project.
    • Dont drive the nail gun at an angle to staple siding nails into the Hardie block.
    • You can snug up the fastener heads against the siding instead of making them driven into the surface.
    • A 15-gauge trimming nail gun is best for Hardie trimming.

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    Can You Glue Cement Board To Concrete

    Normally, installing cement board is not regarded as necessary when you are laying tile onto a concrete slab since this subfloor is already cementitiousadding cement board would be redundant. The concrete has been painted over, and paint is not an acceptable surface for thin-set adhesive or mortar.

    Hardie Board And Batten Siding

    Rustic-chic Farmhouse design homes are truly stylish and radiate character. Design magazines and online feeds put pictures of this fabulous look before us constantly, confirming its the hot trend and inspiring us to indulge. To establish this great look, Hardie Board and Batten siding is used on homes by TeVelde & Co. To achieve the Farmhouse design, wide vertical planks are joined together by thin vertical strips to cover the seams.

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    What Warrants A Full Siding Replacement

    Its important to regularly check the siding on your house, particularly after rough weather or as seasons shift. Take a walk around your house and evaluate areas of concern, signs of pests, and aesthetic changes. Also, take a look at your utility bills for any increases, which may indicate a problem with insulation or damaged siding.

    Some problems can be resolved with minor repair, but repairing siding on your own can often be a patchwork job that wont last.

    Here are some quick tips to determine if its time to do a full siding replacement:

    How To Choose Nails For Hardiplank

    Why Proper Nailing Is So Important for Vinyl Siding ...

    Hardiplank fiber cement siding can enhance the beauty of any home, but if the installer uses the wrong nails it will ruin the exterior look of your home with potential rust stains especially in humid climates.

    If a homeowner intends to install his own siding, the importance of using the correct nails can not be expressed enough. With the use of the correct nails, the finished product will be a home with a low-maintenance exterior to be proud of for years to come. Finding the right nails is not difficult if you know what you need.

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    Introduction: Information About James Hardie

    Whats now known as the James Hardie brand today was first established in 1888. They pioneered the technology for fiber cement products in the 1980s, and now theyre the worlds leading manufacturer of premium building products. More than 8 million homes across the United States are protected by James Hardie. Its time for you to do yourself a favor and become one of those homeowners.

    James Hardies most popular building materials include HardiePlank® , HardieShingle® , HardiePanel® , HardieTrim® , HardieSoffit® , Aspyre® , HardieBacker® , and HardieWrap® .

    HardiePlank® lap siding is not just James Hardies best-selling product its also the most popular brand in North America. James Hardie products are known for their superior durability. Home exteriors are exposed to the elements all day long, every day! Weather, water, fire, pests, time you name it they can all be damaging. Fortunately, James Hardie develops products that can stand up to them. And if youre interested in the appearance, you can rest assured youre selecting the most beautiful product on the market today, with an extensive range of colors to choose from.

    In this article, well discuss the installation of Hardie Board siding. If youre looking to complete this type of project yourself, read on. We provide a step-by-step guide to installing Hardie siding.

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