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What Do Yellow Toe Nails Mean

If Your Toenail Ispurple

What Causes Toenails to Turn Yellow?

If your toenails are purple, this may be due to a subungual hematoma, or bruising under the nail bed. Small blood vessels bleed underneath the nail, staining it darker, says Miguel Cunha, DPM, founder of the NYC-based Gotham Footcare. This is caused by trauma to the nail, such as dropping a heavy object or severely stubbing it.”

When this type of bruising occurs, the best way to deal with it is generally patience. Do nothing and simply allow the healthy nail to grow in and gradually replace the darkened nail over time. But this can take “several months to resolve, as the toe nails only grow a millimeter per month, he says.

If the nail becomes painful, you may need to have a doctor remove it. “This can happen sometimes if the pressure of blood accumulating underneath the nail plate becomes abnormal and excessive, Cunha says.

In some cases, however, purple nails can also signify a circulation issuethe purple color indicates that the nail is receiving less oxygen than it needs, says Canuso. There may also be pain in the toe or nail. If the reason for your purple nail is unlikely to be a bruise, you really need to get to the bottom of the circulatory issue. See your doctor if you have a purple nail and don’t remember injuring it.

Fungal Infection Of The Nails

Dirt, poor hygiene, and living in a humid area are all causes of a fungal infection in your toenails. Fungal toenail infections can cause discoloration, making your nail appear any of these colors:

  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Black

If a fungal infection is causing your nail discoloration, you may have success treating it with an over-the-counter antifungal cream.

If Your Toenail Iswhite Or Has White Spots

White spots or lines on the nail, or leukonychia, can indicate several conditions. White lines can appear if there is recurring pressure or trauma to the nailfor instance, if a runner wears shoes that are too small and the toe continues to hit the top of the shoe, Cunha says. White spots will form if the injury was not severe enough to break the blood vessel, which would lead to darkening.

Leukonychia can also stem from a zinc or iron deficiency, says Canuso.

If the white spots are caused by injury, try taking a nail-fortifying vitamin like biotin to improve hair, skin, and nails and of course, you should stop doing whatever traumatic activity youve been doing. Be patient and simply allow the healthy nail to grow and gradually replace the white nail over time, Cunha says. This can take several months to resolve, as toenails typically grow only about a millimeter each month. If you suspect you’re not getting all the nutrients you need, talk with a doctor or dietician.

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What Does It Mean To Have Yellow Toenails Treatment And Causes

29th Mar 18 1:37 pm by admin

Should you panic if you see your toenails are turning yellow? Many people often ask what is the cause of yellow toenails. In most cases, it is nothing to be worrying about.

The most common reason for yellowing nails, be it on the hands or on the feet, is wearing nail polish for an extended period of time. Especially if you are a fan of darker polishes, you might see your yellow toenails more often. Darker polishes have a stronger leftover dye that can stain your nails.

That being said, nail polish is not the only cause for yellow toenails . What are others? And how can you get rid of the yellow hue on your nails? We have the answers.

Treatment For Fungal Infections

What do yellow toenails mean

Treatment should be started as promptly as possible, so dont ignore yellow toenails, hoping they will just sort themselves out. Treatment usually involves using one or more of the following:

  • Topical Treatment: usually in the form of a gel or polish that you apply directly to yellow toenails twice a day until the infection has cleared completely this can take six to twelve months
  • Oral Antifungal Medication: such as Lamisil. This tends to be more effective than the polish, but may not be appropriate if you have other health conditions
  • Toenail Removal: this may be done surgically or with chemicals. It may take up to twelve months for the nail to fully regrow
  • Laser Therapy: photodynamic laser therapy can be used to treat the nail fungus
  • Home Remedies: are often a popular treatment for yellow toe nails, such as tea tree oil or a vinegar foot soak, but there is little scientific evidence for their efficacy

Fungal nail infections are highly contagious so do keep those yellow toenails covered!

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Causes Of Yellow Toenails

If you take a minute and consider all of the possible issues that can arise in your lower limbsand given the number of bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments that sustain tremendous amounts of pressure, a lot can happen down thereyellowed toenails might not seem terribly important. After all, they dont cause intense pain like plantar fasciitis or keep you from your favorite activities like Achilles tendonitis does.

That isnt to say you arent affected by unsightly toenails, though. For starters, this can be an embarrassing condition, one that makes you self-conscious every time you are barefoot. Beyond embarrassment, discoloration might be the sign of an infection. If you have a disease that compromises your immune system, this becomes a definite concern.

Now, when you look at your toenails, you should expect to see clear, healthy nail tissue. If you dont, the reason could be one of the following causes of yellow toenails:

As long as the abnormal coloration isnt just nail polish stains, you should come in and see us if your nails are yellow. We can determine what has happened, and then make sure you receive the proper care to address it. This is especially important for fungal nails and diabetes since a fungal infection will not go away on its own and you need to have a diabetic foot care plan in place if you live with the disease.

How To Get Rid Of Yellow Toenails

Yellow toenails are often caused by a nail fungal infection. Learn how to get rid of yellow toenails for good and achieve healthy-looking feet once more.

Once summer rolls around, ignoring your yellow toenails is no longer optional. With several beach trips and backyard pool parties in the works, the last thing you probably want is to scare everyone away with your yellow toenails.

Yellow discoloration of the toes is commonly caused by a fungal infection. Known medically as onychomycosis, nail fungus can be notoriously difficult to treat and may cause the nail to become thickened and deformed.

Sounds nasty, right? Although getting rid of yellow toenails is often easier said than done, its possible to achieve clear, healthy-looking toes once more.

Here are three things you need to know about getting rid of yellow toenails:

  • Toenail fungal infections can be treated with over-the-counter nail creams and doctor-prescribed medications.
  • It can take up to a year to completely get rid of a fungal nail infection.
  • The best treatment for yellow toenails is prevention.
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    If Your Toenail Isall Black

    “The most common reason for nails that are completely black is trauma, says Canuso. Simply stubbing your toe can cause a bruise to form under the toenail, which in turn can turn your nail black. And many distance runners aren’t strangers to the surprise black toenail after a long run in shoes you initially thought fit well.

    If this happens, you must wait for the entire nail to grow out before the discoloration is gone, which can take about six to nine months, she says.

    Black nails may also come from other causes, such as a B12 deficiency, kidney problems, or liver disease. If you’re concerned about any of the above conditions, consult with a physician, but be aware that these reasons for toenail discoloration are relatively rare.

    If your toenail isn’t black, but has a black stripe running across or down it, the most common cause is a condition called linear melanonychia. This condition occurs when pigments in the nail known as melanocytes make excess pigment, causing the nail beds to darken, Cunha says.

    White Spots Or Lines Typically Mean Repeated Trauma

    How To Remedy Yellow Toenails

    Cunha said white lines or spots on nails are the results of a repeated pressure or trauma, but not one severe enough to cause a dark bruise. The culprit may be something as simple as frequently wearing ill-fitting shoes that pinch or rub the toenail in the same spot constantly. Apart from ceasing whatever’s causing the damage, Cunha recommends certain supplements to help with healing.

    “Take a nail fortifying vitamin such as hair, skin, and nails biotin, or even prenatal vitamins for females,” he said.

    Ultimately, however, this is another one you’re just going to have to wait out. The spot will likely remain visible until it is replaced by new growth.

    White nail discoloration can also be caused by anemia, so if your shoes or other potential sources of injury don’t seem to be the cause, consider checking with a doctor to see if you might have an iron deficiency.

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    What Do Your Toenails Tell About Your Health

    The shape, texture, and shade of your toenails can actually tell you things about your health that you may not otherwise be alerted to. Some symptoms of health issues can be seen when changes in your toenails occur. Heart, liver, lung, and other problems can be revealed when you understand how to read toenail health clues.

    How Can I Prevent Toenail Fungus

    Theres no way to guarantee that you wont get toenail fungus. But you can take several steps to help prevent it:

    • Avoid going barefoot in communal areas such as hotel rooms / showers, public showers, locker rooms and swimming pools. Most people pick up fungus in these situations. It helps to wear flip flops in these public areas.
    • If you have a family member with foot fungus or nail fungus, try to use different shower or wear flip flops in the shower to avoid coming in contact with it.
    • Trauma due to accidental or aggressive clipping of the nails can turn into portals of entry for the fungus.
    • Clean your nail trimmer before using it.
    • Do not tear or rip your toenails on purpose.
    • If you have diabetes, follow all foot care recommendations from your healthcare provider.
    • Keep your feet dry. Make sure to fully dry your feet after a shower.
    • Soak toenails in warm water before cutting them. Or you can cut your nails after a shower or bath.
    • Trim toenails straight across .
    • Wear shoes that fit correctly. They should not be too loose or tight around the toes.

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    Is Yellow Nail Polish Trendy

    If you think you look fabulous with your yellow nail polish, then you are right. Yellow is a trendy color for the nails this season.

    Orange-colored dresses are very trendy this season, so wearing an orange dress would be a good idea if you want to go for the trend.

    On the other hand, yellow has become very popular for summer accessories, which can also harmonize well with your outfit.

    Yellow nail polish is very trendy this season, and both adults and teenagers can wear them.

    So what has brought on this yellow nail polish trend? The answer to that question is quite simple. It mainly has to do with the fact that the color of flowers in summer usually comes in shades of yellow.

    The chances are that if you wear a yellow dress this summer, anyone looking at you while wearing nail polish will not notice the color of your dress.

    Being stylish is something that people seem to be very concerned with these days. Looking good is one way to make yourself feel good about yourself.

    Otc Med For Nail Fungus Fungus Skin Hindi

    Why are my toenails yellow: Causes and treatment

    How Many Weeks Does It Take To Clear Nail Fungus With Bleach Cost Laser For Fingernail Fungus Do Yellow Toe Nails Always Mean Fungus. Does Bleach And Hot Water Washing Kill Toenail Fungus Why Do Elderly Get Fungus In Thier Toenail Hos To Treat Toenail Fungus. Non Ringworm Skin Fungus What Shoe Spray Works Best For Nail Fungus Prevention Toe Fungus Cure Laser.

    list of all treatments for toenail fungus fungus name in toe commercial apple cider vinegar cure skin fungus beginning of nail fungus on fingernail miconazole for foot fungus
    laser toenail fungus treatment before and after ammonia for nail fungus

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    What Is The Outlook For Someone With Toenail Fungus

    While toenail fungus is common, its usually not harmful. Symptoms mostly affect the look of your toenail.

    Toenail fungus may spread to the skin between your toes or other areas of your body. When getting dressed, put your socks on first to reduce the chance of spread.

    Treating toenail fungus takes a long time, and it doesnt always work. Even then, toenail fungus often returns. Discuss the pros and cons of treating toenail fungus with your provider to determine whats best for you.

    Practicing good hygiene and foot care reduces the chance toenail fungus will come back. If you have diabetes, getting regular foot exams may help you address foot problems before they get serious.

    Do Nail Polish Colors Have Meanings

    This is a question asked by several women today. Many nail polish colors abound, and their meanings vary from person to person depending on what they think suits them the most.

    We all know how important our nails are we always make sure that they look nice and neat at all times.

    So many women use nail polish so much today, but why is this so? Even some women keep changing their nail polish color to match the clothes they are wearing today.

    However, others believe that nail polish colors carry certain meanings, so they will always use what signifies something good in them.

    One of the most popular colors women use when it comes to nail polish is red, which is associated with love and passion,and it looks good on most skin tones.

    It is associated with fire, liveliness and the many deep emotions that come with it, which makes it a number one favorite when it comes to nail polish colors.

    Red is also used by women trying to attract mens attention, so maybe this could be an underlying reason why so many women use this color for their nails.

    Another very popular nail polish color is pink. Many people associate this color with love and affection, which makes it another number one favorite when it comes to nail polish colors used by many women today.

    Women see the color pink as beautiful, cute and tender, which is why they use it.

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    What Are Yellow Toenails

    Color changes in part or the whole body can be a very important indication of an individuals health. Changes in body color especially if spontaneous and rapidly progressing should prompt a visit to a doctor for a clinical evaluation including a physical exam and possibly laboratory investigations. Most clinical presentations are usually cases doctors have seen before and most of them can make a diagnosis by just looking and prescribing appropriate medication. Examples of toenail discoloration include: toe nails turning black, green or yellow and at times the presence of white spots on the nail. This article discusses the appearance of yellow toenails on one foot, or in cases where the yellow toenails are on both feet while exploring the possible causes. As you will see, the most common cause of yellow toenails can be easily managed, even at home, with doctor advice being sought mainly when theres no discernible response to treatment or when the yellow toenails are due to a different underlying disease process.

    Bleacxh Kill Toenail Fungus Instantly Cure Ex Laser Nail Fungus Home Treatment

    Does A Thick Toenail Mean I Have Fungus? Houston Podiatrist

    Tea Tree Oil Soak For Nail Fungus Skin Fungus Over The Counter Mayo Clinic. What Is The Most Effective Nail Fungus Treatment Dry Skin Irritation Fungus Can You Get Toenail Fungus From An Inanimate Object. Aztec Bentonite Clay Foot Fungus Is Toenail Fungus And Athlete S Foot The Same How To Get Rid Of Nail Fungus Naturally.

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    A Pharmacist Can Help With Fungal Nail Infections

    Speak to a pharmacist if the look of your nail bothers you or it’s painful.

    They may suggest:

    • antifungal nail cream it can take up to 12 months to cure the infection and does not always work
    • nail-softening cream it’s used for 2 weeks to soften the nail so the infected part can be scraped off

    The infection is cured when you see healthy nail growing back at the base.

    What Does It Mean If Your Toenails Turn Yellow

    When toenails turn yellow, a fungus is usually to blame. This type of fungal infection is so common that you might not even need to see a doctor for treatment. Try an over-the-counter antifungal cream. If your nail is yellow and thick, gently file down the surface so that the drug can reach deeper layers.

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    Yellow Toenails Treatment Options For You

    The best way to return your toenails to their natural color will depend on the cause of the discoloration. If your nails are stained from polish, you may have to wait until the nail grows out to restore the natural color.

    If the discoloration is being caused by an underlying condition such as diabetes, you may need to gain control over your condition to see improvements in other parts of your body. Toenails discolored by this condition require extreme care because of the underlying cause is severe and harder to control.

    If you have an infection, there are several treatment options available. Your doctor or podiatrist will determine the proper treatment method for you based on the severity and extent of the infection. Treatment can include over the counter medication, prescription topical creams, and even surgical removal for the extreme cases.

    For milder infections, he or she may prescribe a medicated polish containing the ingredient cicloprox. You apply the polish yourself daily for about six to nine months, until the infection is gone, which takes about a year.

    If the infection is more severe, your doctor may offer you oral antifungal medication such as Sporanox or Lamisil.

    Also, keep in mind that this condition usually does not go away on its own.

    Mycocide NS is a clinically tested antimicrobial solution that penetrates the nail and kills the germs causing the infection. This product should be applied twice daily for up to six months for toenails.


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