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How To Do Marble Nails

How To Marble Nails: With And Without Water

3 Ways To Make Realistic White Marble Nails With Gel Polish!
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  • Marble nails are one of the latest trends for nail art designs. Theyre unusual, unpredictable, and no two designs are exactly alike. In this way, theyre a little bit reminiscent of our snowflake nail art designs. Unlike snowflakes though, marbled designs arent seasonal and you can do them anytime.

    We recently published a set of where we featured some of excellent examples of this design. One frequent question from nail art enthusiasts was how to marble nails. In this tutorial, we tackle three techniques and explain them step by step.

    What Are Marble Nails

    Before we get into how you actually create the marble design on your nails, lets first talk about what exactly are. This trend has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Originally, people used a white base coat with greys and blacks for the marble effect. Now, people are experimenting with all sorts of different colors, including rainbow colors. Many people like to get the marble effect done by a professional in the salon, but its a look that can be achieved on your own at home as well.

    Many people compare them to tie-dye nails because of their similar color swirl technique. The main difference is the technique that is used to achieve each design. Also, tye-dye nails are fuller in color and take up more space, whereas marbled nails are daintier and show more of the white base coat. Both are really fun techniques to try, but marble is still the most popular one right now. You need a few different tools to create a marble design, which we will discuss below.

    How Do You Create The Marble Design

    There are eight items you will need to help you achieve the marbled look on your nails. These tools include a nail file, neutral base polish, three different polishes of your choice, room temperature water, a toothpick, nail polish remover, a clean-up/detail brush, and a topcoat. It might seem like a lot of tools, but we promise it isnt that complicated.

    The interesting thing about is that there are actually two completely different techniques that achieve the same overall design. We will outline both techniques so you can decide which one you want to try.

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    Why Does Nail Polish Chip Peel Or Bubble

    Historically, manis have included water to soak your cuticles but the issue is that it expands your nail plateand when that water evaporates, your polish will crack and/or chip. Instead of getting a classic manicure to make your cuticles look their best, she recommends going waterless during the mani process and Oct 25, 2020.

    Diy Water Marble Nail Art With Salon Quality Results

    How to do marble nails with gel polish

    by wonderfuldiy

    There are so many different projects and ideas out there to make fabulous nail art at home, but were sure youll agree that few come close to the impressiveness of this. Admittedly this DIY water marble nail art might take you a couple of attempts before you nail it , but just as soon as you get it right youll perhaps never even think about heading down to the professional nail salon again.

    Amazing results and without the need for any specialist equipment just the kind of DIY craft project were into! Go it alone or perhaps rope in a few friends to help you out, either way youll soon be coming up with the kinds of results you never dreamed possible.

    What Youll Need:

    • Two colors of nail polish of your choosing select contrasting colors
    • Vaseline or similar petroleum jelly

    How it Works:

  • Put a little paper down around the bowl youll be using to help minimize messit can get a little on the messy side!
  • Add some water to the bowl and then add one small drop of the two nail polish colors to the water. Add the dark color first, then the lighter color right into the middle of the dark drop. Then the dark into the light and so on for about eight repetitions, allowing the polish to spread across the waters surface each time.
  • Add a thin layer of Vaseline to the skin around your nail in order to prevent the polish from sticking to your skin.
  • Use a clear or light-colored nail polish to your nails and allow them to dry well before going ahead.
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    How To Marble With Acrylic

    For reprint and licensing requests for this article,


    While they do require some prior training and safety measures, they’re not too difficult to use provided you follow these tips, courtesy of MelodySusie.


    Stephanie Loesch, a California-based nail tech who won first runner up in our Next Top Nail Artist Season 8 competition, uses Gelish Soft Gel Extensions for some cozy and snowy designs.


    This new combo kit from MelodySusie means you can take your show on the road. A 2-in-1 Nail Lamp with Nail Drill, along with a nail dust collector, provides an efficient tool for so many of your nail needs.


    The company’s founder, April Ryan, created a silicone replica of her hands and now sells them to help nail artists showcase their work easier and faster.


    This cool tool looks like a retro record player, takes up a tiny footprint and has cutting edge technology in its design. All that, plus engraving is now free, so you can customize, initial and name this drill to make it your own.

    Can You Use Sharpie On Marble

    Its all fun and games until your kid decides to scribble up your marble countertops with a permanent markerit happens, and now you know better than to leave your markers laying around. Fortunately, your marble is resistant enough and can be cleaned. No marker will be a match for your marble!Sep 12, 2019.

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    Option 5 Use Stamping To Do Marble Effect

    If you use this method, you can imitate malachite and amethyst. At the same time, you wont need the special skills to create such a manicure. You can use this option even at home and not just in beauty salons.

    • basic or top polish

    You have to make colouring before you go to create a manicure.

    1. First, you should cover the liquid skin around the nails

    2. Then, you will apply several drops of different gel polish on your nails

    3. Next, you imprint polish on a nail, but not as in stamping technique, but with short squeezing motions, as in the process of moistening nails

    4. Finally, you will remove the tape and dry the nails under the lamp. Then you will strengthen them with a top polish. If the liquid is under the nail, you should clear it before the polymerization procedure.

    Now you learned that marble manicure is something you can create even at home and without special equipment. You can write in comments about which option you like most.

    Video: Marble Nails Using Clear Stamper

    How To Do Water Marble Nails

    Water Marble Your Nails Perfectly!

    This one-of-a-kind nail art technique is easily achievable — no nail art experts required

    Thumb and Image via sonailicious.comSuppliesStep 1: PrepStep 2: Create a BackgroundStep 3: Tape Your FingersStep 4: Create Your Polish LayersStep 5: Swirl Your Marble DesignStep 6: Dip Your DigitStep 7: Repeat for Each NailStep 8: Clean Up Your ManiImages via GettyStep 9: Protect Your Masterpiece

    • Nails

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    Is There An Easier Way To Do My Nails At Home

    We thought youd never ask! Yes, there is a much easier way to do your nails at home. And, chances are, your nails will look much better if you do it this way. If we told you there was a way to get salon-quality nails at home for less than half the price of getting your nails done, you probably wouldnt believe us. Thats because it sounds way too good to be true!

    We will let you in on a little secret: Clutch Nails is the fastest and easiest way to get perfect, beautiful nails. Our press-on nails look like real nails, but they are acrylic. And, they will stick perfectly to your natural nail with just a little bit of glue. They will also help to save you time and money, which is invaluableno more weekly trips to the nail salon and spending over $100 a month on your nails.

    We have a ton of styles, designs, and colors for you to choose from, including the shape and length of the nail. If you are looking for a marble design, we have two options that will be perfect for you. The As If nail set has a light pink background with white, blue, and gold designs on top. The nail shape is short and round.

    You can also try our Pastel Paradise bundle, which has a unique ombre/marble design that is rainbow. It has a gorgeous coat of sparkles to top it all off. These nails are medium in length and oval in shape.

    How To Do Marble Nails

    If youre ready to get in on the marble nails trend, grab your gel polishes and your tools and check out this step-by-step tutorial to get that beautiful stone marble finish right at home.

    STEP 1: Start by applying one coat of gel polish to your nails, and cure it. Then apply a second coat of polish and leave it wet.

    STEP 2: Using a liner brush or drawing brush, begin creating long lines throughout that second coat of polish with a contrasting color. Its up to you which color scheme you decide, just make sure your lines pop against the base color. Cure your nails for one minute.

    STEP 3: To add depth and to make the lines look natural, draw some smaller lines and use rubbing alcohol to spread them out. Feel free to add more lines if you want a more dramatic marble look. Then cure your nails.

    Editors Tip: Marble nail designs are perfect for the nail art novice since part of the beauty is in the imperfection of the patterns. So dont stress over drawing the lines out perfectly, trust your free-hand technique for a natural marble look.

    STEP 4: Apply your topcoat and then cure your nails one last time. Now you can moisturize your hands, take some selfies, post to your social media accounts, and watch the compliments roll in!

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    How Do You Make Natural Nail Polish At Home

    Mix the olive oil with the colour choice in a small pot under low heat. Pour into a bowl and strain the olive oil back into the pot. Add in the beeswax and stir for a minute. Also, add in jojoba oil and vitamin E oil. Blend thoroughly. To use again, place the small jar in a pan of warm water to reheat.

    Creating The Color Using Sharpies

    marble nails

    Take a sharpie marker of your color choice and draw on the bottom of a small glass dish with it. Don’t worry, this will not ruin the glass, and you will be able to wipe it off completely with no damage to the dish.

    Then spray 12 sprays of rubbing alcohol in the bottom of the glass to dissolve the color.

    Color the glass and spritz some rubbing alcohol into the bottom of the glass, then swirl your paintbrush in it, squeeze the excess liquid onto the sides and paint.

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    Technique One: Plastic Wrap

    This technique still requires all of the supplies we listed above, but instead of a cup of water, you will need some plastic wrap. Other than that, the supplies are exactly the same. You dont need a ton of plastic wrap, just enough to scrunch into a ball. Once youve gathered your supplies, its time to get to work.

    Start by taking your neutral base polish and paint all of your nails. Paint two coats of this color. Take a drop of your base polish with the next lightest shade , and press the crinkled plastic wrap into the colors. Then, take the plastic wrap and press the paint onto your nails. This will create a textured finish.

    Allow that to dry, and then you can add some details. Using your detail brush, add squiggly lines with the color of your choosing. Try and follow the texture lines that are already there. Typically you want an accent color, so if you use a black base, this color would be white, and vise versa. Next, add in detail lines with a shimmery color, following the same step. Clean up the nails, and then add your topcoat.

    Diy Guide To Marble Nails

    Doing your own nails can be a fun activity to do at home. There are so many different patterns and designs you can try, or you can just keep it simple with your favorite color. The major positives of doing your own nails include saving you money and being able to try out different designs and techniques. One of these techniques that have gained a lot of popularity recently is the marble nail design. You probably recognize the classic black, white, and grey marble nails that started the trend.

    As the trend evolved, people started playing around with the colors used and the different techniques used to achieve the marble look. What was once reserved for professional nail artists is now a look that can be replicated from the comfort of your own home! Its definitely not the easiest design of all time, but theres a technique that will work for all skill levels.

    If youre like many of us, you might not have any nail-painting abilities at all. If thats the case, the press-on nails from Clutch Nails will be a better fit for you! Either way, the marble technique is a very cool and trendy design, and we are going to teach you how to do it yourself.

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    What Color Nail Polish Makes Fingers Look Longer

    Applying a nude lacquer will help to make the finger appear elongated and camouflage the nail bed, says Lippmann. By choosing a nude that blends well with your skin tone, hands will look more refined. Choi on the other hand, says Opaque whites to pastel tones make your nail beds look bigger.Jul 2, 2015.

    How To Do Marble Nails At Home Easily


    Today I am super excited to share with you one of the EASIEST and most versatile nail art techniques!

    Smoosh Marbling!

    Yes. Smoosh marbling is a great way to create an intricate and chic marble nail design!

    Lets get right into it!

    First thing you want to do is start with a solid white base this will make the marble look better in the end as you wont have to worry about missing spots or opacity.

    So, go through your routine of prepping, basecoating, and painting your nails with a white polish. One great white I recommend is the Sally Hansen Insta Dri White On Time.

    Next step is to paint Elmers glue or Pueen Liquid Latex all around your nails for easy cleanup. Whichever you use, just make sure to let it fully dry . And dont touch your fingers together.

    Next you need to take your clear jelly stamper and blob your colors onto it.

    Today we will be starting with white.

    You can use whatever color you want but I recommend starting with white and using more of it than the other colors you add when you are going for a standard light marble.

    Next add three small dots of black.

    Black can be overpowering, so I suggest only using a small amount.

    I highly recommend you use a different texture polish as it will add another layer of awesomeness! I used a silver metallic here in place of a gray color.

    Now take a toothpick and gently swirl around your colors. Be careful not to poke your jelly stamper!

    Looking good!

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    Option 3 Marble Manicure By An Alcohol Solution

    Tools and materials:

    • black and white gel polish,
    • basic or top polish,
    • alcohol solution ,
    • brush, which should be thick and with short fibres, such as 01 one.

    Preparation step

    1. Apply the base coating and dry the nail, then perform its wrapping procedure and apply a thin layer of basic polish and dry it again

    2. Cross your nails with white gel polish and dry again. If you want, you can apply a colouring polish too.

    Pattern creating

    1. You can use a sponge or a napkin that you soak with alcohol and scrub your nails by it

    2. By black gel polish, on the alcohol surface, draw a thick line diagonally, namely from the right angle of the nail to its left edge. Try not to apply too much pressure on your fingernail when you form a band because the alcohol solution helps to achieve smooth stains

    3. Next, youll take a brush and press it slightly to liquid black gel polish, and then you should remove the moisture from it

    4. Then, the step of removing unnecessary drawing details follows. For this, you should use a brush that you moistened in alcohol

    5. In the other corner of the nail, you will make one small stain with black polish and repeat the moistened by brush

    6. Then, you have to dry the nails under the lamp and cover them with a top polish.

    Be careful, since the method in which alcohol is used dries the skin. That means you should moisturize your fingers with oil or cream after youve created a manicure.

    Video: How to Create Marble Nail Art using DIY Alcohol Ink

    Lightly Blow On The Top Of The Water

    Lightly blow on the top of the water while keeping your finger submerged. Take a toothpick and pick up the dried nail polish from the water. Make sure all of the excess nail polish is taken up from the water before pulling your nail out!

    Take your nail out of the water.


    Clean up the edges with a Q-Tip and nail polish remover.


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