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Whale Spa Pedicure Chair Installation Manual

Does It Fit Your Salons Fixtures Or Setup

Introducing The Lucent Pedicure Chair

Its important to confirm that your new chair will fit with your salons existing design or setup before ordering it. Murray suggests nail techs draw their salon design on paper when considering new equipment, so they can select a chair size that will work with their space. The water and drainage situation is also an important consideration. When we ordered our chairs, the supplier did not visit the existing pedicure area, says Papa. When the chairs arrived, they were built for floor drains and required costly repairs and modifications to the chairs. The supplier did not take responsibility for the costs.

Rosalina Alves, Sacred Rose Beauty Spa & Laser Clinic, Boksburg, South Africa

Does It Have Special Features

Features such as a built-in massager and heated back and seat can add to the relaxing experience at your salon. Finch specifically looked for a high-quality massager that was built into the back rest of the chair, not just vibration, with a controller to change settings. However, Murray cautions buyers to consider how these features can be fixed if necessary. More moving parts mean more trouble, she explains.

Pedicure Chair Plumbing Diagram

FEATURES: This comfortable and functional pedicure spa is engineered to provide many years of reliable service.

Plumbing. R ough-In.

Drawing and installation instruction. Each unit will be .

Plumbing Rough – In . 70.

Electrical and Pedicure Spa Component Specifications / Auto-FilTM Models Operation. 13 PLUMBER TO CONNECT THE SPA IN PLACE SAFELY.

STATES’. IMPORTANT: Echo® / Vantage or Echo® Plus / Vantage Plus Pedicure Chairs. MUST be installed by a licensed electrician and a licensed plumber. Pedicure Drain – Plumbing Requirements Diy Pedicure, Pedicure Chair, Nail Spa , Pedicure Spa chairs plumbing help | Terry Love Plumbing & Remodel DIY.

I have a row of 8 pedicure spa chairs. These chairs drain to a horizontal 4″ pipe running from the back of the first spa to the 8th spa and then to.Pedicure Chair Plumbing Diagram – here you are at our website. At this time we are excited to announce that we have found an incredibly interesting niche to be discussed, namely pedicure chair plumbing diagram.

Most people trying to find details about pedicure chair plumbing diagram . Dec 29, · OSAKI MASSAGE CHAIR OSH INSTALLATION VIDEO.

THIS VIDEO WILL ALLOW YOUTO FOLLOW STEP BY STEP ON HOW TO ASSEMBLE THE OSAKI OSh MASSAGE CHAIR. Utilizing pipeless and plumbing free pedicure chairs in your spa is beneficial for many reasons.

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    Alden Crystal Black Base Pedicure Chair Whale Spa

    Winner of Nails Magazine Readers Choice Award as well as Nail Pro Magazine’s Nail Pro Award the Alden Crystal is a pedicure chair that truly beautifies any space. The only pedicure chair with Genuine Leather, we import our leather from Italy. Our leather is full grain and automotive grade, providing unparalleled strength, breathability, and suppleness — it is simply the best. Leather trim can be customized to be any color. The Alden Crystal’s textured iridescent crystal glass basin with LED lighting shimmers. This chair features handy accessories such as an optional iPad holder, real wood arms and a purse hook that will lend an air of sophistication to any nail salon or spa.


    Is It Comfortable For Nail Techs

    Whale spa pedicure chair installation manual

    The pedicure setup affects nail techs comfort too. Are they able to perform services without bending uncomfortably? If you plan to have dual services, is the setup comfortable for both techs? Many salons choose spa chairs with removable tubs, but its important to make sure that nail techs can carry the tubs easily. If it is completely plumbing free, it would need to be filled and emptied, explains CJ Murray of Centre for Beauty. Taking the weight of this into consideration is very important.

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    Do I Even Need A Discharge Pump Or Drain Pump For My Pedicure Spa

    This is actually very simple, it all depends on your salon space. Does it have any floor drain already installed? If the answer is yes, then for sure you don’t need a pump to drain the water out of the pedicure bowl.

    If the answer is no, and you don’t opt for one of the No Plumbing Pedicure Chairs available, then yes, you will need a Discharge Pump.

    So What If I Want To Install The Pump Later

    You can definitely install the discharge pump, but we don’t recommend it as it difficult and a big hassle. Since pedicure chairs are assembled after you order them, the manufacturer will install the drain pump for you.

    Some of the steps to add it yourself:

    • Purchase a pump Kit which is usually more expensive than pre-installed
    • Install the pump by Opening the Chair
    • Do the plumbing and connection of the lines
    • Install Mechanism for a button to drain your Pedicure Bowl when needed
    • Possibly void the warranty

    As you can tell, there are a lot of things you could mess up if you aren’t experienced in plumbing or mechanics. We wouldn’t want to void our warranty by messing with it ourselves either. The safest bet is to opt for the discharge pump at purchase of the Pedicure Chair. Even if you are not sure if you will 100% need one, it will usually make your spa drain faster anyway!

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    Page : Important Requirements

  • Page 6 DANGER 1) Never use pins or other metallic fasteners with this appliance. 2) Carefully examine the covering before each use. 3) Discard the appliance if the covering shows any sign of deterioration, such as checking, blistering, or cracking. 4) Keep Dry Do not operate in a wet or moist condition. WARNING 1) WARNING: RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK …
  • Does It Fit Your Budget

    Chemical Guide Looking after your water

    Its virtually impossible to even begin looking for a setup unless you know what you can spend, says Murray. Although it may be tempting to pick the cheapest option, its important to factor in how long the chair will last and how often it will require repairs. Cheaper surfaces and components wont last as long. The cheaper the chair, the cheaper the leather, says Murray.

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    Kb Spa Pedicure Chair Installation Manual


    1 Kb Spa Pedicure Chair Installation Manual

    2 If searched for the book Kb spa pedicure chair installation manual in pdf format, then you’ve come to loyal website. We furnish the full edition of this book in doc, epub, DjVu, PDF, txt formats. You may reading online Kb spa pedicure chair installation manual or load. Too, on our website you can reading the instructions and diverse artistic books online, or download them as well. We want to invite attention that our site not store the ebook itself, but we give link to the site wherever you may download or reading online. So if you have necessity to load pdf Kb spa pedicure chair installation manual, then you have come on to the correct website. We have Kb spa pedicure chair installation manual epub, DjVu, PDF, doc, txt formats. We

    Is It Comfortable For Clients

    Its important to consider what clientele you expect to be using the chairs before making a choice. We considered our core clients age and mobility challenges as they aged, foot size, and leg length comfort, explains Claudia Papa, owner of Aqua Skin and Nail Care in Santa Barbara, Calif. We also considered how we could seat our clients comfortably to do dual services. Helpful features can include a seat and back that can be adjusted and chair arms that can be lifted to make it easier to get in the chair. The chairs weight limit is another consideration.

    Evelyn Pamer, Polish Me Pretty Nail Salon, Iron River, Wis.

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    Is It Easy To Repair And Maintain

    Murray recommends getting references and making sure you can contact the company in case of repairs. You may be able to personally deal with some problems, but its ideal if the company will come fix it if necessary. What services you plan to perform can affect your chairs maintenance as well. Papa made sure to consider future plumbing maintenance issues because she knows her salon uses a sugar scrub in all pedicure services. The surface of the chair is also an important consideration. Youll want something durable and easy to clean. My biggest mistake was that my pedicure couches were white, says Rosalina Alves of Sacred Rose Beauty Spa & Laser Clinic in Boksburg, South Africa. White stains easily and its hard to keep it looking vibrant and clean. She chose black leather when she purchased new pedicure chairs.

    What Happens Without A Discharge Pump

    Whale spa pedicure chair installation manual

    Very often people think their pedicure chair has a problem or manufacturing fault because their bowls are draining very slowly. Can you guess what the issue is? Right, no Discharge Pump! If you don’t have a spa that can drain straight down or there is no discharge pump installed, the spa might not drain at all!

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    Does It Fulfill Your States Requirements

    Youll want to check your states individual requirements before making a purchase. The number-one thing I was concerned about was meeting the Wisconsin state code of a back-flow preventer valve, explains Evelyn Pamer of Polish Me Pretty Nail Salon in Iron River, Wis. After being inspected by a state water inspector I learned the chair I was using wasnt up to the new code and I was told that putting the correct part on the old chair would cost more money than I was willing to spend on an outdated chair.

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    Is It Easy To Clean And Disinfect

    Hot Tub Cover Lifter – Demonstration

    Its crucial to thoroughly clean your pedicure spa for client safety and to comply with state board regulations. Pipeless spas in which water does not circulate outside of the tub can be easier to keep disinfected, says nail tech Melissa Finch of Des Moines, Iowa. Its also a good idea to have a removable jet or water agitator, something that can come completely apart to be cleaned, she says. My salon recently installed jets that are held in place magnetically. All components can be removed and scrubbed. Some manufacturers have features that make the spa easier to clean, such as disposable pedicure liners.

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    Z550 Spa Pedicure Chair

    A design that never seen before, equipped with luxurious components. A pedicure spa that gives its owners a peace of mind and its customers smiles. An experience that only Spazi Z-550 can deliver.


    • Advanced rolling system with 4 wheels, 10 functions providing the auto massage therapy for upper body (Timer, 3 Auto programs, Auto scan, Knead, Speed, Combine,
    • Tap, Wide/Narrow, Wheels Up/Down).
    • Automatic maneuvers from your fingertips for Seat Forward/Backward, Backrest reclining,
    • Both the left and right armrests slide back for easy access.
    • Integrated spray hose provides fast and efficient spa cleaning.
    • SpaZi Z- 550 is equipped with a pipe-less whirlpool foot bath jet. A quiet pump motor with bi-directional jet for complete client relaxation.
    • Equipped with adjustable foot rest and LED spa light.
    • A luxurious stool with backrest is included to provide the comfort for the technician.
    • Luxurious Ultra leather upholstery.
    • Dimension: 68″L x 27″W x 60″H
    • Floor to footrest – 21″
    • Capacity of Tub: 5 US Galons
    • Spa Base: Fiber Glass with steel Frame
    • Power Source:120V AC, 12 Amp, 60 Hz 220-240 v AC, 12Amp, 50 Hz
    • UL certified
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    Why us?





    User’s Manual

    Page : Important Installation And Utility Information

  • Page 8 such on soap product) and water. Rinse with clean water. Re-insert the properly cleaned inlet housing & impeller. Refill the basin with clean water and circulate the correct amount of the EPA-registered hospital-liquid disinfectant which the label claims is a bactericide, fungi- cide, and virucide, through the basin for at least 10 minutes.
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    Do I Really Need A Discharge Pump If I Don’t Have A Floor Drain

    When you have a newly constructed spa salon, the plumber will already have installed a floor drain at the location of every pedicure chair in the salon space.

    The water drains automatically thanks to gravity and the dirty water from the foot tub runs straight down the drain. Sometimes there is no option to break open the floor and install drains, for example with a renovation of a building. The drains will then have to be put into the wall behind the chairs and since gravity doesn’t make the water go up automatically, you’ll need a pump to force the water up into the wall.

    Unless the drains are low enough in the wall, lower than your foot tub, then you might be able to do without a pump. This depends on the height of the drain from the floor and we can check with the manufacturer to make sure it will work, just contact us. It’s recommended to get the pump upgrade though, for various reasons

    What To Consider When Purchasing A Pedicure Spa Chair

    Pedicure Chairs by Whale Spa Victoria II Pedicure Spa Chair

    Evelyn Pamer, Polish Me Pretty Nail Salon, Iron River, Wis.

    Osaki Spa

    Rosalina Alves, Sacred Rose Beauty Spa & Laser Clinic, Boksburg, South Africa


    Evelyn Pamer, Polish Me Pretty Nail Salon, Iron River, Wis.

    Rosalina Alves, Sacred Rose Beauty Spa & Laser Clinic, Boksburg, South Africa

    Aqua Skin and Nail Care, Santa Barbara, Calif.

    Pedicure spa chairs come with a wide variety of features and designs, and which one is best for your salon will depend on your salons style, your clientele, and your priorities. Here are some important factors to consider when choosing which pedicure chair works for you.

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