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Where Can I Buy Young Nails Products

What Is The Mix Ratio For Mixing Glitter Into Acrylic

Beginners guide. Gel nails at home. Using young nails products

The perfect mix ratio is 3:1. 3 parts Speed Clear to 1 part glitter. This is going to give you the best workability. Use a 1/4 oz jar and fill the Speed Clear just under the neck. Then, fill the rest of the jar with glitters of your choice. Its nice to choose colors that will work well together. For example, Jet Black, Rock Star, and Silver are a perfect combination for stunning black free edge.

How Do I Order Products

There are three ways of ordering Young Nails products. The first is through an authorized Young Nails distributor. Go to Locate Distributor on the web site and find the nearest dealer in your area. There is a telephone number or email address for you to get in direct contact with the right person. Second, is online shopping. For those areas in the United States where Young Nails in not offered, customers can register online and begin shopping after they have been approved by our customer service department. It usually takes about 1 day for online approval. Finally, the third way of ordering is by calling direct. Our toll free number is 1-800-777-9170. One of our friendly customer service representatives will be more then happy to assist you directly.

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  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer :No
  • Product Dimensions :1.91 x 15.24 x 2.54 cm 10 Grams
  • Date First Available :Nov. 30 2018
  • Manufacturer :Young Nails Inc.
  • Place of Business :ANAHEIM, CA, 92801 US
  • ASIN :B00FB2WY56

4.8 out of 5 stars

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What Is The Difference In Core And Speed Systems Set Times

Finding the perfect consistency depends on how much liquid-to-powder is mixed. Getting a controlled application can prevent the product from running or drying too quickly. If there is too much liquid, press the back of the brush onto the paper towel for 1 second to remove any extra liquid. The pearl should not have any dry powder around the edges before application. If its too wet, the product will stick to the brush while pressing it into place. You should be able to press the product perfectly into place without the product sticking to the brush, running into the cuticles, or drying before bonding to the natural nail.

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What Is The Young Nails Brand Known For

Young Nails is a high-quality brand of gel polish. They are committed to providing women everywhere with the highest quality nails and polishes around. They use only the best technology to create beautiful, natural-looking nails, and an entire line of super hip colors to complement every outfit in your closet.

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Yes, Young Nails is a great brand. Their products have high-quality features and are well made. They are professional products for manicures. The Shellac and GelFX lines each offer several different colors to choose from, as well as the option of adding a gel top coat on your nails.

Raffish, cool, and affordable, Young Nails has become a favorite of nail pros and beginners everywhere. With a range of products that include adhesive, optical brighteners, gel topcoats, and beyond, Young Nails can help you accomplish any look on your clientele.

Below I have listed some of Young Nailss most popular products so you can see how good this brand is

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What Is The Best Way To Achieve Perfect Smile Lines

There are two ways of achieving smile lines: Traditional application and Reverse application. The fastest and easiest way to learn is by mastering the Reverse technique. This is a Young Nails trademarked technique that had proven successful around the world. The greatest benefit of the technique is cleanliness. Glitter or colored powder can be applied without worrying about whether it will get on the nail bed. You are guaranteed a faster and sharper look all the time!

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What Is The Right Size Of Acrylic Pearl To Pick Up For The Reverse Application

The right size of pearl is about half the size of the nail plate. Placing the product at the cuticle area and letting it run towards the free edge is going to guarantee proper thickness at the stress area. You can get the product to self level toward the stress area if the finger is pointing down. If you are looking down the barrel of the nail after the application, the thickness should be the same across from side to side.

Young Nails Is A Good Brand For Nail Polish

TESTING MY NEW PRODUCTS | Young Nails Product Review | Nail Demo | The Nail Teach | KeishaNails

The following Young Nails product has an excellent 75% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars and has earned Amazon Choice status

Create vivid nail color with Young Nails. Their advanced base and their exclusive Triple Shine System, give you a shiny finish unlike any other. They use the highest-quality ingredients that allow their polish to go on smooth, chip-resistant with unbelievable intensity.

Their polish is not only long-lasting but naturally removes surface oils from your nails by using salicylic acid that makes your manicure last longer while helping prevent cracking.

Create the most fashion-forward nail designs of your life with Young Nails Nail Polish. This eye-poppingly intense pigment combinations provide rock star sleekness and style that will make you feel like a celebrity on the go. The spectrum of color options ranges from bold and bright to classic and neutral, so you can choose a look that fits your mood or personality.

So what are you waiting for? Create a beautiful manicure today that will compliment your personal style and give you something to be proud of

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Young Nails Is A Good Brand For Synergy Gel Nail Systems

The following Young Nails product has an excellent 70% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars

YOUNG NAILS Frosted Sculptor Gel is a special formula of gel that also contains a nail buffer for extra strength and durability. Frosted Sculptor requires only 15 minutes of LED curing time, creating beautifully professional-looking and strong gel nails in a fraction of the time as ordinary gels.

A sculptor gel that is ideal for nail art. It applies well and dries without smudging or cracking. And, thanks to its long-lasting formula, it wont chip or peel for up to three weeks. Plus, it dries quickly Simply apply two coats of gel color, cure in an LED lamp and then add a layer of top coat for a flawless finish. Since gel polish can last up to 14 days on your nails, YOUNG NAILS Frosted Sculptor Gel makes it simple to switch your manicure from fast-drying lacquer to a sculptor gel manicure.

The specially formulated polish uses a unique combination of hydroxy acetone-based resin polymer with calcium, copper, and aluminum to create the strongest gel on the market

YOUNG NAILS Frosted Sculptor Gel is unique and unlike any sculptor you have used before. It is super pigmented and ultra fine, and leaves a natural shine on the nail after curing like no other sculptor gel. The color dispersion is outstanding and it flows easily through the sculpting brush with uniform coverage.

Young Nails Is A Good Brand For Precision Applicators

The following Young Nails product has an AMAZING 88% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars

Product Description Young Nails Accuracy Concealer Peach Young Nails has created the ultimate concealer. While this product is designed for the nail salon, any professional or even the novice at home can enjoy its benefits.

We have laid down all the colors that are needed to design cool effects on the natural nail, with holographic light-reflective particles in it to instantly create a stylish sun-kissed look.

Young Nails Precision Applicator is a soft, round blending sponge thats great for concealing and softening any artificial nail enhancements. Beveled edges help create crisp lines and more defined nails. The texture and shape can be used to conceal undercuts and blend contours without sacrificing any strength or durability of the natural nail.

The Precision Applicator from Young Nails is designed so that you can achieve perfect, thin strokes for specific applications. The angled head allows you to draw a thin line on the face most commonly around the eyes and mouth

Every Young Nails Professional hits the ground running with a fresh, perfectly prepped set of nails. The Young Nails Precision Applicator has been designed as the ultimate companion for the every day Young Nails user, creating flawless professional nail art results on your own natural nails.

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Young Nails Is A Good Brand For Nail Art

The following Young Nails product has an excellent 78% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars

Starting with the base coat is like making a bed before you put on the sheets. Young Nails Glitter Hologram sets the stage for glamorous nails, creating a foundation with resistance for all nail enhancements that follow.

This fast-drying topcoat has excellent coverage and risk of smudge or chip. Glitter Hologram also protects and strengthens your nails, helping to prevent breakage caused by peeling polish.

Glitter, hologram, mix and match to shake up your mani! Young Nails glitter manicure system provides flexibility to mix and match different colored holographic glitter add-ons with a base. Not only does it look good, but this glitter adds durability and strength to your nail extensions. Glitter can be used on all nail types for a unique look.

Young Nails presents Glitter, a 3D holographic finish that shimmers with a multi-dimensional finish. Young Nails unique formula changes color depending on what angle the light hits it. A blue shift is featured throughout the entire Holo Collection

Add extra sparkle to polish with Young Nails Glitter, Hologram. This innovative formula can be layered over any nail color or worn alone for a luxurious sparkle effect. The high-tech microparticles deliver extreme visual impact and also blend seamlessly into natural nails.

When Would You Use One System Over The Other

When performing a particular service in the salon, a nail technician may attempt to use one application to perform multiple tasks for which the application was unintended. Knowing which application to use on a client in any given situation can pose challenging questions. Most nail technicians will find that one application technique is insufficient to accommodate every situation. Young Nails will help you explore and understand in these situations, which techniques have proven effective and which have, after years of trial and error, failed to prove successful. Are acrylic nails the best choice in this situation? Or would gel be a better choice? Perhaps a combination of both? Remember, if a nail technician chooses the proper approach the first time, he or she will save time and win the loyalty of the client. Success has always been built upon a foundation of knowledge.

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Young Nails Is A Good Brand For Professional Acrylic Kits

The following Young Nails product has an excellent 78% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars

If you are set on saving money at the salon but dont want the hassle of long waits and pricey salon services, having a Young Nails UV system may be a good alternative.

Acrylic sets quickly, offers durability that can take a beating, and is easily customized. Young Nails offers a variety of Professional Acrylic Kits from the Trade Secret series to our Ultimate Kit. Most kits are designed for the user looking to do basic nail art and designs, but Young Nails also offer kits for more experienced users to add their own creativity into the mix.

The Young Nails professional nail kits are the perfect kit choice for beginners, professionals, and anyone in between. Young Nails offers 5 different kits with a variety of selections to meet your every need

Young Nails offers ready-to-use professional kits to help you create the trend setting nails that youve always dreamed of. Each kit includes the highest quality tools and special patented products developed by Young Nails for ultimate ease of use and flawless results. With this kit, your options are endless as are your opportunities for success.

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Where To Buy Young Nails Products

Ruthlm said:Hey all,I was wondering if anyone knows where to buy Young Nails products, I know you can buy online, and that they have a depo in Blackpool, I was wondering if there are any other stockists that might be a bit more convenient for myself, my local Sally’s/ salon services don’t stock anything from YN, thanks! ruth x

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Young Nails Is A Good Brand For Acrylic Nail Systems

The following Young Nails product has an AMAZING 81% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars

If you are searching for a nail salon supplies store with high-quality monomer, then please take a look at Young Nails. This company is one of the best suppliers of re-usable and professional-grade nail products in the United States.

It is a distributor and a retailer of gels, powders, resins, and other nail technology. The wide range of products includes nail beading mix, gel kits, sponges, drills, and many more.

Young Nails Nail Liquid is a water based acrylic formula which goes on easily and retains its shine for weeks. It contains NO TOXINS or formaldehyde and does not yellow the nail as some other brands. Suitable for use with either powder gels or Young Nails Acrylic Powder, it is an excellent way of coating very thin nails to give more support whilst producing a thick, hard finish.

Young Nails are made from the highest quality monomer, This monomer is the foundation of ALL nail lacquer. Young Nails is used and trusted by top professionals in the industry because it provides high gloss and durable wear to products

Nail Liquid mimics the structure of polish, but its flexibility makes it easier to apply, and it seals and protects nails within minutes. Monomer for shinning + wet-looking finish Nail powder to lock in shine + strengthen nail -water formula dries quickly -Long lasting professional quality nail radiance

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