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What The Color Of Your Nails Mean

What The Color Of Your Fingernails Can Reveal About Your Health

Nail Symptoms and What It Means for Your Health!

Some of these nail hue changes are a medical emergency.

Chipping, peeling, and smoothness are probably the first things you think of when it comes to fingernail health. However, your nails dont just tell you how well your nails are doing: They might be able to tell you something about your entire body.

Any change in shape, texture, color, and even strength in the nail could be a warning sign for health problems or diseases, according to the American Academy of Dermatology . Some may signal a relatively minor nutritional deficiency, while others may point to a medical emergency .

These are some of the most common nail color changes to know about, according to the AAD:

White nails are known as Terrys nail, which is when the half-moon at the bottom of the nail takes up almost 80 percent of the nail, according to a 2016 article from Journal of General Internal Medicine. This change in nail color could be a symptom of type 2 diabetes, heart failure, or a liver disease .

Pale nails are a telltale sign of iron-deficiency anemia. This condition means the body is low on healthy red blood cells due to inadequate intake of ironwhich helps make red blood cellsaccording to the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Half-pink, half-white nails are called Lindsays nail and are often associated with kidney disease. The lunula takes up a little more than half of the nail bed, and the remaining band at the top is a reddish-brown color.

  • Alopecia areata

Changes In Nail Shape And Texture

Pitted nails

An abnormal nail shape and nail surface can also signal a health issue. For example, nails that are dimpled or pitted like somebody took a pen and just pressed it in and it made an imprint, Flowers says can point to psoriasis, a chronic skin disease. Psoriasis can also cause the nails to loosen and separate from the nail bed, as can thyroid disease.

Nails that are dimpled or pitted can point to psoriasis.

Spoon nails

Soft nails that look almost as if the center of the nail bed has been scooped out can be a sign of an iron issue either your body isn’t getting enough or it’s storing too much, a condition known as hemochromatosis, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Clubbed nails

A nail that curves around an enlarged fingertip, known as clubbing, may suggest cardiovascular and pulmonary problems. It can also occur alongside gastrointestinal problems.

Clubbed nails may suggest cardiovascular and pulmonary problems.

The Half Moons At The Base Of Your Nails

When the nails are healthy, they have a pink color and the moons near the nail base are light pink to white color. According to Dr. L Reed, ND, the half moons at the base of your fingernail is an indicator of good thyroid health. Each nail that is missing a half moon indicates a weaker thyroid. Weak thyroid can lead to mood swings, depression, thinning hair as well as other symptoms.

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Nail Polish Trends Explored

Earlier in the year, TikTok pushed a theory that men happened to always choose light blue as a nail polish colour for their girlfriends. Consequently, the shade started to symbolise if someone was in a relationship or not.

Find out more about the light blue polish trend here.

Following this trend, the white nail polish idea has come into play.

This is, however, only according to TikTok so dont assume everyone who wears white nail polish is single!

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Pretty Pink Nail Polish Colors Are Super Feminine

What Your Nail Color Says About Your Health

Neon and bright bubblegum pink aside, choosing a hue from the pink color family symbolizes relaxation. Ahh. “Soft colors like pale pinks, creamy beiges and even variations of bright colors like … coral can definitely add to a relaxed state,” Gerry Holford, a manicurist at Paintbox nail studio in New York City, confirmed when speaking to HuffPost.

That’s not all pink nail polish color says about you, though. Pink nails also reveal that you have a feminine and flirty personality, according to Katie Saxton, nail expert and president of Custom Nail Solutions. “Polish your nails with pink hues whenever you want to show off your girly and sweet side!” the expert advised when speaking to Shape.

If you’re not sure which shade of pink is for you, you should know that pink nail inspo is everywhere on Instagram. As of this writing, #PinkNails generates some 2.7 million results. Whatever your color ends up being muted blush or ’90s mauve you can guarantee it’s on the social networking platform.

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So What Does It Mean To Have Painted Light Blue Nails

Essentially it means youre in a relationship. According to Urban Dictionary girls use it to indicate theyre no longer available.

They say: When a girl gets blue nails it typically means she has a significant other or/ aka, a boyfriend. Females use this colour to let other people know she is no longer available.

Nude And Taupe Nail Polish Colors Show That A Person Is Unfussy

Much to neutral nail fans’ chagrin, neon nails steamrolled right over the barely-there trend. “That’s right, folks: It appears that nude is out and neon is in this summer,” Allure reported in July 2019. Neon colors may have usurped your favorite taupes in 2019, but these two color families attract two very different personalities.

While neon nails are perfect for people who want to stand out, nude nails, on the other hand , are chosen by people with decidedly “unfussy” personalities, according to Michelle Saunders, Essie’s celebrity manicurist. This type of manicure can be seen as “low-maintenance,” the expert told Cosmopolitan.

Although choosing a nude nail polish color seems like it would be easier than picking out a neon shade, the process is, well, kind of high maintenance. Adeline Sarino, national director for nails at Red Door Spa, told Today that it’s important to choose a shade that matches your skin tone. Doing so will work with not against your complexion.

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How Do I Keep My Nails Healthy

Our bodies are smart so when were low in vitamins and minerals, our nails and hair will show it, explains Norris.

Eating a variety of whole foods will usually get you all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your nails need. A simple fix is to start taking a quality multivitamin, but Norris advises against a one-a-day type: Its difficult for our bodies to digest large compressed tablets. When taking these products, we dont actually break it down effectively so we miss out on the vitamins and minerals that are within it.

Instead, she suggests looking for a product that comes in easy-to-digest capsules. Why? Capsules are typically made from gelatin and its much easier for our bodies to break down gelatin to get to the vitamins and minerals within the product.

Opt for popular choices:

What Your Nails Have To Say

Tell-nail Signs of Your Health

Don’t be surprised if your doctor takes a look at your nails at your next checkup, even if you’re having no problems with them. Fingernails provide good clues to a person’s overall health.

For instance, when the doctor presses your nails, he or she is checking your blood circulation. By looking at your nails, a doctor may find changes that may be associated with skin problems, lung disease, anemia, and other medical conditions. Your nails are in the know!

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Nails Are Only Part Of The Puzzle

Changes in the nails occasionally may signal a significant systemic disease. Most of the time, nail signs are self-limited and tend to resolve on their own. Patience is a necessity in dealing with nails because their turnover is slow. It may take many months for a damaged nail to replace itself entirely.


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  • Shape Sends Subtle Signals Too

    While the color and texture can be fine, the shape of fingernails can indicate health issues. If nails grow detached from the nail bed, this could be connected to hyperthyroidism or fungal infection. Fingernails can also start growing upwards, taking the shape of a spoon. Also known as koilonychia, irregular growth can be a sign of anemia or cardiovascular disease. More serious shapes include nail clubbing, which could indicate a range of diseases including heart, liver, or AIDS.

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    What Does White Nail Polish Mean On Tiktok The Viral Trend Explained

    White nail polish is cute for the summer but it has a completely different meaning on TikTok. Here’s what it actually means

    Some things like painting your nails a certain colour, for example seem completely normal and innocent in the real world, but on TikTok it’s an entirely different story. People on TikTok are actually using their nail polish colours to send a particular message about their relationship status in another viral TikTok trend.

    There are countless videos on the platform of people proudly displaying their white pedicures and manicures. This follows on from the popular ‘Light Blue Nails’ trend we saw earlier this year, which became a viral challenge.

    In the comment section, you’ll find users who are absolutely baffled by what white nail polish actually means. Here’s an explanation of the meaning behind the viral trend.

    Thin And Brittle Nails May Just Need Some Tlc

    Pin on Nails

    If your nails are thin and brittle, a thyroid disorder may be to blame, or it may be that they just need more moisture.

    “We always tell our patients that just like your skin tends to dry and thin and lose its ability to retain moisture, the nails do the same thing, Flowers says. And, as with the skin, nails can absorb moisture, which is why he recommends rubbing them with Vaseline when they feel dry. And that can kind of help prevent some of the cracking and splitting from normal wear and tear, he says.

    Wearing gloves when you do the dishes or clean with chemicals can also prevent nails from becoming brittle. Another way to keep them in top shape is by eating a well-balanced diet.

    One thing Flowers doesn’t recommend, however, is the nutritional supplement biotin, which is often touted for its ability to strengthen frail nails. Flowers argues that there’s not much evidence to indicate it helps. And taking it in supplement form can significantly interfere with certain lab tests and cause incorrect results that may go undetected, the Food and Drug Administration notes in an advisory to the public including tests that diagnose heart attacks. It’s always best to consult a doctor before adding any new over-the-counter drug or supplement into the mix.

    More on Health

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    Color Of Fingernails And Toenails Health Indicator Chart

    Synopsis: The nail color of fingernails and toenails can reveal certain serious health conditions for instance white nails may be indicative of kidney or liver disorders or anemia. Healthy fingernails and toenails should be white as it grows off the nail bed and the nail plate a pinkish color. Pitted brown spots in fingernails may indicate a skin and joint disorder called psoriasis.

    What Your Nails Say About Your Health

    Your nails can reveal clues about how healthy you are. Learn what a change in nail color, shape, or texture says about your overall health.

    You probably trim your fingernails on a regular basis, but whens the last time you really took a closer look at your nails?

    Your nails can reveal a lot about your general state of health, so its important to recognize the signs of healthy nails, as well as abnormalities that could indicate a medical problem.

    Not sure whats normal and whats not? Here are some clues to help you determine what healthy nails look like, and when there could be a problem, according to the Mayo Clinic.

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    So What Does It Mean To Have Painted White Nails And Why Is It All Over Tiktok

    In a nutshell, white nails mean youre single.

    According to Urban Dictionary, white nails can mean youre ready to move on to have a fresh start.

    original sound Chips999

    People on TikTok are sharing videos showing off their white nails, talking about being single or being confused about what it all means.

    By contrast, blue nails means youre in a relationship. The trend popped off a few months ago, with TikTok users saying light blue is the colour every single guy picks when you ask them what colour you should paint your nails.

    Who even KNOWS any more???

    Red Pink Green The Meaning Of Nail Polish: What Does Your Color Say About You

    This Is What Your FINGERNAILS Say About Your Health

    Do you think that the color you choose to paint on your nails is merely a reflection of a color you think is pretty? Well, perhaps you should think again.

    When you see someone with bright red nail polish, you make a judgment about that person. It may be consciously or subconsciously, but a judgment is made, nonetheless. What about when you see someone wearing black nail polish? I think you see my point.

    So, before you give yourself a manicure , think about what impression you want to make on people. Here’s a run-down of what different nail colors say about the wearer.

    Variety of nail polish colors

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    What Do Fingernail Lines Indicate

    The simple answer to what fingernail lines may indicate is that they are very often insignificant. This is especially true when it comes to the vertical lines on the nails, which may start at or just above the moons or cuticles and extend upward to the nail tips. Horizontal fingernail lines may be more suspect, but even here, the lines may be nothing and could be a sign of age or behaviors. There are some worst-case scenarios, on the other hand, that may be worth considering.

    Most people have vertical fingernail lines and these can be light or have grooves. Typically as people age, grooves get a little deeper, but this doesnt indicate health issues. Yet if the lines or the nails surrounding them get yellow in color and if the nails seem thick, this might suggest a fungal infection. Should this condition persist, it might be wise to a see a doctor for guidance. Yellowing nails may also be caused by behaviors like smoking, but thickening nails or uneven growth might mean a fungal infection is present.

    Fingernail Color And Clues To Your Health

    Fingernail Color and Clues to Your Health

    Did you know the color of your nails can reveal much regarding health, anxiety, and habits? Small white patches, a rosy tinge, or bumps can indicate health issues. Problems with liver, lungs, and heart can be seen through your fingernails.

    Here are some observations that can help you quickly scrutinize your health:

    1. Pale Nails

    If your fingernail beds are pale you may have anemia, a blood disorder with low red blood cells. Its usually caused by lack of iron in your blood. Increase green leafy vegetables and beans to increase iron levels. Severely pale nails can be indicator of early diabetes or liver disease which can lead to impaired blood flow. If diagnosed early, diabetes can often be controlled with diet changes. Pale nails are also one sign of congestive heart failure and malnutrition. Avoid processed food and refined sugars choose whole grains, more fiber, and vegetables.

    2. Yellowish Nails

    Yellow nails usually occur with serious pulmonary disease and lymphedema, or swelling of the extremities. Another cause of yellow nails is fungal infections that traverse the entire nail bed. As the infection worsens, your nails may thicken and crumble. Other health issues that yellow nails indicate involve severe thyroid, lung disease, psoriasis, and diabetes.

    3. White Nails

    4. Bluish Nails

    5. Dark Lines Beneath the Nails

    6. White Lines

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    White Means Youre A Blank Slate

    A clean white lacquer leaves you open to endless possibility. The color looks fresh and airy in summer and crisp and classy in winter. Because a white manicure shows cracks and chips easily, wearing it tells people you put time and effort into your appearance. If white nail polish becomes your go-to color, expect to be at the salon often. If your friends like to be pampered, theyll love these self-care gifts.

    Split Or Cracked Nails

    What Different Colors of your Nails Mean

    Nail brittleness is a common condition of the elderly. Typically, the cause remains undiscovered, partly because there are so many potential causes. Nail brittleness can result from drugs, a trauma to the nail, or a number of diseases or nutrient deficiencies. When brittle nails split, the name your dermatologist uses may depend on how they split. When nails begin to split horizontally, the condition is called onychoschizia. But when they split along the direction the nail grows, this is called onychorrhexis.

    Preventing Brittle Nails

    It may be difficult to treat your nails by the time they begin splitting and cracking. So, prevention may be your best bet. There are many potential ways to treat this condition. Potentially useful prevention methods include supplements. These may take the form of vitamin supplements , amino acids, or certain minerals such as zinc.

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