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Do Dip Nails At Home

How Long Does Gel Nail Polish Last


For those prone to oily or simply chipped nails, gel polish should not last more than two weeks. A powder dip manicure generally lasts longer than its gel counterpart.

How to get nail polish offHow do you keep nail polish off your skin? Warm water is an easy and natural way to remove nail polish from your skin. If you remove the nail polish from your skin with warm water, you can remove the still damp nail polish or let it dry. Moisten or scrub the affected area with soap and warm water for 5 minutes.What is a substitute for nail polish remover?Believe it or not, alcoh

Smooth Out Your Nail Dipping Powder

Remember all that fun sanding that we did in step three? Well, we’re going to do it again!

Step 1: Drum Sander

This time, instead of removing all of the color, we’re just removing enough of the top layer to leave a smooth surface. Also, instead of sanding parallel to the finger, we will be sanding perpendicular. Sanding this way allows you to sand the entire length of the nail so that it’s smooth the entire way down. Just roll your finger back and forth to avoid low spots.

Step 2: Sanding Blocks

Return to your 180-grit sanding block first. I found a couple of small voids in my wife’s nails, and that’s ok. Just sand the area in a circular motion until it’s gone and then work the rest of the nail in circular motions. Finish up with 320-grit for that extra smooth surface.

Your client may or may not have lost their enthusiasm at this point

Step 3: Shape the nail

This won’t be the final shaping but you should get 90% of the way there.

Step 4: Final applicator layer

I’m pretty certain this step is just to get all the dust left over from sanding to flatten out. Apply a very thin layer of applicator to the nail, let it dry for 10 minutes.

Benefits Of Nail Dipping

While gels and acrylics are two of the most common options for customizable and long-lasting nail styles, there are many benefits to dipping your nails instead.

Here are just a few of the reasons that nail dipping stands out from other manicure processes, and why youll want to make nail dipping your go-to at-home style.

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Kiara Sky French Starter Kit

Key selling points: At $94, this kit is a little pricier than others, but the rave reviews prove that its well worth it. The set includes everything you need for French manicures on different skin tonesincluding three shades of pinkas well as a brush saver and nourishing cuticle oil.

What customers say: I was a bit skeptical spending this much on a kit I wasnt sure would be worth it or sure a novice can use it with no drill. It is. I spent so much money going to the salon every two weeks to have my nails done. Sometimes they would be great other times the powder would chip or split from my nailand who has time to keep running to and from a salon to fix something you paid for a professional to do right the first time? This has paid for itself in three uses. Ive found that if I follow the instructions included in the kit, I dont have the foggy, matte issue with the top coat Ive read in other reviews and had myself initially. I use it on my natural nails. I have only a hard nail file and a buffer . Very happy not having my nails drilled painfully paper thin. They have grown out well and thickened back up after properly soaking them off. I havent tried the French yet. Im very particular about my line, so Ill practice solids a bit more. Cant wait to try their brighter colors for spring and summer. Zaya, reviewer

Step #: Apply Base & Dip Again

How to Do DIY Dip Powder Nails at Home

Next, select the Dip Powder color you would like to use! Use your Base a second time and apply it to the nail, just a hairline away from the cuticle. PRO TIP: Have your Dip Powder ready to go because the Base dries quickly. Dip the nail into the color powder a 45-degree angle once again. You might find it easier to shake the powder from side to side slightly to allow the powder to fall onto the nail instead of pushing the nail into the powder. Dust off again with your fluffy brush!

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Unlike Regular Manicures Dip Powder Treatments Can Last Up To A Month

As a result, nail dip manicures can be both cost and time effective. “For busier clients, dip powder is a great option as they last 3 weeks or longer, depending on the level of at-home care after the manicure,” Lily, a nail technician at , tells us. This is almost twice the longevity of your standard gel manicure.

French Dip Powder Manicure: How To


Step 1. Use an electric nail file with a medium carbide tip or a buffer to remove dead cuticle and shine from the nail bed.

Step 2. Shape nails and shorten to the desired length.

Step 3. Apply NUGENESIS NAIL PREP LIQUID bottle to the entire surface of all 10 nails and air dry.


Step 1. Apply NUGENESIS NAIL BASE GEL bottle to ¾ of the nail surface. Apply using a back-to-forward motion to ensure the nail is evenly covered.

Step 2. Dip the nail in NUGENESIS NAIL Crystal Clear and gently tap away any excess powder that remains on the nail.Tip: As needed you can use a brush to remove any excess powders.

Step 3. Apply NUGENESIS NAIL BASE GEL to the entire nail surface. Use a back-to-forward motion to ensure the nail is evenly coated.

Step 4. Straighten the customers finger and place it down slightly into the French dipping Mold filled with French powder. Quickly and gently tap away any excess powder. Tip: Steadily control and push the Mold towards the customers finger to create the desired smile line. Do not let the customer control this movement.

Step 5. After step 4, quickly dip the entire nail into the Pink dip powder. Gently tap the finger to remove excess powder.

Step 6. Apply a second coat of NUGENESIS NAIL BASE GEL bottle . Repeat steps 4 & 5 to all 10 nails.

Step 7. Generously apply NUGENESIS NAIL ACTIVATOR LIQUID bottle and allow to air dry for approximately 30 seconds.


Step 1. Buff all 10 nails .

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Remove The Old Dip Powder Nails

This is the longest part of the process, mostly because I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing. After seeing my wife’s nails get ruined with cleaning supplies, I assumed straight acetone would chew right through the old nails. The two internet tutorials that I watched on this process also GREATLY exaggerated how fast this process was. The order that I’m going to put down is not the order that I went with but would probably provide the fastest results.

Step 1: Mechanically remove as much of the old powder as you can.

As you can see in the first photo, soaking the nails doesn’t work as well as I was led to believe. So, go straight to mechanical methods. Turn your drill on and get to filing! Don’t worry about getting clear down to the nail in this step, just remove what you feel like makes sense. I could have removed more but decided against it because I don’t have a clue as to what I’m doing and preferred to not have a story that started out with “hey, remember that one time that you sanded my nail off?”

Step 2: Acetone Wrap

Cut 10 large aluminum foil squares. Dip your cotton balls in the acetone, place it on the nail, and wrap it in foil. Twist the ends so that it looks like you know what you’re doing. Let it sit for about 5-10 minutes. Remove one foil cap at a time and rub the nail with the cotton ball, re-soaking as needed.

Step 3: Acetone bath and scrub

Why Are My Dip Nails Cracking


Did you get a beautiful manicure done, only to have it crack a few days later? Cracking dip nail color is one of the most common dip complaints we see. Luckily, its also extremely easy to fixwhether you are using too many dip coats, not using activator correctly, or other problems. Try our 5 fixes below to narrow down your cracking issue and get back to dipping!

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Dip Nails At Home: Tips Tricks And How To

Attempting a dip mani at home can be intimidating for a lot of people. And its true, going the D.I.Y. route with your dip powder manicure is a lot more involved when compared to traditional nail polish, or even a gel manicure. However, the benefits a dip manicure also called an sns manicure has to offer your nails is definitely worth the time spent learning how to do it properly. Fortunately, weve come up with a few tips and tricks that will help give you glamorous nails even on your first dip mani attempt!

Getting Started.

The first thing you need to do is to get all your stuff together. Yes, this might sound extremely obvious but youd be surprised at how many people dont actually pay attention to this detail! Make sure you have all the necessary finishes on hand, as well as the dip powder lined up and ready. If you happen to be using a Rossi Nail Glam Powder Kit, youre in luck as this kit has everything you need to get started. In line with this, familiarize yourself with the products and read the instructions! This is again an obvious tip that a lot of people dont do.

Use a Kabuki brush to brush away excess powder.

Prepping Your Nails.

Use a cuticle tool to push back your cuticles.

Let The Dipping Begin.

Apply the base coat 3/4ths of the way across your nails for a more natural look.

While optional, cuticle oil is great at refreshing cuticles after a manicure.

Practice Makes Perfect.

Pink And White Acrylic Tip Set

  • Time: 3 Hours
  • Difficulty: Very Hard
  • Lasts: 2-3 weeks

This is the technique where the white tips are glued to the tip of your nail with both a pink and white acrylic applied.

I kid you not. This technique is EXTREMELY difficult. The nail professionals make it look so easy, but its definitely not. I was determined to learn, but I finally decided that keeping all my hair was more important. =)

Its been a few years since Ive tried this technique again, but I had tried for several months and wasnt able to achieve the professional look I wanted. Id still recommend going to the nail salon for this type of nails, unless you have a lot of patience.

However, I do have a way to achieve the same look using dip, which can be found in my nail dip tutorial.

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How To Do Dip Powder Nails At Home

So, like many people, we’re entering our sixth week of Coronavirus quarantine. Unfortunately, I lost my job but my lovely wife was deemed essential. That means that we’re down to one income and one person who really need to have her nails done but can’t get into a salon.

Queue the at home salon!

Now, for the record, I have painted nails maybe ten times in my life. Today, we’ll be doing dip powder nails.

Also, my wife has said that these “don’t look terrible,” so I would expect someone with more experience to be able to pull this off pretty easily. I’m more used to finishing drywall than nails, so if I can do it, you probably can too!

Give Your Nails A Break

DIY At Home Dip Powder Manicure for Beginners &  Dip Powder ...

Though it may be tempting to re-up your manicure right away, most manicurists recommend that you wait at least a few days before reapplying.

Is it possible to remove dip nails without using the harsh chemical acetone? You bet your acetone, you can.

You have a few other options to kick that polish to the curb, including:

  • white vinegar
  • alcohol
  • baking soda and toothpaste

White vinegar and alcohol make solid subs for acetone. You can follow the steps like theyre outlined above to remove your dip nails, just replace acetone in equal parts with either chemical.

To use baking soda and toothpaste, mix the two in a small bowl and cover your nails with the mixture. Allow them to sit for 15 to 20 minutes before rubbing the dip powder polish off of your nails.

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Gently Push The Dip Off Your Nails

Once the dip loosens and begins to flake, take the metal pusher or orangewood stick and lightly scrape off the polish, starting from the cuticle area to the end of your nail. “The dip should come off without applying too much pressure on your nail bed,” says Monserrat Rodriguez, nail artist and owner of Shears and Laque nail salon in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

Join The Australian Nail Revolution

Youre just three clicks away from flawless salon-perfect nails, all done in the comfort of your home. Our easy to use dip nails at home kits include everything you need including all liquids, tools and essentials. Our products are designed for ease of use and lasting results. All of our dip powder colours are made in Australia and are infused with calcium and vitamins for the health of your nails. All of DIPD Nails products are tested and formulated to create the best dip powder nail experience.

Ready for an update? Get DIPD with our classic starter kit.

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Is Dip Powder Safe For Your Nails

Overall, yes. As mentioned in the drawbacks section, there are pros and cons to every nail treatment. In addition to what was mentioned there, Aaron says that the one thing she strongly recommends when considering dip powder is to evaluate the health of your nails first. When DIY-ing, you never want to dip into a fresh pot if you have any sort of nail fungus going on. Whats more, she says not to share your powder with other people in your household unless youre pouring it into their own separate container. This will nix the likelihood of any infections arising as a result. Like any nail service, back-to-back dip powder use can weaken your nails, so it’s best to give your nails at least a week of recovery between services .

Avva Nails Dip Powder Starter Kit


Key selling points: The brand did the math , and this kit clocks in at just $1 per manicure. The range of neutrals are perfect for everyday wearor, for the ambidextrous among us, attempting DIY French tips.

What customers are saying: Painting my nails with regular polish just to see chips the next day was so frustrating, and I started looking into dip powders for their strength and longevity. I initially considered another companys kit, but when I found this kit from AVVA for HALF the price, it was a no-brainer. I had never tried dip powders before, but this kit made it so easy to do! The shipping was verrrryyyyy slow, but it was well worth the wait. I am so relieved to see my manicure lasting 10+ days and cant wait to try more colors. I highly recommend if you are tired of chipping nail polish! Nikki, reviewer on

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You Have Many Options

Nail art has long been used as a way of expressing our creativity and individuality, which is one reason why acrylic and gel nails are so popular. But youll have those same wonderful benefits with dip polish, as well.

Enjoy a wide range of colors and styles, from jewel tones to pastels to neutrals to glitter nails. Whatever you want your next manicure style to look like, youll be able to achieve it with the powders available here at Nailboo.

How Do You Get Rid Of Acrylic Nails

How to get rid of acrylic nails. Pour the nail polish remover into a container and prepare petroleum jelly. Heat a bowl of nail polish remover in the microwave. To keep it from drying out, apply petroleum jelly to your fingers, not your nails. Moisten your fingertips with hot nail polish remover for 15 to 20 minutes.

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Dip Nail Colors & Designs

Here are some of my favorite current nails that are trendy right now! You can either copy these nails at home or show the photos to your stylist.

Some of these nails clearly have gel tips while others are the natural nails.

Ill update these photos monthly to make sure theyre the trendiest styles right now!

These are a great example for your how to do gel nails at home question. Theyre a pale, light pink, and the nails are filed into a square shape. These nails are very basic and easy to do at home!

I love this neutral dip nail look with the extra design. Its a bit complicated so youll have to find a good nail technician who can replicate it!

These are clearly dip powder nails with tips that are filed into round tips.

While these nails could be done with acrylic nails, I feel that with dip nails vs acrylic nails, dip always wins, and these nails are just as beautiful!

Of all the pros and cons of dip nails, my favorite pro is how thick dip powder nails are. These nails probably have 3 coats, but you can see the creamy thickness even in this photo.

If youre wondering how to do dip nails at home, look at the sides of these nails. They are clearly filed so that the nails blend naturally into the cuticle but are thick in the middle.

These dip nails require a bit of sparkle sprinkled on. I recommend doing this after you file the nails and adding another coat on top of the sparkles.

I love these square nails with tips. Theyre neutral but different.


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