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How Do I Cut My Puppies Nails

How To File Your Dogs Nails To Smooth Them After Clipping

How to Trim Puppy Nails

Filing your dogs nails is primarily done to remove any sharp tips or fragments left over after clipping your dogs nails.

  • Take a heavy-duty nail file, grasp your dogs paw gently, and spread the toes apart.

  • With your dominant hand, hold the file and gently round off any sharp edges for a smooth finish.

  • How To Trim A Dogs Nails

    If you dont know how to trim your dogs nails, you could unintentionally cause your dog harm.

    It would be best to get instruction from a professional either someone from your vet office or a trusted groomer.

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    You can find detailed instructions online at the ASPCA, but an in-person instruction is best.

    Why Are My Puppys Nails White / Why Are My Puppys Nails Black

    Your puppys nails may be white or black and can sometimes be brown. The coloring of the nails depends on the characteristics of the breed and their own coloring just like the coloring of their coat.

    If your puppy has brown or black nails you need to take extra care in clipping them. Heres how to cut dog nails that are black.

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    How To Give Your Dog More Traction

    Regardless of the length of your dog’s nails, some dogs just have a harder time getting traction on certain surfaces, like tile, linoleum, and hardwood. This is especially true for a dog with arthritis.

    For dogs with traction problems that can’t be solved by just nail trimming alone, consider some doggie socks. Note that the main concern with socks is that, depending on the brand/style, the size of your dog, and their activity level, the socks may twist, fall down, or come off. I’ve also found that the Dr. Busby’s ToeGrips are a great alternative way to help your dog get a grip on slippery floors.

    Make sure to order the correct size and also take the time to get your dog accustomed to wearing them, so they’re less likely to try and pull them off . All that said, socks can significantly help dogs with mobility problems on otherwise slippery floors. They might not work with all dogs, but they’re worth a shot before installing wall-to-wall carpeting.

    Can I Clip My Puppy’s Nails Myself


    Yes, you certainly can! Going to the groomers can become expensive, especially since dogs need their nails trimmed monthly. Being able to give your dog a bath, cut your puppys nails and clean your dogs teeth at home will save you money and improve the bond between you and your pet.

    The vet specialists at Washington State University say laying your dog down on a table and leaning over their body is a good way to approach nail trimming if youre flying solo. This stance offers an opportunity to hold the dog in place. You can also try this on the ground with your dog on its side. Keeping one arm above the neck and shoulder area prevents your dog from picking up its head. Make sure you dont bend their leg in a wonky position – let your pups joints bend naturally.

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    Apply A Cold Compress Or Ice

    Cool temperatures cause the vessels to shrink. The temporary shrinking also slows blood flow to the area and allows the platelets to adhere to the injury. Although cooling the area may speed up healing time, most dogs do not like the cold sensation on an area that is already injured, so this may not be a feasible option.

    How Do I Know My Dog’s Nails Are Too Long

    A good way of finding out is to hold your dog’s paw flat on the palm of your hand. As a general rule, if the nails touch your hand, they may be slightly on the long side. You might also hear them clicking on solid surfaces as they walk.

    If their nails are becoming a problem, you may also notice your dog licking or chewing their paws, which may suggest that they’re causing them some discomfort. If you notice any signs of painful claws, you should take your dog to the vets before attempting to cut the nails yourself.

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    What To Do If Dogs Quick Is Exposed

    Your veterinarian may apply antibiotic ointment or powder to the exposed nail bed and bandage the foot to prevent contamination and to minimize further bleeding. An oral or injectable antibiotic may be advised as well. Since the nail bed or quick is attached to bone, prevention of infection is crucial.

    Old Dogs Or Deformed Nails

    How to Trim Your Dog’s Nails at Home ð?¶ STEP BY STEP WITH TIPS

    Older dogs tend to end up with long quicks, elongated nails and often extremely hard nails. Nails can also grow back a bit deformed if there has been some sort of trauma to the nail bed, such as when the dew claw has been caught in something and torn.

    Clipping after bathing can help with the hardness issue, as they nails will be softer. Ensuring you just take the tips off the nails or cut them so they sit just above the floor when your dog is standing can help to ensure you dont cut deformed nails too short.

    Alternatively, if you gradually take the tips off, you can often make the quick recede a little over time, but you will need to be patient. So long as your dogs nails are not touching the ground, getting caught in anything and causing the toes to splay out or bend, there is no need to worry too much about keeping them extremely short.

    Whenever you trim your dogs nails remember to make the whole experience rewarding by having treats at the ready and always take a little bit at a time if you cant clearly see the quick beneath the nail. And if you have a very patient dog, why not paint those nails!

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    How To Cut Dog Nails Safely

    It may be helpful to gradually get your dog accustomed to the sight and sound of the nail clippers before you try to cut your dogs nails.

    Try bringing the nail clippers out, clicking them, and letting your dog smell them on different occasions so they get used to them.

    Give your dog tasty treats when the clippers come out.

    Heres how to cut dog nails safely:

  • Find a quiet area where your dog is comfortable and free from distractions.

  • If you have a small dog, hold your dog in your lap or place them on a steady surface. If you have a large dog, its helpful to have another person hold your dog while you cut their nails.

  • Gently but firmly hold one of your dogs paws between your thumb and forefinger.

  • Push down slightly on the paw pad to extend the nail forward. Make sure there is no hair blocking your view of the entire nail.

  • When your dog is holding still, clip straight across the tip of the nail. Do not clip behind the natural curve of the nail.

  • Give lots of high-value treats before, during, and after to associate nail trims with big rewards.

  • The No Fear Way To Trim Your Dogs Nails

    Unless your pet is a very active outdoor dog his nails will need to be trimmed on a regular basis anywhere from once a week to once a month.

    Nail trimming and grooming are activities that are often feared by both dogs and owners. The best way to calm your fears is to ask your professional groomer at Head To Tail Pet Spa. The best way to calm your dogs fears is to train it from a very young age to be comfortable with the process.

    If you dont feel comfortable trimming your dogs nails we will be happy to do this regularly. And often dogs do not need their nails trimmed if they go for frequent walks on footpaths or concrete. Just watch those dew claws .

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    How To Trim Your Dogs Claws

    There are many different ways to trim your dogs claws and many different trimming tools that you could use . If you have never trimmed your dogs claws before then you should seek advice from your local veterinary practice, an experienced dog person or a dog groomer who will be able to show you how to do it.

    If your dog has very hairy paws, it may be easier to keep them well trimmed so that you can easily see when their claws are too long.

    Trimming Puppy Nails For The First Time

    Clipping Dog Nails

    Before trying to trim nails for the first time, make a visit to your vet or groomer who will be able to put your mind at ease and should be happy to show you the best way to go about it and any tips or tricks that will make the job a little easier.

    When youre ready to take the leap, start slowly by trimming the very end of the nail to ensure both you and your pup are used to the position, sensation and action of the clippers. As both of your confidence builds, take a little more but always watch out for the quick.

    In order to do the best, most efficient job, infest in some sturdy, dog-specific clippers or leave it to an expert if you dont feel comfortable.

    We aim to provide your dog with help in-store or on Pet Talk on essential items. Due to Covid-19, we may not be able host events or consultations in store. Our opening hours are Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm and Sunday from 10am to 4pm.

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    Long Nails Are A Health Hazard For Dogs

    If your dogs nails get too long, theyre more likely to break. This can leave the sensitive quick, which contains nerves and blood vessels, open to painful infections. Dewclaws can be hazardous, because they never come into contact with the ground, and so dont get worn down, meaning theyre prone to catching on things and being torn off. Be sure to take extra care to also maintain these nails too.

    Why Does My Dog Scream When I Cut His Nails

    Some dogs are anxious about it because they are not used to it. Some might be in pain because their nails are overgrown. … They might also start whining or barking if you accidently cut their nails too short. Their nails have a nerve and vein , which, if clipped, causes tremendous pain and even bleeding.

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    What To Do For A Puppy Nail Infection

    Although its not super common dogs can and do get nail infections. According to some of the symptoms of a nail infection in your puppy can include:

    • Licking at the paws
    • Swelling or redness of the tissues surrounding the nails
    • Nail plate deformity
    • Abnormal nail color

    If you suspect that your puppy might have a nail infection, you need to take him to the vet. These can worsen over time without professional treatment.

    How To Trim Dog Nails: A Complete Guide

    How to Trim Dog Nails – The RIGHT Way

    Dogs require special treatments as much as we do. But what if one of those treatments considered as âspecialâ turns out to be a necessary hygiene practice? Dog nail trimming, as fancy as it may sound, is not just a beauty treatment, but an action you should perform regularly.

    Dog nail trimming is not just a beauty treatment, but an action you should perform regularly every dog parent should know how to trim dog nails. Because overgrown nails can, in fact, lead to massive pain and affect your dogâs life negatively. Taking care of the paws is an essential part of your dogs health, so check out this guide to trimming your dogs nails safely at home by yourself. With our step by step process, trimming dog nails can be made easy for you and your furry friend!

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    First And Foremost Remain Calm Do Not Panic

    If you panic, your dog will read you like a speed reader whipping through a Dick and Jane book. Your canine companion will sense that you are stressed and will mirror your attitude. Blood pressure will climbboth for you and for your dog.

    What does this mean for your dog? As a dogs blood pressure rises, the blood is pumped harder and faster out of the cut vessels in the toenail, worsening the situation.

    Yes, Ive done it myself.

    Years ago, as a newly minted veterinarian, I volunteered to trim the nails of my aunts uncooperative dog, who had long, black talons, during a family reunion over the Christmas holidays.

    I remember successfully trimming the nails on about 14 toes when

    I hit the quick.

    First, blood started to pour forth. As a result, all the family members started to panic. My aunt let go of her dog, whereby he zoomied around the room several times, spewing blood all over the floor and carpet. Spoiler alert: This story had a happy ending. At the end of the day, the dog recovered quickly, and my pride was the only thing that suffered lingering injury.

    Please learn from my experience and do your best to keep everyone involved calm. A healthy dog will not bleed to death from a cut toenailnot even close! While it is unfortunate that youve hurt your dog , and while it may be a bit messy, this is not a serious injury.

    How Much Do Vets Charge To Trim Nails

    You could have your vet take care of this. The exact costwill depend on your vet so be sure to ask their costs. In general though, you canexpect the service to cost between $7 and $20. It may be possible to have theirnails ground down rather than clipped, which can be more expensive. Once again,ask your vet what services they offer and how much they charge for them.

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    How To Trim Your Dogs Nails

    When your dog is comfortable with this and youre ready to trim their nails, gently hold the toe between your fingers and work slowly and carefully. Its really important not to cut the live quick this is the pink area within the nail where the nerves and blood vessels are, similar to the area underneath our own nails. Cutting into the quick will cause pain and bleeding, so avoid it by at least a few millimetres.

    How To Handle Fear Of Clippers

    Trimming Black Dog Nails the Safe Way. Easy Once You Know ...

    This is totally normal! Dogs nails are sensitive so when you accidentally cut one too short, it hurts! Your dog knows exactly what device caused this pain and might be terrified next time you bring out the clippers. Luckily this is an easy fix if you find yourself in this situation with your dog. Just know that it does take time so youll need to be patient.

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    How To Stop A Dogs Nail From Bleeding

    Even when youâre very cautious, itâs always possible that something goes wrong during this process. Golden rule: donât panic if you see a little bit of blood on your dogâs nail. Instead, try to stop the blood flow and prevent any dirt from getting in contact with the wound, this to avoid infections. If the blood flow doesnât stop after 30 minutes, contact your vet.

    If you cannot contact your vet and need to act rapidly, use styptic powder or pencil on the wound/s. If you dont possess any styptic powder or pencil and you cannot visit the pharmacy, try applying some ice cubes.

    How To Cut Puppy Nails

    Dont forget about your puppys toenails. If theyre left untrimmed, they can make things uncomfortable for you and your family.

    Trimming your puppys nails takes some care. Your veterinarian can give you a good idea of when and how to cut them. You may even just want to let your veterinarian or groomer do the job.

    But, if you decide to do it yourself, here are some tips to get you started.

    • Puppies can get skittish around new objects and experiences. To lower your dogs fear or excitability, introduce him to the process when you bring him home. That means massaging and playing with his feet, and showing him the trimmers.
    • Ask your veterinarian or groomer to show you the ropes and ask them to recommend a good pair of clippers to use.
    • Theres always a chance you might accidentally cut his nails a little too short. Be prepared by having some styptic powder on hand.

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    How To Clip Your Dog’s Toenails

    Once your dog is used to the idea of you holding a paw and touching the nail, trim just the tip of the nails.

    You need to avoid the quick the nails, where there are living blood vessels that feed the nail bed. Cutting into those results in pain and bleeding. When the nails are white or clear, the pink quick is visible and makes it easy to avoid the danger zone. If your pups nails are dark or opaque, clip off only the hook-like tip that turns down. Tipping the nails will prompt the quick to draw back up, so you can trim a little each week until reaching the proper length.

    If you do happen to quick a nail, stop. Use a styptic pencil or corn starch and direct pressure to stop the bleeding, or rake the claw through a bar of soap. Give the pup extra attention or treats to show that even if something uncomfortable happens, there is compensation.

    After the nail is trimmed, throw a puppy party. Tell your dog what a good dog it is, and play a favorite game to show how pleased you are. Reserve a special treat that the dog gets only after a successful nail trim, and soon youll have your pooch begging for a pedicure


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