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How Do I Cut My Puppies Nails

How To Stop A Dogs Toenail From Bleeding

How to Trim Your Dog’s Nails at Home ð?¶ STEP BY STEP WITH TIPS

A bleeding toenail can be very distressing for you and your dog. Heres how to stop the bleeding.

Styptic powder can be used to help stop the nail from bleeding by helping the blood to clot. If you dont have styptic powder, flour or cornstarch can also be used to stop a dogs nail from bleeding and can be applied the same way as styptic powder.

  • Pour a small amount on the tip of your finger and press the powder into the nail tip.

  • Pressure can be applied for a few seconds to allow the styptic powder to stick.

  • If the bleeding does not stop after several minutes, call your veterinarian for further recommendations.

    Wait Too Long In Between Trims Or Dont Start Early

    Timing and frequency matter when it comes to trimming dog nails.

    Whether you do, or intend to take your dog to a groomer for nail trims, it is imperative that you begin to handle your puppys paws and nails right from the beginning.

    The foundation you build around paw handling and nail manipulation through proper conditioning will determine future nail cutting success with your dog.

    When you put yourself in your puppys or dogs paws, it makes sense.

    Imagine the first time your owner touches your paws you get a scary instrument chopping part of it off. Yikes!

    On the contrary, when you slowly condition your puppy or dog to love having paws touched and played with, you are building a solid foundation for then conditioning them to love the nail clipper or Dremel in the future.

    In addition, if you take long breaks in between nail trims, you will find that your dog seemingly forgets nail trims can be fun and enjoyable.

    Some dog owners will tell me, I dont understand. Its like my dog doesnt know what the nail clipper is even though Ive cut his nails many times in the past.

    The mistake many owners make is waiting too long in between nail cutting sessions.

    This is a mistake for three big reasons:

    Frequency Required for a Conditioned Response

    Frequency of conditioning is what solidifies a conditioned response.

    With the method I teach, nail sessions are frequent and varied in order to properly condition the dog to loving having nails cut.

    Frequency Puts Pressure on the Quick

    Types Of Nail Trimmers

    There are many different types of nail trimmers. Buy good quality trimmers that are sharp and designed for the correct size dog. They should be concave at the cutting edge, to avoid crushing the nail. Blunt or poor quality trimmers will split the nail. If the nails arent that long but are sharp you can simply file them or use a pumice stone to take off the tips. In the US it is common to use a dremel to slowly burr down the nails and this can be more gradual and safer than clipping.

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    How To Trim Your Puppys Nails

    To trim your puppys nails, hold a paw firmly in one hand. Place your thumb on top of the foot and fingers underneath to spread the toes. With the nail clippers in the other hand, snip the nails one at a time with short, decisive strokes. Clip right where the nail starts to curve the quick usually hasnt grown past that. If it has, the nail will bleed when cut, but dont panic . Simply use your finger to apply a pinch of styptic powder to the end of the nail and apply pressure. Hold for 30 seconds or until the bleeding stops.

    Once you have trimmed each nail, file the nails with an emery board to remove sharp edges. Normal canine nails should be intact all the way into the foot, not bleeding, cracked or split.

    Without doubt, your puppy will wiggle, whine, even yelp when you trim its nails. Dont be alarmed by these antics. Talk quietly and soothingly, and hold your puppy firmly. Praise your puppy lavishly when the job is done, and give him a treat. You want the puppy to remember each nail trimming as a positive, fun experience!

    How To Make Puppy Nails Less Sharp

    How to Cut Dog

    Puppy nails can be as sharp as cat nails sometimes. To make your puppys nails less sharp you need to blunt the ends.

    You can do this by clipping them, grinding them, or you can use a human nail file to lightly file the ends down.

    All of these methods work to take those little claws down to a reasonable level of sharpness.

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    Types Of Dog Nail Clippers

    There are a variety of options you can use to trim your dogs nails. While some people might prefer guillotine-style clippers, the spring-loaded scissor-style or plier-style nail clippers are favored by most veterinary professionals. These are especially helpful for dogs with thick, tough nails.

    Some brands even have a guard so you dont accidentally cut the nail too short.

    Scissor-style or plier-style nail clippers can be used for both small and large dogs, but you may find it easier to use nail clippers specifically made for cats or small dogs if you have a miniature pooch.

    For very small or very young dogs, you can use human nail clippers, but its generally easier to see what you are doing with trimmers made specifically for dogs.

    How To Know When To Trim Dog Nails

    With your furry friend standing in front of you with their front legs under their shoulders, check their nails. Are they touching the ground? If so, then theyâre too long. And if you hear your dogâs nails clicking or see them turn sideways, itâs time for a trim. Ideally, you should be able to slip a piece of paper between your dogâs nails and the floor.

    Long nails hinder your dogs ability to move. But how do you shorten those nails?

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    What Are The Reasons Why Dogs Wont Let You Trim Their Nails

    • Abuse so they are fearful of being touched or restrained
    • Previous experiences have been painful
    • Have never been trained to have their nails trimmed
    • Being restrained the wrong way
    • The tool used to trim their nails is uncomfortable or scary
    • Not a fan of having their feet touched

    Now that we know some of the reasons dogs dont like nail trims, lets figure out how we can get them past this.

    How To Trim Black Dog Nails

    How to Trim Dog’s Nails | Canine Nail Trim

    Once you know how to find the quick on darker nails, follow these steps to cut your dogs nails:

    • Make sure your dogs in a comfortable position.
    • Make sure to give your dog treats before and during nail trimming so he thinks of it as a fun activity.
    • Hold your dogs paw in your hand, and push any fur out of the way so the nails visible. If youre using a grinder, you may need to trim any fur around your dogs nails with grooming scissors so it doesnt get caught in the grinder.
    • With nail clippers: Cut straight across the tip of the nail, and dont cut past the curve of the nail. We recommend trimming only the hook, or curved portion, of the nail, Dr. Richardson said. This is the skinny tip of the nail, rather than the thicker, meatier portion.
    • With a nail grinder: Put the grinder on low speed and use it for a few seconds on each nail, grinding only a little bit at a time. Start on the bottom of the nail, then go from the tip of the nail down.
    • Check the bottom of your dogs nails periodically so youll know when youve reached the pulp, which means you should stop.
    • You may need to file your dogs nails to even them out or to smooth any edges if youre using nail clippers. You can get this nail file .

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    How Short Should You Cut Your Dogs Nails

    It is important not to clip behind the natural curve of the nail because this is where the quick starts.

    The quick is the center portion of the nail that contains blood vessels and nerves. If you accidentally cut this part of the nail, it will cause bleeding and some pain for your dog.

    If you are concerned that you may be cutting too close to the quick, it is best to leave that nail a little longer.

    If at any point you feel uncomfortable with the process, or think you are causing your dog pain, please stop and contact your local veterinarian for further instructions.

    How To Use Dog Nail Scissors On Your Puppys Nails

    Once your puppys nails become a little thicker or around 12 weeks of age, youll want to move to either a nail grinder or dog nail scissors.

    Dog nail scissors are what I personally use on my own two small dogs, and they work great for puppies.

    To use these scissors, simply place the cutting blade at the tip of your puppys nail its better to take off too little than too much. And clip.The angled blade lets you easily see what you are doing and the scissors handle gives you control.

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    How Do I Trim My Dog’s Nails

    Before you start, its important to know the anatomy of your dogs nails. The quick, which is at the centre of the nail, is a fleshy area with blood vessels and nerves inside. So, when cutting, its important to avoid this as it can bleed a lot, be very sensitive and painful. If you are unsure where the quick could be, its always best to get professional help or advice from your vet.

    Try to make nail trimming an enjoyable experience through reward-based training. It’s a good idea to get your dog used to having their paws handled from an early age to make nail trimming less stressful for both of you.

    Old Dogs Or Deformed Nails

    The No Fear Way To Trim Your Dog

    Older dogs tend to end up with long quicks, elongated nails and often extremely hard nails. Nails can also grow back a bit deformed if there has been some sort of trauma to the nail bed, such as when the dew claw has been caught in something and torn.

    Clipping after bathing can help with the hardness issue, as they nails will be softer. Ensuring you just take the tips off the nails or cut them so they sit just above the floor when your dog is standing can help to ensure you dont cut deformed nails too short.

    Alternatively, if you gradually take the tips off, you can often make the quick recede a little over time, but you will need to be patient. So long as your dogs nails are not touching the ground, getting caught in anything and causing the toes to splay out or bend, there is no need to worry too much about keeping them extremely short.

    Whenever you trim your dogs nails remember to make the whole experience rewarding by having treats at the ready and always take a little bit at a time if you cant clearly see the quick beneath the nail. And if you have a very patient dog, why not paint those nails!

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    Dog Nail Trimming Alternative

    As an alternative to cutting their dogs nails, some people choose to grind them down with a Dremel tool specifically created for pet nails.

    The Dremel uses a special sandpaper-type bit and a 30,000 RPM speed to grind the nails down quickly and safely.

    Its best to use the nail grinder every 7-10 days for maintenance.

    For dogs with long hair, trim the hair around the toes prior to filing, and move the Dremel around constantly to avoid friction that can cause an uncomfortable warming sensation.

    With the right tools, a little patience, and a whole lot of treats, you can save some time and save your pup the stress of traveling to the groomer or the vet clinic.


    Puppies Need More Frequent Nail Trims

    Puppies need more frequent nail trims than adults because their nails are growing at a faster rate. Have you ever been scratched by a puppy? Those adorable little nails are sharp! In general, its best to trim your puppys nails a little bit every week.

    Another important reason to trim your puppys toenails weekly: it trains them to tolerate having their feet touched. The more you get your paw on their claws when theyre little, the easier it will be to trim their nails when theyre grown up.

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    Make Your Puppy Comfortable

    In order to be safely and properly groomed, your puppy has to be comfortable and relaxed. If he twitches or tries to run during such a sensitive process as nail trimming, he could get seriously injured! You or other people could also be injured if the pup bites or scratches you. You definitely want to avoid any of those fiascos, so you have to set things up in a manner that makes your puppy relax.

    Make sure that everything is quiet and still, not too hectic. If your pup prefers background noise, turn the TV on and soften the volume. Sit somewhere familiar and comfortable. Encourage and soothe him through the whole time. These are the things that will really help start things off on the right footor paw!

    Why Nail Care Matters

    Trimming Dog’s Nails – 7 Quick Tips To Make It Easier!

    Overgrown nails can become caught in bedding and carpets. They may curl as they grow, and embed into the tender flesh of the paw pad. Claws can split or tear as in the picture and need surgical repair thats pricey and painful. Overgrown nails cause the foot to spread or splay, and can change your puppys gait. Dewclaws on the inside of the lower leg need particular attention since they never contact the ground. Keeping the toenails trimmed also helps reduce inappropriate digging and risk of ringworm.

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    How To File Your Dogs Nails To Smooth Them After Clipping

    Filing your dogs nails is primarily done to remove any sharp tips or fragments left over after clipping your dogs nails.

  • Take a heavy-duty nail file, grasp your dogs paw gently, and spread the toes apart.

  • With your dominant hand, hold the file and gently round off any sharp edges for a smooth finish.

  • Dog Nail Trimming: Conclusion

    A dogâs nail treatment is often overlooked by people because they tend to only see the âbeauty-factorâ in it. But nail treatment remains an essential part of your dogâs regular care. After you read this blog post, you should feel more prepared for your dogâs next nail session.

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    What To Do For A Puppy Nail Infection

    Although its not super common dogs can and do get nail infections. According to some of the symptoms of a nail infection in your puppy can include:

    • Licking at the paws
    • Swelling or redness of the tissues surrounding the nails
    • Nail plate deformity
    • Abnormal nail color

    If you suspect that your puppy might have a nail infection, you need to take him to the vet. These can worsen over time without professional treatment.

    The Best Tools For Trimming Your Puppy’s Nails

    How To Cut Your Dog

    A glass dog nail file which gently smooths and shortens your puppy’s nails.

    This file is a comfortable size and weight, easy to use and fully washable.

    It will usually last a long time, but remember, this file is made of GLASS, so this will break/shatter if dropped onto a hard surface!

    There are tons of great tools and products that make bathing and grooming your puppy a whole lot easier. Check out this page to see some of the best… Dog Grooming Aids

    If you find that it’s too stressful for you to trim your pet’s nails, you can always take him to the groomers to have it done – or ask your vet to do it at a routine appointment.

    But honestly, it’s not too difficult – and the first time is the most nerve-wracking!

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    More Ideas To Keep Your Dog Healthy And Happy

    So, now that youâre an expert on how to cut dog nails, you might want to consider some other ways to ensure that your dog is always happy-go-lucky by your side. Here are our top 5 tips to best care for your dog:

  • Train your dog to follow basic commands for safety.
  • Keep dangerous toxins out of your dogâs reach.
  • Ensure your dog will never get lost with a GPS tracker for dogs.
  • Make sure your dog gets enough exercise with the help of activity monitoring.
  • Learn how to handle your dog in heat.
  • How Do I Know My Dog’s Nails Are Too Long

    A good way of finding out is to hold your dog’s paw flat on the palm of your hand. As a general rule, if the nails touch your hand, they may be slightly on the long side. You might also hear them clicking on solid surfaces as they walk.

    If their nails are becoming a problem, you may also notice your dog licking or chewing their paws, which may suggest that they’re causing them some discomfort. If you notice any signs of painful claws, you should take your dog to the vets before attempting to cut the nails yourself.

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    Ways To Sedate Your Dog To Keep Him Calm While Using Nail Clippers

    Posted July 6, 2022

    Trimming your dogs nails isnt an activity you should do without planning. Unlike human beings, you need to prepare dogs before you cut their nails psychologically. Chances are good that your pet will resist if you dont do things right. You even run the risk your dog will bite you to avoid having his nails trimmed. It might sound easy to do, but dogs get distracted easily, and they are reluctant to sit still when you pull out your nail clippers.

    Instead, if you sedate your dog before you start the nail trimming process, your dog will be calmer, and trimming his nails will be easier for both of you.


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