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How Many Nails Per Shingle

Choosing The Wrong Materials For The Slope Of Your Roof

How to Nail Roof Shingles | Mastering the Roof by GAF

Even if the materials are new, choosing the wrong ones for your roofs slope will provide very little protection from rain and moisture permeating your roof. Asphalt shingles, for example, arent waterproof by any means so having too low of a slope will allow water to pool and permeate the barrier that these shingles provide. If your roofs slope is at least 4 units of rise per 12 units of run, asphalt shingles will do just fine. Otherwise, speak to your roofing contractor about other material options.

How Many Cap Nails Per Square Of Underlayment

The roof is indeed one of the most crucial elements of the buildings structure. To install the roofing successfully, then one needs to invest a significant amount of money and time. A minor mistake might cost you pricey fixing work, so its always recommended to hire or at least discuss your roofing project with a professional roofer or contractor.

That being said, there are some simple matters that you can do yourself, such as doing simple math over how many roofing nails per square of underlayment that you need. Though of course, you need to know your roof size first to do the estimation.

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The key to performing a successful roofing project is knowing how much height the roof must bear which is crucial information if you work with aged framing and foundation. One of the factors that add up the roof weight estimation is the nails weights that will hold the roof underlayment and shingles in their place.

The majority of roofing manufacturers advise that you use four nails for each shingle for the roofing main area and use five nails for each roofing underlayment square. This means that youll need 320 nails per square foot. For you who live in windy areas, you may want to use 480 nails per square.

The most commonly used nail type is the 1.5 roofing nail, which has 7/16 flathead and 11-gauge smooth shank. The nails are resistant to extreme weather such as rain or sun because theyre hot galvanized.

Additional Tips For The Work

Some roofing coil nailers have an adjustable shingle guide. This lets you automatically set the position of the nail with respect to the bottom of the shingle. This is extremely handy, though after a while you will likely find yourself, guide-free, nailing away quickly and accurately once youve done a couple of rows.

We recommend a 6 nail pattern regardless of whether or not you live in a high-wind area. It simply doesnt take all that much more effort. Most people use pneumatic roofing nailers, so adding n extra couple of hits takes little effort. The cost certainly isnt much more either. Take into account the hassle associated with any kind of early roofing material failure, and youll probably agree that a little extra time and money spent up front can save a lot of hassle down the road.

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How Much Do Malarkey Shingles Cost

When comparing various shingle brands, most homeowners want to know their prices. If you are looking for a cheap asphalt shingle, Malarkey would not be a good fit, because this brand is positioned at the higher end of the pricing spectrum.

On average, homeowners report spending $4.3 5.00 per square foot to install Malarkey shingles . This is equivalent to $6,800 8,000 for a 1,600 sq.ft. simple roof installed on a ranch or cape style house.

Keep in mind that your actual roof installation cost will depend on the following factors:

Roof size and pitch How cut up, architecturally complex your roof is Number of stories in your house Local roof installation rates, which can vary by as much as 30-40% depending on where you live.

You can use our Roofing Shingles Calculator to accurately estimate the cost of replacing your asphalt roof.

How Many Nails Per Shingle Do You Need

How Many Nails Should Be Used, 4 Or 6 Per Shingle ...

A minimum of 4 nails per shingle is required for a standard asphalt roof shingle. A standard asphalt shingle is 36 long, and four nails spaced evenly along that shingle are adequate to secure the standard shingle size.

Shingles that are longer or shorter may require different amounts of nails. Manufacturers of those shingles will include specifications for how many fasteners are required for their shingles. Applying more nails per shingle is acceptable, within reason. However, 4 fasteners per shingle are industry standard.

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Roofing Nails The Ultimate Guide

Roofing nails may seem like a small part of roof installation, but theyre actually one of the most important items for getting your project done right. If you use a smooth stainless steel nail where you should have used a galvanized ring shank, theres a strong likelihood youll experience problems sooner rather than later.

Just as important as the type of roofing nails you use is how many per shingle, the length of each nail, and overall project coordination questions such as how many roofing nails you need to buy.

Keep reading for a full rundown on all your roof nail questions, starting with the materials used to create the fasteners.

  • Can I use staples for roofing?
  • How Many Squares Per Roll Of Underlayment

    The roll size depends on the type of underlayment product. Synthetic underlayment comes in 10 square rolls, while regular #15 felt comes in 4 square rolls.

    So for the 24 square roof example, you would need 2.4 rolls of synthetic underlayment, or 6 rolls of regular #15 felt.

    • 24 squares ÷ 10 squares per roll = 2.4 rolls of synthetic underlayment
    • 24 squares ÷ 4 squares per roll = 6 rolls of regular #15 felt

    Remember: Add 10%-15% for the waste factor on underlayment, as well.

    Finally, if you have any questions about your estimate, ask a roofing contractor in your area. Most will be happy to give you a free estimate.

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    Nail Per Shingle: How Many To Use

    • Written by Brynn Dahlquist on Jun 29, 2010To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience.Reviewed by Hannah Madans on Mar 19, 2020

    When reshingling a roof, shingle nails need to be placed appropriately in order to keep elements out and the shingles on.

    Standard Installation

    Standard roof installation requires four nails per shingle. The rationale behind the number is that in most cases four nails are the right number of nails to do a quality job. However, placement of the nails is the most important in any roofing job. A “nail line” is indicated on the shingles and locates the correct places to put nails. Nails placed above the nail line endanger the shingle of being ripped off during high winds or extreme weather.

    Steep Slope or High Wind

    Very steep slopes, also called Mansard roofs, as well as areas with extremely high winds, require six nails per shingle to allow enough hold against the elements. The extreme slope means that not only is there a larger pull from gravity on each shingle, but also substances are going to flow faster across the surface. The added friction requires more nails in order to adequately hold the shingle in place. There is no reason six nails cannot be used on a standard roof, but with the extra money and time necessary to add the extra nails, it is often considered unnecessary.

    What About The Waste Factor Should I Order Extra Roofing Materials

    Are Roofing Nails Overrated? | GAF Timberline Shingles

    You want to order extra material to account for waste. Waste factors vary.

    10%-15% is a good rule of thumb, but your results may be different. More complicated roofs will have a higher waste factor because there are usually more cut shingles around corners, walls, and edges.

    It is okay to have a few shingles left over. They can be saved in case there is roof damage later or if repairs need to be done in the future.

    So for the 24 square roof example, you would want to add 2.4 squares which equal about 7 or 8 more bundles.

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    Not Using Nails Correctly

    Something as simple using too few nails can actually be very detrimental to the longevity of your roof. To save on costs, some less than honourable contractors may use too few nails to secure your shingles. As a rule of thumb, no fewer than 4 nails should be used per shingle improperly secured shingles can come loose and a loose or missing shingle doesnt do a very good job of diverting water.

    Nailing too high or too low can also be a big problem. Shingles have a nailing strip that should be used when securing your shingles to your roof. When roofers properly use the nail strip, all of your shingles will be held much more securely in place. For example, if you use 4 nails per shingle, each shingle will, in actuality, have at least 8 nails holding it in place. This is because using the nail strip will actually catch the underlying shingle. At DAngelo and Sons, we go one step further by using 6 nails per shingles, meaning that your roof will be even more secure.

    Failing To Take The Winter Climate Into Consideration

    If you live in an area that sees some pretty harsh winters, your roof may be prone to the formation of ice dams. Ice dams occur when heat escapes a homes attic, melting the snow on the roof. The snowmelt then freezes and, over time, an ice dam develops. Ice dams are notorious for allowing runoff to enter between the shingles. A responsible roofer will anticipate the possibility of ice dams and install an adequate underlayer in the roof to protect against the formation of ice dams.

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    How Many Layers Of Shingles Can Be On A Roof

    President at Bill Ragan Roofing Company

    If youre on a tight budget, youve probably already learned you can nail over your old asphalt roof instead of fully replacing it. However, this wont be an option for most homeowners because of a few reasons.

    One of these reasons has to do with how many layers your asphalt roof already has. That begs the question, how many layers of shingles can be on a roof?

    Here at Bill Ragan Roofing, our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to know to make the right decisions. Thats why well be breaking down how many layers of shingles can be on your roof.

    After that, well also give you the crucial information you need to know about nailing over your current asphalt roof.

    Is Malarkey Roofing Warranty Good

    Roofing Katy TX

    Compared to top roofing shingles manufacturers, Malarkey is known for providing an outstanding warranty, that offers great protection for the homeowner.

    Did You Know? Your Malarkey warranty will offer 100% coverage for several years after installation, before the proration period begins. Malarkey calls this time frame: The Right Start Period. This period is one of the longest warranty coverages in the industry.

    Here is a summary of Malarkey Warranty terms for different shingle series.

    Shingle Series
    140 mph

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    What Nails To Use To Install Shingles Properly

    Roofing nails should be no gauge higher than 12, which is the diameter of the nail shank. 11 gauge is better because it is thicker and thus has greater holding power. Length should be no shorter than 1 ¼ and the head must be at least in diameter.

    Nails must penetrate the roof sheathing at least by ¾. If the sheathing isnt ¾ thick, then they must go through the sheathing by at least . Abiding by these requirements will ensure you have the right sized nail.

    Installations of shingles that occur over the top of old shingles require nails that are, at minimum, 2 in length. This is to ensure the nail penetrates through both the new and old shingle, plus penetrates the roof deck by at least ¾.

    How Much Does A Box Of Coil Roofing Nails Cover

    Typical box count is 7,200 nails per box, with 120 per coil. That will do abount 21 squares.

    Similarly, you may ask, how many coils are in a box of roofing nails?

    1-1/4 x . 120 Ring Shank Coil Roofing Nails, Heavy EG plated for superior corrosion resistance and pull out. Wire Collated, 120/Coil, 60 Coils/Box. 7200 Nails/Box.

    Likewise, how much is a case of roofing nails? Compare all Specifications

    Grip Rite 1-1/4 in. Smooth Galvanized Coil Roofing Nails 1-1/4 in. 11-Gauge 15-Degree Wire Collated Galvanized Roofing Nails
    $22.98 Was $26.98 Save $4.00 $33.33 /box
    Nail Length 1 1/4 in. Nail Length 1 1/4 in.

    Also know, how many roofing nails are in a 5lb box?

    Nail Quantity per SquareShingle manufacturers recommend using four nails per shingle in the main part of the roof and five nails per shingle in the first row. This amounts to an average of 320 nails per square, or 100 square feet. In high-wind areas, you need five nails per shingle, or 480 nails per square.

    How do you calculate roofing nails?

    Use a rake edge for the side of the house as well. Estimate how many roofing nails you’ll need. At 4 nails per shingle, that’s about 320 nails per square. For high-wind areas, use 6 nails per shingle, or 480 nails per square.

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    How Many Nails Are Used Per Shingle

    Most shingle manufacturers recommend at least four nails per shingle and six in high wind areas such as Florida and Oklahoma. That answers the question about the minimum number of nails and were sure you realize that the minimum will be good enough for fast buck roofing companies, plus theyll use the cheapest roofing nail they can find.

    Answering the question about how many nails we use per shingle is a bit different and well go light on the technical details yet not so light that we end up being vague. We use 4-6 nails per shingle, depending on the area and steepness of the roof. Let us explain a bit more.

    First, our nails are 1¼ inch hot dipped galvanized, ring shanked for extra bite versus a smooth shank that is less secure. These nails are installed using an air driven nail gun to assure the shingles are fully secured. Each nail actually goes through two shingles the one that is getting nailed and the one underneath it. That is why every shingle is actually getting 12 nails.

    The value of how many nails we use, and the type of nails, has less meaning without converting it to how much wind your roof will withstand. Our installation method will endure hurricane velocity winds exceeding 130 MPH. Thats beyond even the worst gusts you should ever have to worry about in Southeast Michigan.

    How Many Nails Are In A Box Of Roofing Nails

    How to Install Timberline HD Shingles | GAF Pro Series

    7,200 nails

    Also question is, how many nails should be in a shingle?

    four nails

    Also, what nails do I use for shingles? Stainless steel nails are also good for fastening tiles and slate, or you can work with copper nails for standard roofing purposes. Galvanized roofing nails are steel nails that are zinc-coated. They hold up better against rust, and they can also be used for asphalt shingles.

    One may also ask, what size nails do you use for roofing?

    Proper Nail Application For Asphalt ShinglesNails should have a minimum, nominal shank diameter of 11- or 12-gauge, and a minimum head diameter of three-eighths of an inch. The length of each nail must be a minimum of 1¼ inches long, and for roof-overs, Atlas recommends a nail length of at least 2 inches.

    Should roofing nails go through the sheathing?

    A 1nail will fully penetrate through 3/8roof sheathing, but it won’t fully penetrate 1/2sheathing. The other way to determine if the proper nails were used is to look in the attic if the roof has 1/2sheathing, you should be able to see the nails sticking through in to the attic.

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    How To Fix Nail Pops In A Roof

    Nails can pop above the roof surface for a number of reasons. Perhaps they were underdriven in the first place. Nails that didnt fully penetrate the sheathing may work their way up over time. Or, if a roofs decking has warped or bent, it can pull nails out of place. Whatever the cause, its important to fix any nail pops in a roof to prevent damage.

    Fixing the nails is simply a matter of removing them, removing the shingle and installing a new shingle. Be sure you to use the correct nail length and place it properly.

    Do not simply hammer the nail down, renail it in the same spot, or use the same shingle. All of these methods could allow water through the roof. For example, if you remove the nail and drive it back into the same spot, your aim wont be perfectly accurate. There will be a tiny gap on one side of the nail or the other. Even if it is imperceptible to you, water will find it.

    If you use the same shingle and add the nail back in a different spot, youre leaving behind a hole where the nail once was. Some suggest you fill this hole with roofing cement, but this repair option must be done carefully to maintain the roofs water-shedding performance.


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