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How To Get Nail Tech License

How Much Does The Nail Tech School Cost


Nail technology courses are a quick jump into the beauty world. On average, the nail technology course cost less than $3,000.00 in Miami, Florida. Many accredited schools offer payment plans to help students quickly enroll and begin their professional career path. Some schools even offer interest free payment plans, contact the schools admissions department for details. Other may even provide a discount if the program is paid in full. Check your local schools website for exact cost of the nail technology program.

California Nail Technician License Requirements

Theres a lot that goes into the field of nail technology. From simple nail care and nail trimming to intricately designed artificial nails, theres a style that suits everybody. When you earn a California nail tech license, you learn how to interpret a customers needs and use your skills to meet those needs.

Licensing is regulated by the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. Currently, the process includes working through an education program, paying a set of fees, and passing both a skills test and a written test. The list below sums up CA nail technician license requirements.

Nail Art Course With Gel Painting

Gabriela Cismas is the instructor in this course with many years experience in the nail art profession.

The course is over 3 hours long with 20 lessons. Gabriela teaches step-by-step, how to decorate your nails with simple and difficult design using gel painting. She shows you which color gel is ideal but also what types of brushes you need to use for specific techniques.

You can actually get this course for 2 weeks FREE when you

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Courses Required At Illinois Nail Tech Schools

50 hours: Nail care history, personal hygiene, ethics, bacteriology, and OSHA 15 hours: Body systems, massage theory, and people skills 255 hours: Fabric procedures, sculpting procedures, light cured gels, machines and apparatus, manicures, pedicures, massage of the hands and feet, and product knowledge 30 hours: Business skills and management

This is a great time to get your nail license. IL schools, listed below, can help you take the next step.

How To Get A Nail Tech License Renewed In Florida

How To Get Nail Technician License In Illinois

Upon earning your nail technician license in Florida, you can continue working as long as you follow your renewal schedule, pay your fees, and complete all continuing education requirements.

Licenses in Florida expire on October 31 of either odd-numbered or even-numbered years, depending on your original licensure date. The renewal fee is currently set at $40. During each two-year cycle, you have to complete 16 hours of continuing education. Those hours are broken down into specific topics.

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What Are Some Related Alternative Careers

Barbers, hairdressers, and cosmetologists cut and style hair in addition to providing a number of other beauty related services depending on the environment. Often times nail technicians will work in conjunction with these individuals. Skin care specialists focus on maintaining healthy skin and beautifying skin all over the body and face. All of these jobs require communication skills and the ability to work with clients in addition to specified technical skills.

Apply For Your Nail Technician License

After you have completed your education and exam requirements, you are now eligible to apply for your license!

All you have to do is apply online, or fill out the paper application form and mail it in. With the application form, you will need to submit the following materials:

  • $30.00 Application Fee

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The Process Of Applying For Your Florida Dbps Nail Specialist License

In Florida, the professionals responsible for keeping filling, painting, and applying specialist products to nails are known as Nail Specialists. And every Nail Specialist must hold a valid license awarded by the Department of Business and Professional Services in order to ply their trade.

Now, youve probably been so busy learning about different nail techniques, that you havent even thought about applying for your license yet.

But dont worry, weve got your back every step of the way.

Starting with

Find Employment As A Nail Technician

Can You Be A Professional Nail Tech Without a License?

Nail technicians are employed at nail salons, beauty salons, spas and resorts, with New York, California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Illinois having the highest employment levels in 2018. As the number of nail salons and spas increase, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that employment for nail technicians is expected to grow by 10% from 2018 to 2028 .

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Obtain Your Nail Technician License From The South Carolina Board Of Cosmetology

Once you have completed both the theory and practical exams PCS will forward your results to the South Carolina Board of Cosmetology within 10 days. The Board will then begin processing your license, a procedure that can take up to 30 business days.

Out-of-State Nail Technicians

If you are already a licensed nail technician in a different state you can be eligible for licensure if your home states manicurist license requirements are similar to the nail technician license requirements in South Carolina. In this case you can apply directly with the South Carolina Board of Cosmetology with either an online or paper application.

To be eligible for a nail technician license through reciprocity you must have already passed a theory and practical exam as well as completed a manicurist school that is at least 300 hours in length.

Courses And Hours Needed At Nail Tech Schools

300 hours of technical instruction and practical training in nail care including water and oil manicures, hand and arm massage, pedicuring, artificial nails, nail analysis, nail tips, nail wraps, and nail repairs 100 hours of technical instruction and practical training in health and safety 10 hours of technical instruction in laws and safety 25 hours of health and safety considerations 20 hours of disinfection and sanitation 10 hours of bacteriology, anatomy, and physiology

When you graduate, you should be an expert in manicuring, pedicuring, artificial nails, and customer service.

Get more information on schools that can help you become a nail technician by consulting the list below.

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Completing A Nail Technician Program Or Apprenticeship

To achieve licensure as a nail technician in the U.S., candidates must first complete a course of education and training, either through a traditional nail technology program or by participating in a nail technician apprenticeship.

Nail Technology Program

The duration and structure of nail technology programs are typically designed around the state licensing requirements of a particular state. Although each state has similar licensing requirements for nail technicians, the length of the program and the programs curriculum will likely mirror the requirements for licensure in the state in which it is located. Many state boards of cosmetology maintain lists of approved nail technician programs in the state.

It is important that students understand their states requirements for achieving a manicurist license when choosing a program as to ensure the program meets state requirements. For example, candidates for a nail technician license in California must complete a program that is at least 450 hours in duration, while in Pennsylvania candidates need to complete a program that is 200 hours in duration. Some states, like California, require as much as 600 hours of training through a nail technician program, while other states, like Virginia, require as little as 150 hours of training in a nail technology program.

A nail technology program generally consists of two, distinct areas of study: theory study and practical study. Classroom study may involve curriculum such as:

How To Get A Nail Tech License Renewed In Ohio

How To Get Nail Technician License

To keep working without interruption in Ohio, you must renew your license every two years. Renewal documents are due in every odd-numbered year. Each biennial cycle requires eight hours of continuing education, one hour of which must relate to human trafficking and recognizing the signs of human trafficking. Ohios renewal fee is $45.

Within a matter of weeks, you could be applying for a license for nail technician in Ohio! Make the first move now by requesting information from schools near you.

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What Does A Nail Technician Do

As a nail technician or manicurist, you will trim and polish clients’ nails, repair broken nails, and apply nail extensions. Additionally, you will assess the skin condition of a client’s hands, care for the cuticles, and shape the nails. Some skilled technicians even create designs or tiny pictures on their clients’ nails. To become a nail technician, you must complete a training program and obtain a license from the state in which you wish to work.

Where Do I Get The Training I Need

Hands on training is a large part of your curriculum at an accredited beauty school. You will learn as you work on clients nails under the supervision of your nail tech instructor. The hands-on experience, under the watchful eye of your teacher, will help you refine your techniques as a nail tech.

Friends can always lend a hand too! The more you can practice and refine your techniques, the more confident you will be. With your effort, your work will continually improve and soon enough, youll have your own clientele.

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Successfully Complete An Approved Manicurist Program

Your road to becoming a licensed manicurist in California begins with the completion of a manicurist program that has been approved by the Board. You can view a list of approved schools here. Most manicurist programs are completed in a cosmetology school, although there are also a number of dedicated nail technology schools in California.

According to industry statistics published by NAILS Magazine, 80 percent of all nail technicians in California are Vietnamese. As such, there are a number of nail technician programs in California aimed at Vietnamese immigrants. Many of these programs do not require students to speak any English.

An approved nail technology program in California must consist of at least 400 hours of technical instruction and practical training. Instruction must include the following:

  • Technical instruction and practical training in nail care
  • Manicures and pedicures
  • Disinfection and sanitation
  • Bacteriology, anatomy, and physiology

The Board also recommends that nail technology programs provide training in professional ethics, salesmanship, record-keeping, decorum, client service record cards, and basic tax responsibilities.

Note: There are currently no apprenticeship programs for manicurist licensure in California.

Passing A Nail Technician Licensure Examination

How to get a nail tech license in the US

The second, necessary step to licensure as a nail technician is the completion of a nail technician examination. Depending on specific state requirements, the examination phase of licensure may include a written examination or a written and practical examination. Some states have their own state examination, while others use the National-Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetologys practical and/or written examinations.

To date, 14 states utilize the NICs nail technician practical examination, while 33 states utilize the NICs nail technician written examination.

NICs written nail technology examination assesses candidates in the following areas:

    • Scientific concepts
  • Function of nail equipment and nail implements
  • Nail service preparation
  • Polish

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Nail Application With Color Polimers

This course on the Skillshare website is led by Viktoriia Klopotova. With over 3 hours and 27 lessons of video instruction, Viktoriia teaches you the basics of working with color coatings and step-by-step how to apply them correctly. You will learn how to correctly and professionally apply both regular lacquer and gel-lacquer .

The purpose of the course is to for nail technicians to improve the quality of their services through new techniques. Both beginners and more experienced nail technicians can benefit from this course.

If you are just getting started learning to become a nail technician, you will still need to sign up for another course where you learn everything overall to become a nail technician. This course serves as additional training to increase your skills.

You can actually get this course for 2 weeks FREE when you .

Nail Art Course With Acrylic Paint

This is another great course by Gabriela Cismas on Skillshare. This one is specific to manicures with acrylic paint. It consists of 22 lessons and almost 5 hours of video instruction. Suitable for both beginners and those with more experience in nails, this course will teach you all the details about using acrylic paint to do your nails.

You can actually get this course for 2 weeks FREE when you .

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Check Youre Eligible For A Florida Nail Specialist License

In order to apply for a Florida Nail Specialist license you must have:

  • Graduated from a Florida Nail Specialist program AND
  • Worked a minimum of 240 practical hours OR
  • Have a Nail Specialist license in another state whose requirements for licensure are comparable or more stringent than Florida requirements. AND
  • Have worked a minimum of 240 practical hours

If you meet these requirements, you can move on to the next step.

Student Aid British Columbia

How To Get Nail Technician License

Mirage Spa Education has compiled a Student Aid BC Handbook This is your first stop in understanding the requirements, obligations, and policies before applying to Student Aid BC. Please read through the handbook carefully before beginning your application process online.

Refund Policy


  • If Mirage Spa Education Inc. receives tuition from the student, or a person on behalf of the student, the institution will refund the student, or the person who paid on behalf of the student, the tuition that was paid in relation to this course in which the student is enrolled if:
  • the institution receives a notice of withdrawal in writing from the student no later than seven business days after the effective contract date and before the contract start date
  • the student, signs the student enrolment contract seven business days or less before the contract start date and the institution receives a notice of withdrawal from the student between the date the student, signed the student enrolment contract and the contract start date or
  • Mirage Spa Education Inc. will refund the tuition for this course and all related fees paid by the student or a person on behalf of the student enrolled in the program if the student is enrolled in the course without having met the admission requirements and did not misrepresent his or her knowledge or skills when applying for admission.
  • The student has completed more than 50% of the course no refund is due.
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    Ohio Nail Technician License Requirements

    Ready to explore career options at Ohio salons, nail shops, and spas? First things firstyou need to learn how to get a nail tech license in Ohio. Licensing is required in almost every state. Though it may seem like it creates extra work for you, it actually benefits you throughout your career.

    Strict licensing standards keep your reputation from being damaged by those who would practice without training or experience. This obviously benefits customers, since they want to spend their hard-earned money on quality services. Employers have an easy and foolproof way to check your credentials and skills with state licensing laws.

    The Ohio State Board of Cosmetology sets the following standards.

    What Is A Nail Technician

    Nail technicians work with clients to file nails, apply polish, and provide cuticle care. Furthermore, they only work on hands and feet, providing a number of specialized grooming treatments for nails. They must be comfortable and alert using a number of sharp tools, including but not limited to clippers, files, and specialized cuticle tools. Keeping their tools clean and sanitary is important. Many own their own salons. Take a look at the following table for more information about this field.

    Education Required State-approved cosmetology or nail technician program
    Key Skills Creativity, business skills, dexterity, customer service

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    Fill Out Your Application

    Before you can get your license and begin working, youll need to complete an application with the Department of Business and Professional Services.

    You can apply for this online here. Or.

    It is important to note that the same form is used for applications for Cosmetologists, Nail Specialists, Facial Specialists, and Full Specialists.

    And because of this, its really important that you complete the right sections of the form. This will ensure that your application is processed correctly and that you get your license in a timely manner.

    For applications for Nail Specialists, only sections I-II and IV-VI of the application form should be completed.

    Once you have entered your personal information, an official from your school must complete section IV of your application form. This section is used to confirm that you have completed the necessary hours of study required for a license to be issued.

    How To Get A Nail Technician License


    The first step in obtaining a nail technician license is to enroll at a cosmetologist or nail technician school. Before actually enrolling in a nail technician school, make sure the school is accredited and produces good results for students. You should do some preliminary research on a cosmetologist school before paying any enrollment fees and signing up for classes.

    Consider which type of nail technician school is right for you. Some schools offer night and part-time classes, while others are full-time day school programs. Figure out the placement statistics of the different cosmetologist schools on your list. Do graduates go on to find employment upon graduation? Figure out whether students have time to work on the public floor of the school and can attract clients in the area. If a nail tech school is not attracting clients, then there are likely issues and reasons for the lack of clients. Nail tech schools tend to attract many people in any given day who seek the services of students. You may want to inquire about any scholarship or financial aid programs offered at nail tech schools.

    If you have met all of these requirements and passed your cosmetology classes, then you will be eligible to sign up for one of the written and practical exams in your state. Pick an exam date that is four to eight weeks ahead of the actual exam date. It will take the Board at least this much time to read through your documentation and ensure everything is correct.

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