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How To Hang Something Heavy On The Wall Without Nails

How Much Can Command Strips Hold

How to Hang a Heavy Picture Without Nails or Damaging the Walls

As noted earlier, every command strip comes with its own unique size and weight restriction. This information is often listed on the package. The larger strips can handle art or pictures that weigh an excess of 16 pounds. Smaller command strips can only hold up to four pounds.

For hanging anything, its recommended that you buy a size thats a little bigger than the actual weight of your frame or photo. This is worth trying if you doubt whether the strip you purchased can actually handle the weight indicated on the package.

For best results, steer clear from using two command hooks to hang your frame. Once the adhesives of the two strips are pushed together, they can hold a combined weight of 15 pounds. The best thing to do is to use a single strip with a better weight capacity. A good example is the Command Jumbo Utility Hook. This strip can hold a whopping seven-and-a-half pounds and stay firmly plastered on the wall for the longest time.

If You’ve Got Brick Walls Understand That Drill Holes Are Harder To Repair In Mortar So Opt For Brick Clips To Bypass The Drill Altogether

If you do want to install something more permanent on an exposed brick wall, learn how from Brick Underground.

Brick clips fit right onto the bricks, so there’s no need to drill. This set fits bricks 2 1/8 to 2 1/2 inches tall and each one can hold up to 25 pounds. Brick is tricky, though, so be aware that even these may leave some marks.

Get a set of two brick hooks from Amazon for $5.95.

How To Hang Wall Art Without Nails

Are you experiencing some trouble regarding cracks on your wall? Are you tired of repairing holes made by nails but still desire to put up your beautiful art collections for display?

Since our team hasbeen trained with designers for years, we can give you the best advice and solutions,such as how to install wall arts without nails? To simplify, weve already explored and gathered the most effective techniques to hang wall art without using nails.

Sticky hooks are the most frequent way to hang wall art without nails. Simply plan out how you want your artwork to be hung, then attach one side of the hook and latch strips to the walls and the other to the frames. Then you adhere them to the wall by sticking them together. You may also use your molding, mantel, or bookshelves to display the artwork.

Moreover, in this article, we will help you deal with wall arts, minus the use of nails, where you will learn :

  • The importance and beneficial effect of wall art
  • Various tips in hanging wall your wall art or frame without using nails
  • Techniques on hanging wall arts like an artist

Additionally, at the end of this article, your struggle in cracks and holes caused by nails will all be gone. You may then confidently display your wall arts without any worries, especially regarding nails. So, lets not delay any longer and get to the things youve been waiting for.

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If You’re Looking To Decorate On A Budget Or Don’t Want To Fully Commit Major $$$ To Gallery Wall Pieces Just Yet Etsy Has Lots Of Instantly Downloadable Prints You Can Print At Home In Whatever Size You Need And Can Swap Out Frequently Since They’re So Affordable

Some shops, like Kiki & Nim, even offer pre-curated gallery wall sets like the one above to get you started! This Black woman-owned shop makes so many stylish, instantly downloadable works of art for every style and occasion, you’ll probably be able to find something for every room. Each order comes with four JPG files in different sizes, but you can also message the shop owner if you need a custom size!

Get the set of 10 prints from Kiki & Nim on Etsy for $15.40.

How Do You Hang A Heavy Painting Without Nails

How to Hang a Heavy Picture Without Nails
  • A command strip is one of the most common ways to hang up frames, canvases, and other decor with no messy residue on the walls..
  • Hooks for command line.
  • Your Molding Can Be A Great Place To Hang Art….
  • Don’t let your mantle go to waste.
  • The books on the shelf take up space.
  • Don’t be afraid to lean into your walls…
  • You can put your art on an easel.
  • You need to clip it.
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    Bookshelves Arent Just For Books

    Image courtesy of

    This option works best for smaller framed works. If youre trying to protect your walls, you can kick your books off your bookshelves and use that shelving unit as a dramatic, multi-level showcase for your smaller works of art.

    Many stores offer bookshelves that come with a variety of adjustable shelf options, which will give you many different display configurations to choose from.

    What Adhesives Will Stick To Brick

    Whilst all of the above we have mentioned do actually technically stick to bricks lets clarify what adhesive will actually effectively work. It does come down to a case of the more industrial you go, the better results you are going to get. No more nails and gorilla glue are your best adhesive options to attach things to brick walls because of their nature they can actually embed themselves into the pores and ridges of the brick whilst also being super sticky and resistant to nature.

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    Tap To Play Or Pause Gif

    They come in three sizes, so make sure to get the right one. The smallest size can hold up to half a pound, the medium size up to three pounds, and the large up to five pounds.

    Oh, an important but oft-ignored step when using these babies? Clean the surface of the wall with a little rubbing alcohol before applying.

    Promising review: “I use these all over the house. Thanks to these little things, I can hang anything without damaging my walls. I use the small ones to hang lighter objects and the bigger hooks to hang heavier pictures. As you can see in the photo, the top part of the hook is visible, but it doesn’t bother me. If you don’t want them to be seen, you can obviously hang things higher. I’m very happy with these hooks.” joy izgi

    Get a set of nine small hooks for $7.48, nine medium hooks for $12.60, and six large hooks for $13.10, all from Amazon.

    How To Hang Up Heavy Frames Without Nails

    Here’s How You Can Hang BIG Wall Art Without a Single Nail or Hammer

    The guide to how to hang up heavy frames without nails using alternatives such as command strips and hooks, as well as a hook and loop tape.Living in rental accommodations can be a drag. You dont get to completely customize your space for fear of damaging it and ultimately incurring costs for repairs before you move out.

    One common problem is how to hang up huge and heavy frames without ever damaging the walls. This may sound impossible at first, but you can definitely do it!

    And whats more surprising, nails, hammers, or drills of any type dont even need to be part of the solution at all. Here are some alternatives to make that possible so that your walls could live the rest of their lives damage-free while youre at it!

    Overall, there are three alternatives to nails and hammers when it comes to hanging heavy frames on the wall. Here they are, in a nutshell:

    Command Strips These are the most common options, and are perhaps the easiest to apply.Command Hooks These are for massive frames that weigh a whopping 50 to 80 pounds.Hook And Loop Tapes These are for when you have to deal with textured walls.

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    Tapes That Sticks To Brick

    You can actually get gorilla glue mounting tape which would be super effective as an adhesive for your brick wall. Alternatively there are a number of other brands who are now producing adhesive tape which uses a molding method to help adhere effectively to the bricks such as Scotch. It is the nature of bricks which makes it so hard for things to be attached to them.

    How Do You Hang Heavy Canvases

    For a large-sized canvas, you may need to use wire hanging instead of a sawtooth hanger for extra steadiness. Step 1: Gather eye hooks, wire, and nails. Step 2: Screw the eye hooks on both sides of the frame approximately 1/3 down from the top of the canvas. Step 3: String the wire between the eye hooks.

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    Can You Glue Stuff On A Canvas

    Fabric glue is perfect for attaching lightweight objects weighing no more than 3 ounces to fabrics. Canvas should be no more than a third full. In addition to super glue, you can also use PVA glue for objects with rough back surfaces. If sewing items onto canvas, ensure that the stitch is tight by using a thick, sturdy needle.

    How Much Weight Can Command Strips Support

    How to Hang Large Pictures Without Using Nails â The ...

    As previously stated, each command strip has its unique size and weight restriction. This information is frequently printed on the package.

    Larger strips may support art or pictures weighing more than 16 pounds. However, smaller command strips can only support a maximum weight of four pounds.

    It is advised that you get a size somewhat larger than the actual weight of your photograph. You should also avoid utilizing two command hooks to hang your frame for optimum results.

    It is recommended to utilize a single strip with a higher weight capacity. The Command Jumbo Utility Hook is a nice example. This strip can support a whopping seven and a half pounds while being firmly affixed to the wall for the most extended period.

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    How Do You Stick Canvas To A Wall Without Nails

  • A command strip is probably the easiest and most common way to attach frames, canvases, and other decor.
  • Is it possible to use command hooks…
  • Your Molding Can Be Used To Hang Art…
  • Don’t be afraid to use your mantle….
  • Books that take up shelf space.
  • Let the wall lean on you.
  • You need an easel to put the art on….
  • You can clip it up.
  • Or Find The Stud Yourself By Knocking On The Wall Or Using A Strong Magnet

    Just like when trying to figure out what type of wall you have, you’re listening to see where the wall sounds hollow versus more solid. The area that sounds more solid is probably a stud! But it’s always a good idea to make a small test hole to be sure. Watch the full tutorial from

    You can also use a strong magnet to replicate the function of a magnetic stud finder. Get the full tutorial from The Craftsman Blog.

    Also check out Style Me Pretty and Popular Mechanics for more tips for finding studs yourself.

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    Hanging Pictures Without Nails On Textured Walls

    Textured walls are some of the most beautiful types of walls youre likely to see in a home. This can soon alter when a nail is driven directly through the surface of the wall. There are two more nail-free options for hanging your photographs without causing damage, apart from command strips:

  • Hook-And-Loop Tapes: Popularly referred to as Velcro, this sort of adhesive is ideal if you frequently move picture positions. Apart from hanging photographs, the hook-and-loop tape is suitable for hanging fabric, window treatments, plaques, and frames on the wall.
  • Additionally, hook-and-loop tapes can also be used to embellish furniture with patterned backings or table skirts. The robust sticky support enables you to secure virtually anything.

  • Washi Tape: Washi tape is one of the most cost-effective methods of attaching pictures to the wall. However, this depends on the weight of the thing being hung. Sticky putty, masking, double-stick, and packing tapes are excellent choices.
  • Adhere little pieces of vinyl or tape to each of the four corners, and youre good to go. Utilize some high-quality tape, and youll notice how much texture, pattern, and color your room gains.

    Adhesive Hangers & Hooks

    How to hang heavy items without nails or glue with VELCRO® Brand.

    The first and most popular idea on our list of hanging things on walls without using nails is adhesive hangers and hooks. There are abundant sellers in the market selling hooks and hangers with a unique bonding agent that can stick to your wall when you need them. You can also easily remove these hangers or hooks when you dont need them anymore. The best thing about these adhesive hangers is that they can hold any items such as artworks, photo frames, or something decorative.

    We would recommend you to read the packaging and know how much weight each hanger or hook can bear. Generally, adhesive hangers can hold a few pounds, but you can also find the ones that are made for heavier objects. To avoid any hassle, it is better not to just randomly pick it up from a store. Instead, have a clear picture of the object you are going to hang. Talk to the salesperson and let them know what you are going to hang and how much it weighs.

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    How To Hang Heavy Art

    For pictures that weigh between 5 and 20 pounds, a good option is plastic drywall anchors and for pictures between 20 and 50 pounds, you can use a metal wall anchor or make sure to use a wall stud. For anything heavier, or a good all around solution for hanging multiple pictures, use a rail cable hanging kit.

    Hang Them Using Adhesive Hooks Or Nails

    Now, this option is one of the best ways to get your pictures up on your walls without having to use any regular nails. The thing with self-adhesive hooks and nails is that theyre a simple, effective, and pocket-friendly way to hang heavy pictures without defacing the wall.

    They come with adhesive parts designed to stick to walls. That said, you can hang heavy pictures without removing the hardware that was used to hang the picture. The only caveat is that the kind of hardware on the picture would determine if you went for the adhesive hook or nails.

    Another thing to keep in mind is the weight of the picture. You see, adhesive nails and hooks have specific weights depending on their size. So in some instances, you might need to use more than one hook or nail. It all depends on the size of the adhesives and the weight of the picture. Whatever you do, ensure that you evenly distribute it when hanging the picture.

    Once thats settled, the first step to using adhesive hooks and nails is to clean the wall because adhesive hooks and nails need clean surfaces to function right. So you want to clean the wall using some isopropyl alcohol and a clean piece of cloth.

    Allow both surfaces to dry. Then, get the adhesive hook or nail ready by removing the liner on the adhesive strip before attaching it to the hook or nail, depending on which you opt for.

    Allow the adhesive to stay up for an hour to dry. Once thats done, you can hang up your pictures using the hook or nail you set up.

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    How To Hang Objects On Drywall That Weigh 25 To 50 Pounds

    Molly bolts can be used to hold heavy loads between 25 and 50 pounds. Pointed versions can be tapped into place with a hammer while non-pointed styles use a drilled installation hole. Tap or drill and tap the round flange flush with the wall, turn the screw to expand and secure the slotted sleeve on the back side of the drywall.

    How To Hang Things On Cinder Block Walls Without Drilling

    How to Hang a Heavy Picture Without Nails

    7 Ways to Attach Things to Cinder Block Walls

  • 01 of 07. Mounting Putty. Mounting putty is a sticky, clay-like material that comes in sticks or cubes.
  • 02 of 07. Hardwall Hangers.
  • 03 of 07. Hot Melt Glue.
  • 04 of 07. Self-Adhesive Hooks.
  • 05 of 07. Landscape Block Adhesive.
  • 06 of 07. Concrete Screws.
  • 07 of 07. Expansion Bolts.
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    How To Hang Anything On Anything

    Walk down the hardware aisle of any home center, and youll find an overpowering array of wall anchors and picture hangers. While its easy enough to drive a nail or screw through drywall and into a stud, many homeowners have problems figuring out how to secure items to the wall between studs or in hard surfaces like brick or concrete.

    Heres what you need to know about using wall anchors and picture hangers in your home.

    What To Use With Sawtooth Picture Hangers

    All of 365Canvas prints come with sawtooth hangers. So how to hang this kind of print?

    Its recommended to use nails for this type of canvas art but here are some other factors youll need to consider:

    • Nails will be your best option if your picture weighs nothing more than 1.9kg or 90 pounds, as nails wont be efficient for sizes greater than that. So ensure your canvases are small and medium sizes if you intend to use nails.
    • Pick nails based on the canvas size, for 8 x 10 canvases use small nails and for 16 x 16 or 20 x 20 go for medium-sized nails.
    • Choose steel or brass nails to prevent rust later on.

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