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How To Put In Contacts With Long Nails

How Long To Wear Your Lenses For


In general most soft contact lenses have a recommended wearing time of not more than 10-12 hours continuously for up to 5 days a week. Its recommended that you wear glasses for a couple of days a week to ensure that your eyes receive more than enough oxygen to stay healthy. Extended wear lenses can be worn whilst you are both awake and asleep for up to a week. However its important to realise that the recommended wearing time for a contact lens will vary by the type of lens and the wearer. Contact lens manufacturers provide wearing guidelines for your lenses . Please follow the wearing schedule suggested by your Optician as he / she is uniquely well placed to advice you.

How To Take Out Contacts

Once youve accomplished putting them in, your next concern may be how to remove contact lenses without injury. The trick is to move slowly and take the following steps:

  • Wash Your Hands: Just like the first step of putting your contacts in, always clean your hands before touching your eyes.
  • Pull the Bottom of Your Eyelid Down: Use your middle finger to hold your eyelid down, then touch the contact. It should easily stick to the bottom of your finger so you can slide it out. As it slides out, softly squeeze the contact and pull it from your eye.
  • Disinfect or Dispose: If the contact is damaged or is for single use only, throw it away. Otherwise, place it in the palm of your hand and disinfect it with contact solution before storing in its case.

How To Take Out Contact Lenses With Nails

This article was medically reviewed by Shaune Wallace, OD. Dr. Wallace is an Optometrist in Nevada with over 14 years of optometry experience. He received his OD from the Southern California College of Optometry in 2006 and is a member of the American Optometric Association. This article has been viewed 173,193 times.

Removing contact lenses can be tricky if you’re new to wearing them, but especially so if you have long nails. Following certain protocol when removing lenses can help minimize the risk of damage and infection.

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Dont Mix Contact Lenses With The Rest Of Your Garbage

Old contact lenses dont belong in the same trash bag as your expired yogurt and other discarded food, grass clippings and other yard waste, worn-out appliances and tired-looking furniture. says that while adding contact lenses to your everyday trash means that plastic wont flow into our water systems, its still being dumped at a landfill.

Thats no better than flushing your contact lenses.

Contacts May Not Last As Long


If you are new to the long nail club and are struggling to remove contacts safely, youre probably doing some damage to those lenses every time you try.

While its better than scratching your actual eyeball, those contact lenses may be taking the brunt of your long nail wrath, which may impact their effectiveness.

Since you want your contacts to be at 100% capacity, it could be worth using new lenses on a more frequent basis.

You also may want to consider swapping out your lens case more frequently than usual, because your unwashed nails will be in contact with the plastic exterior, as well as inside.

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Can You Put Acrylic Nails On Short Bitten Nails

This is something that many people will want to know the answer to, as putting acrylic nails on short cut nails can often times be very frustrating. In many cases it can be difficult to even get these nails to look clean, let alone to actually put on and take off.

Acrylics are a pain to use, especially if you have to put them on very fast, as they can be prone to fall off. It can be hard enough to take them off if they do fall off, but what if you cant get them off? This can ruin an entire manicure for you, and if youre not careful, your nails can become damaged beyond repair.

However, you can put them on if youre willing to commit some time and make sure you get them just right. You want to start out with the nails being fairly clear. This allows you to see how your acrylic nails are going to look, and youll want to go ahead and paint over any mistakes before you put them on.

If you have short-cut nails, this may require you to cut them to the correct length, which can be difficult, but if you have long nails, it may be much easier.

How To Wear/take Off Contact Lens With Long Nails

Too many people asked me this question so i decided to show you once and for all how i do it!!!

Actually the only trick to wearing contact lens is not to use your nails.

There. Problem solved.

Using nails might accidentally scratch your contact lens or even tear it, so what i do is i use the softest part of my finger tip to gently pull it out.

Sorcery? Watch how.

Video brought to you by RainbowColor!

I know some of you are like, dafuq did you just do that? I dunno , i guess its just lots and lots of practice!

Also it helps that RainbowColor is super moist so its very very easy to put in and take out! I have already been wearing that pair for 3 months but its still very hydrated!

Other tips of wearing contact lens and contact lens care include:

Just very basic stuff la actually you know know already. Actually i never adhere to insert contact lenses before putting make up cuz sometimes i will forget one -____-.

But that day Aud told me her friends brother NEVER TAKE OUT CONTACT LENS FOR 5 MONTHS WTF. He wears it to sleep WTF. For 5 months WTF.

So if you do that please stop :X

Anyway, if you dont know about RainbowColor yet, it is a collaboration of GEO lens and Cheesie which is available in 7 different colors and different power.

Now available at every SASA outlet including East Malaysia and for powered ones you can purchase it online HERE!!

RainbowColor ships worldwide so overseas readers, do make your order nao! ^^

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Unable To Remove Contacts With Long Nails

Ive now had contacts for over 15 years and have gotten mostly used to touching my eyes on the daily. But there is one thing I was never able to solve how to remove contact lenses when you have long nails.

To be honest I didnt worry about this for a long while. The square and squoval shapes that were popular during my high school years never had any appeal to me.

Fast forward to the present day however and I am in love with the ballerina/coffin nails.

And so I have been facing a dilemma for the past couple of yearshow to get my coveted nails without ripping my cornea off every night?

I practiced with press on nails but always had to end up either cutting them or removing them completely at bedtime. I tried lots of different finger holds but just couldnt get a good grip.

How Do I Remove A Contact Lens Without Pinching It


While pinching a contact lens off is a popular removal method, you can use the pads of your fingers to sweep the lens down. This is particularly useful for those removing contact lenses with long nails. First, wash your hands thoroughly and dry them well. Reach over to the eye you are removing your lens from and pull the eyelid and lashes up to maximise space. Using the middle finger, pull your lower eyelid down. Look up to the ceiling, and position your index finger at the bottom of the lens and gently apply pressure to sweep the lens down. The lens will naturally want to drift back to the center of your eye, as thats where its made to fit, but keep trying until you feel it dislodge. Once its moved off the center of your eye towards the white part, you should be able to pull it down with the pad of your finger.

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How Long Does It Take To Put In Contacts For The First Time

Applying contacts can feel daunting when youre new to them, so give yourself some time to practice and familiarise yourself with the process. Expect it would take your eyes around 10 to 12 days to adjust to the feeling of contact lenses. Allow for some downtime for your eyes too, as they may get irritated after a few goes, so keep your eye drops handy.

Dont Put Contact Lenses In The Recycling Bin

Contact lenses themselves shouldnt join bottles, cans and other recyclables at your house.

Due to their size and packaging materials, recycling facilities typically cannot handle contact lens processing, so they are diverted to landfills, says.

There is, though, a way to recycle the plastic blister packs that contain your contacts.

Online magazine Mental Floss recommends putting empty blister packs inside plastic bottles and then dropping them into your recycling bin once youve filled up the bottles.

Remember to remove the foil that covers the blister packs before you shove them into those plastic bottles, though.


Clearly is excited to offer a brand-new contact lens that allows you to experience optimal comfort and extraordinary performance for less. Everclear contacts offer high-tech lenses featuring high oxygen flow-through, consistent moisture balance, and UVA/UVB protectionat a price as low as $3 per box!

Everclear is available in daily, weekly, and monthly varieties at

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Why Is It So Hard To Remove Contact Lenses

Blinking when something is close to your eye doesnt make taking your contact lenses out very easy, does it?! It might feel difficult to remove contact lenses the first few times you try, but all it takes is a bit of practice and patience and youll be a seasoned pro in no-time. Just watch our video tutorials a few times to get the moves down and make sure you give your eyes a break between goes by using eye drops or artificial tears.

I may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. This is at no extra cost to you.

Flashback to 2008-ish. I was around 14 years old and dying to shed my shy, geek status. I set out to accomplish that goal by ridding myself of glasses and getting contacts.

Off to the optometrist I went and when I was unable to get the contacts in and out myself at my appointment they sent me home with some overnight lenses to practice with.

After two weeks of practicing for hours everyday I was still unable to get those suckers out. Gross, huh? Well the Doc thought so too and an appointment was made so that the eye doctor could take them out for me and I would go back to my trusty glasses.

But in the immortal words of Marilyn Monroe, Guys dont make passes at girls who wear glasses.

That was not going to me! I made a last ditch effort and finally conquered the contact lenses.

Having contacts didnt make me any less shy and boys didnt make passes but the victory was still momentous and some confidence was gained.


How To Take Out Contacts With Long Nails

LONG NAILS Contacts Removal

Long-nail lovers deal with a lot of daily inconveniences that other people just dont get.

We need to be extra careful opening boxes, eating with our hands, getting into cars, and even going to the bathroom. It takes a while to get used to having these talons!

Its sort of like other fashion sacrifices we make, including high heels and hair extensions. We learn to live with them and its worth it.

But one aspect of long nails living often goes undiscussed, and that is the dilemma of dealing with contact lenses.

Wearing glasses is okay now and then, but for those of us who prefer the contact lens and long nail combo, we tend to run into problems.

Lets review the best ways to take out contacts with long nails so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds without scratching yourself or going crazy.

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Acrylics That Come Off Easy

Theres always the possibility that you just cant figure out how to safely remove contact with long nails, and its a frustrating feeling.

On one hand, you know what a pain it is to sleep through the night while wearing contacts, but you also dont want to run the risk of damaging your eyes or removing your fancy acrylics.

This is just one of those lose-lose scenarios that we hate, but what if your acrylic nails came off super easily, and you could preserve them for future use? That way, you can safely and quickly take your contacts out and not worry about ruining a pricey manicure.

Thats the beauty of todays press-on nails, which are leaps and bounds better than the fake nails youve probably used in the past.

The press-on nails on the market now are so easy to take off at a moments notice and dont leave your nail beds covered in gooey residue that takes ages to scrub away.

When learning how to live with long nails, definitely try out some flat-tipped coffin styles first, as they will help minimize scratching.

Thoroughly Wash And Dry Your Hands

Before you start, wash your hands thoroughly using tap water and antibacterial soap. This is integral to all things eye care, in order to avoid dry eyes or eye infections caused by harmful bacteria. Drying your hands well gives you a good grip: the most hygienic method is using either a lint-free towel or an air dryer.

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How Does The One By One Program Work

Once youve collected your old contacts, blister packs and foil, you can pick one of two recycling paths:

Take the waste to a local eye doctors office. Find a vision practice near you participating in the contact lens recycling program. At this time, drop-off locations arent available in Alaska and Hawaii.

Ship it to TerraCycle. If you go the shipping route, youll place the waste in a sealed cardboard box and then drop off the box at a UPS location or schedule a pickup from your home. Free shipping labels are available.

You dont need to wash the contact-lens waste before you recycle it, but you should be sure the blister packs are free of liquid.

Once received, the contact lenses and blister packs are separated and cleaned, Bausch + Lomb says.

The metal layers of the blister packs are recycled separately, while the contact lenses and plastic blister pack components are melted into plastic that can be remolded to make recycled products.

Fortunately, the program accepts used contact lenses and other contact-lens recyclables from any manufacturer, not just Bausch + Lomb.

For every qualifying shipment weighing at least 2 pounds, Bausch + Lomb will donate $1 per pound to Optometry Giving Sight, a global fundraising initiative that seeks to prevent blindness and impaired vision.

Think of recycling your contact lenses as a win-win with little effort on your part. Your contact lenses and their packaging are recycled, and youre helping programs to prevent blindness.

What To Do If A Lens Is Uncomfortable

How I apply and remove CONTACTS with LONG NAILS

If youve just started wearing contact lenses, know that they may feel slightly uncomfortable for the first few days. This is more common with hard lenses.

If your eye feels dry once youve put in your lens, try using rewetting drops made specifically for contacts.

If a lens feels scratchy, hurts, or irritates your eye after putting it in, follow these steps:

  • First, dont rub your eyes. This can damage your contact lens or increase the discomfort.
  • Wash and dry your hands well. Then remove the lens and rinse it thoroughly with contact lens solution. This can get rid of any dirt or debris that may be stuck to the lens, making it feel uncomfortable.
  • Inspect the lens carefully to make sure its not torn or damaged. If it is, discard the lens and use a new one. If you dont have a spare, make sure to follow up with your eye doctor right away.
  • If the lens isnt damaged, carefully reinsert it into your eye once its been thoroughly rinsed and cleaned.
  • If your lens is often uncomfortable and the above steps dont work, or you also have redness or burning, stop wearing your lenses and call your doctor.
  • To keep your eyes healthy, its important to follow the proper care instructions for your contact lenses. Not doing so can lead to numerous eye conditions, including serious infections.

    In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , serious eye infections that can result in blindness affect approximately 1 out of every 500 contact lens wearers each year.

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    How To Put In Your Contact Lenses

    If youre having trouble putting in contact lenses, this quick video should tell you everything you need to know.

  • First wash and dry your hands.
  • Open the foil or case lid , and scoop your lens out using your index finger.
  • Check the lens looks okay it should be a bowl shape. If it has a lip it means its inside out. Before you put it on, hold it up and check for any tears or bits of debris.
  • If its dirty then use some fresh solution to clean it, but if its damaged youll have to throw it away.
  • The easiest way to insert your lens is to place it on the tip of your index finger and with your free hand, pull the top eyelid up this will help you to stop your blinking reaction.
  • Pull your bottom eyelid down and bring the lens towards the centre of your eye.
  • You wont have to press it onto your eye it will go into place on its own .
  • Pull your bottom eyelid down and bring the lens towards the centre of your eye.
  • You wont have to press it onto your eye it will go into place on its own .
  • Once the lens is on move your eyes from side to side and then close them both. This gets rid of any air bubbles trapped under the lens and makes sure its in the right position. Then just repeat on the other eye. Easy peasy.

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