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No Plumbing Pedicure Chair For Sale

What Is The Average Price Of A Pedicure Chair

Bella Pedicure Chair (No Plumbing)

The cost of pedicure chairs depends on the different variables it has to offer such as the features, upgrades, and the brand name. Typically, the average cost for a nonportable pedicure chair is around $2,000 to $8,000. The more luxury and tech- savvy the chair is the more expensive. For a more affordable route, you can get a portable one for about $300 to $1,000. Portable pedicure chairs are the perfect option for beginners or a smart choice for salons that dont have space for large equipment and/or have no plumbing setup for the pipe-less pedicure spa chairs.

Now that you know the different features you should look for in making sure you get the pedicure chair of your needs. It is time to go through our list of the best-quality pedicure chairs that you need to upgrade your salon or spa for 2022!

But So Whats The Difference With A Portable Spa

Both a plumb free pedicure chair and a regular chair have foot spa basins with jet streams to massage clients feet. The difference is how the jets are created. Traditional pedicure chairs create the jets using a network of pipes and a pump. The pipes take the water from one side of the basin and shoot it out the other. There is also a drain to empty the basin after the pedicure. To make matters even more confusing there is also the term pipeless pedicure chairs. These are systems that use underwater fans to create the jet stream. But you still need to connect these chairs to plumbing to fill the basin with water and drain it afterward.No-plumb chairs use a built-in propeller to move the water across the basin. There is no plumbing involved so you have to fill the basin manually at a water source and take it to a drain afterward to empty.

What Are The Best Reasons To Get A Portable Pedicure Station Over A Stationary One

Stationary chairs take up a lot of space, cant be moved around, require hiring a plumber to install them, and are very expensive.

If your salon doesnt see many people for pedicures it might not be worth taking the plunge yet into a top-of-the-line pedicure chair. This is especially true if you dont have lots of spare room for a dedicated pedicure station. Having a portable option means you can bring out your pedicure area when you need it and then wheel it back into storage out of the way when youre done.

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Should You Invest In Pipeless Pedicure Chairs

To sum up, here are the many benefits you can enjoy by choosing pipeless pedicure chairs for your salon.

  • They are more sanitary. You not only ensure the safety of your clients, you avoid problems that can be costly.
  • They will help you make more money. Since these chairs take less time to sanitize and clean, you can handle more clients in a day and increase your earnings.
  • They cost less money. Although you will spend more money upfront, you spend less setting up the chair and cleaning it afterwards, since time is money.
  • They have more advanced features. You can offer your clients a wider range of services compared with the traditional pedicure chairs.
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    Bella Pedicure Chair No Plumbing Pedicure Spa

    wholesale spa pedicure chair with no plumbing pedicure chair of ...

    Bella Pedicure Chair, No Plumbing Pedicure Spa

    Key Features:

    • BASE ONLY dimensions: 28L x 27.5W
    • Weight: 200 lbs


    The Bella pedicure chair with Footsie foot bath is a great combination to have in your spa if you have limited space or want to have a pipe-less pedicure spa chair.

    Warranty Information:

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    J& A Empress Se Pedicure Spa Chair

    Looking for a good sturdy and durable pedicure chair with one of our top brands? This is the right choice for you! The Empress SE Pedicure Chair J& A was built to impress with its beautiful design resin bowl, powerful pipe-less Infiniti jets, a full shiatsu massage chair, footrest adjustments, and a base wrapped LED lightening for the finish touches.

    J& A USA

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    Plumb Free Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Portable

    Although some people use these terms interchangeably, this is not correct. Many of the no-plumb chairs that are referred to as portable are actually heavy and difficult to move around. When a manufacturer advertises a no-plumb chair as portable in the title of the listing, dont take it at face value. More honest providers dont use the term portable. They call their chairs plumb-less or no-plumbing pedicure chairs or even plumb-free chairs even if they have coasters.Unfortunately, there is no industry standard for using these terms. Thus, you have to pay close attention to the description of the chair. Keep in mind that when they use the term portable, it does not mean the chair is easy to move around. It usually only means that the chair does not need any plumbing.

    There are definitely real portable pedicure spa’s on the market and we sell 2 different brands. The Gulfstream and the Continuum Portable Pedicure Spa’s. These don’t come with an actual chair. But the spa bowls itself are super portable and easy to roll around in your salon or even to take with you on your visits to a nursing home for the elderly, but more on that later.

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    Thats The Good And The Affordable But What About The Fast

    This is where many other companies fail, which means we double our efforts here. Our customer service team is available 24/7 so that you can get instant answers to any question you may have. You can contact Anna directly to receive a response in just a few short hours, and we offer super-fast shipping so that you arent left waiting.

    Our theory is that by bringing you products that are good, affordable, and fast, we can move beyond simply selling you a product. Were here to form an ongoing relationship with your business, and we know that in order to maintain your loyalty, we have to continue to offer competitive prices, fast service, and quality goods. Thats why in over five years of operation, our business has never once dropped the ball on these goals. Check out our Best Price Guarantee to see one way that we are honoring that commitment.

    Get in touch with us today with any questions you may have. Youll receive a response in just a few hours or less from our highly trained staff. Or browse our catalogue to get started shopping today!

    Best Pedicure Chairs: Understanding Your Options

    Calvin Pedicure Chair, No Plumbing Pedicure Spa

    Whether youre new to the beauty industry or have owned a nail salon for years, it can be tricky trying to figure out which type of pedicure chair and its various options are best for you. And, what may be the best pedicure chair for the salon down the street might not be the best pedicure spa for you.

    Thats why Shop Salon Citys experts are here to provide the information you need to make an informed, business-savvy purchase.

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    What Is A Disposable Liner And A Magnetic Pipeless Jet

    Most salons now tend to use disposable liners for their Pedi Chairs, which are flexible plastic wraps used to cover the inside of your basin which prevents dirty water from even touching the bowl.

    Since these plastic liners are disposable, each client would only use one and then its thrown away making your every pedicure even more sanitary.

    The problem with using disposable liners is that they cover the entire bowl even the fans that create the whirlpools.

    The solution to this problem is using a Magnetic Pipeless Jet.

    These magnetic jets come in 2 parts, the motor and the fan.

    The motor is attached to the bowl itself, it is then covered over by a plastic liner, the fan is then placed on top of the motor, yet is separated by the liner

    The motor and fan can work even though there is a barrier between the two due to magnetic coupling technology.

    Now once the jet is turned on the electromagnet powers on and turns the fan to create the whirlpool jets.

    I would advise most salons to incorporate disposable liners and if they can afford it use a magnetic jet.

    Pure Luxury Spa Pedicure Chair No Plumbing

    » FREE SHIP TO YOUR SALONEstimated Delivery Time: 10-14 Business Days

    Pure Luxury Spa Pedicure Chair No Plumbing

    No plumbing? No problem! The Pure is plumbing free, portable, and versatile. Simply plug the power cord into the wall, fill the tub from a sink and the chair is ready for pedicures! Pedicure tub tucks away, saving space. Featuring a top of the line Caresst Massage, built in power outlets, foldable manicure trays, as well as purse hooks. Included pedicure tub has vibration and heat.

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    Diva Deluxe Pedicure Chair

    Our high-end pedicure spa The DIVA Deluxe Pedicure Chair is a true salon showstopper. The Diva massage chair has extended the back-massage functions further to arm massage. Another key feature of this high-quality massage pedicure chair is that the seat is controllable with buttons on the tub. This considerate feature allows the pedicure technician to adjust the seat recline degree easily and move the top chair forward or backward to the best position without standing up a perfect combination of functionality and technician comfort!


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    What To Look For In A Pedicure Chair

    Calvin Pedicure Chair, No Plumbing Pedicure Spa

    Before we start with our list lets look at some of the key features you should consider looking for in a chair:

    • Seat reclining adjustment options

    Everyone has different body types, genetics, working habits and probably also injuries that affect the body. Having this feature is important for the client because, it allows them to adjust the chair to their own body making them feel more relax instead of tense. It also gives them the option to adjust to their comfort needs.

    • Adjustable headrest and footrest

    The adjustable headrest is beneficial for people who have neck and shoulder problems, because it allows them to not have to support their own weight on their neck. Instead, it gives them the option to relax their muscles. Having an adjustable footrest is just as important as the headrest, because it provides more comfort and relaxation for the client and also more control which provides more flexibility for the nail technician.

    • Seat cushions that are padded, leather, or cloth

    It provides comfort and overall, a luxury look for your salon or spa. This will appeal to a wide variety of clients, because one of the most important things people look for is how comfortable their seating arrangements will be.

    • Shiatsulogic technology
    • Pipe- less technology

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    A Portable Pedicure Spa & A Plumb Free Pedicure Chair Are They The Same Thing

    Just because you dont have a lot of space or access to plumbing for a regular pedicure chair does not mean you cant provide one for your customers.

    Plumbing free pedicure chairs allow your spa to offer pedicures without connecting them to your plumbing to fill the basin with water. Thus, they dont need any installation and dont take up a lot of room!

    What Else Can You Do To Prevent Pedicure Infections

    Being identified as an infection vector is not only bad for all the usual reasonsâitâs bad press. Other than always following the state and manufacturersâ guidelines on cleaning, the best thing you can do is be sure the rest of your salon is also clean to prevent contamination. Proper autoclave sterilizers are needed to keep tools clean and nail dust extractors remove floating nail dust which could contain fungal particles.

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    Why Use A No Plumbing Pedicure Chair

    Fixed pipeless pedicure chairs are not always the best option, or even an option at all for some salons.

    Maybe you own a current salon and are just starting to give pedicures. Quickly adding portable pedi stations to your salon will allow you to start giving pedicures without interrupting your business.

    Maybe you dont own your building â some landlords dont allow tenants to add plumbing for fixed pedicure chairs.

    Maybe construction costs are just too expensive right now.

    Or, maybe you just want the flexibility to rearrange your salon without having to rip up plumbing.

    Whatever the reason, a no plumbing chair can get you past your plumbing obstacle.

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    How Important Are Ergonomics

    luxury black double seats used pedicure chairs no plumbing

    If youll be working on clients on this chair, please keep your own comfort and posture in mind. OSHA has a list of recommendations including having the ability to raise clients feet so you arent bending over as much and making sure you have a good adjustable chair for yourself.

    Most pedicurists like a good rolling stool with proper support, the same type that doctors and dentists tend to choose.

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    For New Orders:If you havent purchased from us yet, you have two options to get the best price guarantee:

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    Spa Pedicure Chairs No Plumbing

    About products and suppliers:

    Pedicures are a mainstay in the beauty industry. This service is often well sought-after by ladies who simply want to change up their nails with beautiful nail polish and new patterns in time for events and special occasions, or by girls who want to enjoy some self-care and pampering. Either way, pedicures are offered and usually in high demand at massage parlours, nail salons, spas and other beauty joints.

    Cater to this market by selling spa pedicure chairs no plumbing to the salons and spa outlets! You can find an array of suitable spa pedicure chairs no plumbing from wholesalers on Alibaba that are perfect for these beauty shops. There are many affordable pedicure benches, pedi chairs, pedicure tables, and even accompanying items such as a pedicure cart with footrest or foot stool for pedicures. No matter what your client's salon set-up is, you can have something to offer them and suit their needs!

    If you are looking to clinch the business of up-market and prestigious salons, you can also buy wholesale luxury pedicure chairs or pedicure massage chairs. These elevate the experience of the customer with comfy leather or other material, and even a massage thrown in to the mix while they are enjoying a pedicure.

    Give your clients an opportunity to elevate their business with these nail spa chairs! Buy wholesale spa pedicure chairs no plumbing now from trustworthy sellers on Alibaba to get started!

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    Its The Best Investment

    Although quality pedicure chairs can be expensive, they are worth the investment. Salon chairs that are made of quality material minimize maintenance costs.

    Low-quality chairs are hard to maintain and require frequent repairs. In addition, they do not have a long warranty.

    This means, if a chair is damaged, you will use your money torepair it, or the worst case, replace it.

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    Serenity Ii Pedicure Spa

    wholesale spa pedicure chair with no plumbing pedicure chair of ...

    If you are seeking something that is attractive to look at but also affordable and not too intimidating to manage on a day-to-day basis, Serenity II is the one for you. It comes with Shiatsulogic technology which provides that therapeutic massage with the settings of rolling, kneading, tapping, pressing, and knocking to give your body the comfort it needs. Serenity II comes in two different models as well the Exclusive EX-R Chair and Luxurious LX Chair also having multiple cushion color options.

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    Which Chair Will Fit In Your Pedicure Salon

    Its a boring and practical topic to consider, but also one of the most important. The last thing you want to do is drop money on a set of chairs only to get them in your space and realize theyre too big for your salon.

    Make sure youre double-checking your measurements when shopping around. Use masking or painters tape on the floor of your salon to block out the size of the chairs so you can see how far from the wall theyll stick out. You want to ensure there is plenty of walking space for your employees and clients to avoid feeling too crowded.

    Your space also determines whether you could benefit from module pedicure stations that fit together in one long, sleek-looking bench, or if all you can fit are portable, rolling units to bring out as needed.

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