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What Are Color Street Nail Strips

How To Remove Color Street Nails Polish Strips

3 Tips On How To Apply Color Street Nail Strips

How to remove color street nails: Because they began about two years ago, I’ve been a Color Street Independent Stylist. I love my Nails on Color Avenue! I love that they last so much longer than the typical nail polish and so do my clients! One of my most asked questions is how to extract Nails from Color Lane.

Since these nail polish strips can be replaced with a nail polish remover, I decided to share some ideas to make sure you quickly extract the nails from Color Street since keeping your nails clean.

Final Thoughts On Color Street

If youre looking for the best quick manicure around then Color Street nail strips are a must try! Easy application and stunning, long lasting designs give you everything you could want in nail color. Save yourself some money and enjoy salon style nails in the comfort of your own home.

How To Apply Color Street Nail Polish

Overall Color Street Nail Polish Strips are pretty easy to apply. I didnt do much to prepare my nails for this manicure. I had recently filed my nails down, so I just pushed back my cuticles and used the alcohol swabs to super clean the nail bed. I compared each nail strip to my actual nail beds to decide which strips to use. I have fairly small hands but long nail beds, theyre somewhat narrow though. I ended up using the 4 biggest strips, skipped 1 strip size and used the next one for my pinkie. They all fit pretty well except for my middle finger, it could have used the same size strip as my index finger.

Theres a clear plastic coating to remove from the strips and then you can remove the nail polish strip from the backing. It is a little sticky, but it isnt difficult to work with. Once youve removed the tab at the end, you can apply the polish on to your nail. There are 2 ends you could put near your cuticle, and my nails are a little more of a squoval so I used that end at the base of my nail. I push down in the middle first and lay the polish down flat, stretching as I need to.

Once Ive positioned the polish in the right spot I pull it down over my nail and pull, the polish will rip over the nail in just the right spot. You can then file down the excess.

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What Is Color Street Color Street Is The Brand Name Of Globally Patented 100% Nail Polish Strips

These nail polish strips can be applied to fingers and toes in just a few minutes. Each package of Color Street Nail Polish Strips includes 16 strips of 95% dry nail polish in various widths and shapes. This ensures that each person can match each nail as close as possible. Color Street Nail Polish Strips go with every outfit, fit users of all sizes and make it easy to have beautiful nails!

Would I Recommend Color Street To A Friend

Color Street Nail Polish Strips
  • Its great for so many things. I love it for everyday wear, but also for special things like holidays, work events, or even a hot date. Mommy daughter nails are really fun too. Because little girls nails are smaller you can usually get their nails done with the leftovers from your set.
  • Color Street would be ideal for vacation because the nails would last the entire trip. You wouldnt have to worrying about bringing polish with you or buying some on vacation when your nails chip and crack.
  • Color Street even makes a fun gift for a family member or friend. Think thank you gifts, bridesmaid presents, stocking stuffers or teacher appreciation gifts. There are lots of things that make Color Street a great product to try.

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The Color Street Manicure

All of these above are manicures Ive done over the last few months. You can see that its super-easy to do some custom nail art with these babies, too! Since theyre in strip form you can simply cut them into different shapes.

Color Street is a game changer when it comes to the nail polish world, which hasnt seen a major technological update since the early 1900s when the nail polish bottle was created. Other nail stickers have come out, but these are actual polish. Its an amazing technology because it solves so many problems with the traditional liquid format. You know I love problem-solvers, in fashion and beauty. I love that I can stop mid-manicure and make Sienna a snack or let Camper outside. I used to get gel manicures often, but the cost, time and damage to my nails made it less-than-fun for me. It became more of a chore. These, however, are so fun, especially since they are coming out with new shades now monthly!

If you have tried these before but havent checked out the styles in a bit, Color Street has really upped the choices for fall by bringing on a former executive at OPI and consulting a fashion color house for fall trends. Word. Some of my favorite fall shades are Made in Milan , Manchester Mauve and Only In Vegas. And the new Halloween collection is super-fun, too! Im digging the glow in the dark sets!

Color Street Nail Strips Review: Do They Work

Now that my nails have become longer and healthier, Im finding joy in at-home manicures again. Ive only recently gotten on board with the whole nail wrap craze after my first ever successful attempt earlier this year. Now that Im not a beginner at the process, Im finally venturing into other brands in hopes of finding more ways to dress up my nails easily.

Recently, a pile of new designs of Color Street nail strips landed in my lap. These looked particularly interesting, and unique from other nail wraps Ive tried, as theyre made up entirely of actual nail polish theyre not just stickers. The strips are polish thats almost completely dry, but has enough flexibility to stretch a bit before setting completely.

Something to note: Color Street is a brand that is sold through independent representatives, but they also sell directly on their website if you dont live near a nail stylist or just dont want to deal with in-person sales.

Since the strips are made out of real nail polish, theyre thin and very delicate. It took a bit of time for me to get used to handling them, as Im used to a thicker plastic feel with the brand I previously used. Because they stretch easily, its also easy to tear them. I tore the first one I tried applying, because it got stuck to my finger and it ripped in half when trying to peel it off my skin. Also, theyre not as forgiving if you need to adjust mid-application, as peeling them off the nail can stretch them out too much.

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What Is Color Street Color Street Is A Family Of Stylists

There are many direct sales options out there, all of which have the potential to offer the ability to share great products, maintain flexible work hours, and earn additional income. Our team provides a supportive, helpful network, with varying levels of direct sales experience. We also use and promote the methods taught in the Sassy Suite. More info here. And perhaps more importantly, we are building lasting friendships, from all corners of the country, and having a lot of fun doing it!

Why Are My Color Street Nails Not Sticking

Fastest and Easiest Way to Remove Your Color Street Nail Polish Strips!

If this is one of your main Color Street problems, let me tell you that youre not alone! Again, this is another huge problem I see from people and most of the time it is a problem with application. Your skin produces a lot of natural oils that keep it hydrated and healthy. You know all those fingerprints you see on windows and stainless appliances? Thats your skin oil. In order for Color Street to stick properly your nail must be free of these oils.

One of the very first steps to Color Street application is using an alcohol prep pad and one is included with every set. However, if after doing this step the strips still arent sticking there are other things you can do to remove that oil.

The next step I recommend is washing hands with soap and water making sure to get into the crevices around the cuticle. This will usually do the trick, but if thats still not good enough or your nails still look shiny you can rub acetone nail polish remover over them. While I dont usually like to recommend acetone remover it is very good at drying things out which is what your nails need if theyre oily.

Another tip that Ive seen other Stylists recommend is a base coat with Color Street. The strips seem to grip better when using one if they have oily nailbeds. Using a base coat in general is a good thing for your nails as well. Ill mention this again later, but when using a strengthening base coat it can help prevent your nails from peeling and breaking due to weakness.

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Things I Dont Like About Color Street

  • While the Color Street website says their nails can last for up to 10 days I have noticed a big difference in the lasting time depending on the type of polish. For me, I can get away with wearing the glitter nails way longer than the solids. You just notice imperfections more with a solid nail.
  • While you do just remove Color Street with nail polish remover, I have found cheap removers dont get the job done .
  • A lot of women buy professional strength nail polish remover from a beauty supply store. If you want to go the drug store route, I have found this remover by Cutex called Ultra-Powerful. It works if you really soak the cotton pad.

    My SIL uses Onyx Professional to take off her Color Street Nails. Both are great options and neither are very expensive.

    If youre having problems with brittle nails after using Color Street it could actually be a problem with the acetone remover. Weve had a couple of readers mention they switched to a mineral nail polish remover and the brittle nails went away. Try Mineral Fusion Nail Polish remover if you have this problem.

    One of readers recently mentioned the use of nail clips to help in the removal process, especially with those pretty but pesky glitter nails. If you only wear nail strips occasionally then you probably wont need them but if you year them regularly then they could be very helpful.

    Make sure to give nails a little breather in between sets and consider getting a good cuticle oil to strengthen nails.

    Color Street Nails An Honest Review From A Non

    Now that I know the ends and outs of Color Street nail strips Im going to share my honest thoughts about the product. Youll get the pros and the cons in this Color Street nails review.

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    Why Are My Color Street Nails Cracking

    This is one of the most common Color Street problems that I see in my personal use of the product. Rest assured this is not a problem with the nail polish strips themselves or your Color Street application. Cracking is a normal effect from your nails expanding and contracting. Nails are incredibly absorbent and take in water causing them to swell or expand. However, when they dry the nail will contract and shrink. Nail polish of any kind will succumb to this problem. No, Im not saying you have to just deal with it!

    There are ways to help prevent cracking, or at least prolong the inevitable. Solid colors tend to be the biggest offenders when it comes to Color Street nails cracking. They are thicker than their glitter counterparts making them less conducive to the expanding and contracting of your nail.

    The best way to help prevent the cracking is to layer, layer, layer. You can double up on the same color by using the other side of the strip, apply a different color, or even a clear overlay like this one. You dont even HAVE to use Color Street. Play around with different liquid topcoats such as this one for a matte effect. The point is, making your nails thicker and stronger will keep them from cracking .

    Meet Your Color Street Stylist Kristin Nice

    Nail Strips Color Street


    Thanks for stopping by!!!

    This has by far been the biggest surprise for me as my latest business endeavor! I just love and am addicted to this product! Real nail polish strips that are nearly cured for your fingers and toes! The hottest new way to get a manicure! Fast, FUN, inexpensive and easy!!!!!

    This is a fabulous, fun opportunity for YOU to sparkle and shine and I LOVE to empower women! Our products are safe and made in the USA right in Clifton NEW JERSEY!! Whether you choose to be a customer and look and feel awesome or start a new business, I can help! To see what the average earnings of a Color Street Stylist are, please click to view Color Street’s Income Disclosure

    My 15 years in this industry as a single mom has enabled me to stay home, raise my family and not miss a beat. I love having the time and financial freedom to do what I LOVE around my precious family. So blessed by direct sales and you can be too!!

    This is a ground floor opportunity so jump in with me! Whatever you desire is just at YOUR fingertips!


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    A No Mess And Long Lasting Product:

    When applied properly Color Street can last 7-14 days. While Color Street is just nail polish, it is 95% dry allowing it to be applied in a strip instead of a brush.

    If you get interrupted doing your manicure you will never have to worry about smudging. It is also sturdy enough that you wont see chipping after the first day like you typically do with traditional nail polish.

    Have small children and typically worry about them spilling over the bottle during your mommy and me bonding? This is also no longer a problem with Color Street. If it gets knocked and brushed off onto the carpet or furniture, it wont make a mess!

    How Do I Remove Color Street How To Remove Color Street Nails

    This is one of the most commonly asked Paint Street Nail Polish Strips queries I have. Depending on what sort of “nail user” you are, here are a few things to remember

    Nail strips from Color Street are 100 percent nail polish but I still get inquiries on how to clear Color Street. Only the answer? Choose the nail polish remover you need. Is the response lengthier? Look on, boys.

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    How To Apply Color Street Nails

    I want to give you just a brief description of application process for Color Street nails so you know a bit about how they work. Then, Ill get to the pros and cons.

  • Clean and prep nails before application. File nails and push cuticles back. Color Street makes this step easy by including alcohol wipes and a mini file in each Color Street set you order.
  • Once nails are prepped youll need to size your nail strips to fit your nails. Finding the correct size for each nail is important for a better, lasting look.
  • Once you know which strip is going on your nail you will remove the plastic covering the strip.
  • Start with your pinky and move your way across your hand, finishing with the thumb.
  • The strips are sticky and slightly stretchy. Stick the nail polish strip onto your nail as close to your cuticle as possible and then smooth the polish onto your nail, working your way up and out.
  • Crease the strip over the edge of your nail, then use your thumb or file to remove the excess nail.
  • These are just the basic steps for application. If you want a more detailed explanation then check out Color Streets instruction page. There are plenty of tips and tricks for applying Color Street to your nails. My Color Street stylist shares things like that on her if you want to check it out.

    How Do They Work


    Each pack of Color Street nail stickers contains sixteen strips so that youre guaranteed to find the best fit for your nails. Simply select the strip size that best fits each nail, peel off the backing paper, and smooth the strip onto your nail from the cuticle to the tip. Once you reach the tip, youll likely have overhang. To address this, use the file that comes included in the kit and file off any excess. While doing so may make you worry about snagging the polish, rest assured, these strips are designed to be filed.

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    How Long Do Color Street Nail Polish Strips Last

    Ive now gone through 3 packages of Color Streets, and I can already get them to last a minimum of 10 days chip free, but with a few tricks they last me 2 weeks. I removed my last set at 2 weeks because of regrowth, not due to tip wear, so I think thats the upper limit of how long a manicure can last me anyways.


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