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What Is Top Coat Nail Polish

Is Top Coat Or Base Coat More Important

How to Apply a Nail Polish Top Coat | Manicure Tutorials

Top coat will help prevent chips and make it look better longer, base cost helps the polish stick to your nail and prevent staining. If you only have one you can use either as both a base and a top coat as they are essential the same thing but are a little better at whichever they were made to be.

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Best Top Coats With Uv Protection Filters:

  • CND Color Shellac, UV Top Coat . Although typically retails for more than 15 dollars, it is widely used by professional salons for a smooth gel like finish and UV protection, useful for preventing the nail polish color from fading faster.
  • Avon Nail Experts UN Gloss Guard . A great inexpensive find from Avon that offers a glossy finish and offers U.V protection for the prevention of color fading.

The Problem With Conventional Nail Polish

Nail polish has a signature pungent smell. This odor comes from the mixture of chemicals used to make the paint. Unfortunately, most of those chemicals are toxic to humans. Toxins in nail lacquer are absorbed into the body through your nails, which are porous. The toxins can also be absorbed when inhaled.

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How To Apply Nail Polish

Applying nail polish seems like a no-brainer and it shouldnt be hard. But it takes precision and skill to apply it like a pro. Once you learn the basics of a flawless application, youll no longer need to visit the salon each time you need a fresh manicure or pedicure.

Heres a step by step guide on to apply non-toxic nail polish like a pro:

  • Prepare Your Nails Prepare your nails by removing old polish. This allows for a smooth application. Also take the time to trim, file, and smooth the nails. Use a slightly abrasive buffer to make the surface even, ensuring you move it in one direction to avoid tearing. For an elegant finish, shape your nails in a round, square, or oval shape.
  • Soak Your Fingers Fill a small bowl with warm water and squirt a little cleaner into it. Soak your hands in the bowl for 3 minutes. Clean your nails and the skin next to them with a gentle scrubber to remove any dirt and oil, which may affect the adhering of the lacquer to your nails.
  • Push Back Your Cuticles Soaking your fingers makes the cuticles soft, and thereby easy to push back. Pushing them back gives the nails a defined shape at the base and sides. Avoid cutting cuticles as they protect the nail matrix from infections. However, cut any dry or overhanging skin.
  • Apply Petroleum Jelly or Glue For easy clean-up after application, apply petroleum jelly or school glue to the skin around the nails. The excess color will settle on the glue or jelly instead of sticking to your skin.
  • Features To Look For In Top Coat Nail Polish

    OPI Natural Nail Top Coat 15ml (NT T30) Visit Us Online

    The top coat is the finishing touch to your manicure. Here are some features you may wish to look for as you shop for a product.

    • UV protection

    Many top coats have built-in UV protection to prevent yellowing of the nails and polish. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, UV protection is a must. Itll help safeguard your delicate nail beds from sun exposure, too.

    • Nail nutrients

    A few top coat polish options are infused with vitamins intended to strengthen your nails. For example, you might find a polish that includes vitamin C and E. However, youre more likely to find base coat nail polishes with nutrients than you are top coat nail polishes with nutrients.

    For antifungal protection, look for nail polish formulas with tea tree oil.

    • Quick-drying property

    Who wants to spend the better part of an hour blowing on their nails to get them to dry? A quick-drying top coat formula ensures you can get back to your routine in a jiffy.

    • Scratch resistance

    While all top coats are designed to seal and protect your polish, some may be vulnerable to scratches. If you work with your hands or spend a lot of time in the garden, look for a scratch-resistant top coat formula.

    • Multiple applications

    Some topcoats require multiple applications for upkeep. Youll need to re-apply these polishes once a week or more to ensure extended protection. If youre short on time, a top coat of this nature may not be convenient for you.

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    Benefits Of A Base Coat

    1- Makes Your Nail Polish Adhere To Nail Plate

    The main function of a base coat is to make your nail polish adhere firmly to your nails. This helps to prevent peeling and chipping.

    Base Coats do this by acting like glue or double-sided sticky tape. They contain a high amount of sticky resins which bond firmly with your nail plates and then create a sticky surface over your nails for your nail polish to anchor onto.

    2- Prevent Your Natural Nails From Getting Stained

    Some nail polishes contain a huge amount of dyes and pigments which if applied directly over your nails can cause your nails to be stained. The most common culprit are bright red nail polish.

    Added to that frequent usage of nail polishes over your bare nails will cause your nails to develop an unnatural yellow tinge.

    Now a base coat acts like a dense buffer layer which prevents the pigments in your nail polish from reaching your nail plate and thus prevents them from being stained.

    Seche has a great base coat that will prevent your nail polish from stained and do a really good job at making your nail polish adhere to your nails.

    You can

    3- Makes Your Nail Polish Flexible

    Base Coats tend to contain high levels of plasticizers which makes them more flexible than regular nail polish.

    This flexibility allows them to bend with your natural nails rather than breaking and also if your nails are naturally brittle base coats can help to reinforce your nails and not allow to break or chip easily. Citation.


    Why Use A Top Coat

    The advantages of using top coat polish include the following.

    • Faster drying time

    While not all top coats dry quickly, many have quick-dry properties that allow you to spend less time doing your nails.

    • Long-lasting manicure

    A layer of top coat helps seal your polish and encourages color to last longer. Your freshly manicured nails could potentially look good for weeks.

    • Protection

    A top coat helps protect your nails against chips and scratches.

    • Sleek look

    Most top coats deliver a polished finished appearance.

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    Is Hard As Nails A Good Base Coat

    The original strengthener, helps prevent chipping, splitting, cracking, long-lasting protection. Toughen up weak, fragile nails! Use Hard As Nails® alone, or wear as a strengthening base coat for your nail color. A must-have for every mani kit, Hard As Nails® from Sally Hansen is the original nail clinic in a bottle!

    So Many To Choose From

    Comparison Review Nail Polish Top Coats

    There are a multitude of nail colors to choose from here at From revved-up reds to pastel pinks, you can find nail polish in almost every color of the rainbow. Bright, bold primary colors and shimmery pastels and neutral shades cover the spectrum of possibilities. You can find polish that matches your outfits, the season or your complexion. We even have French manicure kits so you can get a salon look at home.

    *The total item count is approximate. The count will be inaccurate when sponsored products are displayed, when multiple sizes or colors of a product are grouped on a single product card, and when the in-stock filter is applied.

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    Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Nail Coat Has Earned Its Status As A Topseller Drying In Under Two Minutes With A Glossy Finish

    When asking Idehen which top coats she personally loves, Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Nail Coat was at the top of her list. ” the holy grail,” she says. “It leaves an amazing shine, and it’s thick enough to hide minor imperfections. It also seals the tips of nails to prevent chipping and ensure a long lasting manicure.”

    Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat has already gained top marks from manicure enthusiasts for its record-breaking dry time and silky-smooth finish. I’ve had it recommended to me many times by many different people, and have used it in the past when I needed my nails to dry before I ran out the door. It doesn’t compromise on shine, adding a longwearing brilliance that lasts for days after application.

    Trying out this top coat again for the first time in a while, I noticed the formula wasn’t too thick but there was a very strong smell. It wasn’t necessarily a bad smell, but I’m sure it could be a deterrent for some people. That being said, my nails were completely dry two minutes after applying the top coat. I was so shocked I even touched my nails a few times for good measure, and they didn’t so much as smudge.

    As someone who can ruin a manicure by breathing on it the wrong way, I found this to be a major plus. The top coat was nice and glossy, but it did chip after 3 days of wear. It’s not the longest-wearing top coat, but it’s certainly not the worst.

    Pros: Dries very quickly, formula isn’t too thick

    Cons: Strong smell, not very chip-resistant

    Correspondingly Can You Use A Top Coat As A Base Coat

    A base coat can be used as a top coat and a top coat can be used as a base coat. Top Coats and Base Coats tend to use the same ingredients. But they use them in different proportions. For example, a base coat would use more plasticizers and sticky resins, and a top coat would contain more film formers.

    Best Sellers in Combination Nail Base& Top Coats

    • #1.
    • Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Nail Coat, Clear .125 oz.
    • Modelones Gel Top and Base Coat, Gel Nail Polish No Wipe Top Coat Base Coat Set, 2x10ml Soak
    • Beetles Gel Nail Polish Base No Wipe Top Coat Matte Gel Top Coat and Shine Top Gel Base Set
    • CND Vinylux Longwear Top Coat, 0.5 fl oz, Nail Polish for Brilliant Shine.

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    What Does A Top Coat Do

    The main purpose of a top coat is to add an extra protective layer for making nail polish last longer. Top coats are designed to dry quick while hardening and this ability explains why they are able to protect your polish from peeling, scratches and chipping.

    It also strengthens nails and keeps the polish looking shiny and glossy especially when you are applying dark colors like black which tend to chip easily and look very tacky.

    Top Coats, depending on the formula, can be used to add sparkle on the nail or make the total manicure/pedicure result look more even and professional.

    Top coats can als0 smoothen any uneven nail polish finishes .

    Some top coats can also dehydrate your nails

    The History Of Nail Polish

    OPI Base &  Top Coat Duo

    Painting of the nails was first practiced in China, in 3000 BC. Over the centuries, it became a common practice among members of the royal family. During the Ming dynasty, the basic ingredients used for nail polish were gelatin, beeswax, egg whites, gum arabic, and vegetable dyes. In Egypt, polish was used as a mark of social class. People in high society used henna that gave their nails a reddish-brown appearance. Among lower classes, pale colors were used.

    Cosmetic manufacturers introduced colored nail enamel in the 1920s. At that time, the ingredients used were carmine, lavender oil, bergamot oil, and oxide tin. Consumers could choose between a variety of colors. Since then, hundreds of ingredients have been used to formulate nail colors, some of which have been identified as harmful to consumers. As a result, theres been a recent shift in the industry as manufacturers begin to produce formulas that are healthy for users. This has seen a rise in brands that are using non-toxic ingredients in the manufacturing of nail polish.

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    Why You Should Switch To Non

    Switching to non-toxic nail polish gives you the decorative and protective effect you want without compromising your nails or general health. Most formulations that do away with harmful chemicals replace them with plant-derived and organic ingredients that nourish the nails and cuticles. Moreover, youre assured that these safer alternatives wont be harmful to your health even in the future.

    Base Coat Vs Top Coat Which One Is More Important

    This is a tough question since both of these products in my opinion are essential. Added to that the answer will also vary with each brand of nail polish used.

    Since some brands of polishes can function without a base coat because they adhere really well to your nail plate.

    Whilst other brands can work without a top coat because when they dry they become very durable and are naturally glossy.

    But from my experience, most regular nail polishes need a top coat because most nail polishes are made to adhere somewhat well to your nail plate so a base coat acts like extra glue.

    Now, most nail polishes tend to need extra protection in the form of a top coat to prevent them from being damaged easily.

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    What Types Of Top Coat Are There

    We have plenty of different top coats for you to choose from, depending on the type of finish you’re looking for. Our classic Top Coat is cured for 60 seconds under the Bluesky Nail Lamp and wiped with a Cleanser Wipe to leave a high-shine finish. We also offer an Ultra-Shine version for those who want their nails to shine the brightest!

    Our No Wipe Top Coat formula is great for saving time at the end of a manicure, simply apply, cure and youre finished no need to wipe with a cleanser!

    We also recently introduced our No Wipe Glitter Top Coats to the Bluesky Top Coat family! With six gorgeous glitter finishes, you can add some sparkle to your nails without having to apply a glitter and then a a top coat afterwards. Our no wipe formula also means you can cure and go.

    If youre looking for something different, our Matte Top Coat offers a stunning velvety matte finish we love this look in autumn/winter especially.

    Revlon Ultimate Shine Top Coat Delivers A High

    Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat Used With Regular Nail Polish Review! Watch to see if it works!

    While most top coats will leave your nails looking shiny after you use them, few keep that shine going days after. Revlon Ultimate Shine, however, retains its brilliance better than a lot of other top coats out there.

    Because this top coat has a thicker formula, it is better able to protect your nails and add a glass-like shine. And a little goes a long way. Although the formula is thick, it doesn’t leave clumps behind when you apply it, and it dries quickly without bubbles. It offers a protective layer of shine that doesn’t budge.

    At first, I wasn’t sure about the Ultimate Shine top coat, because of how thick the formula is. The consistency reminded me a lot of gel-finish top coats, and I thought it’d be hard to apply. Once I realized I didn’t need to use much, I was pretty amazed. It did actually look similar to a gel. This top coat gave me the shiniest nails of all top coats I tested. It also lasts. After four days of wear, it started to chip, but it remained nice and glossy.

    Pros: Gives nails a mirror-like shine, long-lasting, affordable

    Cons: Goes on very thick

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    Opi Gel Color Top Coat

    Curing in a super speedy 30 seconds, OPI Gel Color Top Coat is easily one of the best LED gel top coats. When used with the rest of the highly pigmented OPI Gel Color range, you will be left with a perfectly strong and shiny manicure.

    Containing no DBP, Toulene or Formaldehyde, it also features the brands exclusive ProWide brush for superior application.

    For An Amazing Top Coat That Mattifies Nails And Dries Very Quickly Essie Matte About You Top Coat Is An Excellent Choice

    Sometimes you’re not in the mood for a glossy finish to your manicure and instead want something more subdued and unique. That’s when the matte top coat comes in handy. While several different nail polish retailers produce matte top coats, Essie makes one of the best on the market.

    Much like Essie’s Good To Go Top Coat, the Matte About You Top Coat dries extremely quickly. Simply apply two coats of your nail polish of choice, then place the top coat over it like you regularly would. Instead of making your polish more shiny, however, this top coat instantly turns nails matte after application. The effect is a really nice change of pace for your nails and will look even better when used on a darker color.

    What I liked most about this top coat is how easy it was to use and how quickly it worked. I also was impressed by how the formula was able to turn my nails matte without making them or my surrounding cuticles look dry. After 3 days of wear I noticed some chipping, which is decent considering the wear on matte top coats tends to be shorter. Eventually, the nail polish did begin to crack in places, which sometimes happens with matte top coats, but it wasn’t anything too pronounced.

    Pros: Makes nails matte instantly, dries very quickly

    Cons: Chipped after about three days of wear

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